Posted on May 26, 2005

Illegal Immigration Forum Protested

Timothy Pratt, Las Vegas Sun, May 25, 2005

A national summit about illegal immigration scheduled for this weekend at Cashman Center has aroused the rage of a coalition of Hispanic groups, who are calling organizers of the event “Nazi white supremacist(s).”

The event, organized by the Wake Up America foundation, is called “Unite to Fight Against Illegal Immigration” and features Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., one of the most vocal members of Congress against illegal immigration.

The coalition, calling itself “United Immigrants,” has scheduled a protest for Saturday morning outside the event — but had originally planned to protest outside the Plaza hotel, based on false information it obtained saying the event would be held there.

The false information led to a flurry of conversations in recent days between United Immigrants and hotel officials, culminating in a press release from Plaza owner Barrick Gaming issued Tuesday, saying the hotel was not the site of the event and that the hotel and the company “do not support or endorse views held by Wake Up America or associated organizations.”

The hotel is the site, however, of radio station KDWN 720-AM, which broadcasts a talk show against illegal immigration hosted by Mark Edwards, Wake Up America president. Or it will be the site, until the station’s contract expires in early 2006, at which point the hotel has decided not to renew the arrangement, said Stephanie Wilson, director of marketing for Barrick Gaming.


In a meeting Tuesday with members of United Immigrants at the Plaza, James Campos, a consultant for Barrick Gaming in charge of Hispanic outreach, said that a group of community members — not United Immigrants — had met with hotel staff prior to the decision not to hold the event at the hotel.

The group expressed concerns about the summit, Campos said.

“We’re not a company that supports alleged racist groups. There was a concern on our end.”


Edwards said “We feel that the hotel felt pressure.”


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Organize to Protest against Racism

Inmigrantes Unidos/United Immigrants Press Release

National anti-immigrant organizations under the umbrella of Wake-Up America with its Nazi Leadership such as Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Glen Spencer of American Border Patrol and thousands more from across the country will be present at the national summit held on May 27, 28 and 29 at the Plaza Hotel downtown Las Vegas. Wake-Up America is a negative organization that is misleading the American people. They say that there are too many immigrants in the United States and they feel threaten. “What they need to understand is that they too are immigrants or children of immigrants who came to the United States is search of a better life. This is what the Immigrants of today are continuing to do, except that this time they are Latino and the Nazi white anti-immigrant groups do not like it,” said Miguel Barrientos, President of MAPA.

“The anti-immigrants that are attending the summit are steering their followers in the wrong direction, their common goal is UNITE TO FIGHT. All humans are children of GOD and no one has the right to prevent others form coming to the strongest country on the planet when they are hungry, especially when Latinos are contributing great wealth and labor to this country,” said Alan Torres, Secretary and Director of Asociacion Civil del Estado de Durango in Nevada.

United Immigrants is a new organization that is created to show the Nazi white supremacist that the immigrant community is not alone; we will do what ever it takes to organize a campaign and alert the community of the FIGHT the Nazis are preparing against the Latino immigrant community. People such as Congressman Tom Tancredo are aboard this movement to attract attention for themselves and divide this country. If Congressman Tancredo feels that the immigration issue needs attention he should do what he was elected to do and work with congress to make changes in the political process, but not come out as a cheer leader for the Nazi groups of America.

United Immigrants of Nevada has the support of many local groups and students that are prepared to protect the human rights of all immigrants, not only Latinos but immigrants from other countries who come to America for Freedom and the opportunity to have a job and help feed their families.

On Saturday May 28, United Immigrants will stage a protest in front of where they (the Nazis) are having their summit (PLAZA Hotel) to speak against the presence of the Wake Up America Nazi Groups coming to Las Vegas. This is a city of many cultures and with people from every corner of the planet, and bashing immigrants degrades the values this great city is based upon. Las Vegas is a friendly place to live and visit where millions of Immigrants come and contribute to our economy, for they are the backbone of this great country.


Chief Anti-Mexican Bigots to Meet in Las Vegas

Voz de Aztlan, May 23

The principal leaders of the “USA Anti-Mexican Movement” will all be under one roof this weekend at the Plaza Hotel located in old downtown Las Vegas. The “Who’s Who List of Xenophobes” will be at the Plaza Hotel on Friday May 27, Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29 to coordinate the vigilante operations they plan to undertake along the California/Mexico border on June through August. The Plaza Hotel and Casino is located at the end of Fremont Street in the old section of town (Phone: (702) 386-2110 Toll Free: (800) 634-6575).

Among the racists who will be attending is head bigot Tom Tancredo. Tancredo is a congressman from Colorado who has aspirations to become USA president by utilizing Mexican immigrants as “scapegoats” for the nation’s economic and social problems. Among other bigots attending are felon Chris Simcox of the Minutemen vigilantes and his lackey Jim Gilchrist. The list of anti-Mexican xenophobes also includes Glenn Spencer, Barbara Coe and the “coconut” Andy Ramirez. “Vendido” Andy Ramirez is being utilized by the bigots as a “Taco Tio”.

The anti-Mexican xenophobes are slow learners. This was demonstrated when a group called “Save our State” experienced an extremely humiliating event on Saturday May 14 in Baldwin Park, California. They miscalculated the degree that Alta California has changed when they undertook to protest a 12 year old public monument that has the inscription, “This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, And will be again”. The vile and irresponsible leader of S.O.S. recruited about 25 senior citizens from the areas “rest homes” and staged the protest in front of the monument. They were shocked went they were confronted by over 300 counter demonstrators, mostly youths of Mexican descent. One very old white lady of S.O.S. collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. The police had to escort the 25 S.O.S. members out of town for their safety.

What the bigots, who will be meeting at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, don’t know may not harm them but the fact is that most of the personnel who work in the hotel’s kitchens are Mexican. We pray that they don’t fall victims of “Montezuma’s Revenge” from eating the food.