Posted on July 13, 2011

3 Women Wielding AK-47 Rob Forestdale Area Pizza Hut

Carol Robinson, AL, July 11, 2011

Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies are searching for at least three women, armed with an AK-47, who robbed the Pizza Hut on Forestdale Boulevard over the weekend.

Deputies were dispatched to the restaurant about 10:20 p.m. Friday. Employees told lawmen the women, believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, went into the store and ordered the manager to open two cash registers. One of them took money from one register and took the entire drawer and money from the other, said Chief Deputy Randy Christian.


While searching for the trio, deputies found a trail of money that started from behind the business and led to the rear of an office building on Sandyview Lane and U.S 78. Witnesses told them they saw a female running down the alley next to Pizza Hut. That woman, they said, got into a red Saturn with a black car protector, fleeing at a high rate of speed.

Christian gave this description of the suspects: three short black females in their late teens or early 20s, wearing black clothing, hats and sunglasses. One had on khaki colored pants; two were wearing blue bandannas.


8 responses to “3 Women Wielding AK-47 Rob Forestdale Area Pizza Hut”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    If my life depended on it, and I knew it, I would bet that these women probably didn`t know how to chamber a round or how the safety went off and on. So I would go for the gun. And fight like there was no tomorrow, cause there wouldn`t be if I lost.

  2. Karl Ketzer says:

    I’m surprised that they even published a description of the perps. Here in Houston the local fishwrap likes to take press releases from local police agencies which include the race of the suspects, ad then rewrite them to edit out the race. The result gets published as “news.” No wonder the newspapers across the country are dying.

  3. Deen says:

    Armed robbery is usually a man thing. It’s hard to imagine women of any other race (white, asian, hell even hispanics) committing armed robberies with AK47’s.

    Violence is usually a male thing and if I had to guess the %’s of women that carried guns or knives, black women would be at the top of the list.

  4. Old White Jim says:

    I’m glad they stated the race of the robbers. When the media fails to report the race of the criminals, I inevitably jump to the conclusion that the mischief-makers are Amish. I wouldn’t be so jumpy around black buggies and granny hats if the people who get paid to report the news would just start accurately describing the people who are causing the trouble.

  5. Anonymous says:

    two were wearing blue bandannas

    A sure sign of Crips gang affiliation.

  6. notagain says:

    Reminds me of the movie ‘Set it Off.’ Hey, they just be squirrels tryin ta get a nut!

  7. Just another cracker says:

    I doubt they got that AK from the local gun store or gun show. Maybe one of Obamas fast and furious sales. Ask Eric Holder, he should know.

  8. François says:

    @ Deen (3):

    “Violence is usually a male thing and if I had to guess the %’s of women that carried guns or knives, black women would be at the top of the list.”.

    Perhaps. But let’s not make that assumption too fast, Deen. You see, nowadays, in Mexico, the (many) drug cartels actually give contracts to young female professional killers.

    This is such a nightmare.