Posted on August 4, 2011

Bloomberg to Use Own Funds in Plan to Aid Minority Youth

Michael Barbaro and Fernanda Santos, New York Times, August 3, 2011

The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in a blunt acknowledgment that thousands of young black and Latino men are cut off from New York’s civic, educational and economic life, plans to spend nearly $130 million on far-reaching measures to improve their circumstances.

The program, the most ambitious policy push of Mr. Bloomberg’s third term, would overhaul how the government interacts with a population of about 315,000 New Yorkers who are disproportionately undereducated, incarcerated and unemployed.

To pay for the endeavor in a time of fiscal austerity, the city is relying on an unusual source: Mr. Bloomberg himself, who intends to use his personal fortune to cover about a quarter of the cost, city officials said. A $30 million contribution from Mr. Bloomberg’s foundation would be matched by that of a fellow billionaire, George Soros, a hedge fund manager, with the remainder being paid for by the city.

Starting this fall, the administration said it would place job-recruitment centers in public-housing complexes where many young black and Latino men live, retrain probation officers in an effort to reduce recidivism, establish new fatherhood classes and assess schools on the academic progress of male black and Latino students.


Even as crime has fallen and graduation rates have risen in New York over the past decade, city officials said that black and Latino men, especially those between ages 16 and 24, remained in crisis by nearly every measure, including rates of arrest, school suspension and poverty.

Although the populations of young white, black and Latino men in New York are roughly the same size, 84 percent of those in the city’s detention facilities and nearly all of those admitted to children’s and family services facilities are black and Latino youth, according to data from the Bloomberg administration. {snip}


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  1. Dave says:

    Wait a minute, I thought young Latino men were the salvation of this country: doing the dirty jobs “Americans” don’t want to do; attending Church regularly; and siring many children who will eventually support America’s aging senior population and form the backbone of our military.

    Now Bloomberg is telling us that young Latino men are disproportionately under-educated, incarcerated, and unemployed? Why then are we allowing them in en masse and adopting their children? Wouldn’t Bloomberg’s money be better spent trying to nip the problem in the bud by keeping Hispanics out of America to begin with?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “A sincere liberal. Let’s hope they document the results”.

    The documentation is there for anyone who would care to look. Simply compare 1950 with today.

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    Great, they’re running another experiment. Does anyone want to speculate on the outcome?

    Since paying kids to attend school didn’t work, this program surely can’t fail.

    “…black and Latino men, especially those between ages 16 and 24, remained in crisis by nearly every measure, including rates of arrest, school suspension and poverty.”

    And they always will regardless what new program someone implements.

  4. Question Diversity says:

    I covered it last night in my own soapbox. Warning: I use crude language and employ unkind insults toward George Soros. Viewer discretion is advised:

  5. Visine says:

    I would love to see some elaboration on how retraining the PAROLE OFFICERS is supposed to reduce recidivism.

    Are they now supposed to just ignore parole violations by the dearly beloved minority parolees, in order to keep them from being sent back to jail?

  6. Bill R says:

    I can only HOPE that Bloomberg and Soros keep throwing their money at this problem trying to change something. It hasn’t ever changed a thing, ever, and it won’t. But if they keep throwing their money after their delusional “remedies” maybe, just maybe they won’t have any left to further fund the agents of our destruction or fund the propaganda arms of their socialist agendas.

  7. madiaon grant says:

    Birdbrain Bloomberg is going to waste $130 million setting up “job recruitment” centers in housing projects.

    But what makes him think most of these deadbeats want to work?

    After all, when they stop by the local bodega to buy lottery tickets they could buy a newspaper with Help Wanted ads. And when they surf the net for porn they could check out the job postings at Craigslist.

    They could but they don’t. Because they don’t want to.

  8. jewamongu2 says:

    The current issue of AR features a gentlemanly “debate” between Jared Taylor and Robert Greenberg on a subject that relates strongly to this.The former asserts that intelligent people know these programs are doomed to failure but must say

    otherwise. The latter asserts that even highly intelligent people genuinely believe the delusion that they can work.

    I believe that this act of wasteful madness by 2 of his fellow New Yorkers almost as brilliant supports Dr. Greenberg.

  9. Anonymous says:

    how about doing the of 60 million being paid for by bloomberg and soros..that leaves 70 million being paid for by TAXPAYERS…mexico now has an unemployment rate of 4.5%..why dosent bloomberg and soros use that money to send them back to mexico to get a job.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Wouldn’t Bloomberg’s money be better spent trying to nip the problem in the bud by keeping Hispanics out of America to begin with?”

    Right. Why let them move here when all it does expose them to America’s racism? Keep them out. Save them from this dehumanizing trauma. It’s the only humane thing to do.

  11. True Blue says:

    “Job-recruitment centers” -in a pig’s eye. Recruiting for the new renamed ACORN will be the sum total of their recruitment efforts.

    Just looking at who is ‘donating’ to this and you can see it being an end run around campaigning laws if not something more sinister. Remember, Acorn was only ‘registering’ them to vote, so fell outside the officially reported aspects of the campaign.

    “retrain probation officers in an effort to reduce recidivism” -I shudder to imagine what that means -probably that the probation officers will go to taxpayer funded seminars on ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘building the self-esteem of minorities’; and more importantly ‘looking the other way’ for probation violations and how to coach their ‘clients’ in gaming the system so that they won’t have to risk recidivism (repeat offending) by getting caught thieving again.

    But best of all; doubtless BloomSoros will probably own (directly or indirectly) the entire thing; from the contractors who are hired to remodel parts of housing projects into these ‘recruitment centers’, to the ‘legitimate’ businesses that operate and staff them, etc. etc.; so they get their own money back, plus a big whopping return courtesy of the taxpayer, while getting to deduct the ‘donation’ from their own taxes and parade their vanity. And the 2011 Mafia Scholarship winners are…

  12. MAJ says:

    That still means over 50% of the cost is coming from somewhere else – and I’ll give you three guesses who will end up footing the bill. Don’t forget that once these programs get started they become nearly impossible to shut down while their costs keep rising. Perhaps that is Bloomberg’s intent.

    One thought I had was what if the money went to educate the best and brightest young people (meaning whites – and no apologies to the PC screamers yelling “racist” and demanding inclusion) and build economic and science institutes to attract more of the same from around the country.

    Can you imagine how such an investment would ultimately benefit NY? It might even provide better opportunities (code word for at least some type of work) for the downtrodden he is planning to throw money at in the first place.

    Perhaps Bloomberg is trying to buy future minority votes for whatever scheme he is cooking up.

    I cannot believe he is simply that stupid to not realize this is a massive waste of money but maybe he has just completely lost it. I cannot comprehend of a more insane way to throw out $30 million. As someone who worked his entire life around finance how can he not see that this is a crazy investment with no chance of any positive return or upside?

    The whole enterprise makes me physically ill just pondering it.

    Lastly, if you step back, it is SO grossly unfair to white people it is sickening. Those MOST deserving of such money, especially in a crumbling economy, get nothing.

    Yet those who have taken and squandered for 50+ years, showing no appreciation or personal effort, and with no hope of changing because of significant, inherent IQ and behavioral deficiencies, get $30+ million.

  13. ice says:

    “Bloomberg to Use Own Funds in Plan to Aid Minority Youth”

    I laughed when I read that, thinking that here’s another liberal airhead so out of touch he thinks money is all that is necessary to correct the situation.

    It would be even more hilarious…to me at least….to see him come up nearly broke after a few years, wondering where he went wrong.

  14. John Engelman says:

    Social reform and social welfare spending cannot solve social problems that are caused by personal inadequacies. We should have learned that by 1970 when the reforms of the 1960s contributed to a doubling of the crime rate.

  15. ATBOTL says:

    The “Latino” population in NYC is mostly black and mulatto. The biggest group are Dominicans who are black, then Puerto Ricans who are mulatto and then there are a lot of black/mulatto Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, Colombians, Panamanians etc.

    It’s a different situation than the rest of the country.

  16. Patriot6 says:

    Mr Bloomberg is simply trying to appear concerned and involved. He is giving away his money to people who hate and despise him for his success and skin color. If he ran against ANYONE that was hispanic or black he would loose out to everyone of those he is giving his money to.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I guess Bloomberg doesn’t want to be rich anymore. This is a surefire means of spending money quickly, completely, and uselessly. I’m sure this is a tax deduction scheme or money-laundering effort.

  18. savage listener says:

    rush limbaugh just said there are race riots at wisconsin state fair heres the link

  19. Anonymous says:

    Parenting classes:

    “Don drop the baby on its head”

    “Don rape 5 hos if you’se already a father to 30 chillin”

    “Don put the baby in the microwave”

    yep… you know it might help!

  20. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I am dying to see the results of this futile effort. When they come out, it will disappoint Bloomberg, Soros, and all the other liberals.Why isn’t 100% of it being paid for by these billionaires, rather than 50%? I support their right to do with their moolah anything they want, not the taxpayer’s moolah.

  21. Mike B. says:

    14 — John Engelman wrote at 3:54 AM on August 5:

    Social reform and social welfare spending cannot solve social problems that are caused by personal inadequacies. We should have learned that by 1970 when the reforms of the 1960s contributed to a doubling of the crime rate.

    As I’ve said for decades, 1965 is the year America fell. The ‘Great Society’ (sic) and all the legislation passed in ’64 and ’65 did exactly what they wanted it to do…

    Destroy this country. And it’s worked.

    Like they knew it would.

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s so funny, the realization I just had, reading several posts about the basic unwillingness of third worlders to go out and work, succeed, and fit in in any way.

    We’re simply warehousing the people of the third world here… to what end, for what purpose, I have no clue, unless it’s entirely sinister.

  23. FRANK says:

    No doubt some white kids fall into this category, but they won’t have a chance to join, despite the fact that some of the money will be coming from taxpayers.

  24. WR the elder says:

    Bloomberg isn’t going to get poor from this. The article says the program will cost $130 million and that Bloomberg’s foundation is paying for $30 million of that. For most of us $30 million is a major fortune in itself, but Bloomberg is a billionaire. So he probably makes more money in interest each year than he’s paying for the program.

    We all know how this is going to turn out. The programs won’t work and the money will be wasted. Hundreds of similar programs have been tried over the decades, with billions of dollars.

  25. Question Diversity says:

    24 WR the elder:

    Not only that, Bloomberg and other people who have these tax evasion schemes called foundations have to do “charitable giving” every once in awhile to maintain the veneer of the whole scheme being a foundation. I think the legal minimum is 5%. Which is a bargain compared to the top marginal tax rate for NYC residents being 35% Federal 8% state almost 4% city, for 47% overall.

  26. GERRY says:

    “Thousands of black and Latino men are cut off from New York’s civic, educational, and economic life”. What a bunch of liberal lies and propaganda uttered by a moron that wanted to let a Mosque be built on ground zero to disgrace those who died at the World Trade Center including all rescue workers and fireman. Blacks and Latinos have been given every opportunity to succeed in this country at yet they fail and spit in our faces. They don’t even try to succeed and deliberately fail so the get get more benefits and give away programs and then blame it all on whitey for their incompetence in which case they know we will give them even more freebies with the help of clueless politicians like Bloomberg.

    Trillions can be spent on blacks and Latinos with no success because of their low IQ and their racism and hate for whites and America with no positive results, instead this nation is getting dragged down to third world status. It has been said that the true sign of insanity is doing the same exact thing over and over again and expecting different results. Such is the case with liberals like Bloomberg and his cronies like George Soros. If anyone does research on George Soros you will find out that he has ruined the economy of many nations for his own personal gain. Soros has been recorded on audio and video vowing to “take down America” which has been ignored by the left. In reality I think that anybody that has anything to do with this evil man called George Soros should be arrested for treason. He is a true enemy to this nation without any doubt. I have questions about Mayor Bloomberg?

  27. white is right, black is whack says:

    Aren’t liberals “stereotyping” by assuming blacks and hispanics need help? I mean, I thought we were all the same, right? Wouldn’t it make sense to get more whites working since we pay the bulk of the taxes that keep things afloat?

  28. Bobby says:

    I’m glad Mayor Mike is finally practicing what he preaches. He has referred to Americans as lazy and stupid in the past, so this help of the minority population is a good thing…, but, what if he meant European-Americans? Oh my.