Posted on July 24, 2006

Many Police Officers Disenchanted With President Bush

Jim Kouri, The Conservative Voice, July 21, 2006

During the last presidential campaign cycle, many national and local police organizations, as well as individual officers and commanders, supported the reelection of George W. Bush. Commanders and rank-and-file officers understood the fact that compared to the alternatives, Bush was the right man to serve as Commander-in-Chief in wartime.


But now there’s increasing disenchantment with President Bush on his handling of illegal immigration and border security. More and more police agencies find themselves engulfed in crimes being committed by illegal aliens. Mexican nationals dressed in military uniforms are coming into the United States while they protect drug and human traffickers and yet our leaders in Washington at best offer lip-service, at worst ignore the problem not wishing to alienate a perceived voting block.

“The problem has gotten worse and worse each year and the only people debating the subject [of illegal immigration] are American citizens. The politicians — local, state and federal — ignore the will of the people,” says one police chief who’s own mayor is pro-open borders.

Let’s examine a recent complaint by one law enforcement commander, who is a Mexican-American himself:

Zapatas County, TX Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez says that the Mexico-US border problem is worsening. Sheriff Gonzalez said that Mexican troops, or those dressed in Mexican army uniforms, continue to illegally enter the US on a regular basis.

Gonzales provides accounts of gunfire on the Mexico-US Texas border areas, which even extended into residential areas. Gonzales said that individuals dressed in Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) and carrying automatic weapons are becoming a dangerous and escalating problem.

Gonzales also confirms that terrorist training camps (including those for the terror-gang MS-13) are active just South of Brownsville, TX in Mexico, something that been long believed by many police and security executives.


According to US Customs and Border Protection agents, there have been 231 such incursions since 1996, an average of more than 28 per year. In addition, there have been cases of Middle Eastern men from terrorist-sponsoring nations gaining entry from Mexico into the US. Illegal aliens also commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, including murder, sex crime against children and armed robbery.


This is a widespread problem and will eventually lead to more crime and violence. How can the President of the United States allow a foreign soldiers on US soil who are carrying automatic firearms? Where are the so-called gun control advocates in congress who wish to disarm American citizens? Are they not concerned with foreign nationals entering the country armed to the teeth? US police departments are outgunned and outmanned and no one save a few congressmen are displaying any concern.