The Old College Try

Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, May 1, 2015

How blacks stay eligible for college sports.

Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham, Cheated: The UNC Scandal, the Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports, Potomac Books, 2015, 280 pages, $26.95.

In the summer of 2010, the University of North Carolina (UNC) athletic department was caught up in a scandal. Many basketball and football players were found to have taken phony courses and to have been given high grades for papers they did not write and classes they did not attend. This had been going on for over a decade, and involved thousands of players. Cheated, by Jay Smith, a professor of history at UNC, and Mary Willingham, a UNC academic advisor and whistle-blower in the scandal, is a full account of this sordid tale of academic fraud.


The authors provide an abundance of evidence for bogus independent-study classes, inflated grades, plagiarized work, and an administration that deliberately ignored obvious fraud. All the cheaters were apparently black athletes, and many black professors were involved, but the athletes are portrayed as victims rather than beneficiaries of this fraud.

Students or athletes?

The problem of lowering academic standards to recruit athletes goes back many years. In 1939, University of Chicago President Robert Maynard Hutchins chose to eliminate the school’s football program rather than relax standards. “To be successful, one must cheat. Everyone is cheating, and I refuse to cheat,” he explained. This was when college athletes were nearly all white, and the problem has only gotten worse.

In 1986, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) enacted Proposition 48, which set minimum academic standards for athletic eligibility. A minimum score of 700 out of 1,400 on the SAT and a 2.0 grade-point average hardly seem demanding, but a number of coaches and black race activists decried the measures as discriminatory. And, indeed, a 1988 report found that 78 percent of the athletes who could not meet these requirements were black. Coaches quickly learned how to get around these minimum standards. This book shows how.

The center of the UNC scandal was the African and Afro-American Studies Department (AFRI/AFAM), and the chairman of the department, Julius Nyang’oro, an immigrant from Tanzania, was at the heart of the fraud. Prof. Nyang’oro enrolled athletes in AFRI/AFAM courses and made sure they got grades good enough to keep them eligible to play. Four of the five starters from UNC’s 1993 national championship basketball team were AFRI/AFAM majors. Prof. Nyang’oro got season tickets right behind the UNC bench.

Independent studies classes were a key part of the fraud. Independent study is generally reserved for talented graduate students who want to do work that is more focused than a typical course syllabus. Students are usually graded on a paper that reflects original research.

Needless to say, the UNC athletes were not producing original research, though in most cases they seem to have turned in a paper. Whether they actually wrote them is another matter. As the authors note, the purpose of AFRI/AFAM independent study was to give “virtually free grades to players who were valuable to their profit-sport teams.” These courses were popular; more than 2,300 students did AFRI/AFAM independent study from 1991 to 2011.

But how did athletes pass required courses such as English and math? UNC also has a foreign language requirement. How did students barely literate in English learn a foreign language?

Keep him eligible

Cheated devotes a section to the career of Julius Peppers, a star black athlete who played on both the football and basketball teams from 1998-2001. Mr. Peppers went on to a long NFL career and is still an active player at age 35. He did not earn a degree but was kept eligible thanks to the AFRI/AFAM department and other phony courses, such as Swahili and French drama, in which athletes got passing grades for little or no work.

At UNC, Mr. Peppers had to maintain a GPA of at least a 1.75, but when he took real classes he failed. He got Fs in Algebra, Earth & Climate, and World Regional Geography, and Ds in Applied Ethics, English Composition, and Stagecraft. It was his inflated grades in AFRI/AFAM courses (usually Bs) that barely gave him the GPA he needed to keep playing.

Football and basketball players had tutors, counselors, and advisers whose main job was to keep them eligible–even a D is better than an F. One of Mr. Peppers’s academic counselors, Carl Carey, remembers that basketball and football coaches were always after him to “keep him eligible, keep him eligible.” He then put pressure on faculty. In one case, Mr. Carey literally banged on the doors of a drama teacher’s office to get Mr. Peppers a second chance to take a test that he had failed. He got a D, which saved his eligibility.

Mr. Peppers case was not unusual. Another unnamed football player teetered on ineligibility despite earning 9 As, 8 of them in AFRI/AFAM courses, and the other in an equally corrupt class, The French Novel in Translation.

By the mid-2000s, Prof. Nyang’oro had abandoned all restraint. Confident that he would not be caught, he gave student-athletes As in “paper classes” for which they did no work at all. This particularly benefited the UNC 2005 national championship basketball team:

A single statistic underlines the enormity of the fraud from which the 2005 team benefited. A handful of players from the team took a total of thirty-one paper classes over a few semesters and summer sessions. All thirty-one grades awarded, without exception, were either A or A-. Rashad McCants, a star forward on the championship team, followed a paper classes-only schedule during the spring semester of 2005, meaning that he was relieved of all academic burdens in the season in which he pursued his national championship dreams. Perversely, McCants saw his GPA rise significantly–he even made the dean’s list after a semester in which he had done no academic work.

A 2010, a UNC football player named Marvin Austin tweeted about glamorous evenings at nightclubs with “bottles comin’.” This drew the attention of the Raleigh News & Observer, which investigated, and ran a series of articles on the fraudulent courses. The university’s response was, at best, a cover-up:

No instance was found of a student receiving a grade who had not submitted written work. No evidence indicated that student athletes received more favorable treatment than students who were not athletes. In addition, no information was found to indicate that the department personnel involved in these courses received a tangible benefit of any kind.


The NCAA gave UNC minor punishments, including the loss of some scholarships and a year’s probation for the football team. The Epilogue of the book notes that at press time the NCAA had announced a new investigation into “academic irregularities,” so further punishments may yet be announced. Prof. Nyang’oro retired in 2012, and charges against him were dropped in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation, though he should surely be the main target of the investigation.


Race is a constant subtext to Cheated, and the authors profess to believe that black athletes were the true victims–they were “cheated” out of a college education. The book is full of liberal posturing:

Between the early 1990s and 2011 the Department of African and Afro-American Studies appears to have been on the receiving end of a form of racism that most often goes unacknowledged, a patronizing racism rooted in low expectations.

It is not only the uninformed and secretly racist sports fan who believes that African American athletes should feel ‘lucky’ even to be on a college campus.

Self-satisfied and privileged whites tend to chalk up classroom shortcomings among black athletes to laziness, lack of drive and ‘cultural’ issues.

Why would UNC tolerate a 51 percent graduation rate among black male athletes (versus 89 percent for the student body as a whole) unless its officials assumed that lower levels of achievement were to be expected of black students?

Not once does Cheated blame any of the black athletes who actually participated in and benefited from the cheating. Some of this is perhaps understandable. The book is full of black athletes who couldn’t pass even remedial courses despite an army of tutors and counselors. Perhaps the book could not even have been published if it also portrayed them as pampered beneficiaries.

However, black athletes are admitted to top universities despite not even coming close to meeting admissions requirements, they get full scholarships with free room and board, and end up with degrees they don’t deserve. This does not even include the “under-the-table” money and gifts they often receive from recruiters. These people are exploited and cheated?

Moreover, playing at a top school such as UNC means a chance to play professional sports. Even a few years in the NBA or NFL can mean millions. Julius Peppers has already spent 14 years in the NFL. Is he a victim or a beneficiary?

Although Cheated is all about race, it does not treat it directly. How many of the athletes involved in the UNC scandal were black? Were any of them white? The school has produced a number of white athletes, but Cheated does not mention a single white in connection with the scandal–though the mother of Tyler Hansbrough, a white basketball player, landed a make-work job at UNC when he agreed to attend.

Most college athletes are white, and play sports such as baseball, wrestling, tennis, or hockey. Were any of those sports involved in the scandal? How many black athletes actually earned their degrees? Did women athletes get special treatment or only men?

Cheated does not answer these questions, but it suggests that academic fraud almost exclusively benefited black football and basketball players.


The authors offer two solutions. One is simply to pay college football and men’s college basketball players. Players could pursue degrees if they wanted, but they would not have to go to class at the school they supposedly represented.

What would feminists and Title IX advocates say? What would be the status of black athletes in other sports who couldn’t keep up their grades? Most schools lose money on football and basketball teams; would they still have to pay players?

Here is the book’s second solution: “Every university that plans to lower its admissions standards in pursuit of athletic glory should be required to develop an intensive literacy program that will ensure college readiness by the player’s second year in residence.” Good luck.

There is a third solution. Make athletes meet minimum standards on SATs and grades, and expel any who cheat or plagiarize. In other words, treat athletes like regular students. This works for wresting, swimming, hockey, baseball, field hockey, volleyball and all other sports.

It would mean far fewer blacks playing football and basketball, and there would be cries of “racism.” But quality of play might not decline that much. The college basketball national championship game this year featured an 80-percent white Wisconsin team against a Duke team that–though it had darkened considerably–won four national championships with mostly white teams over the last 24 years.

The scandals at UNC and many other major sports colleges can be understood only though the lens of race and racial differences, and despite the usual platitudes and hectoring, Cheated gives glimpses of the racial realities behind the scandal. But blacks as a whole simply cannot meet academic standards created for whites, and this makes a return to the tradition of the student athlete impossible. Scandals such as the one at UNC are likely to continue.

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Peter Bradley

Peter Bradley lives in Washington, D.C.

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  • phorning

    “One is simply to pay college football and men’s college basketball players. Players could pursue degrees if they wanted, but they would not have to go to class at the school they supposedly represented.”

    This is the most honest solution. It also means the schools should start paying taxes on revenue from football and college basketball, which will never happen.

    “There is a third solution. Make athletes meet minimum standards on SATs and grades, and expel any who cheat or plagiarize. In other words, treat athletes like regular students. This works for wresting, swimming, hockey, baseball, field hockey, volleyball and all other sports.”

    The third solution is best, but I don’t think it is currently happening in the minor sports either. The same kind of cheating is going on, just with a smaller budget and less scrutiny.

  • The easier question to answer, in regards to college football and basketball, is who isn’t cheating. Even Harvard has cheated.

    • listenupbub

      I know, right? There is no way the athletes at Stanford are keeping up with the academics there.

      Although the white guys on the golf team actually do.

    • Leroy Corso

      EASY classes exist everywhere. Non-existent, fraudulent classes exist at [email protected]

  • Dave4088

    This so called nation is at a point where white standards in higher education cannot be re-imposed on afro-merican athletes lest there be cacophonous cries of “racism” from every corner of the establishment. But most importantly, college sports is such a windfall for major universities that to impose standards would mean attracting less talented recruits in many cases and lead to less revenue coming in when they have difficulty competing against schools that do break all the rules.

    But it would result in:

    1) Whiter teams
    2) Fewer rapes and crimes on campus
    3) Better sportsmanship

    • phorning

      Your points are valid, but changing college sports is not going to radically alter what is happening at our colleges and universities. Only half the students taking the fake classes at UNC were athletes. Unless the entire academic structure is changed our educational system will never improve.

      • Tiffany Howard

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      • Rurik

        For the life of me I cannot understand how having a ball team at your university makes it easier to learn chemistry or Latin. Having university sport teams is much akin to requiring professional sport teams to recruit unathletic philosophers, physicists, and historians at athlete pay rates, to sit on the bench and stay off the field. We don’t require Julliard to subsidize sculptural welding or target shooting.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Exactly!! Academic standards have been plummeting since the education was radicalized in the 12960s and 1970s. This has played out from kindergarten to university, for all races. Not enough people realize how profoundly “dumbed down” education has become since it was taken over by radical ivory tower academics in the 1960s. Basically, in order to make education fairly and democratically available to “all” (all races) it had to be dumbed down so the disadvantaged students could function.

        • Epoche

          Academic standards were lowered to “help” everybody – not just racially. Social reformers dont understand that we learn just as much by our failures as our successes.

        • bilderbuster

          It would make it more difficult for politicians to promise everyone a free college education if colleges had standards that Blacks couldn’t meet.

    • bilderbuster

      Less Negro worship.

    • sam sneed

      that would destroy the ideal that blacks are better than whites and get succesful and rich just by screwing around and cheating

  • BernieGoetzFan

    In a review for the WSJ, Gregg Easterbrook said that black athletes at UNC, “might as well have been picking cotton.” Even when they are pampered they are thought to be victimized by “racism.”

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Easterbrook is smart enough to trick himself into believing something that dumb.

  • Tarczan

    In route to a National Chapionship Urban Meyer really darkened up the Ohio State team.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      They were still whiter than the other team they played ( was it Florida State?) for the championship. Shame that Wisconsin – which started 16-17 whites on the football team for the last 2-3 years – didn’t make it. They always seem to lose 1 fluke game which knocks them out of contention.

  • Jaggers

    That is a, shall I say, typical ends justify the means argument.

  • listenupbub

    All this happens despite Roy’s efforts to recruit the smartest and the lightest black players he can get. They still don’t care about the classes.

    There was a white 7-footer on UNC’s team a few years ago named Tyler Zeller. He graduated with a business degree and a good GPA.

  • Would these “benefits” to the universities include things like rape and theft?

  • Brady

    My alma mater is a small liberal arts university that refused to have a football team for precisely that reason. They could not be competitive in NCAA football without compromising their academics, even in Division III. For fall athletics they stuck with soccer.

    • Rurik

      Why have athletics at all? Do we expect the NFL to hold poetry readings between downs?

      • Michael Robert Ryan


  • Hank Richter

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this? I say if they can find a path playing sports and it keeps them employed and out of trouble I really don’t care if they can read. I really don’t get the point of this article, so kick them off the team and then……what? They go become a Mike Brown?

    This is one situation I don’t have a problem with, I don’t even think they should have to take classes, if they can play and people want to watch them let it happen, better than the alternative.

    • John Smith

      It seldom keeps them out of trouble, but they can afford better lawyers.

      • Thanks. I was going to say something just like that. Anytime you do something for blacks, they only behave worse: Civil rights; welfare; public housing; school desegregation; “affirmative action”; black mayors; black Congress people; black celebrities and athletes; African American studies programs; black organizations and fraternities; the abolishing of the dreaded “N-word” (that I dare not use even on this website, btw); ending “sentence disparity”; endless appeals and public defenders for criminals; ending profiling; even a black president, attorney general….(Damn! When I started this reply, even I had no idea that my list was going to be THIS LONG! Gosh, we DO way too much for those people!)

        • Hank Richter

          I’m not talking about “doing something for them”, this does require me to do anything, if they want to play, and others want to see them play, what do I care if they can read or not?

          • Because it leads to Negro worship, that’s why.

          • Hank Richter

            Give me a break.

          • jayvbellis

            The college sports for Blacks system is getting close to the Roman gladiator slave sports system.

            Gladiator fans didn’t really care if the slaves could read.

        • Rurik

          Better to do something to them.

  • Rob

    ‘The center of the UNC scandal was the African and Afro-American Studies Department (AFRI/AFAM), and the chairman of the department, Julius Nyang’oro, an immigrant from Tanzania, was at the heart of the fraud..’
    What the hell is wrong with this country? We made a mistake bringing blacks as slaves, freeing them and allowing them to run wild in our society and we let more immigrate here to ahev more DIE-versity. No wonder this country is going down the hole.

    • sam sneed

      afro american studies = free As for blacks who never go to class

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Thanks for the wonderful review. It doesn’t surprise me the leftist media interprets this as cheating the black illiterates (instead of say, the honest white students who see the worth of their diploma cheapened). What’s tough to stomach is the accusatory tones it takes against white “racists.” It should be noted that (at least in the exerpt above) no examples of these racists are actually quoted. Which begets the question of how these authors know what “self-satsified and privileged whites” are thinking, and also how they know that those who blame blacks for their academic failings are “self-satisfied.” One’s level of self-satisfaction is something the person knows directly himself. I don’t know your thoughts unless you tell me. It’s odd how familiar these authors are to the thoughts of people they deem “racist.”

    It’s also interesting how their first solution–pay the athletes so that they become professionals–contradicts the thesis of the book. All of a sudden the academic experience and learning one gains from a fair and rigorous college education isn’t important. We were led to believe that people like Rashad McCants were cheated because they were held to low academic standards but now the solution is to do away with them completely?

  • John Smith

    There’s an error in this story if one reads the maximum possible score on the SAT as 1400 during the ’80s, since it was actually 1600. One thing I read about negroes taking the SAT is that most would score better than they did had they just filled out every blank at random.

    Meanwhile, the excuses keep on coming: http://www[dot]jbhe[dot]com/features/49_college_admissions-test.html

  • JohnEngelman

    Race is a constant subtext to Cheated, and the authors profess to believe that black athletes were the true victims–they were “cheated” out of a college education. The book is full of liberal posturing:

    Between the early 1990s and 2011 the Department of African and Afro-American Studies appears to have been on the receiving end of a form of racism that most often goes unacknowledged, a patronizing racism rooted in low expectations.

    – Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, May 1, 2015

    And if we expect those people to behave and perform as well as we do, we are even more racist.

  • JohnEngelman

    I missed nothing by not attending basketball and football games when I was in college.

    • Just two teams of Negroes running around a field or court. Cheering people that probably hate you, and wouldn’t give a rat’s butt if you were hurt by one of their “brothers.”

  • JohnEngelman

    Athletic talent and academic talent do not correlate. Nevertheless, football and basketball are the only two college sports that make profits. This is a situation that rewards fraudulence. The most fair minded people can do is to continue to draw attention to the fraudulence.

    “They got a good football team?” is a question asked more frequently in conversation than, “Who are their most distinguished professors?”

  • Harry

    This bellyache has been going on easily for the last forty years. I remember reading a narrative (25 years ago) “written” by a former college athlete (black) about taking a ‘speed reading’ class. He mentioned that he didn’t get through the first sentence of a paragraph before the prof told them to close their books and then quizzed the class on the text. These athletes make money for the universities that they attend and that is why they are there. They are labeled as students, simply for lack of a better word. Look at the bright side: How many dummies have you ever heard of that once they become wealthy, manage to hold on to that wealth? Of course that is a whole different sob story about being exploited by the man.

  • InAFreeCountry

    It ain’t fair dat de chilluns gots to larn de White skoolins. It be raciss.

    • Exactly. If they became college athletes, they could become famous. That would do a lot for them. Let them be professional athletes, have successful careers, become wealthy, even marry White women. I mean, look what that did for O.J. Simpson. He was just so appreciative of it, right? Yep, really made him a good person, huh?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    The sooner America weens herself off Muh Sports, the better.

  • Tarczan

    Now that the NFL draft is on, we are being fed the unending story of the black kid whose family member was tragically killed and he made the NFL as a tribute to his lost kin. The other story we hear is about the negro who was raised by whites and who redeems himself with an NFL contract.

    • Also the conga line of blacks who say they’re going to use their newfound riches to take care of their “mama.”

      Madison Avenue seems especially intent this year to let us know that NFL draft prospects wear clothes, shoes and deodorant. Good to know, but way too obvious.

      • Harry

        Poor mama. Everyone that she has ever met in her life will be at her front door with outstretched paw.

  • All about Cultural Marxism. We must put a high emphasis on sports that blacks are good at so that we don’t realize that blacks are really good at nothing else. Can you imagine if these sports programs were run honestly? Most college athletes would be White. Lacrosse and swimming would do fine, but basketball and football would lose most of their blacks. We would have White colleges and White professional athletes. Blacks would have to pursue honest work, that would be “demeaning” to their precious “self-esteem.” It is all about making the blacks feel better. (Like the members of the race aren’t already pumped up and full of themselves.)

  • Ellis Kurtz

    What is so fascinating about a group of pituitary cases trying to stuff a ball through a hoop?

  • Realist

    There is a fourth solution. Eliminate University and college sports.
    The purpose of Universities and colleges is to learn and gain knowledge. Not to play kid games.

  • Realist

    Aaaahhhh greed rules.

  • Realist

    Hey how about campus whores…..I mean sanctioned?

  • AngloBilly

    Lots and lots and lots of whites are enablers of this kind of…. stuff. This corruption will continue as long as so many whites worship these kinds of athletes, not only in college sports but also in the NBA and NFL.

    Division I college sports is now just another part of Bread and Circuses America.

    • Harry

      I lost interest in bakkaball decades ago because of the “diversity”. Football; as great of a game as it is, revolves almost entirely around black players. Their on-field “looks at me” hype and their off field dysfunction has pretty much turned me off to NFL and semi pro (college) feetsball as well.

      • AngloBilly

        I’m with you Harry. I used to enjoy playing and watching football, but I can’t stand it now, especially with the chest-beating “celebrations” by black players after almost every single play. You nailed it with your phrase ‘”looks at me” hype.’

        In the old days, if you acted like that, the opposing players, and sometimes your own teammates, would give you a certain “message” during a following play, which would discourage any similar foolishness in the future.

        These days I pretty much stick to baseball and soccer. The cultures of those sports have degenerated too, but not quite to the extent of football and basketball.

  • superlloyd

    Din du muffins an got me a degree in Afro American studies at UNC. Ah, the black privilege that the congoid is too dumb to comprehend and the libtard sees as racism. The perverted values of a system in crisis.

  • jayvbellis

    Lower class Blacks and the NAACP Black pol elite have an unshakeable , fundamentalist belief that colleges and universities are places that all Blacks should be admitted under any circumstance, college is a place Blacks should “Go” ,. Once Blacks go to college then they are entitled to a middle class job and a middle class life. They are ENTiTLED to everything wealthy Whites in posh suburbs have.

    Thus there is always a big push or back around scheme to remove all IQ, academic standards that unfairly keep out Blacks from getting the college education that will supposedly save them.

    A few dissenting Conservative Black intellectuals like Tom Sowell disagree.

    The “best” US universities like Harvard are 95% + Lib Dem, PC . So they are on board because folks there want to be like other Harvard grad Sec of Education Arnie Duncan.

    Then it just becomes a case of NIMBY – Leftist elites use all kinds of tricks to keep the lowest Blacks out of their schools, or just out of their classes. Same as the New York Times editorial board has no Blacks.

  • jayvbellis

    When things get really, really bad, sometimes the Muslims come in and just burn, destroy everything.

    Muslims did this to colleges and libraries in Alexandria Egypt built in Alexander the Great’s time.

    If some enraged Muslims want to burn Harvard University to the ground, especially Harvard Law School, well, I hope somebody saves some of Samuel Elliot Morrison’s history books.

  • I have said for years that the NFL and NBA should simply establish their own minor-league teams the way baseball did. Get it all out of the universities, tell the jock-sniffing alumni to go kick rocks, and restore some semblance of academic and professional honesty.

    • Carney3

      Fans won’t transfer their loyalty away from deep rooted major sports colleges without a major decline in the athletic quality of the incoming players. The only way to ensure that is a federal law banning any federal money going to a school that lowers standards for athletes.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    And just think of the access to beautiful white girls this gives to the feeble-minded.

    • TrueNorthFree

      well educated, beautiful white girls

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        And sadly, indoctrinated to believe that “we’re all the same, under the skin.”

        • TrueNorthFree

          Friend, that is precisely what was indoctrinated into me for decades until the Rotherham rapes finally work me up.

      • IBWHITE

        Who will go on to give birth to violent Black thugs – and then wonder why their children act like that.

        • TrueNorthFree

          For as long as I can remember it has always bothered me when white women breed with blacks. In my brainwashed days I used to feel guilty for feeling that way, I felt like an evil racist, but it was a deep gut feeling of “wrongness” whenever I would see a white woman who had born babies to a black man.
          The babies who come from those pairings can potentially do well, if they are given a proper education and a functional, supportive family. And mixed race people can subsequently breed with whites, resulting in predominantly white offspring.

          • IBWHITE

            I’ve always viewed it as “breeding down.” Often the mongrel offspring of a White/Black union results in an angry self identified Black that loathes White people – think Eric Holder or the Baltimore DA. A little Black DNA will go a long way in destroying the IQ and personality of a human being.

        • sam sneed

          then thuggo will screw around and screw every skirt until they break up and he gets to leave the mixed kid behind with the once pretty mother.

      • sam sneed

        who shun loser white guy engineers and inventors. Ha ha. Youre stupid. What a joke you are working so hard and having to study. Look at Dintavious he never studies AND he has time to play basketball and he has a new car and lots of money. You white hard working studying dorks are just losers. Haaa ha ha. A girl like ME date a hard working brilliant LOSER like you? You’ll just get replaced by an Indian on the H-1B visa who has a fake degree and works for 10 dollars an hour.

    • a multiracial individual

      Most drunk college kids go to bed with each other willingly.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Even better reason to keep the low-lifes away.

      • IBWHITE

        Most Black males will take advantage of a drunk or high young White female and then claim it was consensual sex too. Many Blacks are oversexed, aggressive opportunists who refuse to take no for an answer.

    • sam sneed

      white girls trained from youth with images of blacks in film as “the boss” “god” and “the super terrific dating partner. It all sounds good until someone ends up getting eaten by their fine young cannibal

  • Rurik

    Having any varsity team at all has always made this particular “Big 10” Alumnus unhappy. I want to send ALL the monkeys, both Black AND White back to the jungle.

  • Epiminondas

    Once again, the media is at the center of the problem. Without television dollars, we would not now be having this discussion. The pressure to win is getting intense and the money spent on facilities to lure successful coaches, wealthy alumni, and boosting student enrollment continues apace. It is a money carousel.

    • Wing-nut.

      Throw in the sports betting/gaming industry and NCAA turning a blind-eye to universities that are “to big to fail/cheat”.

      It all seems beyond corrupt now.

  • MBlanc46

    Let the NFL and NBA establish their own minor league systems and let athletes who don’t don’t care about higher education get right to making money. Then college sport can go back to being for student athletes.

  • Race Heretic

    So for these athletes, Afro-American studies is literally a study in . . . nothing.

  • refocus

    What happens to all the money generated by the sports teams at the university level?

    Does it lower tuition or provide for the faculty retirement accounts?

    • It actually provides those universities the excuse to raise tuition, by making them more “prestigious” in the eyes of the jock-sniffing public.

  • Since this cheating involves public money and is an abuse of the universities’ tax-exempt status, I imagine federal fraud charges could be pressed. In addition, the systematic and long-term nature of the cheating would make it possible for prosecutors to use RICO laws.

  • Diversity Heretic

    Ideally the NFL and NBA would sponsor minor league teams, just as major league baseball does now. Young men incapable of, or uninterested in academics, could be paid to play football or basketball. Alternatively, major colleges could sponsor their own teams, but with no requirement that players be students. Alumnae could continue to root for “their team.” But there is so much money to be made in the existing system that any serious change is unlikely.

  • bilderbuster

    The real money in college sports is in betting and college sports are the easiest to fix. Especially on the spread.

  • shmo123

    A possible solution might include forbidding all colleges and universities from offering any athletic scholarships at all. If you’re good enough to get in, you can try out for whatever sport you wish. I realize that may allow open up another can of worms, but it’s a start.

  • Havin Nunavit

    What kills me about football, and basketball less so, is that a team in either sport would benefit from having players with a, say, higher degree of technical and reasoning skills. Football plays are really quite complicated in the sense that in order for the play to work as drawn up, each player must perform his function on time and precisely. That’s probably the reason why teams have over a dozen coaches for 50 or so actual players, so that each dunderhead can be individually schooled as to what he is supposed to do. Simply being .25 second quicker in a 40 does not equate to efficiency on the field. Having a brain, and more importantly, the ability to use it to outsmart your opponent comes in very handy. Seems like a lot of teams would benefit from this philosophy. Can you imagine the patience it would require to teach some of these plays to an illiterate, unreasonable, late teen hotshot?


    “As far as administrators are concerned, dealing with the mayhem these athletes cause is just an assumed cost.”
    I would bet the victims of these Bantus would completely disagree

  • sam sneed

    a third solution – change college and pro basketball rules back to what they were in the 70s, no more traveling and gibsmedat. poof the black basketball plawer will be extinct