Posted on July 12, 2007

Aims Of The March 9/11

Siad, Brussels Demo News, July 11, 2007

The understandable enthusiasm for the SIOE Demo has encouraged people to make many suggestions.

The Demo has these main aims

1. To show the world that Europeans and others have had enough of Sharia by stealth and creeping Islamism.

2. To be the first in a long line of similar events. We are in this for the long haul and continual opposition to Sharia and Islamism will bring us success.

3. To build up a network of millions of people, both as individuals and as members of likeminded organisations, determined to reverse Islamism and restore freedom.

This network will then provide the necessary mutual support for further events.

Therefore, the SIOE Brussels 9/11 Demo requires


1. Only national flags and SIOE banners are allowed


a) There will be many organisations and people who may differ on certain other matters, but are united in anti-Islamism.

We want everybody to feel comfortable marching together so displaying distinctive banners might provoke unnecessary ill feeling between marchers.

b) We must project a unified front to the world, in other words, impenetrable armour. Different banners etc will present a mixed and confusing message and enable the media to stick knives in the gaps of our armour, to discredit our achievements.

c) Showing banners of organisations that, for example, support oppressed people in Islamic states, will endanger those same people. Banners supporting oppressed people will similarly endanger those oppressed people and will therefore, be counterproductive.


National flags are desired to present an international unity of purpose.

SIOE understands that grievances exist between different nationalities, particularly with recent realignments of international borders.

However, the greatest threat to world peace is Islamism.

We therefore, wish people to shake hands (either in reality or metaphorically) for this one day and unite in challenging our common ideological opponent.

Flags will help people to order themselves in the demo where they feel most comfortable.


These rules have been agreed with the Brussels police.

Safety of protestors is our paramount concern. Safety of people across the world is just as important.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Swiss, French, Germans and Belgians will join the Brussels demonstration by marching from Switzerland to Brussels!

Islam is not a peaceful religion, it opposes our values and democracy. The incresing Islamisation is thanks to the multicultural gloss-over painted by the “liberal-elite”. Now is the time to show the flag and defend our values. We will be marching along the Jacobs Way from Einisiedeln to Brussels. Please support us by carrying the flags with or without a donation.