Posted on April 14, 2011

Efforts Close to Recall Senate President Russell Pearce

Mary Ellen Resendez, ABC 15 (Phoenix), April 14, 2011

What may seem to some as an uphill battle is becoming close to a reality for a non-partisan political group as they gather signatures to recall Senate President Russell Pearce.

“I have no doubt we’ll get enough signatures to force the recall campaign,” said Chad Snow, chairman of Citizens for a Better Arizona.

The group has two thirds of the signatures needed to force a recall election on the senator they accuse of having an extreme agenda.

“We feel that Russell Pearce has completely thrown Arizona’s economy under the bus so he could pursue one issue,” said Snow.

That issue is immigration. Pearce sponsored the controversial SB1070 and even though the law has gained negative national attention, polls show an overwhelming amount of Arizonans support it.


Citizens for a Better Arizona needs to collect over 7,700 signatures by May 31st to force a recall election, but Snow is confident they will get more, claiming the Senate President’s actions are helping their efforts.