Posted on August 10, 2011

Kenya Burdened by Famine Refugees; Rape Attacks Up

Jason Straziuso, Yahoo! News, August 9, 2011

Marauding gangs and criminals are attacking Somali famine refugees more frequently as they flee across the border to Kenyan camps, but Kenyan police say they don’t have enough manpower to stop them.

The lack of manpower underscores a larger problem for Kenya: Officials here say they are being overwhelmed by the influx of tens of thousands of Somali refugees, and can’t stem the attacks. One 30-year-old woman who watched two of her five children die as they trekked through Somalia was raped after reaching what she hoped would be the safety of Kenyan soil.


Kenya now hosts nearly 500,000 Somali refugees, and while U.S. and U.N. officials are quick to praise Kenya for their response to the famine crisis, Kenyan officials are just as quick to tell the U.S., U.N. and world leaders that they can’t take many more.


The Dadaab refugee camp–the largest in the world–was built for 90,000 people. The current population is over 400,000 with thousands of new arrivals crammed into areas outside the refugee camp, waiting to be formally admitted.

The police commander at Dadaab, Nelson Shilunji Taliti, said it is hard for authorities to adequately patrol the long and porous border with Somalia, leading to a rise in rape and other types of attacks. He said police cannot specifically say who is behind the attacks but criminals–both Somalis and Kenyans–operate along the border.


A pregnant mother of three who spoke to AP in Dadaab said she was gang-raped by five men after a group of families traveling together was ambushed. {snip}

“The gunmen issued strange orders. They asked each women to be raped by her brother. ‘Do it immediately,’ they ordered,” said the woman, whom the AP is not identifying. “Some men are more audacious than others. When they were ordered to rape their sisters, they raped them to save their lives. . . . Death is better than doing that.”

The attackers ordered her brother-in-law to rape her but he refused, saying: “You are men and I’m a man, and life and death is in the hands of God. Either kill me or spare me.”

They killed her brother-in-law and left his body unburied.


Al-Qaida-linked militants within Somalia have killed people trying to flee the worst drought in 60 years, saying it is better for Somalis to starve than accept help from Western countries. But even once inside Kenya, armed gangs lurk in the bush and prey on haggard refugees who are only miles from their destinations.

The assailants are raping women, beating up men–sometimes even killing them–and robbing them of everything from water to food to money before they can reach the Dadaab refugee camp.


13 responses to “Kenya Burdened by Famine Refugees; Rape Attacks Up”

  1. Deirdre says:

    I’m surprised that they haven’t started eating each other’s organs and cutting off each other’s lips yet. We all know they are proficient rapists, but this is really inhuman stuff. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they start eating the bodies. They are beyond repair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hospitality, Kenyan style.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To mention race here would be truly superfluous.

  4. Brian says:

    “Africa wins again”. Thats the statement made by old hands whenever something really atrocious happens in that Hellhole.

    Heres some fun quotes to think about.

    “Mass starvation in third-world African countries filled with violent, impulsive populations having an average IQ of 70 is not a recipe for progress.”

    Visiting a state in west Africa a few years ago, I wandered onto a beach and marvelled at the golden sands and at the sunlight catching on the Atlantic surf. It allowed me to forget for a moment the local news that day of soldiers seizing a schoolboy and pitching him head-first into an operating cement-machine. Almost forget. Then I spotted a group of villagers beating a stray dog to death for their sport.

    Whenever apartheid is held up as a blueprint for evil, I want to mention Bokassa snacking on human remains, Amin clogging a hydro-electric dam with floating corpses, the President of Equatorial Guinea crucifying victims along the roadway from his airport.

    If you’re looking for medieval-like torture, you no longer have to look to the third world.

    American Blacks are growing BOLDER every single day. BOLDER, more violent, expressing their deep racism in the most sadistic of ways.

    The occasional terrorism in the Middle East is a Joke compared to the 24/7/365 terrorism in Africa and increasingly in once-White America

  5. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    UNICEF offers this video:

    The Horn of Africa: A full blown catastrophe…this is what it looks like

  6. noneknown says:

    I will say it again: unless something is done, look no further than South Africa (post apartheid) or Rhodesia, to see America’s future.

    It ain’t a pretty sight.

  7. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    The more we save during this famine the more we will have to feed during the next famine.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the Somali pirates who have been terrorizing and robbing the international community should help the starving people.

    And if they can’t feed themselves, why do they keep having so many babies? There is no point giving them food unless they get birth control too, and start using it. Oh wait…it would be racist to suggest they control their population using birth control, I forgot.

  9. Dennis says:

    I’m confused as to why the Kenyans don’t get with the liberal program and welcome these “new immigrants” who “bring diversity”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    God have mercy on this planet.

    When I was a child some fifty years ago, we saw pictures of starving children in Africa. I was a poor, barefoot child myself, but we gave what little we had to the “poor hungry children in Africa”. In my classroom we had a moneybox with the figure of a little black kneeling on top, and every time a coin was dropped in, it bobbed it’s head.

    As long as I can remember, there has been massive aid to Africa. What happened?

    One of my best friends was a nine year old child when they had to flee their homes in Pommern from the Russians. It was in January, a bitter cold winter, and she thought the frozen bodies of babies in incubators in a hospital, where her mother was trying to find something to eat, were dolls. She remembers frozen stiff corpses along the road, children and old people. They were headed to a country bombed to smithereens, everybody was hungry, everybody was cold. There was lots of rape, by the Russians. There was no aid whatsoever, nothing, until June 1946, when care packages were allowed finally. 20 years later, in 1966, Germany paid back the last of the loans they received under the Marshall plan, and of course was totally rebuilt and thriving. I remember it because I got married at the time.

    The point I am trying to make, when I was a child, the child I helped save from starvation grew up and had a dozen other children that are now starving. Where there was one now there are how many? What are we to do? Enable them to have even more children to face starvation later? What about personal responsibility? Aren’t they Moslems in Somalia? What are the oil rich Moslems of the middle east doing to help?

    What I am afraid of, more of them being sent here. Like I said, God have mercy on this planet.

  11. Question Diversity says:

    Was listening to Christian radio last night, more an accident than anything. Between shows, there was a promo for a “help a child in Mozambique” charity/scam. You could call a phone number to have some sum of money (think it was $68 or something like that) added to your credit card bill. The commercial narrator said, “when you get your credit card bill, you’ll see all the food and drinks and clothes and other things you bought, and then you’ll see the line item for our save-a-Mozambiquian fund. And long after the food and drink is consumed, long after the clothes are tattered, and long after the other stuff you buy is in the trash, there will still be that child, because of your help.”

    Yeah, there will still be that child. Except that child will eventually become an adult, who will procreate and create even more famine and starvation in Mozambique that Christian radio will expect our ever less prosperous children and grandchildren to “save.” If not that, then some white country will let them immigrate in, and the man child will become a real man who will rob from white people, rape white women, steal from whites, and/or collect white welfare checks.

    As it is, I’m eternally sorry for my eight-year old self compelling my mother to go out in 1985 and buy that “We Are The World” record, because I created either further poverty and famine in Ethiopia or some sort of angst for some white people somewhere.

  12. Anonymous says:

    11 — Question Diversity at 6:09 PM on August 11:

    I have listened to the same thing for YEARS on Christian radio. I listen maybe once a week and it is the same-o same-o. Or adopt a African baby or “child” . This turn the other cheek, love everybody, feed and clothe everybody has done nothing but turn me off to these “Christians” and their churches. Seeing the horrid results for the White race has made me even more convinced that this is NOT what God intended for White Christians to ever do. HE would know exactly how it would all end up. Killing off our own race and destroying the real Christianity. Something like Camp Of The Saints is how it will all end.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Every time I see one of those save the African children ads on

    TV I think in 10 years the cute little boy will be a priapic gun toting mass murderer and rapist and the girl will be having future murderer/rapists every 18 months.

    I don’t think they are cute either.