Posted on March 23, 2009

Immigration, Crime and the Solutions of the NRP

National Renewal Party (Partido Nacional Renovador), February 24, 2009

[Editor’s Note: The following story has been translated from the Portuguese by Google’s translation software.]

The recent news of the “Morning Post” and “Daily News”, which are based on sources and statements of the Judicial Police in Lisbon and Porto, they reason that the NRP has always said that “the growing crime is directly related with immigration. ”

According to the study shown by CM, based on the PJ in Lisbon, 41% of murderers are foreigners, and that, according to the same source as a percentage of 7% of the population, so easily there is strong propensity to the crime within the immigrants, who leads the NRP to say that immigration has increased crime. Thus, the assertion that 59% percent of murderers are Portuguese is a fallacy, since the one hand are direct result of immigration and on the other hand, for the NRP, they are not and never will in fact Portuguese.

Also, according to DN, the deputy national director of the Judicial Police of the Port, Romão Batista, says that violent crime is increasing and diversifying it. Such statements, again, give reason to the PNR, and indeed not new to people in general, but for the MAI which systematically devalues this scourge.

José Pinto-Coelho, has never hesitated to say “that the Portuguese people is to be the victim in his own house, crime brought by immigration that we invade and breach.”

Thus, for the NRP, is urgent:

> Amend the Nationality Law, to establish “Jus Sanguino” (citizenship through bloodlines);

> Reverse migration, the form of illegal, and marginal benefit-dependent;

> Support the police, giving them authority, means to act, equipment and preparation, dignifying his career at risk and attrition;

> Prosecute the crimes with speed;

> Ensure the effective enforcement of penalties.

For the NRP, immigration, is not beneficial, according to the official propaganda that says, as also is very damaging to Portugal.