Posted on May 19, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus Congress and ACORN–Corruption at the Highest Level

Dianna Cotter, Portland (Oregon) Examiner, May 18, 2009

In the recent past, this column has looked in some detail at ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. This corrupt organization which is a favorite of Democrats has spread its web of deceit and graft far into the depths of congress. ACORN’s most solid backers lay within the Congressional Black Caucus. This group of people in congress is exclusively black and democrat and they have a specific agenda. Keeping the black community poor and dependent on government while they publically state they are out to change people’s lives for the better. Better if you define that as creating more poor people. To this group, more poor people is better.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has a total of 42 listed members and officers, and not a single one is white. Or Asian. Or Hawaiian. Or Inuit. Let’s point out an obvious fact here: if there were a Congressional WHITE (insert any other ethnic group here) caucus, there would be screams of Racism from every single news outlet, every member of the racist CBC, as well as liberals everywhere, despite the clear hypocrisy of the CBC’s existence. Apparently it’s ok for them to do this, but no one else, and that is racism.

To further the hypocrisy of this group, a very high percentage of these people got into their offices through what is now a Taxpayer funded partisan Democrat group. {snip} The icing on this cake of hypocrisy is they claim to be Non-Partisan. . . . If this is their definition of “Non-Partisan” then indeed, pigs are flying. {snip}


Thus far we have ACORN getting Black Officials elected. We have those Black Officials vigorously defending and funding ACORN, even though ACORN is under investigation by the FBI, has had its workers jailed for fraud, and has itself been charged with Election Fraud as recently as May 5th of this year. Two days later according to the Tri-City Herald, Allegheny County Police in the Pittsburgh area announced the arrest of 7 people charged with a variety of election related crimes. We have ACORN heavily involved in using the CRA to obliterate lending standards which led to the housing crisis and our current Economic Recession–which . . . wait for it . . . created hundreds of thousands more poor people who lost everything because of it. {snip}


In conclusion, we have a racist organization within congress funneling money to a socialist/communist organization out to create more poor people utterly dependent on the Government for everything from food to jobs to healthcare. What does this lead to? A pyramid of greed that is built upon the backs of the poor. Congress, ACORN, and the CBC–It is nothing other than a racket under a thinly disguised cloak of government legitimacy.

Who will end up winning in this scheme?

Only those in Congress that are in on the graft: those who are steadfastly supporting ACORN; Democrats, and in particular the Congressional Black Caucus, whom ACORN helped to get elected. Those that are fighting ACORN and the CBC on this issue of supreme National importance get labeled racists when indeed it is the racists trying to get away with it.


Did Voter Quotas Trigger Cheating?

Dennis B. Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 16, 2009

Moments after receiving a postponement for preliminary hearings on charges of voter registration fraud, a trio of former ACORN employees said they faced constant pressure to drum up 20 newly registered voters every day or face firing–something county prosecutors say triggered the fraud.

“They said there wasn’t a quota system? We definitely had to reach a quota. If we didn’t reach a quota we’d lose our jobs,” said Mario Grisom, of Wilkinsburg, one of six people charged in the case who showed up for a hearing yesterday. The hearing was rescheduled, however, because they lacked lawyers.

Mr. Grisom and the six others are accused of forging voter registrations during a massive drive in the lead up to last year’s elections. Formally known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the organization is established in cities across the country and has generally supported left-of-center causes.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. last week brought the forgery charges and indicated that an investigation is continuing into both ACORN and the Pittsburgh area officials who oversaw the drive.


ACORN lawyers monitored the hearing yesterday. The organization has said that while it had “standards” for performance, there was no set quota–which would be illegal in Pennsylvania–and that employees were not under threat of dismissal if they failed to bring in a certain number.

Ms. Kinney, after yesterday’s hearing, told a reporter she never filled out any details on the cards she handed in and that her supervisor was helping her to meet a set quota of 20 per day.

“They were already filled out. I just put my initial on it,” she said. “I had to have a certain quota in order for her not to fire me.”

Ashley Clarke, 21, one of the ACORN workers who postponed her preliminary hearing, said she had a daily quota of 20 to 25 cards to have filled. She denied any forgery, but said the pressure of a quota could have led to mistakes.


Ms. Clarke said that her supervisors sometimes filled in missing information on the cards, such as dates of birth.


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