Posted on May 26, 2005

Two Hurt, Eight Arrested in Orange County Protest Against Minuteman Project

AP, May 26

See video here.

GARDEN GROVE — A protest against the founder of the border-watching Minuteman Project turned violent when a car drove into the crowd, slightly injuring two people, and at least eight people were arrested, police said.

About 300 people turned up Wednesday night outside the Women’s Civic Club in this Orange County city to protest a speech by Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist of Aliso Viejo.


After the speech, a driver trying to leave the club was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after he slowly drove into a crowd blocking a driveway, police said.


“They converged onto my car, started banging with their posters and with other objects I’m not sure of,” Netkin told KNBC-TV. “I start fearing for my life and so I went through them and some of them had to scatter out of the way.”

Eric Garcia, 22, of Anaheim, said “all hell broke loose” after the demonstrators were injured.

“People started throwing things, like rocks and bricks and stuff,” he said.

At least eight were arrested for investigation of felony assault, and others were booked for investigation of disturbing the peace, Kivler said.