Posted on August 10, 2011

Three Arrested over Fake Bomb at Phoenix Airport

David Schwartz, Reuters, August 9, 2011

Three African refugees were arrested after one tried to board a flight at a Phoenix airport with a fake bomb, in what may have been a test of security, police said on Tuesday.

Luwiza Daman, 51, was taken into custody at Sky Harbor Airport on Friday after security screeners noticed what appeared to be an improvised explosive device inside her carry-on bag as it passed through an X-ray machine, said Phoenix police spokesman Sergeant Steve Martos.

The device, which contained organic material in a container with a cell phone attached, turned out to be a fake explosive, Martos said. {snip}

Police said that after speaking to Daman, who is from Ethiopia, they traced the object back to Shullu Gorado, 25, and Shani Asa, 34, who are both from Eritrea. Gorado and Asa have since been arrested.


“It could be an innocuous incident, but we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a test of security,” Martos said. “We have to take everything seriously.”


Daman told investigators that she was given the device by Gorado and asked to take it to an individual in Des Moines, Iowa, which was her final destination, police said. Gorado was arrested at his apartment on Friday night.

He told investigators that Asa gave him the device, and he was arrested on Monday and admitted to attaching the cell phone to the container, police said.


It was not immediately known how long the three individuals had been in the United States, but police said they are refugees from Africa.

7 responses to “Three Arrested over Fake Bomb at Phoenix Airport”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing the muslims picked up on the fact that blaks are given a free pass in the US and would make good bomb mules.

  2. the Guru says:

    #1 Anon- you are catching on. Most of the problems are from PC and molly codling the blacks. Will the others catch on hell yes- the internet etc make it so easy. Try and remember who your friends are and who foes are.

  3. Jeddermann. says:

    Eritrea for forty years fought and eventually won an insurgency against the central Ethiopian government. And IS Muslim. What else could this be other than a test of airport security? I understand at least until recently security was being tested all the time in one way or another by persons that can only be described as suspicious? Persons are NOT normally attaching cell phones to organic materials in a package to carry aboard an air plane.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s odd. According to the homeland security training video all perpetrators are white and the good people reporting them are nonwhite.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see, Congress on vacation, Obama AWOL, riots in England, market panic, a race war in the U.S. bubbling just under the surface, conservatives in love with themselves, and the anniversary of Sept 11th coming along soon.

  6. Aux Armes Citoyens says:

    4 — Anonymous wrote at 2:44 AM on August 11:

    That’s odd. According to the homeland security training video all perpetrators are white and the good people reporting them are nonwhite.

    As some poster once said we just complain but don’t DO anything. This is a good opportunity. Let’s find the email of HS and deluge them with protests.

  7. Preparation H-Bomb says:

    There’s no such thing as an INNOCUOUS Muslim, and especially not an innocuous BLACK Muslim. People have been warned over and over again, that lax security (as opposed to Israel’s, for example) is going to allow some Muslim miscreant(s) into our country with dirty bombs or nukes, and Americans are going to pay big time. I say DO the racial profiling. Israel does – and they’ve stayed pretty darn safe for a very long time.