Posted on July 13, 2011

American Thinker Disses “White Nationalism”–A.K.A. American Patriotism

Charles Bloch, VDARE, July 12, 2011

The American Thinker [email it] is one of the better mainstream conservative websites out there. Although simply designed and without a major publisher, the website has higher traffic than some corporate-funded sites like Human Events and it is frequently cited on talk radio. It does not flinch in taking on the Southern Poverty Law Center [$PLC to], Hate Crimes Legislation, this summer’s spate of black flash mobs, and Obama’s blatantly anti-white agenda. 

But the American Thinker has just showed it is still hopelessly stuck in the “Proposition Nation” mythology by publishing an article [Identity politics: The Denial of American Exceptionalism, July 10, 2011] by former District Attorney and GOP congressional Candidate Dean Malik attacking “white nationalists”–specifically the late columnist Sam Francis and Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance and author of Paved With Good Intentions and, most recently, White Identity.

Malik [email him] makes several arguments trying to prove that “white nationalists” are not American patriots. Each one falls flat on its face.

Malik’s mistakes begin with his terminology. He describes the views he proceeds to attribute to Francis and Taylor as “white supremacy, emerging over the past generation re-cast as ‘white nationalism.'”

There’s some dispute over whether Sam Francis was or would have described himself as a “white nationalist”.Scott McConnell in his American Conservative magazine obituary of Francis (not available online) argued not; Editor Peter Brimelow in his own obituary thought he was, although Brimelow makes a distinctionbetween “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” that has obviously not penetrated Malik’s world-view.

But Jared Taylor explicitly rejects the term “white nationalist”, preferring to call himself a “race realist”. It would be one thing to use the term “white nationalist” as a pejorative, but it is simply incorrect to suggest Taylor has “re-cast” himself as such. (However, for the sake of argument I will use this term, albeit in scare quotes, for this article).

Malik also argues that “white nationalists” are not patriots but “global in nature” because “American Renaissance prominently features links to similar white identity groups in Europe, Sam Francis quotes with fraternal admiration French Nationalist Jean Raspail, who speaks of the loss of the French ‘Fatherland.'”[ note: Link in original–the term “Fatherland”(patrie) is that used in the French National Anthem.]

John Quincy Adams famously wrote:

Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.

The right wing parties of Europe are fighting for the freedom and independence of their own countries from global elites and a Third World invasion. Jared Taylor and Sam Francis were and are “well-wishers” to these countries. But they never called for, say invading Brussels to put the Vlaams Belang in charge. [See The Enemy of the Nation, by Samuel Francis, Chronicles, October 1st, 2004]

However, recognizing the national identity of other nations does not mean you do not care about your own. Thus the American Thinker’s About Us page states: “The right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us.” Does this make the American Thinkers globalists and unpatriotic? If not, why can’t Jared Taylor be concerned about European nations’ survival and right to exist?

The crux of Malik’s argument: “white nationalists” are no different than radical black and Hispanic Activists like MeCHA and the Congressional Black Caucus (whom he also bashes). Because they identity by their race, Malik claims, all groups “equally denigrate the American Dream”. The American Dream, Malik argues, is rooted in”American Exceptionalism” that comes from the Constitution and other founding documents.

It is quite true that Taylor and Francis, like La Raza and the NAACP, advocate for their race. However, the similarities end there.

·   “White nationalists” have no problem with other races promoting their own interests, so long as it does not involve oppressing whites. But Black and Hispanic nationalists have repeatedly called for the suppression of whites who promote their own interests, and for that matter even non-racial conservatives such as Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs who happen to oppose their agenda.

·   Because these minority interest groups, with the full support of white liberals (and, apparently, Establishment”conservatives”) have succeeded in the above-mentioned suppression, “white nationalists” cannot even meet at a hotel for a conference. In contrast, groups such as the NAACP and La Raza have hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it of it paid for by corporations the government and are kow-towed to by the president of the United States.

·   “White nationalists” wish to advance the interests of their race by restricting immigration and ending government programs such as hate crime legislation and Affirmative Action that specifically discriminate against whites. La Raza and the NAACP wish to advance the interests of their groups through welfare and government programs that discriminate against whites.

In the latter respect, the views of “white nationalists” are fully compatible with the constitutional vision of the Founding Fathers.

Malik explicitly denies this reality. Malik instead claims that the Founding Fathers believed in a universalistic and colorblind American Exceptionalism.

This, he argues, began with the Puritan leader John Winthrop’s much-cited “City upon a hill” trope.

But Winthrop’s city was for whites–and, even more specifically, British Puritans. Winthrop owned Indian slaves and oversaw the introduction of the African slave trade into his colony.

Malik acknowledges that the original draft of the Declaration of Independence includes the phrase “of our common blood.” However, he says this is irrelevant because the “the canons of statutory construction mandate the exact opposite conclusion”.

But how does he explain that the Constitution explicitly enshrined slavery? Or that in 1790, three years after the Constitution was ratified, Congress passed the Naturalization Act which limited American citizenship to “free white persons”?

Of course, this historical reality does not mean we must embrace past mistreatment of Indians and blacks. However, we must honestly acknowledge that race consciousness was integral to the founding of our great nation. As Theodore Roosevelt wrote in the Winning of the West:

“American and Indian, Boer and Zulu, Cossack and Tartar, New Zealander and Maori,–in each case the victor, horrible though many of his deeds are, has laid deep the foundations for the future greatness of a mighty people.”

Malik asks:

“[I]f America is simply a blood-and-soil state, what is there to make it exceptional? The answer is: nothing. America is simply a re-constituted, mongrelized, tribe of Europe.”

But that is exactly what Israel Zangwill, the Jewish playwright who coined the phrase–much loved by neoconservatives–“the melting pot”, in the play of the same name, thought America was:

“America is God’s Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!” [My emphasis].

That said, neither Zangwill, the founders, nor today’s “white nationalists” believed America was “simply” based on race. In many ways, America is indeed “exceptional”. A virgin continent, inhabited by primitives, which was conquered and colonized by Europeans, will have different manners, customs, and government than a Europe inhabited by the same race for millennia.

However, this does not mean that the fact that America was founded by Europeans is not integral to its identity–or that a non-white America will necessarily be able to maintain the same manners, customs, and government.

America was not built upon racial identity–rather, that racial identity was taken for granted.

When the entire country, from La Raza to the Republicans, refuses to acknowledge this, it becomes more necessary to point out these truths. [Tell American Thinker–be polite!] But it doesn’t make us obsessed with race.

“White nationalism”, if that means the views expressed by Jared Taylor and Sam Francis, is simply good old-fashioned American Patriotism.

32 responses to “American Thinker Disses “White Nationalism”–A.K.A. American Patriotism”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If a White Nationalist is someone who believes displacing whites in predominantly white countries is a bad idea, than…

    The data is in and the results are unequivocal.

    I believe everyone knows these truths, meaning by definition, everyone is a race realist.

    However, the only ones who are considered racist, are those who point it out.

    Very strange.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The big problem with the entire argument is that white SUPREMACY is the highest form of good in the world and a goal every white person should strive for. It literally IS civilization itself….no other race having contributed meaningfully to the creation of the modern world in any way. Most of what we call morality is nothing more than white culture made the law of the land, throughout the world…..almost 100% of the time displacing heinous evil non-whites were engaged in before white supremacy forced them to stop.

    At the heart of white genocide is the giving up of white supremacy. Multi-culturalism is nothing less than the institutionalized tolerance of evil. Any white man who denies white supremacy has done nothing less than bow down and accept that tolerance of evil.

    On some level, all the people’s of the world understand this and yearn for white supremacy. White supremacy, in real world terms means freedom, plenty, justice and security for all races. The opposite is also true. Wherever white supremacy flags, that part of the world becomes a very dark place indeed.

    White people need to figure this out. Need to get comfortable wielding the iron rod of justice once more. This stuff of the more bitter elements of white nationalism wanting to isolate and wash their hands of the rest of the world (in which they expect almost all non-whites to eventually die off without whites feeding them) is just not realistic. As for those white nationalists who cravenly avoid the label of racist….all I can say is you have far more to fear in this world than a few nasty words hurled your way.

  3. Robert Binion says:

    I would rather subsist in segregated austerity than rut in multicultural opulence. Is it “racist” to venerate the history of one’s ancestors for two millennia? No, it is an act of homage and has nothing to do with supremacy or IQ. If a bigger brain were journey’s end, Anthony “I did not have sex with that modem” Weiner would sit atop creation’s summit. It takes more than smarts. In the last presidential election campaign, one “journalist” asked candidate Obama, “When did you learn to love?” (Editor, this is a fact. I am not making it up.) Is it wrong for us to love our own again?

  4. NBF, 190th! says:

    It really doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, but as long as you are saying that Whites have no legitimate communal, ethnic, or racial interests of self-awareness and self-preservation, you will be on the winning team and be given another humanitarian award, check included.

    You are allowed and encouraged to force them to think of themselves as an oppressor who marginalized the angels of lightness and wisdom from the fens of Afrique, and when they act as a group, they can only be atoning for the sins of segregation by holding themselves accountable to the beloved community of color for their unearned White privileges.

    There is a panic soon to set in. Whites will begin to wake up to the consequences of being a minority who is hated by everybody else and is told to hate themselves.

    Our first goal should be to make plans for throwing the liberal White elites over the barricades to the joys of their diversity pets. Now White privilege for those who betray us!

  5. Jupiter7 says:

    Dean Malick is a Pakistani “American” married to another Pakistatni “American”. They have started a Pakistani “American” geneline. And this Pakistani “American” demands that Native Born White Americans commit racial suicide within the borders of America because it would make millions of post-1965 non-whites very happy. The Pakistani Malik argues that it is highly un-American of Native Born White Americans to resist race-replacement at the hands of post-1965 high fertility non-whites-such as Pakistanis. Dean Malick is declaring a race war against Native Born White Americans. No one should have any doubt about this-including Charles Bloch and Peter Brimelow.

    Once you engage the Pakistatni invader Dean Malik(Mughal-Persian name), you accept race-replacement as a valid debating point. We reject race-replacement of our people at the hands of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites such as Dean Malik. There will be no debate about race-replacement.

    Since the Pakistani Malick views growing Native Born White American resistance to race-replacement as unpatriotic and therefore treasonous, and since Native Born White American resistance to race-replacement is going to grow exponentially in the near future, one can conclude that the Pakistani Malik does not recognize millions of Native Born White Americans as Americans.

    I do not recognize the Pakistani Dean Malik, his Pakistani wife and Pakistani geneline as Americans.

    One last point. There are 0 reasons for Native Born White Americans to accept race-replacement…and the Pakistatani Malik knows this. So what he is doing is attempting to make a proposition nation-constitutional mandated case for the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority. But behind this abstract proposition nation-constitutional divine edict for race-repacement is a highly racialized Pakistani nationalist agenda. When Native Born White Americans are replaced across “America”, Pakistani “Americans,.Hindu “Americans”, Korean “Americans,Chinese “Americans” and Sihk “Americans” will make certain that Native Born White American race-replacement is a permanent state of affairs in the new “America”…and there will be no pretense about the real motives for doing this…it will justified for highly racialized reasons.

  6. BO_Bill says:

    The basis of America’s historic Exceptionalism has been a population consisting largely of Talented and Virtuous people of common European descent, living together with abundant land, food, energy, and other natural resources. The idea of self-governance contained in our Founding Documents is a consequence of these things.

    The basis of Mexico’s political system is the land and people of Mexico. The basis of the Pakistani political system is the land and people of Pakistan. The basis of Zimbabwe’s political system is sub-Saharan Africa. The day is coming where we will have to choose between American Exceptionalism and this self-serving disingenuous idealism being sold to us by this Malik guy from Pakistan.

  7. ehunt says:

    Dean Maliks confusion can be cleared up in a fast and simple fashion. Namely by purchasing Mr. Malik a plane ticket to

    South America. There are two English White majority

    countries in the Western Hemisphere. There are 22 Latin

    American countries whose population is non European, non English,

    non White.

    Mr. Malik can notice that almost all the non European non white

    countries function about the same. The same corruption, chaos,

    torpor, hopelessness. In fact Mr. Malik is invited to notice that

    the degree of success in any of these countries is directly proportional to the percentage of whites that live in each.

    Taking Argentina as an example we can point out to Mr. Malik that in the 1940s Argentia was the 5th most prosperous country in the world.

    Today it is #41. What happened? Juan Peron destroyed the Italian/German/English ruling class via a populist movement.

    Whites leave…country declines. Mr. Malik can then notice that Chile retains its European heritage and is successful..but

    Bolivia,Peru and Eduador are largely Indio, and hopless failures despite enormous resources. Costa Rica has a European ruling class with modest prosperity while Nicaraqua, Guatemala, and Honduras are failures…DIRECTLY IN PROPORTION to the white-no white ratio of the country.

    Real change comes when we go from South America to North America.

    Here we have two largely white countries, USA and Canada that are economic direct proportion to the degree each has retained

    its white European population base and heritage.

    SO THE QUESTION IS..WHAT IS THIS “AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM” MALIK IS PROUD OF? I invite him to tell us how that exceptionalism

    is not the the result of WHITE RULE..exactly as is the case in

    Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. And once he has defined that

    “exceptionalism” as non racial in is the USA going to escape the fate of Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa or Zimbabwe.

  8. GenX ANZAC says:

    I can see why most people with modern sensitivities see the defence of race as a low and reprehensible cause.

    We took for granted the positive effects of our own homogenous grouping prior to 1965, which is roughly the year when most Western nations ‘coincidentally’ instigated broad sweeping immigration reforms.

    ……..”God made the ocean, but the Dutch made Holland. (Quote by – Dutch proverb)”

    Now if you’re White, choosing the alternative to being ‘racial aware’ is equally reprehensive and akin to voluntarily embracing genocide.

    I see my White nationalistic feelings as having a similar functionality as a safety valve or fuse.

    When the demographic ratios were 90/10 (White/non white) I think there was no doubt less reason for alarm, now that it’s 65/35 “danger Will Robertson danger”!!

    You just have to plot the points on the graph between then and now to see the negative gradient from a White POV and the direction we’re heading towards.

    To me those who defend multiculturalism were either outside the original ethno culture in the first place or who’re still living in an idealistic (failed) vision from the past.

    As now ‘the horse has already bolted from the stable’, we’re nearly fifty years into this experiment, and we have enough data now to be able to make a determination on whether this Omni-culture has worked or has failed.

    And as with the melting pot plan, who really are the supremacists and the so called “haters”, as when advocating White+non white parings:

    -you’re either saying that you ‘hate’ Whites in wanting to see our uniquely ‘superior’ qualities (and group identity) diluted.

    -or that you ‘hate’ non whites inherently negative tendencies (such as Asians are too much collective conformists and followers, as are Africans too egoistical and hardwired for instant gratification) which can only be tempered by an influx of ‘superior’ White genes.

    We can’t we all just be left alone with our inherent inferiorities left intact!!

  9. Question Diversity says:

    4 NBF 190th wrote:

    It really doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, but as long as you are saying that Whites have no legitimate communal, ethnic, or racial interests of self-awareness and self-preservation, you will be on the winning team and be given another humanitarian award, check included.

    I read some time ago from an anti-genocide organization (which is monitoring the coming genocide against South African whites), that using government or quasi-government force to do just that, deny a given group of people their rights to organize in a communal sense of self-awareness and self-preservation, is an early stage of genocide.


    As for the question – Was Sam Francis a white nationalist? The CofCC’s Statement of Principles in 2005 was the last thing he wrote before he died. Read Number Two and judge for yourself:

  10. ehunt says:


    Thanks for the clarification. I had no idea that Malik was a Pakistani. The very fact that this man is Pakistani completely

    invalidates his argument. He is looking out for one thing..himself and his Pakistani culture. The only way he can do this is to redefine suit his power grab. Let no one fool himself.

    Mr. Malik is the very reason why MultiCulturalism really means

    white genocide.

  11. fred says:

    I don’t know Dean’s background but I can guess from his picture. So let me cut through the baloney and lay it on the line. Dean Malik opposes white nationalism because he’s not white. It has nothing to do with history or reality or anything else. It simply suits his interests to oppose white nationalism and this is his way of doing it.

  12. LastinLine says:

    I’ll take a blood and soil state over exceptionalism any day. One is real and enduring, the other a fantasy. The exceptionalism trope has become a red flag for me, as it has been used to drive the idea that America can’t/shouldn’t stake any claim to be rooted in an ethnic identity.

  13. AmericanNationalist says:

    American Renaissance should not be considered a White Nationalist website.

    American Renaissance is an educational and scientific news and comment forum designed to educate whites about the subject of race and raise awareness of non-white crimes against whites while influencing our race to appreciate ourselves in order to prevent interacial relationships which would lead to race mixing.

    White Nationalists promote constitutional laws as well as the importance of the homogenity of race for whites.

    Similarly, White Nationalists should not be clumped togeather with National Socialists as Nazi groups are leftist leaning and fall in line with Communists, Socialists, and Fascists of past and present day Europe.

  14. WR the elder says:

    I’m not enamored of the term “white nationalist”, as it often is used to describe the Jew hating, Hitler loving marginal people you can find at some of those other web sites. But unfortunately there is no positive term for advocates for the white race. If Jared Taylor were any other race he’d be called a civil rights leader. Needless to say, the Founding Fathers were all white nationalists by today’s standards. They thought they were creating a country for white people like themselves, and their posterity.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a theory: when the Senator from Arizona was shot, the MSM associated her assailant with American Renaissance. Obviously, numerous inquisitive minds searched out the site to find out all the fuss. Hence, after reading articles and responses they realized people here weren’t a bunch of wacked-out un-educated hillbillies. It was a moment of truth. I rarely comment because (as my late father used to say)never duel with an unarmed man. And I am that unarmed man, ie lacking in education and slow to absorb information. But I shall continue to read and enjoy. Keep up the good works.

  16. HH says:

    Just drink in this photo of Malik and his family, my feelow AR readers, and there is simply NOTHING more that needs to be said here:

  17. john says:

    8 – Gen Ex ANZAK

    Well spake!

    I would make an exception in the case of East Asians, however. They’re often conformist, as you point out, but they’re also smart and civil and make good neighbors.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Really could have done without the ebonics word “disses,” especially from VDARE.

  19. Luke says:

    Allow me to congratulate “Jupiter” on one incredibly outstanding posted comment.

    This Dean Malik Pakistani fellow is not unusual in his opinion about forcing whites to accept race replacement and dispossession inside their own native homelands. Fareed Zakaria wrote an article recently ( where he was also spouting that same sort of propositional nation bull manure.

    Whenever I see this kind of garbage, I think to myself: What gall, what an obnoxious, self-serving, egotistical, conceited, arrogant JERK. And, I always wonder – where did these non-European aliens ever get the idea that the United States of America wasn’t owned by anybody and there isn’t the name of White European people on the deed to this nation?

    These people seem to view North America like one big, global ‘Homestead Act’ for the refuse of the Third World. Well, it’s up to Whites in this nation to put an attitude adjustment on these kinds of obnoxious real estate thieves.

  20. Cassiodorus says:

    Sam Francis’ criticism of neos, in the person of Dinesh D’Souza, is applicable here. The neos, Francis observed, like “America” precisely and mostly because of the wonderful things it has done for third-world immigrants such as themselves or their parents. About pre-1970 America they know exactly nothing.

  21. Jupiter7 says:


    Thanks for the compliment.

    For the past four years on AR and other websites, I have been making on simple point over and over again and it is this:if Native Born White American racial interests do not completly define the terms of the “debate” to the complete exclusion of the racial interests of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites, it will be impossible to reverse race-replacement. Another point I have been making over and over again is this:when you toss in the environmental-ecological dimension to the race-replacement issue, the evolving situation for Native Born White Americans is far worse than anybody realizes. If millions of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites are not expelled out of America over time, there will be massive ecological collapse in “America”. And with this ecological collapse, what’s left of the Native Born White American population will collapse also…it will be lights out for White America…forever. Just take a look at the front page of this past Sundays NYT. There is a catastrophic drought in Texas,Arizona and Georgia..three states with exploding post-1965 nonwhite populations. Lakes,creeks and streams are drying up in these states.

    So there is obviously a whole lot on the line for Native Born White Americans. And I just wish would just state the obvious about the Pakastani Malik:he is declaring a genocidal race war against the Native Born White American Majority.

    Racial separatism ultimately means tolerating a very large high-fertility post-1965 nonwhite population within the borders of America. Anyone who thinks that Native Born White Americans are long term viable under this arrangement is being very naive..that’s all there is to it. This is why I identify myself as a Native Born White American Patriot. And when you think about it, this bascically what a White Nationalist really is.

    With 100 percent certainty, the Pakistani Malik, his Pakistani wife, his Pakistani geneline, and his fellow Pakistani “Americans,” harbor very malignant intentions towards the Native Born White American Majority. And this is exactly what Native Born White American Racial Patriots should be saying in public.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dean Malik isn’t white, and his comments and opinions are coming from the perspective of an expatriate Pakistani-Iranian living extra-territorially in the West.

    His self-serving agenda is to shape the definition of ‘American’ to include him and his offspring.

  23. Margaret says:

    Since about 1955 the United States of America has been on an anti White rampage. Our children were and still are attacked every day by blacks bussed in by court order. Our women are raped as the state schools require every child to read “To kill a Mockingbird”, a propaganda piece that claims that White women are such sluts they will drag a virile wonderful black man off the street to copulate.

    Our media, government and universities are on an anti White campaign comparable to Martin Luther’s campaign against Catholics, Stalin’s campaign against kulaks and anyone who got in his way, and Hitler’s campaign against Jews.

    The campaign is:

    (1) Hooliganism or allowing the blacks to attack and murder Whites without punishment as Hitler sent mobs against Jews before he was even elected.

    (2) Denial of government jobs an example is the fact that from 1533 to 1832 the English government forbade the employment of Catholics in government jobs and contracting. Communists and fascists follow the same program, only party members can work for government.

    (3) Blaming the vilified group for all the wrongs and problems of the world. Hitler blamed Jews for every problem in Europe. Castro and the Russians blame “subversive elements” I.E non communists for 70 years of economic failure.

    (4) Universities, schools, religious organizations and all media spewing hatred of the vilified group. In America currently it is Whites.

    (5) Sooner or later the vilification of the scapegoat group (Whites) turns to finding solutions to the problem of these evil subversives.

    Sometime during this century our government will start exterminating us. Take a look at TSA. I travel a lot and I have never, never seen a White TSA worker. Usually the ACLU, ADL and other radical anti White organizations are madly filing lawsuits and carrying on a propaganda campaign against TSA type law enforcement.

    Now that law enforcement has become just another no Whites need apply government job, they are ready to exterminate us.

    So why should Whites be patriotic?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree that White nationalism is not American patriotism.

    Because of affirmative action banning me from employment, black on White crime and the hatred directed at me and mine by the government, universities and media, I feel about America about the same way the 19th century Irish immigrants felt about the English occupiers, the same way the Florida Cubans feel about Castro, the same way Jews feel about Hitler, the same way any dispossessed people feel about those who have dispossessed them

    America is the enemy of Whites. America is well into a program to exterminate us. Why should Whites be patriotic?

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Malik [email him] makes several arguments trying to prove that “white nationalists” are not American patriots.”

    I am a proud White nationalist and definitely not an American patriot. I feel about America about the same way 1930’s Ukranian kulaks felt about Stalin and his troops.

    I read often. It posts American Thinker pieces daily. Mawkish, sentimental 3rd grade level nonsense. It’s hard to get through an American Thinker piece without gagging on the sacharine patriotism.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for clearing up his ethnicity. I always thought Malik was an Arab name common in Egypt. I knew as soon as i saw his name that he was not a real American.

    American Thinker is one of those controlled opposition groups like Tea Party, Fox news etc.

  27. HH says:

    “Anonymous – post 25” I agree completely with you sir! American patriotism is nothing I’m terribly concerned with. America has made itself an ENEMY to my people – it is hostile, by official policy, stance, and attitude to the White race, and thus, is nothing I am interested in aligning myself with. And even in an unofficial capacity, our society is anti-White as well – business, entertainment, media…all nakedly anti-White, and much of the population are just fine with this!

    And this isn’t something that just popped-up in the Obama, Clinton or even Kennedy years – this country has been sliding into the globalist morass for decades and decades!

    Being patriotic toward a nation that is actively agitating against you is foolish! And pining away for an America that died several generations ago is equally unproductive, if not delusional.

    All of this, of course, a Dean Malik cannot understand. Sadly, many Whites who should know better don’t really understand it either.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Sometime during this century our government will start exterminating us. Take a look at TSA. I travel a lot and I have never, never seen a White TSA worker. Usually the ACLU, ADL and other radical anti White organizations are madly filing lawsuits and carrying on a propaganda campaign against TSA type law enforcement.

    Now that law enforcement has become just another no Whites need apply government job, they are ready to exterminate us.

    So why should Whites be patriotic?


    So true, Margaret. I did not put out the American Flag this July 4th. The first time that I didn’t have the “want to”. I do not feel patriotic at all any longer since this country has come to bash Whites and invited in millions of nonwhites to silence us even more. The “conservative” talking heads keep saying “we are the patriots” and I often wondered WHY they keep pushing it in today’s America. Don’t they have eyes or ears? Or are they just scared little sheep who jump at their master’s command?

    America was only America when it was WHITE. It no longer is,(at least REAL Whites) so it is not MY America.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Margaret, did Martin Luther ever kill a single Catholic or call for their demise? I think you give a very bad comparison by including him with the likes of Stalin and Hitler.

  30. Luke says:

    Margaret observed:

    “Since about 1955 the United States of America has been on an anti White rampage. Our children were and still are attacked every day by blacks bussed in by court order. Our women are raped as the state schools require every child to read “To kill a Mockingbird”, a propaganda piece that claims that White women are such sluts they will drag a virile wonderful black man off the street to copulate.”

    This is a true enough statement, but it appears to me that Miss Margaret is deficient in her knowledge of the topic of The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism and who it’s founders and originators were, and what their openly stated objectives were with regards to waging a full scale cultural war on the White Western European majorities in America and around the world in every other historic European nation.

    Here is a hint: The Frankfurt School was originally started in pre-Nazi Germany and when Hitler came to power, these subversives quickly skedaddled to America, and set up shop, I think, at Columbia University and what they had planned to do to Germany, they have done to America. Additional research on The Frankfurt School is up to you.

    Plus, you are 100 percent correct in your predictions that, eventually, these anti-white subversives do have plans to begin the final phase of their objectives and begin to physically exterminate White European people. Just this morning, the National Policy Institute mailing list sent out an article which elaborated on the current ATF gun-runner scandal which bore the following title: “Bombshell: AFT may have been trafficking guns to Central America as well.”

    This appears to me to be a possible effort to provide semi or fully automatic, state of the art weapons to millions of potential Hispanic/mestizo radical revolutionaries and could possibly be in attempt to equip a Che Guevara worshiping Communist revolutionary army – which might have some very sinister plans, regarding ethnic cleansing Whites out of the Southwest portions of the USA. Sound preposterous? Too hard to believe? Well, well.

    Do all regular AR readers remember this famous quote and the video that featured this guy’s ravings from a few years ago?

    ‘We must exterminate white people”—Dr Kamau Kambon

    Similar proclamations have been made by a number of the more radical and provocative Hispanics who are involved in the LA Raza and Reconquista of Azlan factions, and Jared Taylor has even cited these quotes in some of his radio interviews.

    The main point being, for Margaret’s benefit – is that the founders of The Frankfurt School and the primary promotors of anti-White Cultural Marxism have direct alliances with these radical black and hispanic groups and that’s where our greatest threat will be coming from.

  31. Anonymous says:

    You are correct Luke.

    “Here is a hint: The Frankfurt School was originally started in pre-Nazi Germany and when Hitler came to power, these subversives quickly skedaddled to America, and set up shop, I think, at Columbia University and what they had planned to do to Germany, they have done to America. Additional research on The Frankfurt School is up to you.”


    I will add that this push for diversity and nonwhite immigrants happened about the SAME time in all ONCE White nations. What is so hard for Whites to figure all this out anyway? Especially all the neocon talk show hosts! Can’t tell me that they haven’t noticed this. So the question is, why don’t they talk about it and inform their White listeners? I can only guess. They know who pays to put them on the air.

  32. Browser says:

    29 — Anonymous wrote at 6:22 AM on July 17:

    “Margaret, did Martin Luther ever kill a single Catholic or call for their demise? I think you give a very bad comparison.”

    __ __ __ __ __

    Good point. That was a strange comment. Actually, historically speaking, Martin Luther, a dissenter, a heretic, and founder of a tiny minority religion, was in far greater danger from the Catholic Church than the Catholics were from him. He was surrounded by hostile powers of Catholic Europe, and he was the one who would have been burned.

    I have to wonder if this is the same splendid, knowledgeable, canny “Margaret” who used to post here several years ago? It does not sound at all like the same person.

    Luke also hit a bullseye with his observations on the Frankfurt School. The original “Margaret” was savvy enough to know the distinction; she would have known better without having to be told.

    Btw, after leaving Germany, the Frankfurt School was recomposed in New York City largely at the New School for Social Research. Its ideology, originally “German” (or from Germany), has had an “American” impetus ever since. New York City became the new base, with Hollywood as an extension.