Posted on October 6, 2004

A Conspiracy to Violate Our Laws with Impunity

Bay Buchanan, Team America E-mail, Oct. 5

“Controlling the border is an illusion! Asa Hutchinson knows how many illegals are crossing our border — the number is whatever corporate America wants. The deal was struck long ago . . . ”

When asked how many illegal aliens were crossing our border annually Asa Hutchinson, the top dog at Homeland Security for border security, told the Washington Times he didn’t know! After 21 months on the job and he doesn’t know.

Maybe he needs to study Time magazine’s cover story, entitled Who Left the Door Open? A couple reporters with no where near the resources of our friend Asa write: “It is fair to estimate, based on a Time investigation, that the number of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. this year will total 3 million, enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 60 flights every day for a year.” Or to put it another way, three times as many people will enter this country illegally this year than will so legally! Asa probably doesn’t know that either. Or could it be he knows it, and is simply lying to us because the numbers are so outrageous. Either way he should resign.

Americans have a right to expect that those in charge of our nation’s security are both competent and trustworthy. But then who is going to call for his resignation? Surely not the Congress of the U.S., as a quick read of the Time magazine story makes frighteningly clear.

The reporters, Donald Bartlett and James Steele, have written a remarkable expose, all the more amazing considering it is found inside the pages of the mainstream liberal weekly. Concluding that “sneaking into the U.S. is scandalously easy and on the rise”, they examine “the damage, the dangers and the reasons the U.S. fails to protect itself.”

Bartlett and Steele pull no punches, going so far as to expose the symbiotic relationship between corporations that profit from the illegal invasion and their corrupt little friends in Congress. We have the foxes watching the chicken coup and our security is the price we are paying.

Here’s how the story goes. Most Americans believe that illegal aliens come north looking for work. According to Bartlett and Steele, however, that is often not the case. “In fact, many have jobs lined up before they leave Mexico. That’s because corporate managers go so far as to place orders with smugglers for a specific number of able bodies to be delivered.”

They order illegal workers like they order parts! American managers contact human smugglers and order so many illegals to be delivered to their factories by such and such a date. And it doesn’t stop there.

According to Time magazine, these managers instruct the coyotes (human smugglers) on the type of fraudulent identification they want their illegal workers to have with them. Any generic photo identification and a fake social security card is the preferred combination. This reduces the corporation’s exposure, since little to no paperwork is required if a prospective employee carries this kind of ID. The legal term, I believe, is conspiracy to defraud.

Not that these businesses have much about which to worry. They’ve paid big bucks for protection against any legal action. They have bought Congress and it was well worth the price.

Consider. For twenty years it has been a crime to hire illegal aliens. Fines of up to $10,000 for every illegal alien on the payroll is on the books today and repeat offenders could go to jail. President Reagan called it the “keystone” of the law, since it was job opportunity that was enticing illegals to make the trek north.

There have been several efforts to implement this law, but Congress would have nothing to do with it.

Back in 1998, for instance, the INS launched Operation Vanguard. It was a vigorous attempt to crack down on the growing practice of corporations to hire illegal workers. They began by focusing their attention on Nebraska’s meatpacking industry, subpoenaing 24, 000 payroll records. The result was astonishing. Twenty percent of the hiring records were found to be problematic.

The outcry from the industry, as well as farmers and the Hispanic community, was deafening. Then Nebraska’s congressional delegation stepped in on the side of the lawbreakers. Other industries saw the dire consequences if the INS, or any federal agency for that matter, were allowed to take this law seriously. They increased the pressure on the Congress and Congress folded. The INS was instructed to halt any effort to crack down on corporations with illegal hiring practices.

It worked. Fines against corporations for immigration-law violations plunged 99%, from 1,063 in 1992 to 13 in 2002.

With the threat of prosecution for their illegal hiring schemes removed, corporations became even bolder, some colluding with criminals to order up illegal workers and fraudulent documents in their pursuit of profits.

And why not? Again according to Time illegal workers can result in millions of dollars in savings for a single corporation.

After successfully gutting employer sanctions, the corporations have now focused their attention on removing the barriers to the free flow of illegal workers. Again according to Time magazine, “Mexico sends its poor north to take jobs illegally, and the U.S. arrests enough of the border crossers to create the illusion that it is enforcing the immigration laws while allowing the great majority to get through.”

Controlling the border is an illusion! Asa Hutchinson knows how many illegals are crossing our border-the number is whatever corporate America wants. The deal was struck long ago. Congress keeps federal agencies from interfering in the business of hiring and transporting illegal cheap labor. Corporations keep the campaign coffers of the Congressmen adequately flush so as to guarantee them a lifetime in Congress.

It all played out again this year in California. The Border Patrol’s newly trained 12-member Mobile Patrol Group arrested and deported 450 illegals aliens during a 19-day period in California’s inland area, all within 100 miles of the border. They were doing their job and were enormously successful.

Americans living in the area were thrilled; they know first hand the dangers related to illegal immigration. The Border Patrol’s morale went way high-they were finally doing their job and making a difference.

But the usual characters — the Hispanic community, church leaders, and several Congressmen cried foul and took the issue to the office of one Asa Hutchinson. After a brief review, the man responsible for this nation’s border security concluded that the agents has failed to consider the “sensitivities” of those detained. Asa Hutchinson, after several denials, has now admitted he sent the unit involved in these raids back to the border. And the illusion continues.

Our Congress passes laws to appease us. They have no intention of allowing these laws to be enforced and risking offending the very corporations that contribute so generously to their campaigns. The only security on their minds is job security — their own.

What we have is called corruption, corruption in the highest offices of our land, corruption protected from prosecution. It is deep and it is broad. Nothing short of a massive grass roots effort can rid ourselves of it. And that, my friends, is called a revolution.

Bay Buchanan — Chairman, Team America

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