Posted on March 31, 2011

The 10 Most Segregated Urban Areas in America

Daniel Denver, Salon, March 29, 2011

Decades after the end of Jim Crow, and three years after the election of America’s first black president, the United States remains a profoundly segregated country.

That reality has been reinforced by the release of Census Bureau data last week that shows black and white Americans still tend to live in their own neighborhoods, often far apart from each other. Segregation itself, the decennial census report indicates, is only decreasing slowly, although the dividing lines are shifting as middle-income blacks, Latinos and Asians move to once all-white suburbs — whereupon whites often move away, turning older suburbs into new, if less distressed, ghettos.


The following is a list of the nation’s most segregated metropolitan areas of over 500,000 people. The rankings are based on a dissimilarity index, a measure used by social scientists to gauge residential segregation. It reflects the number of people from one race — in this case black or white — who would have to move for races to be evenly distributed across a certain area. A score of 1 indicates perfect integration while 100 signals complete segregation. The rankings were compiled by John Paul DeWitt of and the University of Michigan’s Social Science Data Analysis Network.

19 responses to “The 10 Most Segregated Urban Areas in America”

  1. WR the elder says:

    Never do you see a liberal white person with school age children move into a black neighborhood. So this proves that liberal whites with children are a major cause of the new “Jim Crow”. Be sure to inform Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews about this so they can berate all those liberal white people with children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This will come in handy next time I drive around the country…

    I will be sure to avoid all those redish, yellowish patches of mayhem, destruction, and violence.

  3. voter says:

    Don’t you just love that term, “perfect integration”?

    This illustrates the whole slant on which this article is based.

    I would suggest, how about perfect segregation? That’s what most people really want.

  4. Lee says:

    These pictures only tell half the story. What some enterprising individual needs to do now is to overlay these population trends with quality of life indicators such as violent crime (rape, robbery, murder), property crime (burglaries, etc), graduation rates, SAT/ACT score, etc, etc.

    There is a reason why whites attempt to segregate themselves from the third world hordes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always thought the word segregation means government mandated separation such as with Jim Crow laws or apartheid, not the voluntary choices of individuals.

  6. Georgia Resident says:

    I would be interested to see statistics on black vs. Hispanic and black vs. Asian segregation. I know that in the Los Angeles, the interracial violence between blacks and Latinos didn’t die down until the two ethnically cleansed each other from their respective neighborhoods. Of course, in MSM fantasyland that’s only because whites “taught them” to be racist…

    And, of course, nowhere do they ask why whites move away, other than to attribute the cause to “racism”. Maybe it’s because, even controlling for socioeconomic status, blacks and Latinos are more likely than whites to commit crimes, especially violent crimes? Apart from the normal and natural desire to be around one’s own people, of course, this could be a significant contributing factor. But no one is supposed to talk of such things.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The ten most segregated cities are not in the South because blacks are starting to move down there from the north. That means that the crime rate in the North will be less, to the point that there won’t be any.

  8. joe says:

    Be nice to have a list of trends so when you find a good white neighborhood to live in, you want to be sure it’s stay white (for some time).

    I’m not sure there are any places anymore that can get a 1. Be super great to have “whites only” towns where people can enjoy life without worry.

    Best not to have things that attract minorities.

    -Good schools and high paying jobs attract Asians.

    -Construction and agriculture jobs attract Mexicans.

    -Jobs, good weather, and low cost of living attract blacks.

    These are things one needs to be aware of.

  9. Common Sense says:

    Some posters above say that people want to be around their own kind. That would be great if it were true. The truth is white people want to be around their own kind, and non-whites want to be around white people. White people create the most desirable countries, societies, cities and neighborhoods, and blacks and other non-whites do their best to not have to be around their own kind, and move to where the white people are.

  10. browser says:

    “I’ve always thought the word segregation means government mandated separation such as with Jim Crow laws or apartheid.”

    It means nothing more than separated and kept apart…whether by government mandate or by personal choice.

  11. Lygeia says:

    These articles are always such nonsense. 85% white is not white enough for me, and yet they carry on in these articles that living with 15% minorities in your community is a segregated community.

  12. white is right, black is whack says:

    Of course, they blame it on whites, yet have problem if nonwhites are the ones wanting to be around their own kind. I think are real enemies aren’t the nonwhites who work against us. They really don’t have much power. No, the real culprits are the white liberals and white elites in power who push this racial antagonism and guilt.

  13. factualist says:

    Maybe it was just me, but once past the use of emotive scare words like “racism” I found this article uplifting to learn how free association is still somewhat maintained today.

  14. Browser says:

    …Which in turn makes exspensive, even moderately exspensive residencies,(which are common up here), generally out out reach of most blacks and other non whites.

    — It essentially comes down to pure economics, so theoretically “anyone” can buy if then can afford it,-right? But it just so happens that you’ll get a white neighbor’ -nod, nod, wink, wink. So you see, it’s then pretty darned hard to confirm racist motives when you allow market forces to take their course. This helps create a rather efficient filtration system keeping non- whites numerically limited.


    Segregation by money is OK. That’s the one kind of segregation that’s allowed.

    WHY? Because the elites who control us, make the rules, and run the show have MONEY. Therefore, whatever they do is permissible — but not OK for the Average Joe.

  15. E says:

    Of they did one good thing in trying to gauge dissimilarity, it is that we now have these maps! Now we can see where the problem lies.

    My only question is: why is this data compiled not itself “racist” when we are supposed to be blind to race, or race is supposed to be some non existent construct of the mind?

  16. Laura says:

    If any rioting breaks out for ANY reason, it will quickly turn into “race riots” and when the riots are over, integrated neighborhoods will be few and far between.

    The government is broke at every level. When the elites start shutting off the welfare spigots, things are going to turn ugly for people in the gentrified areas of the inner cities, and in the working class neighborhoods with significant racial mixing.

    If riots break out, it will also spell the end of inter-racial dating and marriage. People will only feel safe with their own people.

  17. El Cerote says:

    Poster #24, Common Sense: (1) I DO like being around my own kind – I am white, and I am most comfortable around whites. What, am I lying? Hardly!!! (2) People of color DO NOT want to be around white people. They want to be around what white people CREATE – clean, well-kept neighborhoods, nice shopping and restaurant areas, and clean, safe schools and churches. Are you kidding? They hate us – but they sure want our stuff, AND they want it without having to pay for it. Y’all stock up on food, water, & ammo, because with coming food shortages there’s gonna be riots – and the folks of color will be right in front trying to take what they failed to plan OR pay for. And don’t forget your pets.

  18. Common Sense says:

    Dear Poster 32, El Cerote,

    Friend, I still believe what I wrote, but thanks for your perspective. My experience has been with blacks in the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. Yes, blacks hate us, but they want to be around us anyway, not just what we create and our stuff. They know that living among whites they will be treated better than living among their own. Among whites they are much less likely to experience the murder, robbery, rape and assault that they are so accustomed to from living among their fellow blacks. That counts for a lot.

    People don’t always act in a way that is consistent with what they tell themselves they “hate,” or what they “love.” They do what their survival instinct tells them to do. Blacks generally hate whites, but choose to live in white neighborhoods when they can. Whites generally do not hate blacks, but they try to avoid having to live anywhere near them. It would be great if blacks sought to live in all black areas in the same way that whites seek to live in all white areas. I could have saved a lot of money not having to practice “white flight” to get away from black crime, if they preferred living among their own.

    And thanks for the reminder about provisions.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another area where _admitting_ that there is a problem that goes BEYOND RACE as a ‘prejudicial psychology’ would put us on a fast track to fixing the issue rather than bandaiding it.

    Whites have a 16% population fraction of IQs over 115. Blacks have a 2.5% rating. Going by Lynn, that IQ deficiency has an R= .73 correlation with expected happiness in career productivity. Dumb = Trapped, SES wise.

    Given that IQ is itself a fraction of mental divided by chronological ages, what I see in black dependency on us and Elite _insistence_ on handcuffing our progress to their’s is a result of a childlike wish fulfillment process of “There goes the gravy train, nobody leave without us!”.

    The brutal reality of which is that, in a society of 36 million blacks, 900,000 cannot possibly sustain the highest level (planning and management) task functioning of their own kind sufficient to form a sub-society.

    Whereas, in a society of 150 million whites, 16% translates to around 24,000,000 ‘expert enablers’. Who can. If they are not cheated out of college training by racial quotas for Jews (3% get 27%), Asians (6% get 23%) and Blacks and Hispanics (40% get another 30%).

    And because these numbers are so unfairly ‘race biased’ against the least capable or quantitively useful populations, our racial benevolence stands a good chance of crashing the very society which generates it.

    We could fix this. We could do it a hurry if we wanted to, simply because there are so many elements of the genetics involved which are likely single-gene related and thus -easy- to track down. Myelin thicknesses translates to insulation on an electrical wire, allowing higher for current flow at a given resistance. Since the brain functions as a neural network wherein statistical weighting biases are accrued to conceptual mosaic inclusion sets, the faster you can refresh the picture the more weighting variables you can add to your attractor patterns.

    The bias statistics inherent to the mean of the parents IQ and the mean of their population IQ dictating the rough skew range (inbetween) for their children ALSO suggests that there are a few genetic triggers that have to activate, developmentally. Since the IQ edge doesn’t debilitate immediately, and it is statistically reliable over generations.

    These are NOT ‘long sequence’ impossible to track down.

    But the first thing you have to do is get past the notion that not wanting to live with people who are bad for you, however good you are for them is _not innately wrong_.

    Because only then you can look at the problem from a biological context and say: “Okay, how do we get the black population up to a point where they are self sustaining within their own gene group?”

    Why do we need to do this?

    Because, only by throwing truckloads of money and ‘privilege’ (for that is what AA comes down to) at blacks can we keep the illusion real. Without special conditions, you are looking at a rapid return, already visible in urban center populations of the deep ghetto, to African Black IQs.

    Which are not high 80s but rather high 60s.

    i.e. If you don’t fix the problem, now, while there is something like the scientific understanding available and resources necessary to make it a practical effort, you will end up with a condition where you are swamped by high birthrate, high violence, low social cohesion blacks _behaving like they do in Zimbabwe_.

    Followed in short order by much better organized but only 5-7 points smarter Mestizos.

    Need I also point out that if you fix the blacks, you have a good chance of **improving** the whites with the same discoveries?

    How long has it been since we made such an important investment in our children’s future?