Posted on May 24, 2006

Black Leaders Oppose Alien ‘Amnesty’ Plan

Keyonna Summers, Washington Times, May 24, 2006

Black leaders from across the country yesterday decried a guest-worker “amnesty” plan that would legalize millions of illegal aliens and threatened to sue the U.S. government if such legislation is passed.

“We’re on the cusp of very critical legislation that centers on immigration — both legal and illegal,” Frank Morris Sr., chairman of Choose Black America, a new coalition of black Americans opposed to illegal entry, told reporters at the National Press Club in Northwest. “African Americans are going to be hurt if this legislation moves forward, [and] we are here to sound the alarm.”

Choose Black America says that illegal entry hurts all U.S. citizens, but that job displacement by illegals has especially devastated black communities.


Educated blacks, too, such as teachers who cannot speak Spanish, are released from teaching positions when illegals “flood” historically black neighborhoods, said Sammie Whiting-Ellis, an educational consultant.

“It just infuriates me that our children’s education has to be shortchanged for a subculture that in many instances doesn’t want to assimilate,” said the Northwest resident, who is in her 60s and has watched the D.C. landscape change for more than 30 years.

“We are being pushed out of the way because there is a push to legalize an illegal act,” she said. “I personally know fine educators who are losing their jobs because they can’t speak Spanish. Well, in that case, pay them pesos.”


The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, an outspoken critic of the civil rights establishment, said he is “disappointed” that the U.S. government has allowed the illegal alien influx to “get out of control.”

Claude Anderson, another member of the coalition, called for a lawsuit against the U.S. government for failing to protect the rights of black Americans, who he says are losing voting power and being pushed out of affirmative-action programs by illegal aliens and their supporters.


Ted Hayes, a Los Angeles-based activist for the homeless, called for a national march in the District to draw attention to the issue.

“This invasion is causing black and white people to come together as never before,” said Mr. Hayes, founder of the Crispus Attucks Brigade, another black group opposed to illegal aliens.