Posted on March 31, 2006

Opponents of Amnesty to March on the South Carolina Statehouse

Council of Conservative Citzens Press Release, March 31, 2006

On March 27th, Senate Judiciary Committee [SJC] voted 12-6 in favor of legislation that would make the vast majority of twelve million illegal aliens eligible for amnesty and permanent residence, handsomely rewarding them for breaking America’s laws.

The bill also includes provisions to increase the number of visas for low skilled immigrants and their relatives by nearly a million per year. The legislation calls these new immigrants “guestworkers,” but they will have the option of permanent residence, so they won’t really be “guests.”

The bill pays lip service to “enforcement,” but will actually do very little in terms of securing the border. Illegal aliens will continue to flood into the country.

Lindsey Graham was an architect of amnesty.

Despite public claims that he opposed amnesty, Lindsey Graham voted in favor of the bill. In fact, Lindsey Graham was one of the original sponsors of the legislation along with Ted Kennedy and John McCain. Graham has worked for months to make this sweeping amnesty bill a reality.

Senator Jeff Sessions, a SJC member who voted no on the amnesty bill, said Graham and his cohorts, “let the American people down by passing a blanket amnesty bill.” Sessions continued, “we’ve been down this path several times before, and it proved a failure.”

The Council of Conservative Citizens [CofCC] will lead a march down Assembly street to the Statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday April 8th, between 12:00 PM — 2:00 PM. The CofCC will call on Jim DeMint to oppose the legislation on the senate floor, and for South Carolina to vote against Graham in all his future elections. All are welcome to participate. Be at the Statehouse by noon.