Posted on March 7, 2011

Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center: The Shame of America

Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette, March 5, 2011

Whatever the Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center may have done in the past that would have merited respect has long since gone the way of most organizations that lose their way when they are suddenly treated as if they actually still retain any value. This organization that makes its living reviving McCarthyism with all the paranoia and viciousness it can muster is a blight on America. It is my belief that we need to compile our own list of threats to America, and SPLC would top that list.

Until a few years back, I was a registered Democrat and had been all my adult life. I left that party along with any other political affiliation due to the corruption in government at the hands of politicians who did and still do violate our Constitution and our rights while they wage phony wars for profit and who will sell us out to the highest corporate bidder. {snip}

It is apparent that the only “research” done to compile their lists is on the net. Anyone (like me) who points out the corruption of the government, who questions their authority to violate and abrogate our rights, who publicly expresses their disgust with the loss of our sovereignty due to illegal trade agreements (which are NOT treaty’s as prescribed by the constitution), the selling off of our infrastructure to foreign interests, anyone who realizes that Muslims can’t be the international threat the government claims they are or they wouldn’t continue to allow millions to emigrate to the US (would they?) that Homeland Security exists for no other reason than to protect the government from us.

If we believe that our right to own property free of government encumbrance, to engage in lawful business activity free of laws protecting corporations and most especially if we believe that with our economy in shambles and 22 million legal Americans unable to find work that our borders should be secured and illegal residents deported back to their homeland……well, we must all be “hate groups, nativists, ring-wing extremists,” and whatever other fear mongering tags they can come up with to identify those of us who object to the deconstructing of America.

Well, I lean more to the left, don’t own a gun, don’t belong to any groups and have absolutely no idea why being a “nativist” meaning, a patriotic American citizen, is a bad thing unless of course you are a member of SPLC and then you are fearful and suspicious of anyone who isn’t you.

With no other evidence other than what could be located on the net (being far too afraid to actually venture out into the real world) SPLC compiled its lists. {snip} And who, after learning of McCarthyism and the wholesale destruction of lives all premised on red-baiting and the paranoid delusions of Joseph McCarthy thought we would ever have to tolerate this kind of insipid and insidious blacklisting and targeting today only now being practiced by SPLC?


The SPLC serves a purpose. It creates fictional targets, people and groups we are supposed to be afraid of while the real threat that lies in our government continues to grow. The SPLC creates the diversion; that’s what the government pays them to do. It is unfortunate that there are those who help fund this anti-American organization that sells hate for profit and who receives copious amounts of grant money and private contributions to do it.


While the SPLC is desperate to paint patriot groups and anyone else they are in mortal fear of, as extremists and threats, the general discontent of the nation grows and with it the uneasiness of knowing that the greatest threat we face is not from some unnamed and unidentifiable terrorist in a cave on the other side of the world, but is one that emanates from within.

It is of no comfort to acknowledge that in every generation in every society exists groups of individuals who will turn on the general population for reasons the rest of us will never understand. The SPLC is such a group. Whether it was money, power, recognition . . . whatever the cause, this is an organization that is so un-American, so antithetical to what we believe we are as a nation and what we stand for that one can only wonder how they survive their own shame at being such tools for oppression.