Posted on July 13, 2011

Video Shows Teens Violently Looting Redford Gas Station

ClickOn Detroit, July 12, 2011

Surveillance video shows a group of teenagers on Friday night tearing through a Redford Township gas station.

The group of nearly 20 teens are shown running through the station and stealing several pieces of merchandise, owner Sam Matalka said.

Matalka said he lost hundreds of dollars in merchandise and had to spend hours cleaning up the damages caused by the teens Friday night.

Witnesses said the same group of teens crashed an 8th-grade graduation party earlier Friday night at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Redford Township. That’s where witnesses said a fight broke out and shots were fired in the parking lot after the teens crashed the party.

More witnesses said the teens did not stop after the gas station and they were seen tormenting a customer at a nearby White Castle. Witnesses said the customer was chased outside, where the teens beat him as he tried to get away.


[Editor’s Note: Be sure to view the original article if you would like to see the surveillance footage.]