Posted on June 9, 2011

Woman ‘Killed Son in Botched Exorcism’

Paul Thompson, Telegraph (London), May 29, 2011

Latisha Lawson, 31, forced her two-year-old son Jezaih to drink a vile mixture of olive oil and vinegar as part of a ritual to drive the devil from his body.

As he choked on the liquid she held her hand over his mouth to stop him vomiting and crushed his neck.

Jurors heard Lawson had wanted to drive a demon named as “Marzon” from her son’s body.

She had become convinced that her son was possessed and blamed herself because she did not profess her love for God while she was pregnant.

Lawson and another woman, who also believed her children were possessed, fed the mixture to four children at their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Three of the children immediately vomited up the mixture, but Lawson held her hand over her son’s mouth to keep the liquid down.

An autopsy ruled he had died from having his neck compressed.

Police said Lawson kept Jezaih’s body in a plastic sack for more than a year after his November 2009 death until she was arrested on December 21.

Lawson told jurors she was convinced her son was possessed by demons as his behaviour had changed.

“I knew and believe I was interacting with a demon at that time,” Lawson said.

She said she kept her son’s body as she was convinced her son would be resurrected after his death

“I went in and just asked God to bring him back,” she said.

“He did it in the Bible. He did it with Lazarus. He did it with a child in the Bible.”

Defence lawyers had argued that Lawson was delusional and incapable of understanding right from wrong.

But prosecutors said there was no evidence to suggest the mother of two didn’t understand how wrong her actions were.

“Jezaih was an unwanted kid,” said Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Thomas Chaille. “This is a simple child abuse case. She still thinks she did the right thing. Scary.”

Lawson was convicted of murder as well as charges of neglect and battery of her four year old daughter.

She faces at least 45 years in prison when she is sentenced next month.

6 responses to “Woman ‘Killed Son in Botched Exorcism’”

  1. SS says:

    “She still thinks she did the right thing. Scary.” said the Prosecutor. This admission from the one who seeks to imprison her should tell you something.

    The above comment brings me to side with the Defense. Put her in a Mental Institution indefinitely.

    Sorry Folks, I always did have a soft spot for the ill. I sided with Andrea Yates too. Not to be Free but not in a cold hard Prison meant for the knowing either. I believe in Mental Institutions.

  2. If We Knew THEN.... says:

    Well, doesn’t SHE look like an intelligent, upstanding member of the community! Those eyes communicate an IQ of maybe 70 at the most. I say we should learn from animal breeders, and not let inferior humans reproduce. Given overpopulation, reproduction should be a privilege, not a right. Antebellum Southerners knew this and restricted marriages of their children to ONLY partners whose pedigrees exemplified health, strength, intelligence, etc. They had the right idea. I don’t care what liberals say – we need to start paying attention to what’s being bred in this country. And maybe in the world as well.

  3. AnalogMan says:

    I have to agree with #1 SS. Quite clearly there was no intent to kill. A mental hospital is not really the answer though. This woman is not insane, just very, very stupid. There’s neither cure nor treatment for what ails her. But, in common with many of her co-ethnics, she needs permanent custodial care.

  4. SS says:

    Dear AnalogMan,

    I agree with you as well and quite frankly, I have no answer for what do with these people.

    If I had it my way, I’d just deport all non-whites back to their native lands and focus only on America and Americans.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Defence lawyers had argued that Lawson was delusional and incapable of understanding right from wrong.”

    You have no idea how many young black males and females I work with are in the same boat – right, wrong, truth, lies? It’s all the same – all that matters is what is more expedient at the moment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You might laugh but maybe this woman was the one who was “possessed?” The “possession” includes perhaps years of regular narcotic use? Honestly, what did she think she was doing with olive oil and vinegar; making some kind of divine “salad” that would drive away the imps? Geeze!