Posted on April 14, 2011

W-B Area Settles Claim for $33K

Jerry Lynott, Times Leader, April 14, 2011

The Wilkes-Barre Area School Board on Wednesday agreed to set up a $33,000 educational fund to settle claims raised by the parents of a special education student.


During the public comment period Ryan Wojtowicz of Ashley and Steve Smith of Pittston raised concerns about the district’s seeking out minority applicants for teaching positions.

The two men said they objected to the Ron Felton of the NAACP speaking at last month’s meeting to push his “agenda” of hiring minority teachers.

In response to Felton providing the board with the resumes of what he said were three qualified candidates, Superintendent Jeff Namey said they would be at the top of the list when screening begins for the next school year.

“That’s completely anti-white,” said Wojtowicz of the priority treatment given to the minority applicants.

But Namey said that “if a minority applicant is not as qualified as any other applicant, they would not be considered.”

The majority of teachers in the district are white while the number of minority students continues to grow, Namey said. For that reason more role models are needed for the minority population, he added.

Smith was not sold on Namey’s explanation.

“Diversity is not a strength,” said Smith.

The board sat silent on the hiring of minority, however, it voted unanimously to send a letter to Gov. Tom Corbett expressing its opposition to his proposed cuts in basic education.


21 responses to “W-B Area Settles Claim for $33K”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the AR website editors for the way they phrased the subtitle to this article.

    The two men in question are right, in that diversity is not a strength. But if they were afraid to say that, the best angle would have been to ask the school board and NAACP rep: How or why is diversity a strength? 999 times out of 1000, you’ll get a response emblematic of the definition of diversity, but they won’t explain why or how it’s a strength. When that happens, tell them that all they did was define diversity, and not answer why or how.

  2. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Is this the kind of role model they are talking about??

  3. Wayne Engle says:

    More “role models” are needed for the minority (read: black) population? How about parents? Oh, yes, I forgot; that’s not likely to happen as Momma is often on both welfare and drugs and Daddy is nowhere to be found.

    Kudos to Mr. Wojtowicz and Mr. Smith for daring to speak the truth, though, politically incorrect as it may be. Caving in to the NAACP’s demands is anti-White; diversity is not necessarily a strength.

    I notice that the board is reported to have sat silently when those truths were presented to them. Perhaps they were so stunned at hearing a spade called a spade that they were left speechless — until time to protest the state’s education budget cuts, that is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unless they put all the black kids in the black teacher’s classes, this is just tokenism.

  5. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    Employers seeking employees for any position that requires academic skills — teaching, for example — confront a very large white-minority achievement gap, the most succinct definition of is furnished by Education Trust:

    “By the time [minority students] reach grade 12, if they do so at all, minority students are about four years behind other young people. Indeed, 17 year-old African American and Latino students have skills in English, mathematics and science similar to those of 13-year-old white students.” (Education Trust, “Closing the Achievement Gap,” National Governors Association Clearinghouse, 2002, 9th paragraph)

    Note the conditional “if they do so [reach 12th grade] at all.”

    Those words means that the white-minority achievement gap is “four years” for the above-average contingent of black students still in high school by 12th grade. The below-average contingent of black students (half of the age cohort) have already dropped out.

    We can have academically proficient teachers for minority students or we can have “role models.” We can’t have both.

  6. Schoolteacher says:

    2 Up to my neck: That teacher in the video was merely accommodating the Black child’s different learning style.

  7. Fritz says:

    In areas like Detroit, Chicago, and LA that have a high percentage of Black teachers, the academic achievement rate among Black students so blessed by those positive role models doesn’t show that they have any positive affect.

  8. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Up to my neck in CA. writes:

    Is this the kind of role model they are talking about??

    That’s a heck of a video!! I strongly suggest everyone watch it. You can well imagine if this teacher were White it would be a National Incident, Nationwide Headline News and the Lead Story on the pathetic alphabet networks.

    You can also be sure that the punishment would be far more than this:

    April Sheri Lynn Davis pleaded guilty Tuesday to injury to a child and was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication.

    What on earth is deferred adjudication?

    That means her record could be wiped clean if she stays out of trouble.

    A White teacher would have been accused of violating the Civil Rights of this student, plus subjected to charges of Felony Child Abuse and added Hate Crime Charges on top of it. His credential would have been canceled permanently by the end of the day, a large fine would be levied and his….would be sitting in jail for an inordinate amount of time.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I am from the Wilkes Barre area and this area has few enough decent jobs as it is and I am willing to bet that those so called qualified candidates of Mr.Felton’s are not from this area. I see no reason to import people from other places to take jobs from the people who pay the taxes to support these school districts

  10. 38specialady says:

    Maybe minority children NEED white teachers for better role models. Clearly, minority role models aren’t working. I am a teacher, and I have never met more lazy, complacent teachers than the minority teachers I have worked with. They model lack of ambition, having a sense of entitlement simply for being a minority, lack of patience, lack of creativity…I go could on and on. Bottom line: hire the most qualified, fire the parasites.

  11. noneknown says:

    “…more role models are needed for the minority population…”. What an incredibly racist statement to make. Think of the implications of that statement! It reminds me the oft cited fact that “90 percent of blacks voted for Obama”, usually stated with great pride. I point out that voting for a candidate simply because of the candidate’s race is racist!! My definition of racism is pride in ones race so by that definition, being a racist is not a bad thing. Let’s just be honest about these things.

  12. Mike from not-Queens says:

    Frank Borzillieri should be gratified at this. Where is Frank these days and what’s he doing?

  13. **Mel** says:

    What I just can’t understand is how minorities tell majorities what to do and how to do it? White Europeons came to this land to build a place fro themselves yet now they freely give away their freedoms and rights with no consideration of how America was built and on what premise.

    I can’t blame the invaders and the blacks for gobbling up all the freebies and Special Rights and Considerations the foolish whites now in power are throwing their way.

    I am just waiting until we (whites) are the recognized minority in America and the blacks and invaders start doing everything they can to make sure we are fairly treated and respected just because we are the minority.

    Ha, ha, don’t hold your breath.

    How have we as whites become so weak, so foolish with what others of our kind have died for and built for us to have?

  14. Greg says:

    Diversity can be a strength but, it is relative.

    If you are talking about a city with an average IQ of 70 then, bringing in a whole lot of people with IQs of 120 helps.

    But if you have a city with the average IQ of 100 then, bringing in folks w/ 70 IQs is a bad idea.

    High IQ people are being out bred and over ran.

    The end is nigh.

    Soon, we will have the dull ghetto on the hill.

  15. SavetheWest says:

    Poster #1. You made a good point on this. Any time you question a liberal on this, they seem thrown back a bit. Reminiscent of Jared Taylor’s study of inter-racial crime data. Mark Potok tried to counter these facts by stating that most crime is committed by perps of the same race. Right away his credibility was thrown out because that’s not what Taylor was studying. But what do you expect from the SPLC with all their treachery & deceit?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s our fault because we would not be in this position if we strictly maintain a whites-for-whites system of exclusion.


    But Namey said that “if a minority applicant is not as qualified as any other applicant, they would not be considered.”


    Which is the same thing as an HR secretary at Boeing or Dell being told not to show her boss the folders of U.S. engineering grads whose requested salary representations are too high.

    No other candidates = mandatory ethnic hire.


    The majority of teachers in the district are white while the number of minority students continues to grow, Namey said. For that reason more role models are needed for the minority population, he added.


    Which is how you attack this issue. If ethnics breed more, let ethnics supply more teachers.

    Because blacks especially are by and large dumb. Their middle row 87 IQ translates to about 900,000 individuals out of 36 million total population (2.5%) on a Bell Curve distributional IQ of 115 able to learn enough in college to adequately teach others in primary grades.

    When the base number is not large enough to supply teachers for the total black youth population anyway, how many of those smart blacks do you think are going to dedicate their lives to the unforgiving and unacknowledged sacrifice of teaching?

    Just short of ZERO. At which point you simply raise the bar on the educational standards and then pull the plug on the entire system when BOTH minority teachers -and- their students fail to ‘make the grade’.

    Specifically: if the minority teachers who show up are incompetent, you film them being so (see above video) and then go to THE WHITE PARENTS who are faced with an ever shrinking circle of flight-housing areas within their budget range. And you say: “Stay here, we’ll make it a culture within a culture environment” (like Hassidic Jews in New York) and exclude them where we are, privately.

    You then go, _privately_, to the State legislature members with petitions backing the videos and give them a choice: to either begin defunding of the entire public school system as a function of ‘balanced budget’ efforts necessary to survive the fiscal envrionment. Or to make it a racial issue and have the whites pull out by forced proposition.

    When you get your private agreement as to ‘public necessity’ you make sure that you include provisions for vouchers _based on paid income tax_ brackets.

    At which point the whites will save all their tax ‘donations’ to useless ethnic education and move towards private schools. The low income and assisted ethnics will have no options and so watch their kids revert to the pre-1964 level of street education.

    And without a competitive elementary education, the elitism of white supremacy in learning and achievement scores will win out in regaining lost job positions.

    The incentive for the white teachers being inherent to a block-school promise to escape the wondrously ‘diverse’ nature of their over populated, over ethnicized, underachieving current class rooms with a living wage and a paid-for house.

    With teacher selection being highly specific (White IQ = 100, 16% of the curve or 25-30 million having 115 IQ as ‘more quality, less diversity’) and restricted to those who are truly adept with children and -care- about education and whiteness.


    The board sat silent on the hiring of minority, however, it voted unanimously to send a letter to Gov. Tom Corbett expressing its opposition to his proposed cuts in basic education. The district is looking at a loss of between $7 million and $8 million in state funds under the governor’s budget.

    “We know there should be some cuts, but not at this level,” said board member Gary Polakoski.


    This is a dangerous condition and one of the reasons why we must collapse public education as an institution, altogether.

    Because ‘the next step’ is a lottery system of race betrayal which uses ethnicity as a precondition for replacement or ‘matching’ Federal Funds (why not, they are already spending money we don’t give them).

    Federal Government has exceeded it’s rights as management institution in destroying rather than protecting our lives as lifestyles.

    It’s time to defrock them by forcing them to pay for the social engineering causes they have begun.

    All’s you have to do folks is show how pathetic blacks and hispanics are as a group -without white assistance- and you will disable the entire agenda of white replacement in elite positions, AA entitlements and reverse discrimination.

    But you have to do it locally and you have to use _negative strategy_ (razed earth) to make it functionally possible for whites to get together and not only make private schooling the only remaining option (vouchers are important) but also to define how that schooling is to work in terms of achievement goals and curriculum.

    So that it cannot be copied.

    At which point, you will see the real colors of our nation stand out. Because if they cannot get whites to carry blacks and hispanics willingly. They will (try to) begin to set mandatory participation in ethnic uplift. And that will be the starting point of complete Separation.

    No more grading on a curve. No more mixed classes to bury ethnic statistics. No more lightened course loads. No more criminal elements in white-run classes that are filled with white students because the voucher allows for it as a _private institution_ which only has to maintain GPA adherence to retain certification.

  17. Anonymous says:

    When a place is mostly white, the smart-crowd says these places need diversity. When a place is Hispanic or Black, the smart people say they need diversity too, by which they mean even more blacks, or hispanics, more laws favoring the respective in-group, and a celebration of this and their unique heritage and vibrancy. Don’t expect education about whites, outside of their role as official oppressors.

  18. Anonymous says:

    They are all nuts. The whole country. Down the road from me, a one horse town with not even a traffic light, really just an intersection with a filling station, a few former businesses needing a good arsonist or the firedept. having an exercise to get rid of the derelict eyesores. Anyway, this one horse town has an elementary school that draws the all white, like 100%, kids from miles around. Guess who they hired?

  19. Anonymous says:

    12-Mike from not Queens…I remember listening to Frank Borzillieri on the Bob Grant show many, many years ago. I haven’t heard anything about him either.

  20. Ben says:

    Diversity can be a strength but we fail to mention exactly what type of diversity we are talking about. Diversity with representation or diversity within thought.

    Many on the left will argue that diversity of thought is reflected in representation of different people, however this isn’t always the case.

    In short, I applaud Mr. Smith for standing up (note the irony that they are truly getting a diverse set of opinions about diversity when someone actually disagrees with the status quo).

  21. investorcs says:

    @16 — Anonymous at 3:41 PM on April 15…

    You have said something important, so I have copied it accordingly. However, I need time to think about how it may fit into a larger strategy that conservatives might adopt, i.e., a strategy of offense instead of forever reacting to progressives latest outrage.

    For example, how might it fit into the following general approach by conservatives…

    1) Organized civil disobedience, e.g., at a community local level, withhold payment into an escrow account of taxes going to schools, but ensure that you have conservative legal counsel in place (preferably pro bono) before you start.

    2) Nullification at any and all governmental levels up to and including the state; e.g., ignore any court order from any judge who interprets a “living Constitution”. Note that progressives have already successfully done this, e.g., open immigration or sanctuary cities.

    3) Secession, perhaps at the county level, but especially at the state level. The end result?.. consider proposals already being made at such blogs as View from the Right: An expanded proposal to divide America into two countries.

    ‘Razed earth’… I like it. Please post again and expand on how this might be used going forward.