Posted on May 18, 2006

Local Man’s Window Broken Over Illegal Alien Sign

KDKA (Pittsburgh), May 17, 2006

WEST HOMESTEAD—A local man is angry after someone threw a brick through the window of his business; but a controversial sign he posted may have provoked it.

The sign reads: “Deport Aliens Now”

The brick that crashed through the window had “Freedom 4 All” painted on one side.

It happened overnight at the Diller-Lloyd Insurance Company on East Eight Avenue In West Homestead.

The owner, Dan Lloyd says he has not done anything wrong and believes illegal aliens should be deported.

“I think if people are here illegally, they ought to be deported,” he said.

Lloyd says he’s not intimidated by the broken window.

“Take your best shot, but I’m not going to take my sign down because I have my right to free speech,” Lloyd said. “I’m an American and I’m going to continue to exercise my right.”