Posted on July 13, 2011

Bayonne Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Seventh Suspect in Beating of Bayonne Man Who Remains in Coma

The Jersey Journal, July 12, 2011

Bayonne police have issued arrest an warrant for a seventh suspect, Derrick Hilton, 18, of Humphrey Avenue in Bayonne, in connection to the beating of Dawid Strucinski, the 22-year-old Bayonne man who remains in a coma at the Jersey City Medical Center.


Strucinski was left in a coma after he was jumped by about nine people near the Quick Chek at Broadway and 12th Street in Bayonne at around 3 a.m. July 3.

Today, police arrested a sixth suspect–a 15-year-old boy –and charged him with the riot and endangering injured victim today after a parent brought him to headquarters, police said.

Five other teens–two girls, ages 14 and 17, and three 16-year-old boys–have also been arrested in connection with the incident.

Strucinski was beaten after he rushed to help a friend who was being harassed by a group of nine boys and four girls, police said.


32 responses to “Bayonne Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Seventh Suspect in Beating of Bayonne Man Who Remains in Coma”

  1. blitzen51 says:

    In 1969 I graduated from Marist high School in Bayonne NJ. Which was at the time a quality all boys school. Bayonne at that time was a great community. Sure there were some fights after football and basketball games but nothing to match the savagery of this attack. It saddens me to realize that our society has sunk to this barbaric level.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This has become almost a daily story.

    I can fill in the blanks: a sucker punch, a fall to the ground, followed by stomping and kicking.

    How long?

  3. Bernie says:

    At least this kid went to the aid of a friend about to be attacked by a racist black mob. How many whites would do that nowadays?

  4. Wayne Engle says:

    Another atrocious New Jersey racial beatdown, for which the thugs will get the usual slaps on the wrist. The young man was trying to help a friend, and he got beaten and stomped into a coma for his trouble.

    Would that there had been a White guy out taking a walk with his dog before bed time, with the guy packing heat, and that he had opened fire on them while siccing his dog on them at the same time. Hopefully the dog wouldn’t have been injured. As to what happened to the punks — who cares?

  5. NBF, 190th! says:

    These stories will occur daily, but your local news won’t make room for them, because we must see more about car crashes, apartment fires, and water main breaks.

    Why don’t stories like these ever include: a demand from the family that the NAACP pay the medical bills, and a demand from the law that the NAACP go into their community and find out the names of the perps?

    Until we hold the Civil Rights community for the violence in their community, we might as well surrender. Looks like we’ve chosen surrender.

  6. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “After he rushed to help a friend” I believe the French used to have an award given only to those who rally to the attack ignoring all odds, orders and personal risk. This kid should have the medal named after him….There is no greater heroism than coming to the aid of one in danger at risk of ones own life. Good job Dad. You instilled the correct values in your boy.

  7. Ronald says:

    “Strucinski’s father, Peter, 45, said today that, given the severity of his son’s injuries, the teens who beat his son should be tried as adults.”

    What could be more evident? Today’s juvenile “justice system” is essentially the romantic debris of 19th century romanticism. Perhaps treating “youth” differently under the law had its place in the 19th century when children stole apples from pushcart peddlers. This is no longer the case. This is the 21st century where one can be killed just for looking at a self-confident youthful Thug in what he perceives to be “the wrong way”.

    The practical effect of the juvenile “justice” system so often serves as just a training ground to turn little Thugs into big Thugs. The longer it takes society to bring that system into 21st century reality, the more society will suffer. It may get so bad that reform becomes no longer possible.


  8. NBJ says:

    These mob beatings have become so common now, I predict sometime in the near future these “teens” are going to mess with the wrong white guy and he’s gonna pull a gun and take out a few of them defending himself from a beat down. ONLY then will these brutal beatings become national news, with of course whitey being the villian because he refused to be stomped into a coma, with possible life altering effects. Mark my words… It’s going to happen.

  9. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I am not trying to blame the victims, but I would NOT be anywhere near a sleazy check cashing establishment if there were a significant number of blacks present. Sadly, they were probably not race realists.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As another poster noted, there seems to be acts like this happening all over the country weekly, even daily sometimes. Funny isn’t it? No coverage in the national press studying this trend. No analysis. No national outrage.

    I saw one round table discussion on a tv channel about this from a sleepy talk show slot, and even then, it was all understated. Imagine if the races were reversed, and mobs of whites were doing random attacks on blacks and doing mob and robs?

  11. sshadow says:

    If this kid awakens from his coma I hope he doesn’t say that he doesn’t hold anything against his attackers, or something similarly stupid. The appropriate sentiment is anger and vengefulness. I hope that doesn’t shock anyone here. Soft headedness has gotten us to this point. When your attackers do this for enjoyment you can’t forgive them. There should be thousands of members of white protest groups screaming reverse racism in front of police stations and court houses. This should be going on all over the country. It has worked for blacks, why not for us? Our extreme passivity allows our Marxist MSM to totally ignore all these cases. Don’t expect isolated whites to periodically go on murderous rampages to avenge black on white crime. It won’t happen, these are fantasies. Almost all whites have too much foresight to forfiet their lives or freedom for such a crazy act. Whites who are in the areas of these pleasure beatings must spontaneously demonstrate and protest. If this starts to happen other half guilty whites may emerge from their torpor.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I spent the first 18 years of my life in Bayonne. It was a nice town considering the cities surrounding it: Newark, Jersey City, Staten Island.

    I returned for a week a year ago and I thought I was in a Third World Country. It’s nothing more than a geographically scaled-down version of the garbage surrounding it.

    So glad I left.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To Peejay:

    Quick Chek isn’t a check cashing place; it’s a convenient store. Nevertheless, I agree with you and would’ve avoided the place if I saw a group of blacks hanging around.

  14. Anonymous says:

    8 — NBJ wrote at 7:13 PM on July 13:

    “These mob beatings have become so common now, I predict sometime in the near future these “teens” are going to mess with the wrong white guy and he’s gonna pull a gun and take out a few of them defending himself from a beat down. ONLY then will these brutal beatings become national news, with of course whitey being the villan because he refused to be stomped into a coma, with possible life altering effects. Mark my words… It’s going to happen.”

    I hope that you’re right. When and if it happens every one of us need to start a nationwide campaign to support the person. It might even include a teeshirt campaign like the one that says “Free Mumiya”. It’s time to start turning the Left’s own tactics against them. This guy should become a national hero for White people.

    We also need to keep an archive of all these cases so that no one will ever forget.

    Pray for the recovery of Mr. Strucinski.

  15. Oski says:

    Dawid Strucinski remains in a coma at the Jersey City Medical Center.

    I can fill in the blanks: a sucker punch, a fall to the ground, followed by stomping and kicking.

    –Anon #2

    The same thing happened to Brian Stow, the Giants fan who was nearly beaten to death by non-whites after a Dodger’s game:

    He was slammed to the ground from behind while walking through the Dodger parking lot, then repeatedly kicked in the head.

    Brian too was in a coma for an extended period of time. At least the attackers of Dawid were caught, Brian’s attackers remain free to this day.

    Fast forward to July 13th 2012:

    On Monday, Bryan’s nurse informed us that Bryan actually opened his mouth when she told him she had to take his temperature. Later in the day, Dave and Bonnie got to see it twice, Bryan opened his lips slightly when she held the thermometer up to his eye level. The actual movement wasn’t huge, but the meaning was.

  16. sick of it says:

    The truth is the liberals/leftists support these hate crimes 100%. They don’t want these crimes they want them to continue.

    The #1 goal of the liberals/leftists is the extermination of the white race. They fully support violent hate crimes against innocent whites. Their words and actions prove it.

  17. Brian says:

    In one crime after another you see the same thing; Blacks may savage their victims, but anyone daring to come between them and their prey will be absolutely pulverized and often instantly Killed. Just a few names that come to mind:

    Kristopher Kime

    Austin Hemmings

  18. Anonymous says:

    That’s the way blacks are. It is not enough to knock someone out. Once they are lying on the ground helpless, they jump in the air as high as they can and land on the victim’s head as hard as they can. This is, in my mind, attempted murder.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If only the kid had a 40 cal. Glock with a laser site and 10 round clip to defend himself.

    THEN we would be reading about the white kid’s racist attack!!!! Sad but true.

  20. WHC says:

    peejay; I understand your point completely and no you are not blaming the victims. The actions of the two young white males (walking into a large group of blacks unarmed), is no different than if they had walked into the midst of a pride of hungry predatory animals in Africa. Walking around in urban America, unarmed, is no different than engaging in the same activity in a wild jungle. Our children are being taught very destructive & dangerous racial fantasies in school and by Hollywood. The two white victims didn’t recognize the danger in which they had placed themselves, until it was too late. We need to teach our children to recognize such threats. Rarely will a single white be attacked by a lone black. Blacks operate with the same pack mentality as hyenas & jackals. Avoidance should be your first strategy. If you need to put gas in your car and you see a large group of black teens there, keep driving to the next station. If avoidance fails, and you are defending your life, unleash hell.

  21. Anonymous says:


    I agree with you. Same thing happened with Bernie Goetz.

    They pick someone who looks weak, does not appear to be able to defend themselves or lacks a “hard” look.

    They are really not that brave.

  22. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    I agree with those people who say to pack heat. But take shooting lessons first. Get registered and licensed, and carry when you are out walking. I push my daughter in a baby stroller, but I’m carrying a butterfly knife or even a box cutter when feasible. In my truck I have a .45 w/ 2 full mags. These days it’s a MUST.

  23. The Bobster says:

    I was going to post this story on New Nation News a week ago, but the Afrozulus and their enablers posting in the comments section of the source were certain that Bayonne was all White and thus there was no way that this could’ve been another black flash mob. I, of course, demurred. I’m still batting a thousand.

  24. Sardonicus says:

    It is important not to be kicked to the ground during these black flash mob/gang attacks. You risk the danger of being stomped to death or put into a coma. It appears that teenagers or women are not excused from these horrific beat-downs. I urge prudent avoidance of groups of black “youth” in urban or ghetto environments this summer.

  25. Lauren says:

    You guys are right that it’s only a matter of time until a well-armed white fires into one of these mobs. It may be a real guy. Or it may be an Agent, or someone set up as a Patsy. The mob may very well have been arranged by Agents from some ‘agency’, or at the instigation of same. I mean, do these kids really know who’s sending out these ‘Tweets’ or whatever? Do WE?

    You can bet your Bunnies that the MSM has already developed ways to distort the resulting stories, in anticipation of the inevitable. And you can bet that ‘Appropriate Authorities’ have already developed their responses, too.

    The first really spectacular instance of White Self-Defense against one of these murderous black mobs will be spun by the MSM, so totally out from reality, that most of America will BELIEVE that the shooter (and his ‘group’…or his ‘racist movement’…whatever) was out actively hunting blacks. Not one word about the hour of mayhem committed by the mob, prior to the shooting. Not one word about the string of robberies they committed before they started attacking people. Not one word about the whites injured or killed prior to the shooting. Reports will, instead, portray the Shooter as a ‘hardcore racist’ (Drudge Report WAS found in his Computer, after all…), with ties to (whatever else was found in his computer…maybe having listened to a Johnny Rebel song on Youtube once…which could ONLY mean he was in a secret cell of the K..).

    With Public Opinion Control being handled by the MSM, the ‘Appropriate Agencies’ will swing into action, and the Legislative Branch…etc…etc… will begin to implement plans formed years or months before (after all: who would have dreamed that Whites would bear & forebear for so long?).

    I have no idea what the people in power been cooking up. But when that day comes, we’d better be ready to follow the (paraphrased) sage words of Mr. Antoine Dodson (of ‘Bed Intruder’ fame), and “’ hide yo HUSBANDS, ’cause they takin’ evabodeh out here!” The weeks and months following the much-awaited retaliation against Mob Violence will not be a good time to be a White Male in America.

    Learning to apply appropriate pressures on Police and Politicians, to get them to nip this ‘Flash Mob’ thing in the bud…BEFORE something unfortunate happens, will, ultimately, be more to our advantage than the much-fantasized scenarios playing out in many of our heads.

    Guys….they’re just WAITING for someone to retaliate against one of those Mobs. They are ENCOURAGING those mobs, in the HOPES that someone will respond with a Gun.

    They’re waiting for a ‘good’ excuse to take away Americans’ Guns.

  26. Bernie says:

    “You guys are right that it’s only a matter of time until a well-armed white fires into one of these mobs.”

    I think a black flash mob will attack some light-skinned Hispanics one of these days and wind up on the business end of a gun.

    Of course, any white person that does defend himself against blacks will have his life ruined like Bernie Goetz or the store owner in Oklahoma who shot a black trying to rob him and will spend his life in jail.

  27. XIXth says:

    There is only one hope. These white young adults and older adolescents must learn to band and fight together. There was a time from the late 50’s into even the 80’s, especially in the big cities, that white kids formed their own “social” clubs in which they socialized, entertained, formed music groups, and found general comradiery.

    These clubs helped their members defend eachother at school and their neighborhoods from the enroaching bands of black and hispanic and asian gangs. Some of these clubs became notorious in the ability to form large bands with which full-scale gang fights were waged with the colored gangs, especially in Chicago. In turn, these clubs were a decisive factor in helping to maintain enclaves of American sanity in the inner city well into the 1980’s. In other places, like South California, many of the clubs became recruiting grounds for the various LA county police departments who in turn helped maintain a loose peace for the ever decreasing islands of white neighborhoods well into the 90’s.

    If anybody has children on this forum their first duty should be instilling our general ideals and virtues, and then encouraging and indeed helping them to form such groups once again. Otherwise, this and succeeding generations of white children will surely be slowly ground into obliteration just like the young white man who was the subject of the article.

  28. WHC says:

    Bernie wrote: “Of course, any white person that does defend himself against blacks will have his life ruined like Bernie Goetz or the store owner in Oklahoma who shot a black trying to rob him and will spend his life in jail.”

    Times have changed since Bernie Goetz defended himself. Most states have concealed carry laws now. Most states have passed “Castle Doctrine” type laws, strengthening the right of self-defense. The Oklahoma pharmacist you described made one mistake; he went up to an unconscious attacker he had previously wounded. The robber laid motionless on the ground and the pharmacist pumped five more shots into him for good measure. In all jurisdictions, I am aware of, you cannot shoot someone who is no longer a threat. I have great sympathy for the pharmacist (he didn’t cause these events; the robbers did) and I hope the case is overturned on appeal. The lesson from this case, I believe, is that if you carry a firearm, make sure you get training; the kind of training that helps prepare you for the high stress of an actual use of deadly force. Such training centers are popping up all over the country now and the instructors are usually ex-military and retired law-enforcement.

  29. Meg says:

    When do you suppose that our president will speak to the black youth about their violent behavior? Mrs. O went all the way to Africa to tell the youth to become leaders. It seems to me she should be telling the same to the youth in the USA.

  30. What_I_Believe says:

    Ok, most may not agree but I strongly believe the best thing for Whites to do is to realize that Hispanics/Latinos are going to ultimately be a great ally for us.

    Most are hard-working people who have values. Most importantly, they HATE blacks in general. They actually have the balls to stand up for themselves. I’ve seen black neighborhoods turn Mexican and it’s an improvement for sure. I’ve seen schools change in the same way, and it’s an improvement…the teachers agree.

    I know the influx of Hispanics is out of control and has cons, but I think it will benefit us in the end….cause we are NOT defending ourselves and blacks WERE taking over.

    We have to be realistic….they are not going back, just as the blacks aren’t going back. Again, they HATE blacks. LA is not the only place where there are brown vs black racial wars. They experience much of the same in terms of attacks, etc BUT they fight back.

    Sorry but the truth is we can’t even handle the blacks so why “fight” the hispanics too. These people have no problem with Whites in general. They mix with us too because they believe the same. They have European roots….in religion, language, etc.

    We have to be realistic and smart. Think well about what I’m saying.

    The Mexican Mafia and White Brotherhood have formed an allegiance in the prison system. Yet, hispanics out number the Whites. That says something.It says WE HAVE A COMMON ENEMY: BLACKS.

    Something like this HAD to happen. We needed a strong ally. It WAS starting to look like blacks were going to take over….but no more!

    I know many will disagree but think about it. Be honest. These people do not hate us as a whole. They work for us….with us…etc. There is no comparison.

  31. ATBOTL says:

    The irony is that black street thugs do this to each other(and others) all the time.

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