Posted on May 2, 2011

Group of Deaf, Mute Friends Stabbed at Bar After Thug Mistakes Sign Language for Gang Signs

Philip Caulfield, Daily News (New York), May 1, 2011


Alfred Stewart, 31, was partying at the Ocean’s Eleven Lounge in Hallendale Beach, Fla., with some friends who were also deaf on Saturday night when the group’s signing caught the eye of gang-banger Barbara Lee.

The 45-year-old Lee though the group was throwing gang signs at her, and responded by flashing gang signs back at them, cops said.

The group motioned for her to leave them alone.

Eventually, Lee left the bar but returned with two members of her crew, 19-year-old Marco Ibanez and a 17-year-old who was not identified, cops said.


Stewart and three of his friends were taken to a hospital and treated for stab wounds.

A bouncer at the bar who had a bottle smashed over his head in the melee was also taken to the hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening, officials said.

Lee, Ibanez and the 17-year-old were arrested and charged with aggravated battery.


21 responses to “Group of Deaf, Mute Friends Stabbed at Bar After Thug Mistakes Sign Language for Gang Signs”

  1. patthemick says:

    And they look like such nice people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the joys of diversity. Lots of white trash women get caught up with non-white gang members. I have SEEN a lot of this in my neck o’ the woods. They talk trash with the best of the ghetto rats. I guess this one would add some Spanish words to her vocab.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a fine, intelligent, upstanding pair those two are. (Not!)

    Just as a side note, what the heck is a 45 year old woman doing being a gang-banger? Running around with a bunch of teen boys (her “crew”? Flashing gang signals to anyone? And how could anyone mistake ASL for gang signals if they watch the person signing for more than about 7 seconds?

    Is there a way to legally arrest people for being too stupid to function?

  4. Old White Jim says:

    Maybe gangs should start making prospective members take an IQ test.

    A similar crime took place in Minneapolis about 15 years ago. A deaf/mute Black teen was signing to kid he went to school with and, as in this new case, gang-bangers mistook his means of communication for gang signs. Two bangers attacked him. One of them repeatedly stabbed him in the face with a broken bottle. The kid lost one eye and lost most of the use of the other one.

    That disabled kid’s only window to the world was all but closed due to the ignorance and cruelty of two idiots who apparently thought that their tribal border had been ignored.

    Attacks such as these should provide advocates of mobile execution stations with huge arguing points when our society reaches that point of desperation in the not-so-distant future.

  5. NBJ says:

    As the child of deaf parents who has many deaf friends through them, I always have that small fear in the back of my mind this could happen to them. Or to ME for that matter when I’m out in public with one of my parents. All I can say is a person would have to be beyond STUPID if they can’t tell the difference between sign language and gang signs. If anyone has ever seen deaf people carry on a conversation, you know what I mean.

    It never occurred to me this could happen until a few years ago when a deaf couple were gunned down in their car, after gang bangers passed them and thought they were flashing gang signs. I’ve been worried for my family and friends since, all because useless thugs think these ridiculous “signs” are cool.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s an object lesson that a white can have just as dead a jail-house photo expression as anyone else.

    But the question remains: How stoned out of your mind do you have to be…??

  7. Anonymous says:

    This must be the weirdest story of the year. When I saw the headline, I thought it was a black male gang member stabbing an innocent deaf white guy. However, it was a middle aged white female cutting up a black. In the Obama America, don’t assume anything!

    Oddly, nowhere do the media discuss what the relationship is between Ms. Lee (a 40+ year old female gangbanger?) & Señor Ibanez.

  8. Jeddermann. says:

    This is a hate crime against the handicapped. And this person is so STUPID they do not know what sign language is? I guess so.

  9. Patrick says:

    That will teach deaf people not to throw up hand signs, I for one am glad these people were taught a lesson.

  10. Bill R says:

    We have got enough of our own home grown segment of society which consistently places in the idiot or retarded IQ level. Why on earth are we importing MORE such as Ibenez, and why do we tolerate such as Lee amongst us. There was a time such a woman would have her head shaved and be stoned out of town as the collaborator with the enemy she is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i dont go out at night anymore and this is why

    freakin imbeciles

  12. NAVY says:

    A roll of gang members is to enforce Marxism on the streets.

    When gang members become active in numbers in an area where young people congregate, they will intimidate people until those people show that they are in line with Marxism as a culture.

    To show gang enforces that they are in line to avoid becoming a target of terrorism,youths often dawn baseball caps and shirts in a loose manner.

    Subsequently, others adopt a loose look as a trend which spills over to college age adults and those in their thirties.

    As a consequence, gang members also adopt the loose look as an alternate style or when they have obtained money.

    Gang members often engage in acts of wrongful profiling of innocent people.

    Given the right circumstances, such as a degraded social atmosphere, or newly aquired gang territory, a gang member will also wrongfully profile and innocent victim with intent.

    Situations in which gang members come into close contact with main stream citizens are often the result of societies in decline where people become victims and live in degraded surroundings or are forced to be displaced.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the headlines ssay it all-but how about also impulsive, immature and willfully ignorant also. Unfortunately, often a deadly combination in many circumstances.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the “hispanics” took the black victims as (gang members) flashing gang signs.

    Isn’t it Al Sharpton that says that blacks and mexicans will form an alliance against us evil, racist Whites? Maybe Al better change course.

  15. Anonymous says:

    she looks like a druggie if ever I saw one.

  16. Question Diversity says:

    4 Old White Jim:

    The young man was already deaf, and now we was blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other. The ignorant thugs took away any chance he had to have a functional life. Surely, there had to be some sort of criminal charges the prosecution could have filed beyond the obvious assault charges.

  17. Lauren says:

    Y’all, please stop calling that ‘woman’ ‘White’! To my eye, she appears to be of mixed race; probably Native American and no-telling-what-else. I’d imagine that most of the crime attributed to non-Hispanic whites is committed by people in her not-quite-white racial niche. Just because someone is not identifiably Sub-Saharan African or Asian does not mean they are White.

    People who are on Meth are generally completely out of their minds. I’d assume those are ‘Meth Picks’ on her face (set off nicely by those oh-so-classy stenciled-on Eyebrows). So it does not surprise me that she’d be too deranged from ‘tweaking’ to remember that there are Deaf People in the world, who might be signing to each other.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You won’t see these two getting anytime PhD soon!

  19. ATBOTL says:

    I doubt that woman is white. Looks Hispanic. Not all Hispanics have Spanish names.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Something like this happened on a Los Angeles bus a few years ago.

    The gang members were affronted by the sign language conversation and beat one of the deaf men to death.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Having been a Probation Officer for almost 40 years, (got the job before affirmative action banned Whites from government jobs)

    I have a certain expertise. She looks like an aging hooker and the friend looks like some sort of pimp. I agree about the meth blemishes and general expression. The man looks the type who has numerous outstanding warrants.