Posted on August 15, 2011

Barack Obama’s Father: Bigamist, Drunk and Wife-Beater

Ian Birrell, Daily Mail (London), August 12, 2011

Shortly after being elected first black president of Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama signed a deal to write a memoir of his life. Remarkably literate, given it was written so young, the book revolves around his quest for identity as the child of a white teenage mother and an African father who walked out when he was just two.

Despite titling it Dreams From My Father, the absent parent was little more than a shadow. ‘After a week of my father in the flesh, I had decided that I preferred his more distant image,’ reflected Barack Obama on the short time they spent together in his boyhood.

‘If my father hadn’t exactly disappointed me, he remained something unknown, something volatile and vaguely threatening.’

Well, he is unknown no longer. He has been bought to life in a compelling biography by American journalist Sally H. Jacobs. And what a vile man he turns out to have been: a drunken, wife-beating, bribe-taking bigamist of extreme arrogance, who spent much of his life propping up bars while bemoaning his fate and running down rivals.

His nickname was Double-Double after the way he liked his whisky. He was a fantasist, who told self-aggrandising stories and impersonated his bosses.

He married four times and had seven or nine children, depending who you listened to. And he was such a brazen womaniser he even bought mistresses home when his latest wife was asleep, loudly demanding the marital bed for his conquests.

Little wonder he turned out such a disappointment to the boy who, against all odds, went on to become President of the United States. Not least since they shared so much, including formidable intellect that took them to Harvard University, fierce ambition and the ability to turn on the charm.

But one became leader of the free world, the other ended up a loser, crippled in car accidents caused by drunk-driving and corroded by jealousy.

The young Barack had a lucky escape. His unfortunate siblings in Nairobi returned home from school each day in fear, growing increasingly nervous as they awaited their father’s late-night return.

‘When he got there he would probably be drunk,’ said one. ‘And then the light would go on and you would hear thuds and shouts and my mother’s voice rising and crying and screaming.’

But this is no misery memoir. For it is not just the tale of a brilliant man in free fall, ruined by the flaws in his character. It is also the absorbing story of a country on the cusp of change as it shook off imperial shackles. In so many ways, the other Barack’s life mirrored that of Kenya, filled with post-independence promise but felled by self-inflicted wounds.

He could have risen to similar heights as his son, had he had more self-control. He was born in a mud hut to a domineering father who worked as cook for British colonists and a mother who fled after endless beatings with her husband’s whip.

It was a severe upbringing: he would be tested on his homework and, if he stumbled, sent to bed without supper. Barack’s brains marked him out from the start, but so did the flaws that led him to argue with teachers and get thrown out of one of Kenya’s elite schools.

Despite this setback, he managed to win over an American aid worker who helped him get to the University of Hawaii, a remarkable achievement.

The first African student in a state that had only recently joined the union, his arrival was front-page news and he was a figure of fascination.

Typically, he was disappointed by Hawaii but started dating a 17-year-old classmate called Ann Dunham. Soon they were married and had a son, also called Barack–but he never mentioned the wife and two children left behind in Kenya.

He told university officials he was divorced and intended giving the new baby away. Then he abandoned his second young family to gain a doctorate at Harvard, but was ejected before completing his studies because of his complicated private life.

Even so, the very fact of having been at Harvard marked him out in newly post-colonial Kenya, where there were only 600 nationals with degrees from overseas.

As the hated ‘No Africans or Dogs’ signs were ripped down at hotels, such a talented economist could have worked almost anywhere shaping his nation’s future.

Instead, he turned down a government planning job because the pay was too poor, watching with envy as the man who took the post became one of the country’s most prominent people.

He drifted from job to job while carousing, crashing cars and picking up women. Despite his Harvard failure, he insisted upon being called Dr Obama and would endlessly put down others.

‘Where were you when I was getting my training at Harvard?’ he would demand loudly. Generous with his own money, the bar-room bore ended up borrowing from friends as funds ran out. Some would avoid him rather than listen to the bitter rants.

Meanwhile his personal life was in disarray, his second American wife fleeing after he attacked one of their sons. She had stood by him even after he held a knife to her neck.

‘One day he was charming and loving and wonderful. He was just the way a woman wants a man to be. And then the next day he’s beating you and abusing you,’ she said.

By the time of his early death, smashing his car into a tree stump, he was about to get married again, this time to a 20-year-old woman who had just given birth to his latest child.

A wasted life in both senses, made all the worse for the flashes of genius through the blur of alcohol and the bravery with which he confronted the tightening grip of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president who inflamed the tribal divisions that still plague the country.

But not entirely wasted. For as Jacobs’ concludes in this meticulously-researched book, his impact proved far greater than even this bombastic man could ever have predicted by fathering the man who reinterpreted the American dream for the 21st century.

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  1. alex says:

    People so readily put into print references to the great intellect of Obama and his drunken father, yet when nobody is able to see the brilliance that is supposed to be there and ask for examples, they are shouted down as racists, accused of wanting such information because race.

    Let me ask this question: If Obama were white is there anybody who would think that he was brilliant and constantly make references to it?

    I think not.

    A 100 I.Q. black is looked on as brilliant, though I’m not saying Obama is in that range. But it IS difficult to guess at an I.Q. for him. He speaks well, but that’s about it. He’s an exceptional black, but I see nothing that would consider him exceptional if he were white.

  2. A Comment from Australia says:

    Strange! Would I be correct in suggesting that if any other presidential candidate had had this sort of background that it would have been headline news from day one? It probably would have been shouted from the rooftops at every opportunity during the election campaign! I also understand that during your last presidential election campaign that there was a “gentlemans agreement” in media circles that the middle name (Hussein) would not be publicised!

    PS, Have they come to any conclusions re the authenticity of his birth certificate yet?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see if I have this one right: An emotionally stunted and brutal man-child, Barack Obama Sr., merits our vast sympathy and praise because one of his innumerable offspring (little did he know) was destined for politically stage-managed Greatness. What an achiever!

    As for Barack Obama Jr., he didn’t “reinterpret” the American Dream; the dream already had been reinterpreted in ways that eroded our national identity. He couldn’t have been elected President any other way.

  4. Ferdinand says:

    I think anyone who is paying attention should realize that Obama’s biological father was Frank Marshall Davis. Compare their pictures.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who’s my daddy? Just google Frank Marshall Davis pictures. It all becomes clear. Young communist women of Ann Dunham’s era were urged to mate with blacks to produce a perfect blend of revolutionary leaders.

    Obama should thank the pantheon of Gods he worships (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin) that Obama Sr abandoned him and his Mother.

    …/youtube-andy-martin-discusses-his-2012.html –

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love that last sentence, because the revised American Dream has been declared. It is not home ownership and a job with a pension plan. It is as a tenant of (likely) foreign owned housing projects with a part time job, or two with no benefits. It is to grow up or raise your children in a Diversified neighborhood where your child will be likely traumatized or harmed in one way or another, and may or may not make it to adulthood.

    Barak Obama got elected solely because he is black. A white candidate with the same credentials would be laughed off the ticket. It is only the phenomena of white race guilt and the perverse worship of black that allowed him to win. If he is elected again it will be because the Republicans have no imagination. And I am afraid that they really don’t.

  7. th Guru says:

    Anyone interested in learning more about this topic ought to read the book, ‘The Roots of Obama’s Rsge’ by Dinesh DeSouza, the author does a very good job explaining Obama. The book may also give you an insight into the psyche of ex-colonials. I greatly enjoyed his narrative style, anymore I can’t handle heavily academic books.

  8. Intelliboy says:

    There is an ongoing debate among psychologists as to what is more determining in the development of a child’s character, the environment or genetics. I see that the question is decisively settled, it is the genetics. For the proof we have Barack Obama who inherits his brilliance from his African father who according to the article was theoretically a great genius. Contrary to the expectation, having been brought up among primitive whites didn’t interfere with this intellectual development at all. He writes whole books all by himself and composes a lot of brilliant speaches that he later reads from the teleprompter without a hitch. Is there anything I have missed?

  9. highduke says:

    Obama is the neurotic offspring of a sociopath and a traitor, both of whom are irresponsible to say the least and the fact that Barry could grow up to implement increasingly overt anti-White legislation despite being raised by a White grandmother who went against her own realistic views on race bc his mother was whoring out to 3rdWorld swarthoids shows how truly disturbed Obama really is under his ‘nice guy’ facade.

  10. The Incredible White machine says:

    What I’d like to know is, did she ever commit to anymore blacks after all the abuse?

  11. Wayne Engle says:

    Very interesting and enlightening review. Want to bet one of this book will ever appear in an American mainstream media outlet?

    My main quarrel with the reviewer’s “slant” is that he gives far more credit to Barack Obama Jr. than the Mulatto Messiah deserves. He talks as if a flawed, drunken, but brilliant father produced a son who is going to revolutionize the whole world. Horse hockey! Barack Obama (the president) is a clever, but petulant, mountebank. He could star in an all-black remake of “The Flim-Flam Man.”

  12. Mr Jones says:

    This is just a ‘hit piece’, a one-sided attack on Obama’s father. Obama’s father was a proud (or perhaps vain) man who accomplished much despite facing many obstacles.

  13. Henry says:

    “A wasted life in both senses, made all the worse for the flashes of genius through the blur of alcohol” Anybody else here think this man was no genius and that Obama is no genius either?

  14. Anonymous says:

    This illustrates the fact that the difference in African mentality from whites’ is more than I.Q. I have observed that blacks with I.Q.’s of ~85 have better language and social skills than whites of this intelligence. I have observed that black men with I.Q’s > 115, lack the self control that white men of this intelligence level. Further studies are needed, but will not be made, anytime soon.

  15. Tim in Indiana says:

    Little wonder he turned out such a disappointment to the boy who, against all odds, went on to become President of the United States. Not least since they shared so much, including formidable intellect that took them to Harvard University, fierce ambition and the ability to turn on the charm.

    I suspect affirmative action had no small amount to do with it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting to contemplate how we know what we know regarding President Obama and his putative next of kin.

    Considering the extent to which major personality modules / traits/ have very significant heritability on average, due regard is in order to common threads of personality.

    (1) The psychopathic-like “breeziness” of both Stanley Dunham, Ann’s father, and Barack Obama Sr. is certainly conpicuous. In fairness, however, Stan Dunham appears basically to have had both feet on the ground and could “take off and land” safely, unlike his short-lived first son-in-law. He was able “operator” “wheeler dealer” among the oil field roughnecks and small farmers and blue collar inhabitants of El Dorado, Kansas, where he lived after the suicide of his mother (at age 26 in Wichita.) The President, his putative father, and his maternal grandfather, Stan Dunham, all share a psychopathic like breeziness, but the President especially seems disposed to verbal dissembling–e.g., re-weaving biographical facts

    (2) I hope the book reviewed here can disabuse me of the impression that there was no conventional courtship or even

    whirlwind romance between Ann Dunham and Obama, Sr, and that

    Ann essentially offered herself up to Obama Sr. after her adolescent and high school years in which overt contact with the opposite sex (dating, flirting, etc. ) was conspicously absent from her conduct. In this regard, a possible gestation to her

    attachment to Obama was her fascination when visiting Chicago at age 15 with a film “celebrating” the raw emotional fascination of white women with Black men. Ann’s few contacts in her high school were astonished to find she was married ( formally? ) and pregnant and there were no overt precursors in her high school years to her sudden marriage (“marriage”?). Her conduct in many ways conforms to that of teen age females internally doubting they have normal heterosexual orientation and seeking frantically to convince themselves and their peers that they are “OK down there”. I remain “very close to Missouri” as to whether Ruth Lucille Armour Dunham or her grandaughter, Ann Dunham, or Ann’s son, our President, were ever genuinely heterosexual. Also runing through the three of them is a definite mental depressive trait. Ruth Lucille killed herself at age 26.

    (3) The law-abidingness factor is also interesting to behold. I would not be surprised to find out that Harry Armour, his daughter, Ruth Lucille, and the interesting middle class Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (dropping out of middle class life to live under the Armour roof as husband at age 21 to the just-turned 15 year old Ruth Lucille Armour ) were initially drawn together as

    bootleggers under the guise of running a cafe (that likely turned a profit as a cafe proper ). Kansas had Prohibition a few years before it became federal law. Stan Dunham was used as a child to “run” bootleg wiskey (in Wichita), where Harry delivered coal around town–a role that would justify his presence about anywhere in those days.

    (4) The most genuinely intellectually impressive person in the whole known genetic dice-throw appears to have been Madelyn Payne Dunham, who before getting her life “complicated” by eloping with Stan Dunham just before graduating from Augusta, Kansas, high school, was at, or near, the top of her class scholastically. With only this formal educational background, she made it to become a Bank executive before merely being female could escalate one to such pinnacles. Her father was

    a bookkeeper ( read now as “accountant” ) to the Oil Company

    (Standard?) dominating Augusta, Kansas.

    (5) Barack Obama Sr. did not contribute much to the positive side of the gene pool giving rise of President Obama and appears to have contributed a good bit to the negative side. A guy that should be easy to forget–unless he’s useful for

    re-weaving the facts of life.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Genetic overlap between father and son except the son is much more devious and cunning. The son schemes for power and money and sticks with the program, rarely deviating. The son’s advantage are the white genes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Really, Obama is the most shining example of affirmative action, misplaced altruism, marxist delusion and set – asides…

    His father was an ambulatory piece of excrement, and his mother was a completely idiotic dingbat, with the judgement of a garden slug and the morals of a baboon.

    Yet with decades of white nurturing by foolish grandparents, pandering and butt- wiping by major universities and government institutions, after being SHOWERED by money and undeserved opportunities, this man rose to the status of President (by virtue of his flim- flamming of a virtually psychotic swath of marxist fools.

    And this great experiment of a man, this , the greatest recipient of American Largesse, rose to KILL A NATION.

    My, my, the things Africans can do!

  19. Anonymous says:

    This paragraph is too confusing!

    “He was a fantasist, who told self-aggrandising stories. . .”

    Does this refer to Obama, Sr., or Obama, Jr.? It could apply to both.

  20. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    From the article:

    Remarkably literate, given it was written so young…

    No, 0bama is not literate and Dreams From my Father is a FRAUD:

    all the 0bama samples we have unearthed before 1995 are pedestrian and uninspired. There is no precedent for this kind of literary transformation. We will be happy to show these early examples to anyone who cares to see them.

    The Obama camp has refused all inquiries on grades, SAT scores, LSAT scores, student theses, or any other documents that would flesh out what Politico calls Obama’s ‘scant paper trail.’

    From the article;

    Shortly after being elected first black president of Harvard Law Review…

    Despite being named president of the Harvard Law Review, 0bama has, most unusually, written nothing under his own name for the HLR or any other legal journal.

    According to muck-racker (and I use that in the fondest terms possible) Jack Cashill:

    A number of diverse independent agents have been working on the authorship of Barack Obama’s 1995 memoir, ‘Dreams From My Father.’ This includes five different stylometric analysts, here and in England. The unmistakable conclusion: Skilled editor and writer Bill Ayers was the primary author of important sections of Obama’s book and editor of the work as a whole.

    The team working on this project includes university professors who have distinguished themselves in the statistical analysis of authorship, systems engineers, writers and Ph.D. literary analysts.

    There is no contrary evidence other than Obama’s name on the book.

    But, just as MLK’s plagiarism is hidden by academics and covered up by the media, NO ONE will dare publish or even question these results in the msm.

    Seems 0bama is as big of a FRAUD as his father. Guess the apple “don’t” fall far from the tree!!


  21. Anonymous says:

    There are many strands in the President’s biography that coordinate with the absence in his early life of a genuine father figure. Such absence might coordinate with a genetic dice throw from which Obama Sr’s negative features seem to have been passed along into BHO’s basic predispositions. What seems centrally significant is the absence of the President in his youth confronting these biological predispositions to shape himself by choice and grit and struggle. His account of struggle (containing the lead word “Dreams”) certainly appears more a verbal engineering job of reweaving biographical facts than any truly factual revelation. His addiction to cigarettes (possibly linked to what appears to be vigorous adolescent reefer use and small scale dealing) is an indication of the grit and gut strength of BHO. These features are initially obscured in the President, who at first glance appears with a convincing but nonetheless counterfeit facade. Once when a live microphone tipped over, his authoritative vocal resonance suddenly broke into this spontaneous girlie-boy exclamation, “Gee, guys, what happened?” He has the narcissistic and schizoid quality of observing himself much of the time. In short, a performer, actor, “front-man”. The mental umbilical cord seems never to have been chewed off over time. Stanlee Ann Dunham is tragically central to the President’s acts and omissions. While “Stanley” may have been erroneously entered onto her birth certificate, school teachers during her

    youth routinely corrected for that fact and her name would accordingly have been known as “Stanlee Ann”. That she herself made a major deal of having a boy’s name is further indication that our first Black President may be in fact Lavender Blue and his borderline psychotic mother basically a lifelong, man-hating, castrative, femme dyke(?). There is, as far as I’ve been able to detect, a reticent thread of observance among many of the women having come in contact with him in focused activities (e.g., law review staff? , community organization work, etc. ) that he has the same sort of undertone of attenuated aversion toward them that homosexuals often have. One of the very interesting psychological profiles of BHO is from an Israeli psychologist, whose name I do not have at hand.

    Obama Sr. certainly casts a long long shadow. What we initially see in BHO is not what we have–that’s for sure. He can best be understood through the trait features of his relevant ancestry–the moreso that these features seem never to have been confronted by him, harnessed, subjugated, sublimated etc, but rather to have been merely accommodated by (Hemingway’s term ) “a pot-smoking Mama’s boy” The lurking question: “Who are his handlers??”

  22. The Bobster says:

    Shortly after being elected first black president of Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama signed a deal to write a memoir of his life.


    Not true. Obongo was commissioned to write about something entirely different. But he decided to write about a topic nearer and dearer: himself.

  23. JWagner says:

    [1 — alex wrote at 6:52 PM on August 15 A 100 I.Q. black is looked on as brilliant, though I’m not saying Obama is in that range. But it IS difficult to guess at an I.Q. for him. He speaks well, but that’s about it. He’s an exceptional black, but I see nothing that would consider him exceptional if he were white]

    Barack Jr. graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School. Harvard University confirmed that fact. See:

    In order to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, you need an IQ of at least 130. Also, don’t forget Barack’s white mother earned a PhD degree.

    [15 — Tim in Indiana wrote at 11:34 PM on August 15: I suspect affirmative action had no small amount to do with it.]

    Affirmative action was introduced by the Nixon administration in 1969, during the so-called Philadelphia Plan. Here is a brief description:

    Barack Obama’s father was admitted to study for a Masters degree in Economics in 1962. This was not only before the affirmative action era, it was two years before the civil rights act of 1964 was passed. Therefore, Obama Sr. could not have benefitted from affirmative action in admissions. Dr. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant black who graduated from Harvard with a Bachelors degree in economics in 1958, before the affirmative action era.

    Why am I going to such lengths to downplay the affirmative action angle? Because many “educated” blacks happen to be enemies of Western civilization, and want to bring down the civilization of the white man, motivated by hatred for real and imagined wrongs allegedly committed by whites in the past. Many “educated” blacks are smart enough to understand communist ideas, and they use communist organizing methods to bring down white nations. Barack Jr. used communist Saul Alinsky’s methods to build a power base for himself in Chicago.

    White people have lost nations that they controlled (South Africa, Rhodesia, Haiti, etc), because they believe that blacks are too stupid to organize revolutions against whites. It is true that the average black is less intelligent than the average white. But there are some really evil blacks who scheme and plot against whites, and incite the less intelligent blacks against whites.

    I believe that Barack Jr. is deliberately trying to destroy America with his communist economic policies. Conservatives view Obama as a dumb black who is following failed policies, because he does not know what he is doing. I believe that Barack Jr. knows exactly what he is doing, and is trying to turn America into a third world hell hole. Dinesh D’Souza did an excellent job of analysing Obama’s methods, in his latest book.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “A 100 I.Q. black is looked on as brilliant, though I’m not saying Obama is in that range. But it IS difficult to guess at an I.Q. for him. He speaks well, but that’s about it. He’s an exceptional black, but I see nothing that would consider him exceptional if he were white.”

    The average IQ of black Harvard graduates is 115. Mediocore bright normal for an Asian or White.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Throughout the formative early schooling years of Stanley Ann Dunham, most American schools–and certainly those in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, etc.–had group IQ tests rather frequently administered and the scores placed routinely in each child’s

    cumulative folder. These were accessible to teachers and administrative staff. It is highly likely that Stanlee Ann’s

    former teachers have had some indication of whether by way of measured IQ she was particularly prominent in the small town

    populations that she lived in. Stan and Madelyn Dunham moved around a lot, in significant part in Madelyn’s hope they could find a public school in which after a few weeks of enrollment, Stanlee Ann would NOT be the butt of teasing, of “let alone” rejection, etc. She appears to have been pervasively rejected

    and to have developed a pseudo-intellectual rejection of her rejection. THIS appears to be the basis of her “socialism”!!

    Almost all schools participated early on in the National Merit program and almost all states had their own scholarship group testing. I know of no indication that Stanley Ann ever placed

    with distinction in any such testing. Presumably she did from time to time–not consistently–make the Honor Roll in high school, but this distinction probably included at least the top 10% of the student body. At the time BHO was in high school, group test scores were less and less accessible and group mental ability testing after the Civil Rights legislation of the mid-60’s became less and less utilized, and the results more and more closeted. Yet there is no indication he ever placed on the National Merit testing. A deeper issue are the facts consistent with, but not necessarily indicative of, Secret Service or other national security units having pretty well canvassed all records of any relevance to BHO, including possibly those of his mother and other relatives. There really is a paucity of the sort of commentary and records referencing (see above re teacher access , e.g. ) regarding BHO that the climate of the times of his teen years would naturally give rise to. He has authored an unusually large amount of the facts/”facts”? that are “known” about his life.

  26. jdavis says:

    Here is what authenticity has devolved too, I doubt and don’t believe anything the harvard law review has to say, they too are manipulators.

    I doubt all tyrants trying to force themselves on others, and obama is a tyrant, and his backers manipulate anything.

  27. Alexandra says:

    Anon #5–I like that site.

    BTW if it’s proven that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s “babydaddy” (and I believe he is), where would that put the question of Obama’s citizenship?

    Of course there’s also the question of his Indonesian citizenship.

  28. just wondering says:


    That makes me wonder if Obama has had any formal acting training? He does have a lot of stage presence when he turns it on. Reading from a teleprompter would be something that stage people would learn, also voice manipulation. Has anyone seen the 1972 Robert Redford movie, the Candidate? This movie was all about the behind-the-scenes image manipulation that goes on in politics. Very reminiscent of the 2008 Obama campaign.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why would anybody name their daughter Stanley? That alone is enough to make me wonder about these people.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I do not like Obama. That said, he accomplished a lot more than I or anybody I know did. Despite his help from AA and the media he did nevertheless become president. The thing about his father makes it more impressive. Also he destroyed that weasel McCain in the debates.

    I am for a White America. However tearing down this man’s achievements is a little off putting to me. I do not know why.I guess the reality is I believe if McCain got in we be in even more wars than now.

  31. Anonymous says:

    “Why would anyone name their daughter Stanley?” Was she so named?

    That the name “Stanley” rather than “Stanlee Ann” appears on her B.C. does not indicate specific intent. Stan Dunham, as far as I know, never spoke to this issue. Did Madelyn(Madeline) Payne Dunham speak to it? This is a tidbit that is just repeated and repeated, but whether it actually has foundation is unclear. It is very unsettling how much really hard information exists about any of these people. It is a bit puzzling that relatively few persons identifying themselves and having interacted with BHO, his mother, his putative father, his maternal grandfather and grandmother—how few have said so little. That the State Security agencies (Secret Service, FBI, etc.) would interview in detail about all such persons is totally appropriate and, in fact, the failure to do so would in these times be a national security dereliction. But the paucity of hard comment from those having interacted with the President and his immediate ancestors is really significant. The person who made three inch headlines out of the mis-name “Stanley” was dainty “Stanlee Ann” herself who seemed to gloat in this gender identity issue. The brute insensitivity of a “Boy named Sue” mentality does not seem congruent with “good ole’ boy” Stanley Armour Dunham, a used (hot?) furniture salesman who could charm blue-collar folk and get repeat business from them. Nor is it congruent at all with what is known about Madelyn. I suspect it is another wobble item that deserves question marks rather than inferences. In fact, very very little hard bio information exists about President Obama and so very much of that has come from his own writings.

  32. Anonymous says:


    He does come across in full perspective as a consummate actor

    playing the role of President. Who’s writing the script?

    Perhaps he has just ingested all the smother mother indoctrination he received 24/7/365/ during his, what?, first

    12 years ? of life?? There’s scant indication he ever confronted all this programming in the interest of defining himself by hard choice, successful struggle, vigorous disputation, etc. etc, to become his own person. There is a hollowness to this fellow that might be useful to an acting career (?) but I find terrifying in a President of the U.S.

  33. Incognito says:

    Why would anybody name their daughter Stanley? That alone is enough to make me wonder about these people.

    This is no mystery, it’s been written about in the media.

    The following is from Wikipedia:

    Named after her father because he wanted a son. As a child and teenager she was known as Stanley. Other children teased her about her name but she used it through high school, “apologizing for it each time she introduced herself in a new town”. “One of Gamps’s less judicious ideas,” Obama wrote in his book.

  34. Anonymous says:


    Having worked in schools for decades, I find it implausible that

    the name issue would have been permitted to exist if it had not been for wee Stanley/Stanlee Ann’s fascination with having a boy’s name and her evident passion to reject social conventions at every opportunity–a passion so central for her as to be suggestive of borderline schizophrenic functioning. Flukes in birth certificate recordings happen more often than one would suppose. Teachers in rendering a child’s name,correct spelling issues to attain gender propriety (e.g., Billy becomes Billie, and so on). A larger issue in all this is how we know what we think we know re the biographical facts of BHO and his near ancestors. It would appear that it was Stanlee Ann herself who

    counterfeited this name issue and her son who appears enveloped in gender complexities has played it for mileage. Stanley Armour Dunham appears genuinely to have loved his son. My own

    hypothesis re Frank Davis is that Stanley sensed some gender

    complexity with his adolescent grandson and sought Frank to

    appraise the situation as someone both Black and bi who’d “been there, confronted that”?? It is some suggestion of the unbridled dissembling by BHO that he would paint the Frank relationship as basically political. Maybe. Likely not. Will the real President please stand up??

  35. Anonymous says:

    “..started dating 17 year old classmate…soon they were married”

    It is difficult to pin down the hard facts relevant to the President’s immediate ancestry. Other information suggests that

    very soon after encountering the young voluble and egoistic Kenyan, Ann Dunham, was having procreant sexual relations with him. There is no clear indication of what characterized the “marriage” (or whether legally there ever was one ). There is no clear indication they ever cohabited for any significant time nor that he was much at home even when in the locale. The senior Obama, however, was forceful and masculine. The President, by contrast, seems to hate the stud in any male. The President reportedly in unnerved by vigorous direct disputation between two men and always seeks to engender mere discussions–often in small groups– from which he can cherry pick elements for his own formulations. His mother appears to have been the forceful and dominating influence in her second marriage to Soweto. She appears, then, most likely to have had one genuine marriage, it , in reality, of fairly short actual duration (a marriage growing dead for some time before legal

    dissolution ) and it having something of gender role reversal. There’s not a lot of evidence of heterosexuality having had much impact in the President’s formative years.