Posted on April 8, 2011

Letters: Courthouse Gunman Angry at Justice System

Greg Bluestein, WTOP-FM (Washington, D.C.), March 27, 2011

The Atlanta courthouse gunman said in letters that he escaped from guards and then killed four people in a shooting rampage to fight back against what he believed was a racist justice system, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

In the letters, which were among thousands of Georgia Bureau of Investigation documents reviewed exclusively by the AP, Brian Nichols lays out his motive for the March 2005 slayings in stark racial terms.

“Certain dogs you can kick and they tuck their tail between their legs and run,” he wrote in a July 2005 letter to a man who criticized him. “Others if kicked will turn and bite the individual responsible. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth that black men have done way too much tail tuckin.”

While awaiting trial on rape charges, Nichols overpowered a guard at the Fulton County Courthouse and fatally shot a judge, court reporter, deputy and federal agent. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole in December 2008.


Nichols said he was infuriated that the judge, Rowland Barnes, was holding him without bond on rape charges while other inmates awaiting trial were set free.

He compared himself to Dany Heatley, a former Atlanta Thrashers star, whom Barnes allowed to remain free on bail after he was charged with vehicular homicide in a 2003 crash that killed a teammate.

“White boy, driving crazy killed somebody. Was he not a threat to the community having killed a person as a result of his reckless behavior?” he wrote.

He said “no black man has ever made a stand such as mine” and insisted the shootings sent a message.

“Perhaps my children of another generation won’t find their back against the wall, subjected to unequal treatment under the law. Unfortunately, my sacrifice is not enough to prevent that from happening, but perhaps it’s a start.”


{snip} Prosecutors this week decided not to charge Meneguzzo and three other people who investigators say were involved in a separate, bizarre plot to help him escape from the Fulton County Jail while he was awaiting trial.


14 responses to “Letters: Courthouse Gunman Angry at Justice System”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    I bet Nichols wrote these letters after he was apprehended for the court house rampage, not before. If I’m right, he’s only trying to create a subtle defense for a future Democrat Governor to pardon him — If he was so worried about “racism” and “inconsistent treatment,” there would be indications that he would have written things about that before the rampage.

    And then there’s the more fundamental point — Anecdotal incidents that demonstrate the possibility of blatant racial unfairness, but don’t prove that there is, don’t give you permission to murder judges, bailiffs and court reporters.

  2. Lucas says:

    Well goodness! With his perfectly sound, lucid explanation and intelligent rationale I am surprised they just didn’t let him go free. Oh, that’s right, all these racist white people think it’s okay to lock up a black man just because he murdered four innocent people.

  3. Peejay in Frisco says:

    The only racism in this case was the fact thast the jury, which had a number of racist blacks, wouldnt give him the death penalty

  4. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this murderer’s views much like those of the whites who agonize over “white privilege”? In fact, that’s where Nichol probably got them. I doubt if he believes them; proficiency in making excuses is an African trait. His impulsive and irrational behaviour is also a trait of non-aged African males under high stress conditions.

  5. AWG (Angry White Guy) says:

    Could it be that the racist “White Privilege” rhetoric being voiced by the likes of Tim Wise and SPLC is to blame for black-on-White crime?

  6. olewhitelady says:

    Many blacks have the habit of constantly making up absurd rationales or excuses for bad behavior. On TV cop shows, they might be pulled over for speeding or erratic driving, and then the officer ascertains that the driver has no license, registration, or insurance. The smell of pot might be overpowering or the driver clearly stoned or drunk. The suspect then often cajoles, “I just came from work!” or “I’m just trying to get home!” as though either statement makes any difference in whether he’s committed a crime. Maybe such feeble excuses work with other low-IQ blacks, or maybe massa on the old plantation started laughing and gave some ancestor a break a time or two.

    Anyway, let these fools keep talking, and let it be broadcast far and wide. Maybe some white liberal dupes will figure it out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Everything is “racist” for these fools. Anyone who lives in the South such as myself can offer examples of bad, totally selfish and absurd black behavior every day. Someone else once remarked on this site that blacks behave like children: always trying to dodge responsibility for their own actions-anyway possible. How true. I can’t do much as a single white person alone-but I do refuse to accept their bad behavior at school, work and in my building-and I do call them out on it. I’m polite but firm about it. Unfortunately, especially at school I see whites cowering in fear-annoyed at black students’ obnoxiousness-but afraid to do anything about it. I sure hope it’s not too late to get younger people who have been indoctrinated all these years about how they should give in to blacks to start standing up. Anyway Amren can get onto Facebook, Youtube and other sites that younger people than myself flock to? I’m old enough to remember when this society was much more civil than today-but I don’t think these kids know the difference.

  8. Grob Hahn says:

    Killing the court reporter in cold blood will ruin his chances here. Also, I wonder if the black lady he overpowered to make his escape will testify on his behalf? Freedom is a distant memory for this murderer. The only reason he is still making the news is because the news always grabs a story if a black claims racism. It doesn’t have to be accurate or even true, it just has to be said.


  9. Adler Weis says:

    Want to point out something to you all. Notice how he used the term “white boy”? This is a way to essentially say that White men are boys, not men. He called himself a Black man, did he not? Stop allowing- those you can stop- from using derogatory terms like White boy and White guy, as they only serve to cast you as unmanly and/or a generic “guy”.

  10. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I remember this case well!

    The Atlanta courthouse gunman said in letters that he escaped from guards and then killed four people in a shooting rampage to fight back against what he believed was a racist justice system

    This case is a perfect example of what political correctness and feminism have wrought. Four people were needlessly killed by Nichols because:

    The local sheriff’s office had adopted the politically correct premise that men and women are interchangeable.

    Deputy Cynthia Hall, at 5’1″ was charged with “guarding” 6’1″ Brian Nichols.

    The Police Blotter reports:

    Deputy Hall, 51, guarded Nichols in a room near the court. Hall was very small and a grandmother. She was all alone in a room with a burly felon who was a college football linebacker. Brian Nichols was not handcuffed as he put on his suit for his court appearance and proceeded to attack..Brian Nichols overpowered Deputy Sheriff Cynthia Hall and killed four people before surrendering the following day.

    But, according to media reports, we weren’t supposed to notice the insanity of a petite fifty-one year old grandmother guarding an un-cuffed former college linebacker charged with violent felonies…


  11. WR the elder says:

    When Jared Lee Loughner shot U.S. representative Gabrielle Giffords and others Mark Potok wasted no time getting on MSNBC to claim that Loughner was inspired by right wing talk radio. And Fox quoted some fool in a fusion center who said that Loughner was inspired by Amren. There is no evidence for any of this, of course. But here we have a clear case of a man who was inspired to murder by all the rhetoric about “racism” — coming from organizations like the SPLC, mass media like MSNBC, and academics holding “white privilege” conferences.

    I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for pundits and politicians to call for leftists to moderate their anti-white speech.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Was the woman he raped subject to ‘privilege’ or ‘racist views’ too?

    That’s the underlying crime here.

    No Rape. No Murder.

    He wasn’t in that court house because a white man put him there.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is worth remembering that this black thug was writing to a white women on the east coast, New England area I believe, who was his pen pal and tried to convince her to help him escape from prison. I recall reading this in the newspaper about 3 or 4 years ago.

  14. white is right, black is whack says:

    A black man being treated fairly by a black jury simply because of his race? Sounds like ‘white privilege’ to me…