Posted on November 28, 2011

Apartheid Row at Norwegian School After It Segregates Ethnic Pupils

Richard Orange, Telegraph (London), November 28, 2011

Bjerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo filled one of the three general studies sets solely with pupils with immigrant parents, after many white Norwegians from last year’s intake changed schools.

The controversy over the decision has highlighted the unease in Norway over how to integrate the 420,000 “non-Nordic” citizens who immigrated between 1990 and 2009, and who make up 28 per cent of Oslo’s population.

“This is the first time I’ve heard about this, and it is totally unacceptable,” Torge Ødegaard, Oslo education commissioner, said on Friday, before pressuring the school to inform parents that the three classes would now be reorganised. The letter to parents read: “Such a division of the students is not in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act. The school regrets this error.”

But Robert Wright, a Christian Democrat politician and former head of the city’s schools board, struck back, arguing that the authorities had been wrong to block the move. He also said that other Oslo schools should start to segregate classes to prevent a situation of “white flight” developing.

“I think we have to try this to see how it’s functioning,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Bjerke School has come up with a radical solution to a real problem, but the politicians have just said ‘no’.”

He said that the school’s decision reflected problems stemming from the high rate of immigration Oslo has seen in recent decades.

The decision only came to the parents’ notice earlier this month after Avtar Singh, a Punjabi Norwegian, confronted Gro Flaten, the school’s headmistress, on why his son, Gurjot, had no ethnic Norwegian classmates.

“She said straight out that the school had experienced ethnic Norwegian students dropping out if they weren’t grouped together in smaller classes,” he told Dagsavisen newspaper.

Mrs Flaten told The Daily Telegraph: “We made the decision because many Norwegian students were moving to other schools because they were in classes with such a high percentage of students from other nations. They seemed to be in a minority.”

Students at the school have expressed their anger at the segregation. “This is apartheid. They do this because I’m from Africa and my father is from Africa,” said Ilias Mohamed, 17, from Somalia, who was part of the immigrant-only class. “But everyone of us is a Norwegian.”

Hibba Tudorache, 18, whose parents came to Norway from Romania, said: “The students are really mad about this. It’s an insult to those of us who are from other countries. It’s discriminatory to put the white Norwegian people before us.”

But Helena Skagen, 18, the head girl at the school, said she understood what the school authorities had been trying to do.

“They had the best intentions. They just wanted to keep the Norwegian students at the school. But they now know that what they did was wrong because you can’t split the students according to their culture,” she said.

Mr Wright added that he believed that the shadow of Anders Breivik, the anti-Islamic extremist who massacred 77 people in Oslo in July, had made discussions of immigration difficult in Norway.

“I think it’s a very emotional discussion because of what happened in July, and for that reason politicians don’t want to enter the discussion at all, because they are afraid,” he said.

11 responses to “Apartheid Row at Norwegian School After It Segregates Ethnic Pupils”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is so much wrong with this article. It’s like where Whites are involved, reality must be made to stand on its head as long as it pleases blacks, or muslims.

    Whites must be content to be exploited by africans, who are the gods of the left. Any other act is “racism”, the only true evil in the universe.

    And the reference to Brevik…the “anti-Islamic extremist” who killed or wounded 0 muslims. Can you say “false flag operation?”

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the sort of sanctimonious posturing that led to the destruction of public education in America. Unless these fool Norsemen right away turn their schools into prisons that their own offspring aren’t allowed to transfer out of, white students will continue to abandon such public schools in Norway, until those in “demographically challenged” neighborhoods become monochrome, and completely derelict, just like those here in America.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ultimately they will have to ban rocket flight in their important efforts to extinguish white flight.

  4. neanderthalDNA says:

    “The controversy over the decision has highlighted the unease in Norway over how to integrate the 420,000 “non-Nordic” citizens who immigrated between 1990 and 2009, and who make up 28 per cent of Oslo’s population.”

    What the hell were they thinking??? Amazing lib-lefty stupidity. How many IQ points does one drop when one buys into the whole glitter and unicorns multi-cultural mantra?

    Better question: how many IQ points will the Norwegian nation lose after these folks mix with the natives?

    More Anders Breivik’s on the way – all across Europe.

    Typical lib-lefty cruelty disguised as kindness. Typical example of the road to perdition being paved with (STUPID) good intentions. Typical white civilizational suicide.

    “Multiculturalism” is naught more nor less than suicidal genocide.

  5. John Engelman says:

    Social Democracy only works in countries where nearly everyone is white. I hope white Social Democrats learn that before it is too late.

  6. Stephen says:

    Why on Earth has Oslo imported a third of its population in the last 20 years this is genocidal madness send them back.

  7. martin stuart says:

    the white kids are afraid. they are probably being bullied and intimidated.

  8. s says:

    I saw a compilation of statements from parents in Sweden who had their children moved from schools with too many immigrants, and the most frequent reason to come up was accent. And it really is unacceptable, if your child is coming home with a foreign accent, it must immediately be moved. To let that go on is unforgivable.

  9. Anonymous says:

    No, I am sorry but unless you have 90 percent DNA from Norwegian background you are not Norwegian.Look at what your Black African Cousins have been doing to the White Africans in the last 20 years. Sterilize and deport

  10. Happy and Free says:

    I am the great Carsoni…

    The answer is: Oslo.

    What is the question?

    The question is: What will – in the future – be the Norwegian word for ‘Detroit’?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Once again, wealthy whites who can afford to send their kids to private schools can swerve to avoid this hazard, while average income working whites have to suffer from “liberalism”.

    Where ever there’s a large population of Latinos or Blacks in America, whites come to view “public schools” like “public housing” — something that only the poor use. Whites who aren’t poor use their money and private schools to segregate their kids from the Latinos and blacks and the needless “drama” that those two groups would bring into their lives.

    Whites have to help one another learn to be financially successful: (1) study hard; (2) work hard; and (3) invest wisely.