Posted on April 22, 2010

More “Facecrimes”

Richard Spencer, Alternative Right, April 20, 2010

Peter Brimelow has discussed the expansion of speech codes to cover not just “hate speech” but “hate facts”–that is, data that is objectively true, sometimes even deriving from government sources, but which might darken the public’s outlook towards multiculturalism and thus must never be mentioned.


“Hate facts” can be visual, too, as in you’re not allowed to believe your lying eyes.

In Sweden, the press is regularly suppressing and altering pixelated crime photos in which the race of the alleged perpetrator is still discernible. Blurry images of brown and black faces are being digitally bleached in order to make criminals seem less African and Arab.


Why stop at making pixilated images of black and brown people seem white? Most people can guess a criminal’s race by hearing the neighborhood in which the crime occurred. Why doesn’t the Swedish press simply take the next logical step and start falsely reporting on a white-on-Arab crime wave sweeping Scandinavia.