Posted on March 6, 2006

New York Governor Asked to Investigate Participation by an Assistant District Attorney at Hate Group Meeting

NAACP press release, March 3, 2006

Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP National Board of Directors, has asked New York Gov. George Pataki to investigate participation by a New York assistant district attorney at a conference sponsored by the New Century Foundation, an organization identified as a “hate group.”

A story in the February 26, 2006 edition of The Washington Post reported that Michael Regan, an assistant district attorney in New York’s Allegany County, attended the conference held in Reston, Va. Regan is quoted in the Post as saying, “You can see European Christian Americans are an endangered species.” Regan said attendees at the conference should be identified as “white preservationists” rather than “white supremacists.”

The New Century Foundation is headed by white separatist author Jared Taylor. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups across the nation, terms Taylor’s organization a hate group.

“Given Regan’s position in law enforcement, his attendance and his statements are problematical, to say the least,” said Bond. In a letter to Pataki, Bond asked the governor to investigate Regan’s participation with a hate group and to explain what actions might be taken by Regan’s superiors.

Also attending the conference were Taylor and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Taylor reportedly told the conference attendees that a major problem in the United States is the prevalence of “anti-racists” and that whites are being “ethnically cleansed.”

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its adult and youth members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

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