Posted on June 30, 2011

Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama

WDBZ, June 27, 2011

A new poll conducted by the largest social network for African-Americans,, and, shows that 88 percent of African-Americans believe the economy has been better under President Obama than former president George W. Bush.

This stands in sharp contrast to a recent Bloomberg poll released last week that showed 44 percent of Americans believe that the economy was better during George Bush’s presidency.


Over 1,100 African-Americans were polled in this study.

43 responses to “Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama”

  1. Anonymous says:

    88% ??? That is pretty scary percentage and tends to show that some people are just one issue people, the race issue.

    People paying a little closer attention might learn that Obama’s agenda is informed by Marx and guided by years of close association with extreme individuals and groups whose stated goals are the demise of America and America’s influence in the world. When Obama says he wants to fundamentally change America, he is dead serious. For the first time in American history, we are at the mercy of an un-American President.

  2. Nicholai Hel says:

    If blacks really think the current economy is doing so good then why aren’t they demanding more funding for a Mars Mission?

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    They did get Pigford II.

    I listen to Washington Journal (c-span) before I leave for work. When Obama is the topic, you can be sure to hear blacks defending the President. Any criticism is seen as ‘racist’ and directed at Republicans.

    If blacks had their way, criticizing President Obama would be a crime.

  4. Tim in Indiana says:

    In other words, whites go according to evidence, but with blacks it’s race first, last and always. How can you possibly find common ground with people like that?

  5. whiteraven says:

    “Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama”

    Yes, and they also believe Calypso Louie flies to the moon in his space ship, that whites introduced AIDS and drugs into black neighborhoods, and that it was whites who blew up the levees in N.O. in order to drown all the blacks there.

    There’s many more “logical” things they believe, but they’re too numerous to list.

    Too bad they don’t believe they’d have a better life in Africa than right here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could it be they are lying out of racial loyalty (even if Obama is 40% Arab)? Could it be that their welfare payments have increased? Could it be that they are happy to see America in such a ruined state and on its way to resembling South Africa?

  7. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Economies are like freight trains. They take a very long time to get up to speed, and a very long time to slow down. George Bonehead Bush needed most of the time in his two terms to wreck the economy that was running fairly good under Clinton, (and Bush the first) by eliminating the budget surplus that built up under Clinton and turn it into the largest budget deficit up to that time, by cutting taxes for the Americans who needed it the least, namely the most wealthy. Obama is in the same position as FDR, but he wont get as much credit for preventing the second Great Depression, simply because it didnt actually happen. This statement will make me some enemies, and some friends on this website.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Peejay in Frisco, Unless I miss my guess I think you’ve made mostly enemies. Did you vote for Nancy Pelosi??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Obama is in the same position of Herbert Hoover, not FDR.

  10. Question Diversity says:

    7 Peejay in Frisco:

    As far as the Clinton era surplus and the decent late 90s economy in general, I think the best explanation for that is that a Democrat President who was somewhat a pragmatist and a Republican Congress canceled each other’s bad sides out to an extent to wind up with some fairly decent (but not perfect) fiscal, economic and other policies by accident. For instance, Clinton wanted to be a big spender and a big taxer, but after November 1994’s midterms, that wasn’t possible. On the other hand, while Clinton did tragically intervene in Serbia, and that was bad enough, he had the sense enough only to do it from the air, and not go in on the grounds with boots (expensive). The Republicans in Congress for the most part wanted just that, but Clinton was the Commander-in-Chief and would not think of giving those sorts of orders. So you had relatively controlled domestic and military spending, and the luck of the dot com boom (speculative bubble as it was) led to increased government revenues. Also, the late 1990s were still far away from the first wave of baby boomers becoming eligible for Medicare and Social Security.

    When Bush 43 became President, he wanted more domestic spending and more military spending, and even more immigration than Clinton wanted (both legal and illegal), and for the most part, the Republican Congress was powerless to say no. And to use Steve Sailer’s analogy, the Clinton-era Democrats loaded the gun of the subprime mortgage crisis, but Bush pulled the trigger, to wit his demands for “no down payment” mortgages (down payments are racist, don’t you know?).

    As for “simply because [the second Great Depression] didnt actually happen,” I am temped to ask you which of those legal substances in San Francisco you’re smoking, but I won’t, because the economy in the SF bay area is probably fairly decent, mainly because of the tech industry and big money and Asian money flowing into the area. Too, the economy in Washington, D.C. is pretty good, because they have badges and guns to take whatever money they want from us, and printing presses for quantitative easing. If you live in SF or DC, you tend to be deluded about the near-depression that exists between the coasts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Here’s the reality white folks! No matter what you do, any of you, for any black, no matter who, they will still hate you. Give them your house, your bank account, all of your possessions, it won’t matter. They will still hate you.

    They perceive that the United States was founded by white people. So they want to destroy it. It doesn’t matter how much better they are living than they would in any other place on earth! They will still hate you! They want to destroy you! They are taught from early childhood to hate you and to blame you for all of their problems in life – real and imagined. You cannot ever change that.

    So, white people, get over this idea that you can ever change things. Live your life. Avoid them. Take no nonsense from them. Consider yourself in a state of war with them. Believe me.. that’s how they feel toward you! Once you understand this, you will be able to cope with the hell that they will one day bring about in this country.

  12. Doc Holliday says:

    Under Obama: Unemployment up 25%, the national debt up 35%, and gas prices up 104%. Enough said.

  13. Mr.White says:

    4 — Tim in Indiana wrote at 6:49 PM on June 30:

    “In other words, whites go according to evidence, but with blacks it’s race first, last and always. How can you possibly find common ground with people like that?”


    The short answer is that you cannot find a common ground with people like this because any evidence presented to the contrary will be dismissed as “racist.” It’s always about race with the browns, as the numbers here clearly demonstrate.

    This is certainly the case with invading mestizos and those who advocate on their behalf. Any demands to enforce the rule of law are lambasted as “racist and xenophobic.” Nothing but complete surrender to the invading brown hordes would suffice as far as they are concerned.

    How can you ever have an honest conversation with the browns when the starting point is worlds apart; literally and figuratively?

  14. Tom in Illinois says:

    Where’s the White polls for how the economy is doing under Obama? Wait, forget it that would be just simply racist!

    Just when we thought there was only BET, 365Black and other black inspired (forced) goodies…now they have Black Planet!? Leaves a bad taste in my head that maybe this is what the world will one day become.

    For instance, If were to be created, you can bet the dislikes of jesse, al and the naacp (*cant say the word* Against All Caucasion People) would riot.

  15. True Blue says:

    When I was 13, my parents bought a new car -one that I had campaigned and voted for. When at last they picked it up from the dealership, I found that I resented any criticism of that car -poor acceleration, poor handling, bad fuel economy etc. No matter how well warranted the criticism was -I had an emotional reaction to it; because I had helped choose the car, it was as if any criticism of the car was de facto criticism of me, because I had promoted it in discussion with my parents.

    This is the same thing; Obaaama is one of ‘their’ people and of ‘their’ choice, so he can do absolutely No wrong in their eyes, or it is a reflection of themselves.

    Thankfully, I eventually did grow up. Sadly I do not think the same can be said…

    As for this pathetic and ongoing campaign to compare BO to FDR; (and I do not like FDR either; I consider him anti-constitution, anti-freedom and very socalist -gold siezures etc.) Bo is nothing like FDR, either in mental ability or accomplishment. FDR’s works, like hydro-electric dam projects, not only managed to employ thousands, but set up the infrastructure that saw us through the rapid industrialization of WW2 and the post war economy. For example; Boeing could not have built record numbers of B-17’s in Seattle without the FDR hydroelectric projects on the Snake River.

    I think private enterprise; perhaps with government support -like tax breaks or bond issues- would have done just as well or better, but the point is that FDR’s programs wisely spent money to make substantial enlargement of the country’s infrastructure -creating an environment friendly to business and manufacturing.

    BO has done just the opposite; he has wasted money left and right on ‘shovel ready’ make-work jobs -while stipulating that his preferred racio-ethnic groups get a disproportionate number of the contracts. His idea of ‘green jobs’ is to spend untold millions installing new traffic lights -purchased from China. He is pushing to make coal energy even More expensive, unlike say FDR’s Tenesee Valley Authority which was to make power cheaper and more available. He is not enforcing the southern border or our immigration laws -to the detriment of every American worker.

    I can go on for days here; point being, this regieme has spent more money than every other president this country ever had combined, and we have what to show for it? The ‘prevention of a second great depression’; by what yardstick? Because the stock market did not tank completely? Only because the Fed has been manipulating the heck out of it, to prop up stock prices with ‘cheap money’ which is the same that they did in the early stages of the depression. Not the great depression then because unemployment took such a miraculous turn-around? Oops, I guess not. Because our finances are so well balanced that credit rating agencies are improving our rating? Oops again, they are doing exactly the opposite. Because there aren’t long lines in front of the local soup kitchens? Only because today’s ‘soup kitchen’ is a taxpayer funded debit card euphamistically called WIC or some other happy sounding acronym.

    I hated Bush, but Obaaama is far worse in several ways; first and foremost in the free pass he gets from the press and everyone else, because any criticism of him is ‘racism’. At least Bush took hat in hand and went to congress before enjoining his wars -which, wrong or not at least makes them ‘legal’ in the constitutional sense. BO on the other hand, comes up with the excuse that because Libya cannot fight back it isn’t war -as much TNB as a perp claiming that it wasn’t rape, because she did not scratch, claw, and kick.

    Again, I could go on, but will instead close with the suggestion that anyone looking to shift all the blame for this economy onto Bush ought to look at the 2008 stock charts and compare the days with sharp downward spikes to the days when primary returns came in -and more importantly who won that day. Look for yourselves, all I will say is that nobody on here will be surprised by what they find. (I’m not saying that Shrub doesn’t deserve his share of blame, just as do Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, etc., all the way back to Wilson and the signing of the Federal Reserve Act, which gave them John Q Public’s credit card in the first place.)

  16. the only glbt critic says:

    Why should blacks think differently?

    Welfare hasn’t stopped, and they are about to get more medical goodies.It’s the working stiffs that are getting screwed.

    Plus, blacks have the good sense to stick together for a fellow brotha.

    White folks on the other hand are watching their civilization crumble due to infighting.

  17. Middle American says:

    This is ridiculous. Why even bother with a poll? It’s backwards.

    How can you expect an intelligent or thought-out answer from people with an average IQ of 80?

    Next, the poll was taken by the good folks at (that’s a scary thought) the “largest social network for African-Americans.”

    It might help to remember that blacks have little regard for methodology or reason (they even cheat on elementary school standardized tests) so the results are of no value.

    Who knows what the answers were or if the poll was done accurately? Blacks will simply come up with what they want to hear – then believe that makes it a reality.

    It’s like giving illiterate blacks a high school diploma just to get them out the door. Meanwhile, Shaniqua, who can’t even read her diploma, is convinced she’s the next NASA administrator because she was given a fancy piece of paper.

    In fact, studies are clear that blacks are worse off economically (job wise) than ever. But to blacks, the economy is based on government handouts so perhaps they are satisfied. But that wasn’t the question, was it?

  18. Istvan says:

    Sadly I basically agree with PeeJay. Obama, from a military and economic viewpoint, is Busch III.

    Can you spell “doomed”?

  19. Jay Stein says:

    They must be unaware (or choose to ignore) that black unemployment is at a record high under Obama.

  20. elitist says:

    Obama the Marxist is a fantasy.

    Few of his policies differ significantly from those of Bush II.

    His basic task is to keep the corporate oligarchy happy, while flinging enough loose cash at the natives to keep them from getting too restless.

    He is not the first dizzy, forgetful president to forget all about mainstream American process.

    The real problem is that he (and Clinton and all the rest) are stupid and incompetent, so have collaborated with the brain-dead corporate oligarchy to wreck the economy through “globalization”: off shoring jobs, importing too much labor (both skilled and unskilled), allowing a gigantic trade deficit to develop, decimating our manufacturing sector, going in debt to the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

    Stranger still, he is following Bush in getting distracted by pointless wars in the Muslim world without actually standing up to the Muslim world as a whole (for example, by banning Muslim immigration to the US, declaring Israel off limits, declaring Ground Zero off-limits to show Muslim “community centers”, banning sharia law, banning Muslims from US flights).

    If Obama were a Marxist, he would probably have clear priorities and objectives, which would make it easier to deal with him.

    Instead, he is much like Bush II:

    Neither left nor right, but instead “postmodern”:

    A crazy mishmash of left-wing and right-wing ideas, hypocrisy, buzzwords, clichés, commonplaces, political correctness and multiculturalism, mental laziness and ignorance.

    Obama a leftist?

    Then why does he suck up to a corrupt, chaotic banking and finance industry that needs to be clobbered with a sledgehammer twice a day to get it to behave halfway decently?

    Bush II conservative?

    Then why did he promote massive Mexican immigration and make them all eligible for permanent affirmative action and give them all fun house mortgages when they got here?

    Nothing makes sense anymore seem to left/right lens.

    We need a new mental paradigm for mapping the current political landscape.

    To understand the policies and priorities of the current US corporate oligarchy, it might help to drink a bathtub of LSD.

  21. Anonymous says:

    He has increased welfare and moved many blacks into Section 8 housing in white middle-class areas. He is also causing grave injury to white Americans. That’s why they love him. Any white person who votes for Obama ought to have their head examined.

  22. Anonymous says:

    only 88%

    even if it was 99% that would be impossible to believe since who is other 1% ?

    no. its 100%. no room for error on this one.

  23. Uncle Bob says:

    The “economy” to them is simply what they “git fo’ free,” isn’t it?

  24. Anonymous says:

    A new poll conducted by the largest social network for African-Americans,, and,…

    Make that a new BLACK poll and it was 100% ut they fudged the figures to make it look fair.

  25. jdavis says:

    Lets see, 12% black population live in this country, 96% voted for barry (obama), and most of these are social left wing libs (commie), or on full government subsistence…why the mystery.

    They aren’t smart enough to know what socialist/commies are, they just know the “man” owes them big time.

  26. chuck says:

    most african americans have no clue how an economy works! their views are simplistic at best and they are easy prey for propaganda. perhaps if more of them were better educated they may see what really goes on. on a recent television show regarding the mortgage crisis a reporter asked an older african american if she knew why her mortgage was rising instead of going down over time. She had no idea that she was underpaying monthly…not one clue and seemed befuddled by the whole matter. to me this characterizes the AA mentality of low mental effort. its as though they only want to elect someone who will take care of them.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dear 7 PeeJay in Frisco,

    While your observations about who is responsible for economic issues may be correct, you did not address the issue. The polled question was, “Is the (current) economy better under President Obama than former president George W. Bush.” That is measurable, and the answer is the economy is worse during the Obama administration. Where the problem came from and how fast economies change are not a polled question. And the answers show clear racial bias in the face of objective evidence.

  28. O'malley says:

    Why are we even discussing the results of a poll on black people? We should be discussing why someone thought that it would be useful to even take the time to poll the black population. Besides race driven answers and lack of knowledge of current events, blacks lack a general ability for complex reasoning to combine multiple sets of information into one cohesive thought on any subject. It is much like when police interview a 3 year old child after a crime. They don’t put much weight on the child’s answers since they tend to say whatever they feel at any given second and change their answers. Ignorance alone is bad enough, but when added to a short attention span, low impulse control and poor upbringing, it can be downright deadly. BUY AMMO.

  29. Anonymous says:

    In order for this poll to measure anything meaningful, the pollsters should also have asked respondents a few questions about Economics, to see how well they understand the subject.

    Because if these Af/Ams being polled DON’T possess much understanding of how the economy works — and let’s face it, blacks on Wall Street, in accounting firms, etc, are few and far between — then whether or not they happen to believe the economy is doing better or worse, is of no significance. All it really measures is how much they LIKE the current president.

    And we already KNOW how much they like the current president. In the 2008 election, they liked him to the tune of 95%. Of course they like him: he’s black. The Democrats could run the reanimated the corpse of Idi Amin, and Af/Ams would vote 95% for him too.

    So the headline on this one, rather than “Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama”, a more accurate headline would read, “Most African-Americans Still Know Little About Economy; Still Blindly Following Their Tribal Allegiance To Obama”.

  30. O'malley says:

    I just looked at after it was mentioned above in comment #10. ‘The World is Yours’ is their tag line. White Americans need to pay attention to small things like that. Those are the kinds of things black people are teaching each other, but not teaching each other the skills to get things in the world in the right way. It is arrogance without accomplishment, pride without achievement, staking claims without conquest,…basically HAND OUTS. (By the way, ‘The World is Yours’ is a famous line from the movie Scarface which is about a piece of crap drug dealer who killed his own family that for some reason has become someone to look up to in the black community as a symbol of strength and achievement)

  31. Reformed says:

    The first and likely most important indicator for blacks as far as the economy is concerned would be the employment rate.

    As recently as last week the reported unemployment rate by the government for blacks was 16.1 percent. The black male unemployment rate was 17.5 percent, and for black teens it is 41 percent.

    So, 1 out of ever 6 blacks does not have a job but the economy is doing better? Why? Because the President’s baby daddy was black, thats why.

    Criticism of King Obama is not permitted by blacks, at all. Even when his terrible policy is damning them to perpetual poverty they still will pretend that everything is hunky dory.

  32. Marty says:

    To poster 3:

    It already appears to be a crime.

    Look at the guy who lost his job for calling him a d**k then immediately apologizing. Who cared HE WAS GONE.

    What about this Big Shot accused of raping a woman in his hotel?

    They say they might have to dismiss it because she had changed her story.

    Funny when the black stripper changed her story a dozen times about be raped by the college boys, dismissal was Never Mentioned.

    I guess the old saying is true:

    Money Talks.

    B* Walks to a conviction.

  33. GetBackJack says:

    For many blacks, life is VERY good today. A decent number have cushy jobs that they didn’t deserve and from which they will never get fired (no matter what their performances), the red carpet gets unrolled for them at schools everywhere, they’ve been buying homes with little to no downpayment for close to a decade now, and I see an awful lot of them driving BMWs, Escalades, and Mercedes Benzes in these bad economic times. They now come into our neighborhoods and restaurants with visible arrogance without being subjected to any reasonable convern or scrutiny on the parts of whites (regardless of obvious intentions). And, now black men are bedding record numbers of white girls with the parents’ blessings!!! And, this is happening all over the country!

    YES, Whitey, you did it to yourselves so stop whining!

  34. Anonymous says:

    We need to band together and start our own government. It would work, even if we were a minority. The Jews in Isreal were successful, and the whites in South Africa were as well (until we destroyed them). Multi-racial governments are a horrible failure. We know that now. It’s time to go back to the basics. That is what works.

  35. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Anonomys #7:Did I vote fot Nancy Pinkolosi?No No NO! Do I like John Boner? No!No1!No!Are you filthy rich, making over 300,000 a year?If you are, I am happy for you.Did you know that the top 1% of Americans have as much wealth as the botton 40%?This ratio does not exist in any other white, industrialized country,or come even remotely close to it.

  36. Question Diversity says:

    35 Peejay in Frisco:

    Did you know that the top 1% of Americans have as much wealth as the botton 40%?This ratio does not exist in any other white, industrialized country,or come even remotely close to it.

    Care to guess why that is? Obviously there’s no one singular reason, but there is one really big contributing reason to the disparity getting that bad, and this same reason is why the problem will only get worse.

    I’ll give you a hint: Sounds like “non-white immigration.”

  37. Berin Rassouid says:

    Blacks don’t care if the ship goes aground – if the captain is black. You can’t fix stupid! Look at the people they elect to ‘run the ship’, e.g. the CBC. All nitwits! None qualified to run anything! We can handle a small burden (which they represent), but with the support of the crazy, suicidal white

    liberal (see MSNBC) they are a clear threat to our survival.

  38. Anonymous says:

    to poster 26 . ‘most afro americans have no clue of how an

    economy works’.

    Does one really needs to know how an economy works to give

    an opinion if it is better under the current leader? Most people probably dont how an economy works (whether they are black or white). Some of the signs people use to make judgment include

    can they find job, pay their bills, and are they more optimistic

    of the future.

    They also listen to what they hear such as the news that US auto company has been rescued and that US economy is creating

    more jobs since the financial collaspe .

    Of course many of the afro-americans who reported that the economy was better under Obama did so out of loyality. This was a wise choice because if they said that it was worse then it would hurt Obama’s chance(blacks believed so) of being re-elected . Many of the afro-americans who were polled probably believed that it woudn’t make

    a difference in their lives who the President was. So why not have the pride of having an afro-american President.

  39. Just Plain Rick says:

    This does not surprise me. As a real estate agent I saw again and again blacks trusted and used black mortgage brokers that were ripping them off over honest white brokers. Even when I would show them in black and white they could get a better deal they consistantly choose the the black broker. You see the same thing in politics like reelecting the criminal Marion Barry. It’s just sad to see and makes no sense to me.

  40. Lone Star Rebel says:

    Of course they thimk its better and maybe it is. At least for them.

    Obama sure isn’t going to cut all the entitlements that have benefited those people for years if not decades now. I’ve been struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof over my head for several years now. I think of that every time I see a black guy roaring down the street on a $10,000 dollar super bike or an almost new Jaguar or Corvette. And there aren’t that many jods that pay that well in Corsicana, Texas. You go figure.

  41. Anonymous says:

    PeeJay is absolutely correct. Nobody, but nobody was a worse president than George Bush. No matter what your race, or what your position he was a disaster. Except for the Plutocratic traitors that really control this country. I always laugh at this site when I see some brainwashed White on Amren saying that the Blacks are now in control. Huh, they are 10% of the population and probably have less than 1% of true power. The real power is a coalition of two groups which if you do not know, you are braindead.

    Neuralize their power and rest is just a mopping up operation.

  42. Anonymous says:

    First, let me mention that trying to discuss economics with blacks is like talking to pigeons: the results are about the same. And also, why all of the sturm und drang about what many blacks think? It is no wonder that big government liberalism has turned them into a welfare race.

  43. What's NOT to like? says:

    Recall this posted on AmRen years ago? Proof of staggering levels of discrimination against Whites. Though doesn’t look at state employment data, is there any doubt the patterns would be the same?

    Given the vast discrepancies between public and private compensation that is now getting lots of scrutiny because the public pension timebombs are imploding – owing to the financial collapse and loss of trillions of dollars in derivatives scams, most states are bankrupt and faced with trillions in unfunded pension mandates:


    Equal Opportunity Vs. Equal Results

    Today Adversity.Net released its seventh annual analysis and critique of federal overhiring of selected races in the name of “affirmative action”.

    The government’s official statistics show a pattern of “un-hiring” and “retiring” white males and other non-preferred groups while overhiring blacks and other preferred groups by dozens or hundreds of percent above their proportion in the civilian work force. It is alright for the feds to violate the AA creed of “proportional representation” as long as the disproportion favors certain races.

    Adversity.Net’s analysis is based on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s annual report “Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program”.

    This year’s OPM report—covering federal Fiscal Year 2006—among other things boasts that the feds hired 6,912 new minorities last year while at the same time “dis-hiring” or “retiring” 6,280 white males and other non-preferred groups.

    As always, the OPM report is confounding in two regards. First, the OPM defines “women” as minorities which category includes women of all races including “white”. Second, the OPM continues to refuse to publish any data whatsoever regarding employment of white males, and studiously avoids presenting data which depicts the decrease in employment of white males and other non-preferred groups.

    From FY 2001 through FY 2006 a net total of 48,033 new minority employees have been hired by the feds. During the same period there has been a net decrease of 3,960 white male employees in federal jobs

    The feds exceed their hiring quotas for blacks in all 23 independent federal agencies.

    In fact, in the top three independent federal agencies for black quota hires, the other preferred groups did not do so well.

    CSOS (Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency) overhired blacks by 808% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    GPO (U.S. Gov’t Printing Office) overhired blacks by 503% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    PBGC (the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) overhired blacks by 409% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    Almost all the other preferred race / gender groups in these three agencies were hired at rates at or below their proportion in the civilian labor force.


    Similarly, in 17 of the 18 federal executive departments, blacks were overhired by 14% to 363% over their proportion in the civilian labor force. The graphic below illustrates the dramatic overhiring of blacks by the top three federal executive departments:

    HUD (U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development) overhired blacks by 363% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    The Department of Education overhired blacks by 329% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    And the U.S. Department of State overhired blacks by 231% over their proportion in the civilian labor force.

    Most of the other preferred groups were hired by these three agencies at significantly lower levels than blacks.

    *Source: Annual Report to the Congress, Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program, FY 2006



    Obama to Spend $10.3 Trillion on Welfare: Uncovering the Full Cost of Means-Tested Welfare or Aid to the Poor