25 responses to “Sunday Insight – Black Teen Mob Violence”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an observation that everyone here needs to know and let other people know:

    Whenever there are such mob attacks, especially against whites, have you ever noticed that they almost ALWAYS have a black reporter on the scene, almost as if to scream out, “Not all black people are like that!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The black apologist was saying that there are 100 million blacks in America.

  3. Duran Dahl says:

    The word has come down from “above” for officialdom to downplay the epidemic of black mob attacks on whites. Coast-to-coast, the response from officialdom is identical and passive. This is tantamount to sanctioning the behavior so it will proliferate…and it assuredly will! At some point, the G will act, resulting in the further desecration of the Constitution and the boot of oppression resting heavier on the white mans’ neck. Do you get it White Man? Your race makes you the enemy of the new world order. Prepare for the worst, but prepare to resist!

    Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

    WILLIAM PITT, speech, Nov. 18, 1783

  4. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Okay. The victims were White, Black, Asian AND African American. But what color were the perpetrators?

  5. Wayne Engle says:

    At least all but one of the panelists agreed that there is a problem with black mob violence. The chief of police seems to have wimped out completely — or, more likely, had stern orders from the mayor to play down the racial angle as much as possible (nothing to see here, folks, show’s over, let’s move along).

    It’s been said on this and other websites numerous times in the last few months, but I’ll say it again: The thing that will stop these thugs from their bullying beatdown behavior will be two or three White people who turn out to be the “wrong” victims, and who blow away several of these “youffs.” Word will spread faster than a rash in a nudist camp, and the black beatdowns of 2011 will stop as quickly as they started.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    “A mob of kids…”

    I saw of mob of black kids.

    Blond girl: ‘They were having so much fun. It was so weird. They were really into it’.

    Gag me with a spoon.

    ‘Thugism that spilled over into an integrated neighborhood’.

    Only Mr. Harris seemed willing to discuss the facts.

  7. Ronald says:

    I doubt anyone would disagree that Chief Flynn should be fired, but how about all the other politicized police departments that place political correctness above public safety?


  8. Dutchman says:

    That was a nice clip. The typical defensive black guy slipped in the inevitable ‘poverty’ explanation. At the grocery store I frequent there are many ghetto-types encountered on a regular basis. I often stand in line with these ‘impoverished’ yoots paying with EBT cards while texting on the latest iPhone. The ones that are not strapping young thugs are morbidly obese. The most well fed impoverished people in history!

    The DWL and the police chief trying to deny the racial angle are so laughable that no intelligent person could possibly take them seriously. An entirely black mob attacks random people of other races and a few random blacks. Hey they kill each other all the time so the alleged attacks on rival blacks is an insignificant part of the story. If that is true and not merely a smoke-screen.

  9. Tom in Illinois says:

    This is a historic video! Flynn flat out said what any white person is afraid to say…not only say the race, but how many of them, and who the victim is!

    I’m waiting for Jesse to start a riot. He’s been in my town before and I’m very sure he’ll be in Milwaukee by sundown!

  10. fred says:

    I don’t doubt that some of the people being attacked by these black mobs are also black. But that doesn’t preclude a racial animus in the interracial attacks. Just because the thugs are attacking people of their own race doesn’t mean they aren’t targeting people of another race, as well. And I’ll point to an interesting numbers from Bureau of Justice Statistic data tables to make the point. Percentages in parenthesis supplied by me.

    Acquaintance Homicides by Racial Composition of Victims and Offenders

    2005 Black on Black 1,957 (86.2%)

    2005 Black on White 314 (13.8%)

    Stranger Homicides by Racial Composition of Victims and Offenders

    2005 Black on Black 689 (64.6%)

    2005 Black on White 378 (35.4%)

    As you can see, blacks also murder other blacks. But blacks are 3 times more likely to murder black acquaintances than black strangers. However, blacks are actually slightly more likely to murder white strangers than white acquaintances. This suggests that when blacks murder blacks its more likely to be personal. But when blacks murder whites its more likely to be racial.


    As far as I know, I discovered this statistical smoking gun myself. It’s mentioned on my blog.

  11. McGilicuddy says:

    “…it’s going to be a long, hot summer.”-James T. Harris

    He pulled that line straight from the headlines of this site; excellent.

  12. WASP says:

    The black leftist said, “Just a bunch of young thugs”

    And if the white people pull out guns and defend themselves by shooting the thugs, watch his attitude change. He will call this a “racial crisis” that must be delt with.

    At least they is being talked about frankly.

  13. WR the elder says:

    The police are politically correct because they know that if they ever dare suggest that black people commit a highly disproportionate amount of crime they, the cops, will be vilified as racists. Every cop today knows that he has to walk on eggshells regarding the race and crime connection.

  14. Greg says:

    It’s sad when the only one willing to list the facts as they actually are is a black man. The white “political consultants” (can anyone think of a more pathetic occupation?) asserted the problem was a lack of communication in the police department and “little information.” Actually, the facts are quite well-known. The media did its job well enough (it at least reported on the incident), and people aren’t stupid. The most honest opinions and information you will find anywhere is in the comment sections. Here people feel free to state what is obvious–black mob violence is to blame.

  15. HH says:

    I am with Ronald in post #7 – is there a more loathsome creature in today’s upside-down society than the race-traitor Police Chief(or Police Rep. of any rank)? The sanctimonious Chief featured here is too stupid to even realize how asinine his argument is – the victims are this, that and the other thing, so crime is “color-blind.” Pay no mind to the fact that 100% of the CRIMINALS are BLACK!!! Can this clown be serious?

  16. SKIP says:

    ” Word will spread faster than a rash in a nudist camp, and the black beatdowns of 2011 will stop as quickly as they started. ”

    Perhaps, perhaps not, blacks don’t learn very quickly. I wonder more if the Whites gunning down blacks will end as quickly once a precedent is established.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “The word has come down from “above” for officialdom to downplay the epidemic of black mob attacks on whites”.

    The word must have come down 50 years ago or so.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “2005 Black on Black 689 (64.6%)

    2005 Black on White 378 (35.4%”

    You’re missing the white on black murder rate. No small thing to exclude. Since there are over 200 million white people in this country, all of them hopelessly racist, or in denial of their evil racism and greedy ways, the number must be huge!

  19. berin says:

    This will only get worse unless you stop voting for Democrats who support these thugs. Democrats will sacrifice our sovereignty to accommodate Hispanics and our lives and treasure to subsidize blacks no matter what havoc they wreak.

  20. Sardonicus says:

    Yes, not only whites were attacked but also an Asian woman (“Jennifer”) Hispanics, and even some blacks, but all of the attackers were black. This seems to be the pattern of these urban flash mobs. It’s time for the black community to acknowledge this problem, as one black commentator appeared to, and suggest community wide action to deal with the increasing mob violence. Just blaming these attacks on black poverty doesn’t wash anymore; blacks were even poorer during Jim Crow/segregation days, but were more law-abiding.

  21. elitist says:

    It is helpful to your black man stating the facts so baldly.

    Most whites are so brainwashed and count they cannot even say explicitly to one another and their children:

    “it’s going to be a long, hot summer, let’s take prudent precautions to avoid having feral blacks smash our skulls in”

    We have reached the point at which ANYTHING that sounds like it might aid survival of the white race is deemed “criminal,” “hateful,” etc. etc.

    after listening to something with white say that it’s pure coincidence that ALL!! Of these violent mobs are 100% BLACK (they could just as well be Korean, or Swedish), it really is a breath of fresh air to hear black man cut through the nonsense.

    Let’s hope there is a silent black majority that is sick to death of the culture of thuggery.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Most of the panelists are unwilling to make the obvious distinction between “racial motivation” for the attacks, which can at least be debated, and the actual racial makeup of the attackers, which cannot.

    The preposterous excuse of “poverty” is best countered with a reference to certain Asian immigrants.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It’s gratifying to hear Harris tell it like it is, but disappointing that we’re still at a place at which many whites can’t bring themselves to also tell the truth.

    The one white consultant guy was trapped by defending the notion that “They didn’t do it because they’re black”. But that’s not what people think, i.e. the attackers attacked because they’re black. No, what people realize is that ONLY blacks attack in this way, and that they do it with increasing frequency, and that it’s a problem that must be addressed. Saying “blacks often attack” is different than saying “because they’re black, they attack”. But the white consultant guy refuses to get this.

  24. Beetlejuice says:

    The sanctimonious Chief featured here is too stupid to even realize how asinine his argument is! Can this clown be serious?

    Yes. He’s serious. Many chiefs of police serve at the behest of the mayor, as does Chief Flynn. This means to keep himself appointed, he must toe the mayor’s party line whether he agrees with it or not, keep his mouth shut when he needs to, and ignore racial info if he wants to keep his position. He is the mayor’s toadie and yes man. He may be very different behind closed doors.

    Seems the randy old goat had an affair with a young journalist 22 years younger than he putting himself in an even more vulnerable position.

  25. XIXth says:

    @Duran Dahl et al,

    You are absolutely right. The reason the ruling class doesn’t report the importance of this issue is to nuetralize a response by whites to the attacks. This will continue until the whites will scream for heavy handed response, in which all are reduced to peonage. Whites are the holders of liberty in this country, especially the real Native Americans, those who are descended from the the Americans of 1776. Once they finally got that group to hate its past enough and kneel for protection from the rampages, especially its communities in the South and Appalachia, then you will see a tyranny as never before. Americans, to stop this, all you need to do is stop relying on the government and corporations for your protection and sustenance. Remember…You ARE THE LAW!