Posted on November 19, 2007

More Mush From the Feds

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 19, 2007

Today the FBI released its annual bundle of mush known as the hate crimes report. The press will cluck virtuously over the number of black, Jewish, or homosexual victims, but the numbers mean nothing. There are several reasons why they mean nothing. First, local police departments report hate crimes to the FBI only if they feel like it. Most do, but 15 percent of Americans live in jurisdictions in which the police don’t bother.

What is worse, although there is supposed to be one standard for classifying hate crimes — they are “motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias” — states have wildly different standards. Although California reported 1,604 hate crimes in 2006, Georgia found only 16. New Jersey had 802 but Alabama had only one, and Mississippi had none at all!

What is perhaps most hilarious about the “hate crimes” report is that although Hispanics are a victim category, they are not a perpetrator category. Almost all Hispanic perps are considered white. This means that if a Hispanic commits a hate crime against a white it goes down in the records as a crime committed by a white against a white — and there are hundreds of these every year. Lately there has been news from Los Angeles about Hispanic gangs indiscriminately killing blacks in an attempt to drive them out of Florence-Firestone. These are all officially white-on-black hate crimes.

Not everyone at the FBI is an idiot. Any statistician would know this report is rubbish. The agency publishes this report only because Congress passed a law in 1990 ordering it to. Congress did not say the report had to mean anything.

But what if the numbers were real? It would mean there were 7,722 hate crimes last year, 4,000 of which were crimes of race bias, 1,462 were of religious bias, and 1,194 were bias against sexual orientation. In the latter group, the FBI scraped up 26 bona fide bias crimes against heterosexuals.

The big push to count “hate crimes” comes from blacks, of course, so let us look us look at race. Without exception, the newspapers will report that there were 2,640 cases of anti-black criminal hate, far more than the 890 cases of anti-white criminal hate. If they are on their toes, the papers will notice and mourn the fact that there were 576 anti-Hispanic hate crimes.

A few papers may turn to the chart on perpetrators and report that there were 3,710 white hate criminals and 1,026 back hate criminals. Not one will tell you that the figure for whites includes Hispanics, and not one will explain that even if all those 3,710 criminals were lily white, those numbers mean that blacks are 1.47 times more likely than whites to commit hate crimes. How come? There are 5.3 times as many whites in America as blacks, but the hate criminal ratio is only 3.6. 5.3/3.6 = 1.47.

What if Hispanics weren’t counted as whites? Would it mean blacks commit hate crimes at twice the white rate? Three times? Nobody knows. What we do know is that the report says 210 of the 1,008 anti-white bias crimes were committed by “white” people. Chances are excellent those “white” people are Hispanic, and it is laughable that a government report on bias crimes reports 210 white-on-white “hate crimes” without so much as an asterisk.

Your tax dollars hard at work.