Posted on April 5, 2011

New York Borders Remain Open and Immigrants Are Welcome, Gov. Cuomo Says

Kenneth Lovett, Daily News (Albany), April 3, 2011

Gov. Cuomo on Saturday night told a Hispanic conference that New York’s borders remain open and welcoming to new immigrants.

“While other parts of the country are building walls and fences, we’re pointing to the Lady in the Harbor who holds the torch and says, ‘We are the beacon of liberty and the beacon of opportunity.'”

“And we say if you want to make New York your home, we want you.”

Cuomo, who some say is eying a 2016 presidential run, spoke of doubling the goal for minority- and women-owned businesses who receive state contracts and ensuring state agencies are multilingual.


24 responses to “New York Borders Remain Open and Immigrants Are Welcome, Gov. Cuomo Says”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Uh, preemption, anyone?

    Ironically, Gov. Cuomo is dealing with a $130 billion state budget that has at least a $10 billion deficit.

  2. Robert Marchenoir says:

    I guess white Europeans need not apply.

  3. Ben says:

    “While other parts of the country are building walls and fences, we’re pointing to the Lady in the Harbor who holds the torch and says, ‘We are the beacon of liberty and the beacon of opportunity.’”

    “And we say if you want to make New York your home, we want you.”

    Oh this is going to be good. *grabs popcorn, sits, and waits*

  4. Un Dolor en el Culo says:

    I suggest that Gov. Cuomo be forced to live for 3 months in the worst barrio in NY (I don’t live there so I don’t know what neighborhood that would be; maybe Spanish Harlem?) THEN let’s see how he feels about open borders.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Population growth can be driven until something gives. Cuomo is betting that the day of reckoning will not be on his watch.

  6. Jay says:

    Yeah, out here they actually have diversity officers who ensure that a certain amount of contracts go to people not based on skill or price but on the color of their skin and their gender.

    This is how quality falls and corruption sets in. What was that Martin luther king said about content of character and not color of skin?

    Anyway, I don’t know who Cuomo is talking to? Almost everyone in southern New York is either a Spanish speaker or an African American. There are pockets of whites here and there, but their numbers continually decrease in most places.

  7. john says:

    Gov. Cuomo should be feted and toasted for his far-seeing and principled stand on immigration into New York State.

    Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey should offer all their welfare recipients and dependents a one-time payment of $5,000 to help them to relocate to the Empire State.

  8. Henry M says:

    Republicans and conservatives have been praising this guy like crazy because he is the first governor in decades to pass a budget on time and without any tax increases, all the while ignoring all the harm he has caused in the past and will cause in the future. So typical of people on the right!

  9. Cogitator says:

    Other states with a more sensible outlook on illegal immigration should transport the illegals in their state to New York. They want ’em, let them have ’em.

  10. sbuffalonative says:

    “And we say if you want to make New York your home, we want you.”

    New York state population is shrinking because everyone who can is getting out. We’re losing two Representatives in the House.

    Cuomo The II is desperate for bodies. What people like him don’t understand (or maybe they do but they have deep and sinister motives) is that people are leaving NY because of the high taxes, most of which go to fund a failing school system and generous social services.

    Bringing in more immigrants is simply going to increase the cash output for social services driving more tax payers out of NY.

    This solution is like a man dying of thirst drinking salt water.

  11. Anonymous says:

    … but a young woman cannot receive payment for being a surrogate mother.

  12. ice says:

    “Absolutely anyone who wants can come live in his state.”

    Which will mean a tremendous extra burden on a state that is several billion dollars short of budget requirements this year, with the situation far worse nearly every day.

    This mentally challenged governor is banking on an economic upturn, BUT it will never come. The state of New York, like nearly all the rest, will be reaching even more desperate levels next year and it will get progressively worse after that.

    It’s being reported that several states are introducing legislation into their legislatures for casino gambling to increase tax revenue.

    How long will it be before they legalize drugs to reduce law enforcement, incarceration, and judiciary costs and acquire taxation from that?

  13. Tom S. says:

    “And we say if you want to make New York your home, we want you.”

    Sounds like an invite to me. I would gladly allow my state to pay for a one way ticket to N.Y. to any “new immigrant” thats caught in the state, especially the criminal “immigrants”.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cuomo and his cronies, all of whom are Democrats, intend to stay in power any dirty way they can. They use to do so though fraud, thuggery and bribery. It seems they are now just pimping out the State. They are very successful in keeping actual power and spoils out of the hands of the minorites they court, but how long will it last? In New York State, the Dems hate blacks and will be happy to displace that particular ethnic group.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think the next step in the battle against illegal immigration is for states to setup road blocks at all highways, roads and interstates leading into their states and check for ID of all occupants. I certainly hope they all do go to New York and California too and create a great deal of social chaos and finally collapse the already creaking financial insolvency in these states.

  16. Sardonicus says:

    I fondly remember many beautiful little towns in upstate New York. These were places known for quality of life and for blessed rest and relaxation. Houses were well maintained and there was always a quaint, friendly almost New England atmosphere. I also remember the small delicious McIntosh apples and cider I would buy in these towns in the fall. There was usually a family run restaurant that served good, homemade inexpensive food. As a visitor from the South, I was treated very cordially by these kind and pleasant people, so unlike their counterparts in New York City. I wonder how diversity has changed these beautiful little towns? I think we at American Renaissance know the answer.

  17. Seek says:

    Andrew Cuomo is awful, but on this issue he’s identical to Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani, not to mention his own father. All see New York as an international sanctuary for immigrants of indeterminate legality. Good luck.

  18. sam says:

    Sardonicus, those towns have been taken over by hordes of blacks and hispanics, especially the latter. They have turned many areas of these beautiful places into slums. Take a ride to the Hudson Valley towns–you’ll be shocked.

  19. Jupiter7 says:

    To get to the heart of the issue:this is an example of over-the-top-in-your-face treason. Whitey won’t vote for the Democratic Party? No problema. Democrats will just go and import high fertility-post-1965 Democratic voters form Central and South America and appeal directly to the racial interests of La Raza.

    Yet, Andrew Cuomo and his La Raza racialist voting block will call Native Born White American Patriots racist for be openly racial in terms of their politics. Ok, so call us a racist… the Hispanics are racist for the same reason. Point out the double standard-unrelentingly-and continue being openly racial in terms of our poltics.

    Andrew Cuomo is adding and abetting the vicious race war that post-1965 high fertility Hispanics are waging against the Native Born White Majority in America. And he is forcing the Native Born White American Majority to subsidize their own race-replacement at the hands of high fertility post-1965 Hispanic invaders in America.

    This is how Native Born White American Patriots should put it when they have an opportunity to speak on the MSM. Do not pull any punches.

  20. sam d says:

    New York is not going to be able to meet its budget this year without HUGE cuts in personnel and programs. And that is not an opinion, but a verifiable FACT.

    Another fact is that the state will continue to deteriorate financially even if they do compensate for their monetary shortfall in the short term. Continued falling revenue is going to cause alarm bells to go off before this fiscal period is over, because, as the year wears on, it will become even more painfully clear that raising taxes and cutting employees are not going to solve their budget shortfalls, as they expected, and they will also realize that the major reason for their predicament is their dumb-headed denial that things will not only get worse, buy will improve shortly.

    We are not in a recovery. We are still in decline. What part of that do they not understand?

  21. John L. says:

    Pro Diversity Politicians (meaning almost all Politicians) will always maintain the Myth that more Cultural Diversity makes a City

    or Community better and more liveable, when in fact the opposite is the case. Civility and Personal trust levels decline with Multiculturalism. I live in a Diverse West Coast City that likes to think that it is One of the “Most liveable Cities” in the World. This is hardly the case. We have huge Social problems here. I would think any Smaller more Homogenous Community is better.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Democracy becomes pointless when the polity are so ‘diverse’ that they can find no purposed reason in voting together for joint benefit.

    That is the inherent contradiction in the concept: it is an advocacy for solidarity in population as a progressive means to attaining elite privilege for all who share the common cause.

    That New York is losing national legislative seats in what amounts to a population driven (Malthusian) race for the bottom and is trying to ‘fund a recovery’ by adding non-assimilable threat ethnies at the cost of massive transfer payments in social services paid for by the white indigenes (who are leaving in unprecedented numbers) highlights the point of true immorality however:

    Because there are whites who could be ‘invited to join’ that -would- share our common cause as core beliefs. And they are forbidden from doing so by the 1965 Hart-Celler act which destroys the unity of our nation by forcing us to choose between paying for our own dispossession and breeding with a lower IQ, lower mentality, _violent_ replacement populations.

    Which is no choice at all.

  23. Jay says:

    Go up the major highways from NYC into the upstate area and you see ruined littled towns here and there, overrun with AA gangstas’, illegal immigrants and such. The ruins only hint at how nice and civilized the places were before.

  24. Tom in Illinois says:

    If he was the mayor of Camden, NJ…you think he would be so welcoming?