Statists and the Racial “Health Gap”

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker, April 19, 2011

I often speculate that deep in the bowels of the Obama administration there exists an obscure office charged with inventing egalitarian schemes to increase American dependency on government.  Ignore the high-sounding “fairness” and “equality” rhetoric.  The President’s minions just cannot stop pushing, even boldly lying until the last vestiges of limited government and individual initiative are history.

The latest eruption of this endeavor was recently announced by Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services: the federal government would close the health gap between “minorities” and whites.  These health disparities, he added, have burdened our country for too long (go here for the official statement).


The proposal makes race/ethnic differences central.  This is unlike Marxist egalitarianism that stressed economic inequalities.  Now, however, race and ethnicity trump economics, so rich African Americans, but not poor whites, are “disadvantaged.”  This is tribalism and, pray tell, how do racial/ethnic differences, not the actual level of illness, “burden” the US?  What if all whites were struck with a plague?  Would this lessen our “burden”?  Would health care now be more “fair”?  Might liberal whites volunteer to become sick so as to reduce inequality?   Moreover, given the murkiness of racial and ethnic distinctions, proper implementation will require Nazi-style Nuremburg-like laws to certify racial/ethnic identity.       


Let’s consider the actual crusade.  Minorities are clearly less healthy than whites as indicated by incidences of heart disease, diabetes, infant mortality, certain cancers, asthma, and kidney disease (see here).  But, disentangling this race/ethnicity/income/health relationship is a nightmare and entails some awkward unspeakable PC issues that warrant attention (see here).  For example, certain racial groups may be genetically pre-disposed toward some illnesses (e.g., Hispanics and asthma, blacks and hypertension).  Perhaps only genetic engineering can close these gaps so why waste millions better spent elsewhere?  And, how do we address health problems like osteoporosis that disproportionally afflict whites?


Nevertheless, how can gaps be closed?  Proposed measures are a grab bag of half-baked ideas that all rest on the supposition that those disproportionally prone to illness really want to be healthy but, for some inexplicable reasons, just cannot secure the required medical benefits.  There is the predictable call for recruiting more “under-represented populations” to the health profession (i.e., affirmative action).  In fact, a 2009 Report on this health gap made diversifying the health profession central to improving minority health, as if black doctors could better treat black patients.  The government will also collect more health data sub-divided according to race and ethnicity, a tactic that guarantees uncovering even more “unfairness.”


The tip-off to the underlying paternalism is the assumption that poor health reflects a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables plus barriers to physical activity.  This is a familiar refrain from America’s egalitarian Mandarins–without government intercession broccoli and apples are beyond reach, and so minorities will naturally (and foolishly) choose double bacon cheeseburgers.  Similarly, without Washington’s counsel, minorities are incapable of walking, jogging, or doing sit-ups in their living room.  In a sense, minorities are viewed as young children unable to help themselves, and, furthermore, capitalist markets just refuse to satisfy minority customer demand for fresh produce or gyms.  Where is capitalist greed when we need it?

But, mere foolishness disguises the real agenda.  If one digs a little deeper than upbeat media news accounts the program’s real purpose emerges–promoting statism (see here).  The aim is not just helping African Americans get cheaper, more convenient colonoscopies.  In particular, since all this haranguing to eat better, stop smoking, have safe sex, etc., etc. will probably not reduce the healthcare gap (consider all the past failed public health PR campaigns), the only sure outcome is more bloated government as efforts are multiplied.  HHS openly links the initiative to ObamaCare and explicitly hopes to “transform” health care, hardly the type of program that could be funded without recourse to congressional approval.  


No doubt, these particular state-expanding programs will soon expire from fiscal starvation and, hopefully, a regime change.  Nevertheless, it is critical to sound the clarion call about what’s occurring, sometimes almost invisibly, deep within the Obama administration.  This is more than fiscal wastefulness or inept policy-making; these programs are deeply antithetical to limited government and individualism and thus deserve an appellation not lightly applied in today’s policy debates–they are evil.


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  1. Question Diversity April 19, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    No doubt, these particular state-expanding programs will soon expire from fiscal starvation and, hopefully, a regime change.

    Fiscal starvation? Probably. Regime change? Just voting for a Republican President won’t work, because all of the big name contenders are Lincoln/Reagan idolators and egalitarians, so they’re useless in this cause. If you truly believe racial equality, then nothing but deliberate white racism can be the cause of “health inequalities.”

  2. Guard Your Privilege, Whitey! April 19, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    The afrovoodoo blacks have a plan for environmental equality- wipe out all Whites Only genes. Once all races are mixed with Whitey genes, then Whiteys will be gone, and the non whites will have stolen our creative genius. We lose, they win.

    You can never lift a black high enough to compensate you for how far you fall in the effort. Associating with blacks always raises them and always pulls you down.

    We gave them our English language for free, and they use it against us to shame gullible, compassionate Whiteys into voting for Integration and Civil Rights, and now for Transformative Diversity Leadership.

    They want to change the environment by eliminating competition from a smarter and weaker foe. They probably secretly howl at how easy Whiteys give up their God-ordained privileges.

    We are fools. What hope do you have for our White Humanity? We always give away our countries to the lowest of sub ethnic populations. We had our chance, and we don’t deserve another…

    Even the angels cry at our tragedy. We wanted to be good, but we did bad in the process, and now we suffer, and will eternally.

  3. Anonymous April 19, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    I wonder if this author would still be laughing if he understood that somewhere, deep in the bowels of the Obama administration, there is a group trying to figure out how they could create a situation where sick people are shot before they can run up healtcare bills without causing a second American Revolution.

    Not conspiracy theory but conspiracy FACT….caught multiple times trying to be implemented. And is at the core of resistance to Obamacare.

  4. ice April 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Trying to close gaps regarding the differences among the races is the work of fools. And, it is these same fools who think there lies some unjust reason for blacks lagging behind everybody else and that the solution to the problem is to give blacks more privileges and to increase funding, making certain the money goes ONLY to blacks and black things. It is black arrogance, coupled with a refusal to admit to shortcomings, that hold blacks in a perpetual state of denial. Of course the white liberals are as they are, because of rank stupidity.

    The whining from the black sector is in itself amazing. If whites re-elect this anti-white regime for one one more term, they’ll sink us all.

  5. Greg April 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    Blacks in America are healthier, richer, better educated, live longer, etc. than blacks anywhere else in the world. The United States is an example of how a majority-white society with a rule of law and moral conscious can make lives better for the minorities that live within their borders.

    Unfortunately, blacks, hispanics, etc. believe fewer whites will give them a better life? Hmm, few whites live in Mexico, Haiti, S. Africa, El Salvador, and Jamaica. How about just emigrating?

  6. Spartan24 April 19, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    It always makes me laugh when I hear that minorities do not have “equal access to healthcare”. To me it sounds like there are guards at the doors of hospitals and clinics turning any minorities away. The real issue is that low IQ blacks (Hispanics tend to use free healthcare to its fullest) don’t understand most medical treatment, tend to be afraid of it and do not seek any medical attention until it is far later than other races would. In order to narrow this gap they would have to literally force people at gunpoint to go to the doctor and then to follow the medical advice once they went to the appointment.

  7. Mr X April 19, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    Yes, they have statistics for everything at Obamacentral no doubt. Especially considering his new health care plan. There’s no racial gap that’s not closely study by the bureaucrats and up and coming students at our universities. The absence of one statistic puzzles me, however. Over 600,000 Americans had died of AIDS. Why do we never, ever, learn the race of those who’ve died?

  8. Anonymous April 19, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    @6 Spartan,


    In order to narrow this gap they would have to literally force people at gunpoint to go to the doctor and then to follow the medical advice once they went to the appointment.


    In England, this is called socialized medicine. It always confused me how it was so much better because you are diagnosed dead as much as ill since you can never get prompt treatment for what is _regular checkup_ diagnosed. But hey, I’m easily distracted…

    Which brings me to my main point-


    The rest of the story of the development of high-IQ children is told by a major longitudinal study launched in 1921 by Lewis Terman, developer of the Stanford Binet test (Holahan & Sears, 1995; Terman, 1954; Oden 1968)/ The participants were more than 1500 California Scholchildren nominated by their teachers as gifted and who had IQs of 140 or higher. It soon became apparent that these high-IQ children (who came to be called /Termites/) were exception in many other ways. For example, they had weighed more at birth and had learned to walk and talk sooner than most toddlers. They reached puberty somewhat earlier than average and and had better-than-average-health. Their teachers rated them better adjusted and more morally mature than their less intelligent peers. And, although they were no more popular than their classmates, they were quick to take on leadership responsibilities.


    It’s in the genes. It’s ALWAYS IN THE GENES. You want IQ? You get health and -health consciousness- with it. You get longer life (SSADH gene = 85-100)-


    It seems there may be some truth in the old adage about being old and wise, for a new study has revealed that brainy people are likely to live 15 years longer than others.

    Researchers at Calabria University in Italy have found that longevity is because the brains of intelligent people age more slowly – thanks to the very gene SSADH which makes them clever actually.


    And you get the social networking advantages of _displayed behavior_ which ‘leadership tasks’ provide, so that you age more gracefully into positions where your wisdom buys you power and respect.

    We are treating the plague of black stupidity, with aspirin, after the victims have already shown the bubo like symptoms of criminality and low social achievement index that correlates with the disease. And the world laughs at us. The Arabs. The Chinese. The Japanese. Even the Europeans where they can afford to in places like Finland and Iceland.

    How smart does that make us?!?

    I don’t like blacks. But I recognize the fact that the best way to get American blacks to go mouse the elephant in their homelands is to look at the genetic roots of IQ and apply the lessons learned to all races so that they can stand on their own.

    37 million blacks with a mean IQ of 87 = Gaussian distribution of 2.5% in the range of IQ 115 or higher as upper middle class candidates for college training. That’s 900,000 or so.

    They have _no hope_ of ever becoming self sufficient with those numbers when we can generate 16% of a 103 IQ baseline population (at 115 IQ) or some 30 million gifteds from 180 million whites, _and we can barely manage_.

    WAKE UP folks. It’s in the genes. If we don’t stop whistling past Hitler’s grave, we are all doomed to extinction under a never ending flood of ethnic idiots. All because we refuse to acknowledge that not only are we better but there is a reason we are.

  9. white is right, black is whack April 19, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    I’m sick and tired of how we are supposed to treat blacks like helpless children and how they are allowed to be racial but we aren’t.

  10. Jeddermann. April 20, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    Tell them to stop smoking, drinking, using drugs, using violence against one another, eat a better diet more commensurate for their metabolism, go to the doctor for yearly check ups, get a better mental attitude and stop blaming the Tuskegee “Experiment” [study] for what ails them. When that is all done, you will see a remarkable improvement in the general health and well-being.

  11. White Nurse April 21, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    ” It soon became apparent that these high-IQ children (who came to be called /Termites/) were exception in many other ways. For example, they had weighed more at birth and had learned to walk and talk sooner than most toddlers. They reached puberty somewhat earlier than average ”

    So how does this jibe with the well known facts that blacks with their average IQs of 85 walk at an average of 10 rather than 12 months and reach puberty about 3 years earlier than Whites and after six months old tend to be taller and heavier than Whites?

    A lot of black babies can actually walk unassisted without holding on to anything the length of a room at 8 months. This is really early.

  12. Anonymous April 21, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    “Researchers at Calabria University in Italy have found that longevity is because the brains of intelligent people age more slowly – thanks to the very gene SSADH which makes them clever actually.”

    Interesting. My Mother is extremely mentally and physically healthy at 97. Her IQ was tested in back in grade school. It’s 133.

  13. Anonymous April 21, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    The real purpose of this is affirmative action in health care.

    Give all avaliable health care to non Whites and severely restrict health care for Whites.

    Anyone remember when affirmative action was supposed to be just a quota system? A 12 percent black quota for government jobs? Look at any government agency anywhere in the country, about 95 percent non White, including immigrants who speak no English at all.

    This is part of the plans for genocide of the White race; genocide through denial of medical care.