Posted on April 5, 2011

Immigration Coalition Pressures President Obama

Julie Mason, Politico, April 4, 2011


A coalition of immigration activists and lawmakers has challenged Obama to use his executive powers to change U.S. immigration policy.

The campaign, called Change Takes Courage, will consist of events nationwide, including in Obama’s home state of Hawaii, in the coming months. It was launched a day after the president said he’ll push Congress to pass legislation that will grant citizenship to Latinos in college or the military, but quickly added that he’ll need “a little bit of help” from congressional Republicans.

White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest insists Obama is committed to immigration reform. The president’s broader agenda, Earnest said, includes a path to citizenship for undocumented residents, enhanced border security and cracking down on employers who hire illegal workers.


Despite declaring the need for immigration reform and pointing to the “political and mathematical reality” that bipartisan support is necessary, Obama hasn’t offered a blueprint or taken the lead with Congress. The newly empowered GOP, which has fought the president on nearly every issue, seems interested only in tighter border security and harsh sanctions for undocumented immigrants.

But according to the 2010 Census, Hispanics are now the nation’s largest minority group and immigration is among their top issues. A recent poll from Latino Decisions, a public opinion firm, found that 70 percent of Hispanics approve of Obama, but only 43 percent said they’ll vote for him next year.


Change Takes Courage, backed by the group Fair Immigration Reform Movement, illustrates that gap. Using testimonials from families torn apart by the administration’s federal workplace raids, detentions and deportations, the group intends to pressure Obama to restart the national debate on illegal immigration.

“We know from his own words that President Obama understands the wrongs of our deeply flawed immigration system,” Eva Millona, an immigration activist, said in a statement announcing the campaign. Even if Congress won’t act, she said, “change can happen” if the president “can find the courage of his convictions.”


The Obama administration’s recent actions on immigration include a move by the Justice Department in July to block Arizona from enforcing a tough illegal immigration law and the DREAM Act to protect undocumented students and military enlistees from deportation, which gained some GOP support but died in last year’s lame-duck Senate.

“We can still get it done,” Obama told a town hall sponsored by the Univision cable network last week. “We’ve got to keep the pressure up on Congress.”

8 responses to “Immigration Coalition Pressures President Obama”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course. Like we racially aware Whites don’t know this? Blacks for blacks. Hispanics for hispanics. Asians for asians. Whites for every race but their own.

  2. q says:

    “Hispanics won’t offer their support unless he acts.”


    Who else will they have to vote for?

    Right now blacks and mestizos want to neutralize the white power structure, so they will vote as one for the same kind of radical leftist candidate, preferably one who hates whites.

    Later on, when their numbers increase to a certain point where they are competing with each other more, they will despise each other as much as they now hate whites, but the fighting will be considerably more intense.

    Multiculturalism unfailingly erupts into civil conflict.

  3. Blaak Obongo says:

    Talk about empty threats! If the mestizos don’t vote for the Caliph-in-Chief, who are they going to vote for? Does anyone seriously think they’ll jump on the Republican bandwagon?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “The president’s broader agenda, Earnest said, includes a path to citizenship for undocumented residents, enhanced border security and cracking down on employers who hire illegal workers.”

    No — the president’s broader agenda includes a path to citizenship for all six billion Third Worlders, the elimination of border security and cracking down on employers who hire white workers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hispanics or blacks, what is the difference? Not much. They BOTH are jealous and envious of the White race and the societies which they built. They only come for the White man’s spoils. And WE let them. End of discussion.

  6. June says:

    So the invaders and their supporters are trying threats, huh? I’m sure every one of them are first at their voting places when election time rolls around. What they are really saying is:

    1. We want this nation to be as lawless as the ones we come from

    2. We want only Hispanics to have the benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities.

    3. We want to replace American workers with illegal aliens

    4. We want the birthright laws to continue. The American taxpayers needs to keep paying for anchor babies.

    5. We do not want to be charged with any crime, no matter what it is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @2 Q,


    “Hispanics won’t offer their support unless he acts.”


    Who else will they have to vote for?


    Here is where you people are thinking in terms of immediate goals and not longer term ones. The Mexicans are much cagier than that.

    What is the Hispanic political ‘strategic’ weapon? Breeding.

    As long as you don’t actively shut down the influx, they will win in the end regardless, as a 2.84 TFR proves.

    What is the Hispanic political ‘tactical’ weapon? Negation.

    Do as we say or we won’t vote. Period.

    The latter has two huge consequences which they can play up to their advantage:

    One. It lets them seem to be a soft threat with no trended predictors as key indicators of change. Which means they are invisible in the swirl of muddy-water racial politics, like a crocodile ‘eyes only’, hidden just below the surface. Because the standard for Hispanic voting in general is not Dems or Republicans, it’s neither. Unless told to do so by their own internal advocates.

    Two. It gives them HUGE influence in the longer term. Because the GOP has sold their soul to corporate interests that are aggressively pursuing the Cheap Labor and Junk Consumerist ‘globalist’ ideals that bring the Hispanics into the country regardless. And as long as they keep coming, they can point backwards to the moment when Obama lost their support.

    ‘And yet still we remained’.

    As a lesson to future Democrats. And that kind of power is immense. It is the equivalent of a union or a mafia or a church saying that “Unless you do as we say, nothing will be built, or delivered or done.” As a common Democratic platform.

    And ultimately, if the Democrats fail to do as they are told long enough, the Hispanics will nominate their own party and elect their own people. So that, when that croc finally crawls out of the water, it’s going to be a monster.

    Holding the line on immigration as an infinite exercise in stonewalling by both parties is thus ultimately against our (white) common interests.

    If, when it comes down to having a discussion about the very real inferiorities of certain cultures as races as genes in a ‘non assimilable’ (non mixed) sense:

    The Democrats won’t stop being bleeding heart liberals exploiting the victim card for power.

    The Republicans will not stop prostituting themselves to Corporate Interests.

    And the Tea Party cease ingenue ‘saving themselves for a better marriage’ while spoiling the other two’s voting power.

    We have only ONE remaining choice: to begin planning to Separate.

    Because we only have about 10-20 years before either the economy collapses or the demographics numbers become so onerous that we cannot make any political change anyway.

  8. Brittanicus says:

    The majority of States are disturbed with relying on their own government, to enforce immigration laws. So they had no other choice but to enforce their own policing policies that’s accessible to them. Illegal immigration frothed over the top of this this inexorable issue in Arizona. Obama administration wouldn’t tolerate it, as it erodes their probability of volume future Democratic votes. Republicans are not excused because they have been apathetic to massive ferrying of cheap labor across the hazardous border or turning a blind eye to visa overstays; Alabama has coupled in the illegal immigration conundrum, adjoining other States that want to enforce stricter laws. Arizona became the summit of the Liberal Progressive wrath, so they have made the Grand Canyon State run the gauntlet of the federal courts. Only now Arizona is not isolated any more.

    If anything should be distressing to legal California residents is a compromised electoral vote; as in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and other States that remains silent to these travesties. California, Nevada is clogged with illegal foreign nationals, who are bleeding the soft state welfare dry.Under the 14th Amendment– especially is costing in everything from education, health care for birthright babies, but now is up for discussion as the billions of dollars being stealthily extracted from taxpayers without their consent. State deficits are sky-high because the Legislators are genuflecting to the corporate welfare and radical illegal immigrant groups. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS–do not have any problems, except they have joined the 9 million US workers without a job. While an estimated 8.5 million illegal workers have slipped through the enforcement cracks and stole jobs from legitimate citizens and residents. Billions are being spent to support these people, which should be going to lowering State and federal deficits. Americans can do the jobs, “that the people, don’t do” for a living wage and benefits. Over twenty years ago, who was employed in the work that Americans won’t do? My Grandfather, picked potatoes, cousins worked many jobs to put food on the table, while I worked in a McDonalds to afford my college fees?

    Businesses must be held accountable with painful retribution; not sleight of hand by moderate judges. Yesterday Alabama House awesomely passed, 73-to-28, an E-Verify measure that requires all businesses to check new hires through this new Attrition system. The bill also allows police to check the immigration status of individuals detained or arrested and requires confirmation of citizenship before receiving public benefits. A similar policing law to Arizona has been adopted by the State of Mississippi. .WITHOUT QUESTION, THOUSANDS WILL PULL UP THEIR ILLEGAL ROOTS AND HEAD FOR UNFORTUNATE STATES SUCH AS CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, UTAH AND NEVADA THAT HAS FAILED TO JOIN OTHER STATES ENACTING POLICING LAWS.

    Attn: (H.R.140) Ending Birthright citizenship is gaining momentum, adding two more co-sponsors to 73 additional sponsors. A new report From the Center of Immigration Studies Show that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of welfare. Only 39% of native born households with children receive welfare services. Reps. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), David McKinley (R-W.V.), and Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) have added their names to the growing list of co-sponsors (29) for Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R.692) that would end chain migration. H.R.692 would eliminate all family-preference visa classes, except for spouses and minor children.

    Two new bills would require the use of E-Verify by all employers. H.R.800 (E-LAW Act) introduced by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) would require employers to verify all new hires and current employees within two years of enactment. It would also reinstate the No-Match program, which required the Social Security Administration to notify employers and individuals. More information available to halt illegal immigration at NumbersUSA, The TEA PARTY has zoomed to the forefront with millions of joining this partially splinter group from the Republican usual stance in Washington. Find your place in your local TEA PARTY, because YOU are the legal people who live in the United States.