The Polarised Race Map of America: Census Shows Midwest Emptying Out as Growing Minority Groups Cluster on Opposite Sides of the Country

Daily Mail (London), March 31, 2011

New census maps reveal the stark geographical divide between America’s black and Hispanic populations as they become increasingly concentrated on opposite ends of the country.

The U.S. black and Hispanic populations are mostly concentrated in the South–but whereas the black population is centred in the Southeast, Hispanics are mostly in the Southwest.

The maps come as the U.S. Census Bureau finished releasing all of its ‘state redistricting’ file information from the 2010 census.

The biggest general population rises were in the Southwest and Southeast, but the largest falls came in the Midwest, according to 2010 Census Bureau data.

General population growth continued to be mostly-concentrated in suburban metropolitan counties while many rural areas–such as the Great Plains–continue to shrink, reported New Geography.

This can be seen even more starkly when dividing counties by those growing faster or slower than the average in the U.S.

Although Hispanics are concentrated in the Southwest, other areas of the South such as Alabama have posted significant gains in Hispanic population share.

In many South states, the Hispanic population has doubled on ten years ago, with Hispanics outstripping whites for the first time in New Mexico–46 to 40 per cent.

But while the Hispanic population is mostly in the Southwest, there are also a large number in the Northwest and Southeast.

The so-called ‘reverse’ Great Migration of black people from the north to the south has been heavily documented, but these results show less of a general migration.

Some cities in the North and South are becoming magnets for black people, but other areas traditionally popular with black people like Chicago are becoming less popular.

The numbers on the legend can be multiplied by 100 to get population percentages.

Census statistics released last week showed the number of Hispanics in the U.S. reached 50million in 2010, with one in every six Americans now a Latino.

They now represent 16 per cent of the U.S. population of 309million.

Minority groups were behind an unprecedented 90 per cent of total U.S. population growth since 2000, due to immigration and higher Latino birth rates.

Reasons for the rise, which exceeded the Census Bureau’s estimates in around 40 states, include an influx of immigrants during the housing boom.

South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee were the top three states with the highest Hispanic growth. By the mid-century, minorities are expected to make up the majority of the population.




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  • WR the elder

    olewhitelady, with 50% of children in California now Hispanic, and only 25% being white, I’d say the reconquista of California is all but completed. All of those Hispanic children are considered to be America citizens, including the vast numbers born to illegal immigrant mothers, so they aren’t going anywhere. Mexicans will run the show in California within 30 – 40 years, and the results will be very much like any Mexican state south of the border. The same is true for Texas.

    Last I checked American blacks still had above replacement fertility levels, although they are well below the fertility level of Hispanics. Blacks are growing steadily and slowly as a percentage of the population (10% in the 60s, 13.5% now, and in a few more decades, 15%).

    I see no bit of evidence that whites will increase their fertility rates to replacement level or above anytime soon, nor that either party will stop the flood of third world immigration.

    In the words of John Derbyshire, We Are Doomed.

  • Russell Burgh


    Welfare handouts will be cut.

    Anchor babies will no longer (illegally) get automatic citizenship.

    The economy will continue to stagnate driving parasites out.

    The Race Replacement Act of 1965 will be overturned.

    Or our current fake “elites” will be overthrown by the ballet box or the bullet.

  • Anonymous

    So the warmest nicest parts of the country are going to hell..and we get to keep the ice box

  • Anonymous

    Wow, those maps are really dark looking and spread all over the country but things aren’t quite as bad as it sounds. Fifty million hispanics minus twenty million illegals (a conversative estimate) leaves thirty million hispanics and even that total is being inflated with green card holders. Why are they using decimal numbers instead of instead of simply providing the percentages and why are the decimal numbers different for blacks than hispanics? They are hoping there’s lots of ignorant people out there thanks to our government schools. The percentage numbers for blacks are lower because they don’t have the benefit of illegal immigration to pad their numbers so they lowered percentages so they make the map look more dark and ominous than it really is. The black legend starts at .3 percent, kind of an odd number to start with don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with olewhitelady. The most basic forecasting mistake is is to extrapolate a trend line too far in the future. This always assumes that people will continue their current behavior without reacting to to the current environment. The PC crowd didn’t predict the current trend and they stand a real possibility of being wrong this time. Most of their predictions are based on wishful thinking.

  • Matt

    #5 – So the warmest nicest parts of the country are going to hell..and we get to keep the ice box


    As a Canadian, I can tell you that Somalis have enthusiastically immigrated to this country, which is known as the ‘Great White North’. Cold weather has not kept them away – they’ve even moved to the Northwest Territories. And in the United States, if I wanted to seek out Somali Central, it’d be Minnesota, known for its cold winters. So no, whites won’t be left with owning ‘the ice box’. Non-whites will move to wherever there are whites, regardless of cold weather conditions, for the simple reason that conditions will be much better there.

  • sam

    I remember taking a drive into the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York State about 7 yrs. ago. We are talking about very picturesque towns here. I was shocked to see that Hispanics had overrun these tiny places. It simply–and why should it?–never occurred to me that the population would be anything but White. I am hoping that these predictions will not come true but I live in NYC. They sure seem true.

  • Reg

    Jay, three states had black majorities already in the 19th cent. (SC, MS and LA owe their present white majorities to WT Sherman and Henry Ford!) 1950 wasn’t just the last census where whites were on top in every state– it was pretty much the first such census, too. Look it up.

    The “ice box” is still pretty white. My question is, why are whites themselves deserting the Midwest? Few liberal types to the coasts, middle-class conservatives to Texas and similar places– but both toward, rather than away from, “diversity”.

    You’d think it would be right-wingers, not hippies, that would be drawn to Vermont. Repeat after me: “The cold is my friend… The cold is my friend…”

  • Nathaniel Branden, Jr.

    WR the Elder, there is no human activity stupider than trying to extrapolate current trends into the future in perpetuity.

    As in physics for every action there is a reaction. The reason futurolgy is no more ‘scientific’ than astrology is that once ANY trend gets under way enough of a reaction has set in to reverse it. I’m tired of old white male whiners like you shouting Doom ! Doom ! Doom !

    Blacks are leveling out as a percentage of the population.

    The current Depression has cut illegal Mexican immigration considerably. More black women are taking advantage of legal abortion despite the opposition of the Dumb Right.

    Obesity and AIDS are major factors in the black death rate.

    Asians produce much less here than in Asia.

    If the government ‘public’ schools and all entitlements were drastically cut back or abolished the current trends that you bemoan would reverse even more quickly.

    John Derbyshire once wrote that if the Feds were to move him to a concentration camp, he hoped he would react like a gentleman !

    Why are we quoting losers like him ?

    Heraclitus said only change existed and Parmenides said nothing changes, Aristotle reconciled this false dichotomy. Read him.

  • Duran Dahl

    5 — Anonymous wrote at 1:23 AM on April 1: “So the warmest nicest parts of the country are going to hell..and we get to keep the ice box”

    Personally, I prefer the “ice box,” General Winter is my friend and arctic chill keeps the riff-raff off of the street.

    3 — WR the elder wrote at 12:19 AM on April 1:”I see no bit of evidence that whites will increase their fertility rates to replacement level or above anytime soon, nor that either party will stop the flood of third world immigration.”

    “In the words of John Derbyshire, We Are Doomed.”

    The white race has never depended on weight of numbers to crush our foes. We have quality on our side and If you think you are doomed, you are…speak for yourself. BTW, I believe Charlie Brown is the source of that quote.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-“Before Southerners complain that ol’ Abe Lincoln foolishly free the slaves, you need to recognize that it was YOUR ancestors who brought them over here to begin with in such numbers that they would have overwhelmed you in time anyway”

    No, slaves were first brought over by British elites as the Americas were a colony of Britain at that time. Many of the colonial American slave traders were Northern. When the North gradually abolished slavery only because it was not needed, they didn’t do it by freeing their slaves but by selling them to the South as the North didn’t want freed Blacks up there.

  • Reg

    …they didn’t do it by freeing their slaves but by selling them to the South as the North didn’t want freed Blacks up there. –anonymous

    Right. And I’d say that was pretty shrewd of us.

    BTW, I meant to type “fey liberal types” up in post #10.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone really looked at those maps? Take the black map for example. Maine, Kentucky, Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Montana, etc., just about every place there are few blacks is covered in dark splotches. After you convert the legend into a percentage you have ranges that go from 0.3 percent to 18.8 percent. Even many of the Whitest towns in America have a couple of hundred blacks in the population that would push it up even into that low range.

  • William Hendershot

    Nathaniel- As an old white whiner, I’m pleased to say you are correct! Even as bad as trends are, no one can predict the future. It does look bad, but without a doubt there are some unexpected turns in the road ahead. California does appear to be lost, however.

  • Anonymous

    11 — Nathaniel Branden, Jr. wrote at 1:58 PM on April 1:

    “Blacks are leveling out as a percentage of the population.

    The current Depression has cut illegal Mexican immigration considerably. More black women are taking advantage of legal abortion despite the opposition of the Dumb Right.”

    I would rather be a member of the so-called dumb right as the evil left and their coalition of homosexuals, athiests, militant feminists and other dysfunctional and morally bankrupt people lead by a one world cabal of you know who. There are more White women getting abortions than minorities just for the simple fact they’re still a larger group than blacks or hispanics. Even if that weren’t the case it’s still morally wrong. White Nationalists think these people are doing us a favor by encouraging blacks to get abortions. Nothing is further from the truth. Abortions have decreased the black percentage of births from 15 percent to 13 percent, their percentage as a whole of the population. They aren’t trying to exterminate them, they are merely stabilizing their population growth. They need their proles and the accompanying votes to force through their agendas. They’ve been buying votes with government handouts and with the soured economy they realize they won’t be able to continue it in the future and are economising. Also, the growing black population is a threat to left wing power as liberal Whites shrink and minority populations grow.

    Efforts made at encouraging abortions could be spent more effectively on sterilization programs. Someone could argue that that’s also immoral but I disagree. If a woman has no means of support other than the taxpayers supporting her and raises children with multiple sperm donors in an abusive environment without a father, then the public has an interest in her personal life and the government should step in. It doesn’t have to be coercive. First cut government employment by 2/3. Then offer sterilization as a condition for welfare and offer cash incentives for people not on welfare. If 15 year old Quanesha thinks she can move out of her mother’s place by getting a “gubmint job” as a GS-5 Housing Project Breeder, then she’s going to have to submit to the procedure or get a real job to support her baby. Every minority mother on welfare will only have 1 kid. If it were up to me I would then offer the mother $5,000 to give the kid up for adoption with the promise she could remain on welfare for the next 10 years. I would then setup adoption agencies in Africa and find African families to adopt these children in exchange for a payment of $2500 which is a large sum in Africa. In a few generations, problem solved.