Posted on October 2, 2007

Hunter: I Will Build the Fence

Bob Unruh, WorldNet Daily, October 1, 2007

The fastest way to cut crime in the U.S. is to build a border fence with Mexico, according to U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., a candidate for the GOP nomination for president.

Hunter told WND in an exclusive question-and-answer session that after a border fence he helped commission was finished near San Diego, crime in that city dropped by half.

He was responding to a WND question about his perspective on the status of illegal aliens in U.S. and what should the nation should do.

“I get to answer the last part of that by talking about that I have committed that I will build the border fence that I wrote into law in six months. Last Oct. 26, the president signed my bill, the bill that I wrote that mandates 854 miles of San Diego-style border fence. That’s the fence I built in San Diego, Calif. Double layer fence with a Border Patrol road in between,” he said.

“The extension of that fence for 854 miles across the smuggling corridors of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California will be a priority, and that, incidentally, will be one of my first initiatives as president,” said Hunter. “That, I think, will have a salutary effect on illegal immigration problem, as well as the crime problem in this country.

“When we built that border fence the crime rate in the city of San Diego dropped by 50 percent. I think the crime rate will drop in every state of the union upon completion of the border fence,” he said.