Posted on May 12, 2017

Photos: Silver Spring: Third-World Melting Pot in Maryland

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, May 12, 2017

“A colony of the world.” This is how Eugene McCarthy, the late Democratic senator, called what the United States was becoming through mass immigration. Not to quibble, but America is becoming a colony of the third world, and therein lies the problem. We are not becoming a colony of France, or Germany, or Japan, but of Mexico, Vietnam, and Somalia. The transformation is real, and not well documented.

A fascinating aspect of this colonization is how different nationalities mix with each other, and with the native black underclass, to become ghettos that are a kind of “Third World melting pot.” American Renaissance documented an example of this two years ago in Minneapolis, and there is a similar ghetto in Silver Spring — located along the border of Washington DC and Maryland — made up mostly of Ethiopians, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Salvadorians, blacks, and whites. Here are the numbers from the last census for the area: 36 percent white, 28 percent black, 8 percent Asian, and 5 percent “mixed.” Another 26 percent identified as the very ambiguous “Hispanic or Latino” category, and a whopping 37 percent were foreign born.

Like any non-white area, there is blight and government dependency:

But beyond the standard trappings of an all-black ghetto are the details that make it “Third World.” The eateries are the first sign, with their mix of international and black cuisine, and their mix of languages.

Why is a Chinese restaurant advertising subs and chicken? It knows its customers. According to its online menu, Dragon City offers very innovative Chinese dishes: “Chicken Cheese Steak Sub,” “Pork Chop Sandwich,” and a wide assortment of buffalo and fried chicken wings.

Many of the convenience and other stores also show the bizarre hybrid of Silver Spring, with Amharic (the language of Ethiopia — the squiggles on the signs below) and Spanish often sharing the same sign or windowpane.

Where else can you find a restaurant that serves “Ethiopian & Tex-Mex Cuisine”?

Many shops specialize in services that immigrants need.

“Checks cashed” in Spanish

“Envio de dinero” means “Send money.” The orange “Sigue” sign, further to the right is an ad for a Hispanic money transfer company.

The same storefront had a sign for the Washington, DC, charter school lottery. The District’s public schools are some of the worst in the country, and even immigrants are trying to get out of them. The demand for new charter schools is so high that they would be swamped if places were not doled out by lottery. The sign was in Spanish:

It says you can register for the lottery at a Spanish-language website, but there are grammatical errors in the text — probably an amateur translation — that do not inspire confidence.

Bastardized Spanish is on display elsewhere in Silver Spring:

There is a common Spanish word for babysitter: “niñera.”

Needless to say, there is a Spanish word for trash: “basura.”

I was left wondering what kind of transformations the other languages of Silver Spring are going through.

Hair salons show an interesting blend of American and African. American blacks are obsessed with their hair, and even make movies about it. East Africans seem to share the hair obsession, so it is hard to tell which salons are genuinely East African, and which ones are American blacks cribbing the African styles.

Ethiopians seem to be sticking to the habits of their homeland. In some of their shops, everything for sale — with the exception of alcohol — is African, and signs in Amharic are everywhere.

Can you find the EBT advertisement?

The ATM machine gives $10 bills.

Why do phones need to be unlocked?

Ethiopians even have their own church:

The welfare state is always near. Silver Spring has a “World Building,” which has “Family Case Management Programs” on its first floor:

The open border group “International Rescue Committee” has offices nearby, as does the Department of Health and Human Services.

This engineering company seems to be trying to make a virtue of necessity:

This sign, surrounded by so many decrepit buildings, made me laugh out loud. According to its website, DE works mainly for government, not the private sector, and even boasts of the work it did Washington, DC’s notoriously bad metro system.

This shabby Ethiopian Community Center is just a block or two away from a seedy place that sells pornographic videos and where a gaggle of American blacks were shouting at each other in the parking lot.

However, this advertisement seemed to sum up the neighborhood best. How did America manage before immigration brought us Indian spiritual healers who can cure everything from bad sex to visa problems?