Posted on June 30, 2011

US Woman Took Dead Baby Shopping

Straits Times, June 30, 2011

A Chicago woman is accused of strapping her baby’s corpse into a sling and taking him shopping after killing the three-month old in a drunken rage, local media reported on Wednesday.

Ken Blackman Jr had been dead for eight to 14 hours when the woman wrapped up her shopping trip and went to visit a neighbour, who noticed blood on the baby blanket and called 911.

Prosecutors told the Chicago Sun Times that Toyrianna Smith, 20, beat and suffocated her baby because he wouldn’t stop crying on June 22.


13 responses to “US Woman Took Dead Baby Shopping”

  1. Nicholai Hel says:

    Wasn’t that the plot from the movie, Weekend At Bernie’s? I guess the ruse might have continued to work until the circling flies betrayed the child’s true status.

  2. Old Soldier says:

    Probability that this baby mama is already pregnant: >25%

    Probability that she will give birth within the next 10 months: >99%

    Probability she will convicted of a crime greater than misdemeanor mopery: 0%

    Probability she is already on probation: 50%

    Probability probation will be extended with no jail time: >99%

    Probability welfare payments will be suspended until she has another baby: 0%

    Probability the baby would have grown up to be a normal productive American

  3. olewhitelady says:

    Even lower animals realize when their young are dead. I have to wonder whether this woman was so doped on crack that she didn’t even notice that the infant was dead! Or maybe she thought the child would magically come back to life.

    One thing of course can be said about the Anthony case: white women don’t murder their children every day. Apparently, black women do.

  4. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Speaking about the Casey Anthony case, it got so much publicity that it is even worse than the Scott Peterson case that happened out here in CA. It is getting so much publicity because they are WHITE.

  5. highduke says:

    AmRen’s caption is unethical. Nobody is shocked when a nappy haired hoe kills her baby but when a White goes as far as Amy Fischer, Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony or Tanya Harding, the guy who stabbed Monica Seles, the German gay-cannibal or pedophile dungeon dad Fritzl, people are shocked. Don’t make such people into symbols of anti-White persecution even if they are being singled out for being White, ie: don’t use your own criminals to promote a noble & just cause they aren’t a part of.

  6. Tom in Illinois says:

    To PeeJay and Oldwhite Lady

    Yes, I’ve noticed the publicity of these murders having trials publicized. I still believe that the O.J. Simpson trial was the one that brought to the media that NO black shall ever be condemned on live TV. I mean seriously, black on two white killing…yeah bad rep for blacks.

    Then we had the Scott Peterson trial and now the endless Casey Anthoney Trial which is going on because for some reason they think it’s generating ratings…and I firmly believe it’s the medias perfect deflection for Obamas miscues and all the recent black crime like yesterdays top post shows.


  7. Middle American says:

    This is the behavior of something from another planet. It is so evil and bizarre that it practically lends itself to black humor (pun not really intended). Worse, this is not an isolated event for zulus like Toyrianna.

    And guess who likely paid for the attendant costs of birthing and raising little Ken Blackman, Jr, to the ripe old age of three months? We did. And look, a different last name. How could that be?

    Glance at the picture and read the story. Why is this individual not sterilized?

    As for Casey Anthony, I have virtually no idea what is going on with that trial. I have not followed it or watched it but it is so pervasive some of the general stuff leaks through the media to me.

    Actually, I don’t think it is really a racial thing pushed by the MSM. I think whites are generally fascinated by such aberrant white behavior in that it is really quite rare. A white sociopath is different than simply a general member of a sub-human species.

    Besides, the MSM seems to do an adequate job on a daily basis portraying blacks as backward animals via faux court shows like Maury or other Jerry Springer-type nonsense.

  8. Southern Hooser says:

    If Casey Anthony was Black, the networks would have to find someone else to talk about. The same could be said for Scott Peterson.

  9. Southern Hooser says:

    If Casey Anthony was Black, the networks would have to find someone else to talk about. The same could be said for Scott Peterson.

  10. Sardonicus says:

    The women must have been flying on drugs. I can’t imagine her not knowing that the baby was dead otherwise. Women like her make an argument for sterilization/birth control being made mandatory in exchange for future welfare benefits.

  11. Bandmo says:

    “Weekend at Toyrainna’s”. Probabably had to show this “bread winner” of the family in public to keep the welfare checks coming in.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who has worked in urban emergency rooms like myself can tell the stupid media and stupid liberals all about African-American “childrearing” on OUR tax dollars of course. After constantly seeing abused and neglected black children, it begins to get obvious that blacks don’t care much about rearing children who will become decent and productive members of society. Time to start installing the Norplant after these low IQ breeders have one child. Also time to tell these “mothers” that if they CONTINUE to have children, their benefits will be cut off. Personally, Im really sick and tired of nonstop black pathology. Just when I think I’ve seen and heard just about everything about how low blacks can go-something shows up and surpasses it. “Weekends at Bernies” indeed.

  13. Hugo says:

    Wasn’t it Bill Clintons wife who said it takes a whole village to rasie a child?

    Maybe added up the villages IQ would average out to 65?

    Thomas Jefferson said it best:

    These people should not be held as slaves but they most certainly should not be interwoven into Civilized Humanity, they are not capable of making that change. How right he was and so many years ago, so today we reap the harvest of our PC mentality?