Posted on April 5, 2011

Today’s College Virtually Useless?

Phyllis Schlafly, WorldNetDaily, April 5, 2011

If you are attending college to get teacher certification, you will probably be required to attend classes on “multicultural education.” This is supposed to bring diversity to the classroom and prepare teachers to teach pupils of various ethnic or national backgrounds.

The textbooks in these courses typically include “Teachers as Cultural Workers” by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian socialist who preached that society is divided into oppressors and oppressed. Other required readings teach that Americans are an institutionally racist society and are designed to train teachers to create political radicals to promote “progressive” social change.

The monthly journal Education Reporter published an informative exposé by a teacher who attended a conference on training teachers how to teach students what is called “social justice,” a code word for a specific type of teaching that is contrary to traditional American notions of justice based on individual rights. “Social justice” teaches children that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed.

Social justice materials typically include far-left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration, cultural relativism and the redistribution of wealth.


More and more universities are telling incoming freshmen to read a book over the summer. One college says the purpose is to promote “a shared intellectual experience” and “campus-wide dialogue”; another college says its summer reading program “is an important first step in building a cohesive, dynamic, educational community.”

However, the National Association of Scholars issued a report called “What Do Colleges Want Students to Read Outside of Class?” that lists the books recommended by 290 colleges. These scholars found that the books are more suited to Oprah’s Book Club than universities, and “rather than asking students to rise to college-level study, they shrink college-level study to the comfort zone of the average student.”

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  1. Repeat Offender, again and again! says:

    Rubbish. A college education is more valuable than ever. White college students learn how to submerge themselves in anti racist action and White privilege audits and surrenders.

    Those are the two skills them must have if they want any hope of advancing to elite status and running institutions and governments, or just making a living.

    At college, they learn how to speak the language of social justice, restorative justice, social progress, much needed change, social transformation, transformative leadership, diversity leadership, etc: “we must do more to foster diversity and help minorities, and the best first step is to atone for the sins of segregation by holding ourselves accountable to people of color for our unearned White privileges, and we need more memorials to Rosa Parks and MLK in every public space that still allows Whites to enter.”

    That’s the way to shoot right to the top, and college is the only place where Whites can learn the trick, other than at Sunday School at any mainline White “Christian” denomination.

    Non-college educated Whites are at a severe handicap, because they don’t understand “the urgent need to do more”.

    Gawd, how awful does the future look? If you are an optimist about the future of White Humanity, you aren’t paying attention.

    If, if, if you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs, then you just haven’t gotten the news yet…

  2. Old Bag Schoolmarm says:

    I went back to the university at age 52 for a teaching credential and a masters. That was some 13 years ago. Paolo Freire was required reading even then! It was such nonsense I laughed at it. I refused to participate in the Marxist-oriented multiculturalism class; I just sat there on my fat behind and refused to comment, knowing that the Communists have buried us, just as Khruschev said they would. I also refused to participate in the class where they brought in a gigantic box of dirt containing meal worms and proudly announced that each of us would get our very own container of dirt and worms. I said an unmentionable set of words that start with “F” and left. (I am terrified of worms and caterpillars; I can do snakes, lizards, toads, mice, rats – anything vertebrate; but NO invertebrates). I got a credential in spite of the above, although I was not a popular person on campus. Then for the master’s they said I had to study with a group or I wouldn’t pass the comps. I politely said, “Nonsense” — studied on my own with 5 x 8 index cards written out by me, and passed the comp exam first shot. Third in the class. They ignored me and mailed me my diploma. So what it boiled down to is that I BOUGHT my degrees, and I’m still paying for ’em. Today, college and grad degrees are for sale, and all you have to do is pay the fees. It is that simple. Very different from when I was in university in the ’70’s – then a college degree meant something worth having.

  3. Jay says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    This is exactly what I went through! I had to read that Freire stuff. Another book they made me read was about how schools should be free-range places where kids learn things when they feel like it – or play all day. The theory offered was that eventually the hungry minds of our little scholars would push them to self-study algebra, literature and the like.

    Many of us taking the course were incredulous about that and many other wacky, left-wing ideas. The teach (who held our grades hostage) forced us to submit or at least shut up.

    The social justice thing – I am around it ALL THE TIME. The empty-headed liberals are so annoying!

    “Yes, Laquanda threw the chair at Mr. Brown, injuring him, but let’s focus on the whole child. Maybe Mr. Brown wasn’t validating her feelings, or she acted out as a way to empower herself through her feelings…”

    I am not kidding. The schools in urban areas are jungles these days because ‘social justice’ is the operative philosophy – not the three R’s.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m in my 40s and returned to school this past semester to get a different degree in the hopes of changing careers. I’m shocked at some of the things I read in our textbooks. I’m taking a history class as an elective and it reads like a hostile foreign nation’s take on our history. It’s anti-American, anti-Western and especially anti-Christian. I can’t trust any of the so-called facts in the book and I have to use more reliable sources for essays we’re required to do. It’s unbelievable that our government is allowing these colleges to teach these things. I guess it shows who really is in charge.

    Our professor is a liberal flake who obviously doesn’t like her job or doesn’t like teaching at night because she’s absent rather frequently and the times she does come in we only stay for about 30 minutes or so. She sends emails all the time saying we’re surprisingly ahead of schedule so there’s no need to come in that day and another she said she had an allergic reaction to cough syrup and would be out that day. This past week it was raining and she gave us a choice of staying or if we felt “uncomfortable” because of the storm we could go home! What planet is she living on????

  5. RandyB says:

    The point of multicultural education is to require a white to have an IQ of 120 to accept what a minority believes at 90.

  6. Urban Teacher says:

    ALL college students are required to take “multicultural” courses these days—courses in Western Civilization are optional. The main purpose of a college education is indoctrination.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Critical Analysis and Conceptual Reasoning go hand in hand with advanced reading skills because we are a society that uses the written and verbal word to convey complex reasoning.

    Not so for much of the rest of the planet which uses words to define emotional stations as ‘relativism’ (I’m not happy, you are, something is bad here!).

    The question I have is why why whites allow this to happen in a world where technological advancements continue apace and the ability to APPLY collegiate level reasoning and conceptual skills in an advanced economy equates to the kinds of jobs that will be available and the kinds of cascading wealth building that will result from new innovations and the like.

    First manufacturing. Then office/IT. Now R&D. _ANY AREA_ which benefits from applied skills and planned action, at all levels of our economy, is being sold out from under us.

    I swear the Nazis could not have done a better job dismantling our society had they won the second world war than we are doing to ourselves.

  8. Tim in Indiana says:

    The value of a college education was questionable enough to begin with, as books like The Case Against College and The Sheepskin Psychosis have documented, but it’s even more dubious today, in light of all the liberal propaganda. When I was in college, it was bad enough, with Alex Haley being named Honorary Dean (before the plagiarism allegations came out, I guess, not that it would have mattered).

  9. alex says:

    “Today’s College Virtually Useless?”

    Almost! But it depends on the field of study, and it also depends on the college. 99% of them are bastions of low-brow, non-intellectual political correctness to one degree or another.

    Certainly they are no more than propaganda mills, steeped in brainwashing by non-intellectual professors who have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated themselves they can think neither clearly nor objectively, and they do no more than pass along their indoctrination to their weaker minded students who wind up sounding just like them.

    A diversity of ideas is taboo at most institutions.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ““Social justice” teaches children that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed”.

    America IS unjust and oppressive and it should stop hating on white men. I suspect the author understands this. He follows this sentence with,

    “Social justice materials typically include far-left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration, cultural relativism and the redistribution of wealth”

    Basically hating on white men. It’s one thing to have affirmative-action style programs (and that’s just the beginning), but instead of acknowledging white men are giving up their freedom, for the greater good, wherever they have affirmative action this is exactly where they further go on about institutional-racism, exclusion, discrimination, harassment. . . being done by evil white men. It’s crazy, really. And worst of all, the most we ever do in response is say things like ‘it’s not so bad for people of color, gays, etc’.

  11. Jeddermann. says:

    There are still some institutions out there that offer an education in the classical manner, what it is called? And they are? An education where a knowledge of two foreign languages, a grounding in the great books [yes, written by whitey men], etc.

    Any of these institutions of “higher learning” today teach by the tutorial method, where you read at least one book per day or as many as three books per day?

  12. BO_Bill says:

    It really has become a State-sponsored, and therefore dangerous, religion. This religion teaches that people who believe in Creationism are stupid and backwards (‘the unwashed’), and that people who believe that humans have continuously evolved through time are ‘racists’ (‘heretics’). To appease their God, one must believe, or at least profess, that evolution occurred in humans until 30,000 years ago and then suddenly stopped, with the exception of outward appearances. These are too difficult to deny, as they are readily perceived.

    Science is the traditional enemy of religion. When Galileo challenged the Catholic Church with Astronomy, they shut him up. Then came the Enlightenment. Truth has a certain ring to it.

  13. C says:

    Worth complaining about. All kinds of sensible people see no need to have Marxist indoctrination as part of the college curriculum. And majors like “Gender Studies” or “African-American Studies” or “_____ Studies” are where the Marxist faculty are concentrated.

  14. NAVY says:

    In the mid 1980’s alot of socially engineered students wanted to change America and make a financial killing in the process.

    After the Enron scandal and the Amy Bishop case, America witnessed where those policies of social engineering had peaked.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I agree that college education is becoming worthless due to political correctness. It’s so bad it’s scary, and not just in social sciences. Even doctors are being taught alternative medicine like acupuncture. But I need to make a couple of technical points:

    Homosexuality is a congenital disease caused by hormone levels in the womb (well proven in the case of Lesbianism). It makes babies’ brains develop differently. Until we can prevent it before birth, there are going to be homosexuals, and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Technically “Radical feminism” actually refers to one particular type of “feminism”, not just all feminist radicals. It’s the type that Jared Taylor frequently mentions regarding racial profiling… That men and women are biologically different in terms of personality and aggression, which makes men commit far more crime on the street than women do (the same amount of difference as between black and white men). Which is true. “Radical feminists” just ignore the many biological differences in which men are better.

    The irony is that many “Radical Feminists” tend to be lesbians with the above-mentioned brain problem which actually causes them to behave like men in terms of personality and aggression.

  16. Schoolteacher says:

    Library and church sponsored book groups are always choosing books about some afflicted minority or other. My wife is a librarian, and looking at the stack of things she’s supposed to read for various book groups, I see Hmong, Nisei, Blacks, homosexuals, Chinese, Africans, Jews, and Koreans. Only two of the books are about Whites, “I, Claudius” and “Great Expectations”. The book groups are all White, but 80% of their reading is about poor, pitiful minorities. They think it ennobles them to read this stuff.

  17. cpascal says:

    “Social justice materials typically include far-left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration, cultural relativism and the redistribution of wealth.”

    This proves that the main goal of the publc school system is to indoctrinate the kids with a certain ideology rather than to educate them, and it shows the intolerance that the school system has towards traditional Western ideas. This is one of the main reasons why home schooling is so popular.

  18. Whiteplight says:

    I’d say that they are close to useless. Way too many training for limited vocations. We’re filled up with what we need everywhere. Colleges sell hope with a degree, but so few can get jobs on that.

    I have seen all aspects of this article manifesting locally. Our local community college espouses Diversity as a religion. I’m hunkering down and preparing for the time when all these useful idiots come to critical mass. The fun will begin when all the degrees they earned will be shown up as useless.

  19. Aware says:

    And the abuse goes on. One wonders how much longer people are gonna take this.

    The greatest civilizations existed at times when most people didn’t have a college degree.

  20. Alexandra says:

    I have *only* a high school diploma and my spelling is a LOT better than that of a lot of college grads! At this one place where I had been employed, we had managers with degrees sitting in meetings telling us that one of the ground rules was “spelling don’t count.”

    Which leads me to ask, just what are they learning there? (As if I didn’t have a good idea.)

    To me, a college diploma nowadays means you were able to spit out whatever they fed you–garbage in, garbage out.

    As was pointed out to one of the aforementioned managers, if you sound intelligent and come across as such, it’s more likely people will actually listen to you, instead of blowing you off as a know-it-all dunce.

  21. BannerRWB says:

    2-Anon: ” It’s anti-American, anti-Western and especially anti-Christian.”: I completely agree with this sentiment. My “favorite” example of this is some of the current teaching regarding the Berlin Airlift. Previously taught as a stunning victory for the West over Soviet Communism where over 100 people (31 U.S.) died to save West Berlin, it is now taught (if at all) as an example of a Pro-Western society causing increased tension in the world by being unaccomodating toward the Soviets.

  22. Schoolteacher says:

    I was chatting with a college professor (an ardent Leftist who did not know my racial views, btw) and we agreed that the college industry was heading to a big contraction. High costs, uncertain return on the time and money invested, poor teaching, and the availability of alternatives (particularly on the internet) were going to put a lot of professors out of work.

    When colleges are the gatekeepers to a middle class life, they can use that monopoly to force customers to buy extras they do not want, like multi-culturalism. Break the monopoly and the unwanted products will sit on the shelf.

  23. Schoolteacher says:

    The multi-cult Left dumps guilt on Whites 24/7. It’s a ceaseless barrage coming from all forms of media, White male racism-oppression-sexism-homophobia-xenophobia-greed-etc, coupled with unending praise for other cultures. It’s got to be a heavy burden when every source of information aside from your uncle Jack tells you you’re evil for being a White boy.

    And then the multi-cult has a fix for your problem: Become a multi-cultist. Blame other Whites, condemn your own culture and exalt Darks, and you’re off the hook. Become one of the saved, and you can go about your life, drive a Lexus, live in a big house with a security system in a suburb with very few Blacks or Mexicans, and sneer at lower class Whites for their lack of enlightenment.

    If I’m right, some very intelligent and evil people have been working long and diligently to destroy us.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “The point of multicultural education is to require a white to have an IQ of 120 to accept what a minority believes at 90.”

    There is so much of truth to that observation. It requires a relatively high IQ and willingness to engage is all sorts of complex abstraction and ant-logic to buy into the concepts that go against Western man and toward social justice and egalitarianism for the non-whites. It’s all been very Animal Farm in US universities since the late 1980’s.

    I call it educating the intelligence right out of the student, and it’s exactly what I encountered when I returned to college a decade ago. A person with an average IQ combined with average to above common sense knows better more often than the over-educated (brainwashed???) class. Hunter Thompson referred to this as “redneck logic”, and it was not a put-down.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Getting an education is over hyped and this is coming from someone with a bachelor’s degree. There are dozens of degrees being offered in low tech occupations like medical information technology or administration, things that were being learned by on the job training 30 years ago. Teaching has become little better than civil service jobs, a jobs mill with lots of security where performance is played down.

  26. Jay says:

    Everyone, please just remember not all teachers believe in or promote that leftist dribble. There are a lot of us in the ‘underground,’ and we do our little acts of rebellion by pointing out to our students whenever possible an alternate view of reality.

    We are like the long suffering patriots under occupation by an evil empire. We keep the embers of hope alive.

  27. Mark Miwerds says:

    It’s all so true. If you have to get teacher certification, then you have to go.

    I spent 7 years in a liberal arts 4-year college and grad. school. Only about 15% of what I learned there was of any worth or lasting value. Best thing they taught me was how to do my own research — I learned better HOW to learn on my own.

    With the Internet today, including even free lectures from Stanford on iTunes, and much more, all you need to get started is the ability to check facts and weed out the garbage.

    All a degree really means to most employers is that you have the discipline to stick it out, to persevere. Aside from technical, math, medical and science classes, most of what is being taught at U.S. universities today is pure trash.

    Go there knowing this, go there for the social involvement, whatever, but it’s just not worth the money they dare charge for “knowledge.”

  28. Anonymous says:

    College may still be worth the effort, especially in tech and engineering fields. But the communist keepers of the gate know that students going into these subjects are bright and thus would skip the brainwashing if they could. Therefore they require that all freshmen-sophomores be properly indoctrinated first before getting to their real interests.

    This article reminds me of my niece who enrolled as a freshman (freshwoman?, freshperson?) at a University of Texas branch campus. One of her required subjects was American Literature.

    One night she came home with an assignment which required that she read and write comments about a piece of literature that was completely written in Spanish. Since she is a white girl, and like most whites growing up in the US, she is an English speaker only. Thus she couldn’t read the material.

    I read it for her and dictated some scathing comments which she refused to use. I told her that her “English” teacher was stupid. My niece defended the assignment as “justified since Mexicans contributed”. I asked how..”by chopping cotton?”

    We haven’t spoken since but I learned that later she had “fallen in love” with a Mexican Macho Man who dumped her very soon after he got what he wanted from la Gringa.

    Later she went off to a very prestigious private university and graduated with a degree in Islamic Culture. She now works as receptionist for an oil company and is crushed by school debt with a degree that is vertically useless.

    By way of a relative I got word to her that since she had picked up the rudiments of Farsi during her studies she might consider joining the Army or Air Force. She would likely go in as an officer and be sent to their fine language school in Monterrey, CA.

    I never heard anything but I guess she wouldn’t consider my suggestion since that would be perpetuating the white man’s evil.

    From photos I’ve seen of her lately she has become fat. Just a few years ago she was slim and pretty could have had her pick of most any white boy.

    I pass it off as just another young life destroyed, in part, by the education propaganda machine. Just another promising young white girl sacrificed to the gods of the mulitkult.

    I really feel sorry for her parents though. They are of the generation that came of age when a college degree was “the ticket”. Undoubtedly they sacrificed a lot to get the kid through college.

  29. White Male Engineer says:

    Most Colleges today “require” courses in diversity in order to earn a degree. Some of the professors are very intelligent and can teach their subject matter very well. However, there is an underlying reason why undergrads have to take these courses – to keep the professors employed! These professors could not easily quit the academic environment and go into industry. What “skills” do they have that industry needs? Professional majors such as Pharmacy, Engineering, Medicine/Health Sciences, Computer Science etc. are taught by professors who have a marketable skill. They can easily leave the academic environment and get a real job, since they have an actual skill. Never, in my 6 years of engineering education, did we put our chairs in a circle to “discuss” anything! We were too busy studying higher level math, physics, and related engineering courses. I graduated in the 70’s and received 5 job offers. My starting pay was higher than most assistant professors in the liberal arts. Why? Because I had a marketable skill, not just an “education” where I read useless books and engaged in worthless discussions in class. Oh, by the way, we started with 320 engineering freshman and graduated only 89 people four years later. Why such a high drop out rate – because REAL subjects are difficult and require a higher IQ with and a lot of discipline.

  30. Rajesh says:

    I feel really offended at the comment about how whites in college have an average IQ of 120 while “minorities” in the same college have an IQ of 90.


  31. Wayne says:

    They are worse than worthless, they are cultural Marxist indoctrination centers.

    What’s just as bad are the publishing houses that provide the textbooks. I looked around on one site (McMillan, if I remember correctly) and their line of text books was pure anti-white, anti-western civ stuff.

    My sister home schools her kids. She uses antique textbooks she orders on line. Most published in the 1920’s or 30’s.

    My Mother showed me an old 8th grade reading and grammar book from 1898. It contained materiel that a sophomore in the average college wouldn’t get.

  32. White Guy in Japan says:

    When I was doing a BA in anthropology in SF and NYC, I anticipated the white-bashing rhetoric of “oppressive paradigms”. I spoke up at times but also kept my mouth shut and did my homework. (In contrast, my math/statistics courses were refreshing for their lack of subjective axe-grinding.)

    Now I am teaching English in Japan and recently started an MS in Language Education. Although much of the readings are informative and useful, I was surprised to see the white-bashing pop up again. The idea that we evil Whites are “forcing” others to learn English seems laughable to me as I see a lot of people in Asia who want to learn English as it gives them a gateway into a larger world of business, science, etc. But still we are promoting “linquistic imperialism”. Is this what constitutes education?

    I hope my classes next semester are more useful.

  33. AlmostMusicPhD says:

    As I prepare to receive my Doctorate, after ten years of hard work, sacrifice, and huge personal and familial obstacles overcome, I realize that my degree means something, but the ‘free exercise’ of it will most likely be halted… which renders this degree, the ten years lost of my life, the summers and semesters listening to idiot instructors twenty years my junior, who indulged in ageism at EVERY CONCEIVABLE OPPORTUNITY to demean we ‘older students’ and the ‘passing over’ of us, because the ‘perks’ of my degree went ONLY to the young, I can say with all sincerity:

    1) American Academic post-High School education (like the Dept. of Education itself) needs to BE DEMOLISHED. – not one stone left standing.

    2) Alternative structures for REAL EDUCATION, tied to the Church, and for our RACE alone, must be envisioned, implemented, and set up.

    3) ALL professors of the last fifty years need to be sacked, and forbidden to teach, write, or ‘pontificate’ as it is THEY who aided and abetted the GENOCIDE OF OUR NATION, from their ‘Ivory Towers.’

    4) FINALLY- all degrees awarded to non-Whites need to be revoked. Especially those in disciplines such as multicultural/feminist/gay/sociology studies, that merely were the ENABLERS of the Kulturkampf that we have all been the unwilling recipients of. Why legitimize your oppressors, after all? And THAT is the ONLY think I EVER learned from Marx, Alinsky et al.

    It’s payback time, frankly. To work this hard, and have your job outsourced, your career moved overseas, and your RACE denigrated to the point you are nothing but a Wal-Mart Greeter, with a Doctorate, should have galvanized the intellectuals twenty years ago… but for the mass propaganda, that is the Media, and their willing accomplices in D.C.

  34. Juggernaut says:

    #30: Rajesh:


    TOO BAD!

    I wish the moderators would stop putting through your comments. You repeat the same things over and over again. This is not your country. It was created and set up for white sensibilities, white mores and white cultures, to accommodate no one but whites and white posterity. NO one else belongs here!!

    Go back to whatever country it is you came from!

    This country was built BY WHITES FOR WHITES, not Asians from Indian or elsewhere. For a look at what YOUR people created look no further than India which is noted for overpopulation, grinding poverty, disease and misery.

    If you don’t like the American system, Go Home, Go Home, Go Home and leave us racist whites alone in the land WE created FOR US and not you.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why so many people here have commented on Engineering, Math, Science, etc. degrees as being an exception to the increasingly obsolete utility of a college degree.

    Sorry to say, but the traitorous liberals who are downgrading the educational system are the same ones who run the Silly-con valley and often scream about “not having enough Engineers” only to turn around and vouch Con-gress for more non-white H1B visa workers.

    Similar to a few comments already mentioned, I also believe the “higher education” industry is due for a huge correction sometime this decade.

  36. Diversity = Adversity says:

    @ _1-Wayne. Can you point me in the right direction for finding those books? Particularly any book from before 1930. That reading and grammar book from 1898 — what a treasure!


  37. Rick says:

    What’s the point? Spend 4 years in college–the first 2 rehashing your last 2 years of High School—the last 2 years actually beginning to study what the heck you are there to study! All the while being immersed in deceptive and subversive ideology AND being charged a FORTUNE for it!! INSANITY!!!!

  38. SoCA Music Major says:

    #33, I was also an almost-Ph.D. in music, thru the Univ. NC @ Chapel Hill. I dropped out, having “fallen in love” in the Bay Area. That was in 1977. At that time, I had to be reading-fluent in English, German, Spanish, and French even to get into the music history graduate program – and I was. In those days you had to KNOW something in order to be accepted into a grad program. Today it’s just nonsense – if you’re the right color, have the right politics, and snivel enough — you’ll not only get in, but you’ll get your degree without having to first pass “writtens” and then doing the dissertation. Disgusting. I don’t trust anyone who got a degree any later than 1980, at least from a mainline institution. I have a Ph.D. from a NON mainstream university, and I got it 2 years ago. It’s good for publishing, which is all I want it for.