Posted on October 6, 2004

Rush Limbaugh Finally Notices

Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, October 5, 2004

Rush Limbaugh, I think for the first time, said yesterday on his show that demographic changes due to immigration doom the Republican party, a point that immigration restrictionists have been making for over a decade, without even a nod from El Rushbo. To spare the reader Rush’s repetitive digressions and meanderings (which is one of the reasons I don’t listen to Rush myself), here is an abridged version of what he said featuring just his key points:

But the thing to me, folks, is this election shouldn’t even be close right now. The reason that it is close, they’re reasons that have to do with things that, you know, Karl Rove and George W. Bush really don’t have all that much to say about or control over. I mean demographics — if we can be honest here for a second—demographics are going to make it increasingly more difficult for Republicans to win in the future if things don’t change as they are now. Many people who are voting have no context. . . . World War II generation is dying off. We have people here because of the open border policy. We have people who have not assimilated into our culture. The liberal propaganda resonates with many of them, at least, a large number of them, maybe a growing number of them, because of the “we’ll do everything for you” propaganda that liberals are known for.

I’m not trying to be defeatist. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I just want you to know what the obstacles are here. . . . We still have history taught by the left in academia. . . . Progress is taking place but I want to be realistic about some of the obstacles that we still face. You can’t have all this history taught by the left, including the media and expect to make huge, huge inroads. This is an election, maybe the first of its kind, with such dramatic demographic changes. And these demographic changes, as long as we don’t do something about immigration, are going to continue.

So, you know, I mean one of the examples of this demographic shift I can give you, just so you’ll know, I’ll give you an illustration. Orange County, California. Orange County always was relied on to offset the Democrat liberal dominance of Los Angeles. But now over 50% of Orange County is minority and immigrant and most of them vote Democrat, most of the new arrivals. . . . The Republicans just cannot expect to keep winning if every election we have to write off California. If every election we have to write off New York, Illinois, and maybe soon Florida, if those states become states that we have to write off simply because of demographic shifts, then you can’t expect to win.