Posted on August 18, 2011

Captain America and Whiteness Released in Book Form

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, August 18, 2011

Captain America and Whiteness by Paul Kersey

Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero is now available in book form (as well as Kindle) on Paul Kersey’s third book, Captain America and Whiteness discusses how the superhero genre and comic books provide the last positive roles for white actors to portray heroes in an industry that is attempting to put a black face on every other role.

A sequel to Hollywood in Blackface, Kersey’s latest book collects work from Stuff Black People Don’t Like ( and combines it with 60 percent new material, providing an important cultural tour for those who long ago put away their comic books.

“With the release of X-Men: First Class, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Green Lantern this summer, Hollywood studios relied on white actors and stories of white superheroes to bring in more than $550 million combined in the domestic box office. All of the primary actors in these films were white males, at a time when Hollywood is doing everything possible to create a new paradigm where Blackness is viewed as the archetype of ‘cool’ and ‘masculine’,” said Paul Kersey.

The Christian Science Monitor and NPR both published articles bemoaning the whiteness of major comic book characters, though all of the popular characters were created during a time period when the concept of whiteness merely meant you were an American, Kersey said.

Marvel Comics recently decided to try and remove some of the whiteness surrounding its popular superheroes by killing off the white Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Ultimate comic story, replacing him with the half-Black/half-Hispanic Miles Morales.

“It’s political correctness taken to an extreme, especially considering that 90 to 95 percent of comic book fans and buyers are white guys,” said Kersey.

Captain America and Whiteness is 156 pages and is available on Amazon for $13.49 in paperback and $8.80 on Kindle. Chapters include reviews of The Dark Returns, Civil War, and Watchmen comic books; what would a Captain America think of 21st century America?; a look at how the inherent whiteness of comics has helped power Hollywood over the past 12 years; and why whiteness and the concept of the hero go hand-in-hand, plus much more.

15 responses to “Captain America and Whiteness Released in Book Form”

  1. embracing contempt says:

    If it’s a last bastion, then it will soon fall to the Diversity assault as have all other bastions.

    We are now in the Sesqui-Centennial of the War for Southern Constitutional Independence.

    Have you noticed all the pictures of the ceremonies in Tennessee and Georgia when they erect a new maker? Diversity and Inclusion is the rule of the Sesqui-Centennial. You simply can’t attend a WBTS 150th event without being surrounded by blacks in Federal blue uniforms.

    Disgusting. The worst horror is that White school children are bused to these events and shown Diversity controlling the mood and attitude of Confederate memory.

    We are doomed. Diversity is promoted to positions of authority and power so White girls will be attracted to them and agree to make their mulatto babies. If our White girls aren’t as horrified as blacks in positions of power over us, then where is our hope for the future?

    Don’t have hope, because the future is diminishing Whiteness. What to you look forward to? A day in the park with your lover? Can you go out in public without fear of your life? What about ten years from now? Where will you go?

    If you aren’t investing your last bit of White privilege into a ritualization of bitterly clinging to your guns and religion right now, something is wrong with you.

    Transcend diversity, embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because your really do know what’s coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to learn how these new minority comics do financially. Let the people vote with their pocketbooks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This started a long time ago by casting Black actors in Shakespearean lead roles. Of course, the most popular was (mis)casting Blacks as Othello, even though Othello was no even close to being “black”–he was a Moor, probably of mixed Spanish and Arab or Berber descent.

    But White Elizabethans would have seen him as “black” only in comparison to themselves. There is no way an Elizabethan would have conceived of a Sub-Saharan African as Othello. Omar Sharif would have been much more appropriate in casting than Paul Robeson or James Earl Jones. But then again, in the 1920s the Communist party was making huge in-roads into the performing arts by then, along with their destructive racial agenda.

  4. Anonymous says:

    #1 You sound like me. May I add to your description of doom? Yes we are doomed, doomed if we do nothing, committed to a long and anguishing death, much like the remaining whites in South Africa. But beyond the robberies, rapes and murder lies another doom. One that dooms all of us to some sort of horror CWII. As to if we win or not, look to the announcement today that obama and his henchmen will not deport illegals. I really believe they are gathering an army stronger than we to, if not finish us off, then to pacify us to a slave-like existence. We must fight this surrender to the multiculturalists or the doom we face is the extinction of our race and American society.

  5. Tewk says:

    This psychological destruction of “whiteness” makes my eyes bleed in anger. Any so called “white” person that lays down for this kinda thing deserves extinction.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see if the comic industry takes a huge dive in sales as this PC insanity continues.

    Here are some adventures I’ve had in mind for Black Captain America:

    Black Capt. America (called BCA from this point forward) could wind up on an episode of ‘Maury’ with several women (including a couple of hideous white women) who were accusing him of being the father of their illicit children and forcing him to take a DNA test. I can hear it now from Maury: “Capt. America, you ARE the father of Sha’niqua’s son, Jameel! Capt. America, you ARE the father of Lori’s son, Xavier!” …and so on.

    Then, on an episode of ‘COPS’, BCA’s motorcycle is spotted parked outside a South Central crack house. Imagine his suprise when the cops walk in with cameras in tow and there he is…BCA stoned out of his mind and trying to get out of being arrested by blaming the white racist comic book industry for discriminating against and oppressing black comic book superheroes for so long that it caused him great psychological and emotional anguish and thus lead him down the road to hard drug usage to escape all the ‘white racism’ he has faced in his life. When BCA’s laughable excuse fails to move the officers, he is handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car and the door is shut behind him. BCA’s genetic nature then kicks into high gear and he starts screaming and ranting incoherently and banging his head violently on the window. He then rears back and starts kicking the window with his feet. The cops open the door, mace BCA and then shackle his legs at the ankles and finally close the door and drive off with a ranting and raving BCA in the back.

    Next, on an episode of ‘Operation Repo’, Mestizo-American repo man Lou and his crew show up at BCA’s house to repo his prized motorcycle. As they’re quietly trying to hook up the bike and take off, BCA, with the two white trash ho’s he’s living with, come bolting out of the house. BCA wants to know why they’re taking his bike. Lou says he’s missed his last three payments. BCA says he’s made all the payments but Lou tells him that’s not the info they have. The finance company says that BCA has missed three payments. BCA then tries to blame his white ho’s for the missed payments because they were supposed to be taking care of him and paying his bills. The white ho’s protest, saying they have nothing to do with paying BCA’s bills and he knows it. BCA’s calls his white hoochies a couple of “b*tches” and tells them to shut the hell up. They start arguing with the Captain and he raises his hand to strike both of them when one of the women tells him to go ahead and hit her like he does with great frequency anyway. BCA then backs off and starts arguing with Lou again as Matt, Lou’s big white enforcer on repos, starts hooking up the bike to take it away. The two white women then start screaming at Lou’s sister, Sonia. Sonia gets in their face and starts jawing back. Lou tries to get BCA to calm down but the Captain is having none of it. Instead, BCA sets his sights on white guy Matt. BCA goes over and calls Matt a ‘honky’ and a ‘white boy’. Matt tries to defuse the situation by telling the Captain they’re just doing their job and he wants no trouble. BCA tells Matt that’s too bad because he’s got trouble from an angry African-American Superhero. Matt again tells BCA to calm down and that he can get his bike back if he can make the last three months payments. BCA then accuses Matt of ‘racism’ and says that he thinks Matt is behind the plot to repo his bike because he’s black. Matt says that’s plain ridiculous and this has nothing to do with race. BCA then gets right in Matt’s face and starts making threats along the lines of beating Matt’s white arse. Matt says nothing but stands nose-to-nose with BCA. BCA, now realizing his big talk isn’t working with this white man, slowly starts to back off. Then, when Matt turns his head, BCA tries to sucker punch Matt. Matt deflects the punch and drives BCA to the ground with a UFC-style takedown. Matt gets in BCA’s face and screams: “We’re taking your bike and that’s final!” BCA, laying on the ground, clearly wanted nothing more to do with the big white guy in overalls. As the repo truck started pulling out of the driveway with the bike, BCA’s two white ho’s started pounding on the sides of the truck. The truck then sped away from the white ho’s. The white ho’s made a futile attempt of running after the truck, screaming and wildly waving their arms in the air like a couple of wh*gger idiots. BCA was then seen rolling around on the lawn and screaming: “How am I supposed to fight crime now?! How am I supposed to pick up more white girls!” The video fades out with BCA still having a genetically-inspired tantrum in his front yard as the white neighbors start coming out of their homes to see this new breed of superhero making a complete fool out of himself all thanks to his biological hard-wiring.

    Massive racial rioting breaks out in one of America’s DIE-verse big cities (you pick it). Along with the violence, of course, comes looting. A CNN reporter is covering the event from the riot zone. She is standing across the street from Mel’s TV & Appliance store. Out of the store and into the picture walk BCA and the new hybrid Spider-Man. They are carrying a new large flat screen TV which they got with their ‘Superhero Five Finger Discount Card’, no doubt.

    Finally, BCA decides to rally other black superheroes together. They start going out as a flash mob and violently assaulting whites at heavy majority white-attended state fairs around the country.

  7. Rara Avis says:

    Bravo Mr. Kersey.

    You are a sane, funny and fresh voice in a sea of white-bashing NPR and CSM madness.

    Your book Hollywood in Blackface and your blog are treasures and should be read by all whites as an antidote to the hate whitely fest the msm churn out 24/7. You provide well-written insight sorely lacking on any other medium. Your columns on MacDonald’s 365black alone are worth the price of all your books combined and then some.

    May you continue writing for many decades to come.

    Will download your latest books right after I post this comment.

  8. Madison Grant says:

    I’m skeptical of the author’s claim that 90-95% of comic readers are white since I used to know a lot of black, Latin and Asian schoolmates who read them.

    However I do believe that 99% or so of the most popular characters were created by white men, a disproportionate number of whom were Jewish.

  9. flying Tiger says:

    They just can’t create a superhero as popular as Supes, Bats, and Spidy. What they are trying now is to blacken some of the supporting characters. In the next Superman movie Perry White will be played by a black man. I thought it was a joke when I first heard it.

    Superheros have to be brave, unselfished and discipline. These are characteristics lacking in blacks and hispanics

  10. StandardBearer says:

    For people who don’t believe race exists, who say it’s just a “social construct”, they sure notice every time they see a White person.

    And they sure foam at the mouth when they see a White person in a positive role. Seems a bit racist to me.

  11. john says:

    I think we should create a hero comic version of Al Sharpton whom we could call Dependency Man.

    Dependency Man could heroically lead riots, storm liquor stores, firebomb police stations, smash the windows out of Section 8 Housing, and mug white passersby.

    Dependency Man could even gain employment on occasion, during which he could sabotage his white employers, steal from them, and slash his boss’s tires in the parking lot.

    America needs new heroes. It’s time that ghetto blacks had their own role models. Dependency Man could be that model.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good to see that SPBDL has issued another book, I wish “Mr. Kersey” well with it. Of course, all those SWPL white people will hate it; but they need to remember that the superhero genre is historically a PWI. DWLs and PWJs like to deny we are living in BRA, but we in the ranks of Those Who Can See know better.

    NOTE: If these acronyms are unfamiliar to you, you aren’t reading this blog enough:

  13. NAVY says:

    Hollywood and the comic book industry are dominated by Cultural Marxists.

    Recently, former child actor Corey Feldman divulged that Hollywood is filled with pedophiles.

    The video can be found on YouTube.

    Parents should be encouraged to introduce their kids to the real heroes of America like Marcus Lutrell, Tim Larkin, Devil Dog Smedley Butler, and the Founding Fathers.

    Some of the best books for American youth can be found at Wallbuilders.

  14. Topper says:

    Turning previously white superheroes into blacks or Hispanics may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is another nail in the coffin of the white race.

    No one is stopping them from creating their own superheroes but that isn’t the slap in the face stealing ours offers.

    Most of these fools don’t realize that here in America they live like kings compared to their African counterparts and that once the white man is gone, The Golden Goose Has Died..

  15. Lauren Heim says:

    I appreciate facts about that. I wrote it off as yet another expense, but I’m going to examine it all over again.