Teach for America Splits the Multiculti Left

Jane Weir, American Renaissance, February 6, 2015

Slapping on an Obama sticker may no longer be enough.

One day a headhunter in New York phoned me up to sell me a back-office job at an outfit called Teach for America. My first reaction was to gag. My knowledge of the organization was sketchy, but what I knew was not enticing.

To all appearances, Teach for America is a non-profit that works for “minority uplift.” Its talking points are mainly bad public schools, “disadvantaged children of color,” progressive public-education policy, etc. In its mission to improve public-school teaching, it recruits newly minted college graduates, gives them five weeks of summer training, and sends them off with a two-year commitment to teach in the slums (or as TfA like to call them, “America”). And, not incidentally, it has an annual revenue of over $300 million, most of which ($262 million in 2013) comes from corporate donations–Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.–and government grants.

Its public face is rather dull and “politically correct,” but dig deeper and you find the TfA story is intriguing. Over the past couple of years it’s been the subject of increasing attacks from “progressive” groups and the radical Left. These critics include The Nation, Salon, columnists at the Harvard Crimson and Washington Post, Obama pal Bill Ayers, and the Chicago Teachers Union. And then there’s a curious-sounding campus activist group called United Students Against Sweatshops, which is trying to ban TfA from recruitment at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and dozens of other universities.

According to these opponents and critics, Teach for America is basically a “fraud,” a scam, a phony left-liberal organization that uses race and educational concerns as a pretext for getting donations and government grants, while its real agenda is to provide its executives and alumni with well-paid, high-profile jobs as lobbyists, politicians and public-policy advocates.

This accusation might not raise an eyebrow among race-realists–aren’t all liberal programs that focus on race and public schools basically fraudulent? But this sustained attack on TfA isn’t coming from conservatives; it’s coming from leftist activists. Somewhat melodramatically, The American Prospect has called this battle against TfA and public-school privatization “America’s New Civil War.”

Some of these attacks have hit home. According to the Washington Post blog, school boards and state governments are starting to cut their ties to the non-profit. TfA applications by college seniors are down by about 25 percent (26,000 applying for about 5,800 new slots in 2012). According to that same Post column, TfA is also concerned about declining applicant quality.

Teach for America now finds itself at the center of what may be an important debate about what it means to be authentically “progressive” on race. To put it another way, we could well be witnessing a breakup in the liberal consensus about race-politics that goes back at least to the Great Society years. It may no longer be enough to parrot the right phrases. “Progressives” are demanding results of a kind that could sober up an awful lot of Champagne liberals.

Lying with statistics

But don’t cry for TfA. Take a look at its promotional materials (particularly the website, teachforamerica.org) and have a nice laugh. What you see is a veritable parody of the liberal race/poverty narrative of the past five or six decades: lots of pictures of cheerful, needy colored children; blurbs about poverty and education; and touching stories about the bright young college students that TfA recruits who teach for two years in poor, nonwhite school districts.

Readers of a certain age may find the whole TfA pitch reminiscent of the 1960s television promotional spots for Head Start, or perhaps Bob Hope’s long-running spot for the Peace Corps. The basic “hook” remains the same: Western, white guilt, coupled with a plea for charitable donations and/or a couple of years of your time, to help make the world a better place for the underserved, underprivileged nonwhite millions. TfA even calls its recruits “corps members.”

TfA wants you to think it’s a very effective charity, and tells you again and again that it has a plan for ending nonwhite poverty (better teachers, better education). But its statistics are often irrelevant or just plain fudged. For example, the TfA website treats us to a bar graph for the New Orleans school district–which is now largely run by TfA–that shows “basic competency” among New Orleans grade-school students increased about 70 percent (that is, from 30 percent to 53 percent) between 2000 and 2010.

Of course, something else besides TfA happened during those ten years, most notably Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. After Katrina, the black population of New Orleans dropped from 67 percent to 60 percent. New Orleans test scores would have gone up simply because of this change.

Something else that no doubt affected test scores even more was the decision by the state of Louisiana summarily to discharge about 7,500 teachers and school employees, most of them black. The entire New Orleans public-school system was shuttered and replaced with a new TfA-directed system of charter schools, staffed in part by about 1,000 TfA alumni and corps members.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in 2010 that Katrina was “the best thing that happened” to New Orleans schools, because “that education system was a disaster” before the hurricane. TfA, which now essentially runs the New Orleans charter-school system, is happy to take most of the credit for improvements that came simply from clearing out all the deadwood.

Another TfA-associated school system is the one in Washington, DC. There, schools chancellor and TfA alumna Michelle Rhee was said to have raised math proficiency from 10 percent to 58 percent. Miss Rhee arranged this partly by replacing the worst-performing teachers with new TfA recruits, and partly by offering teachers an $8,000 bonus if they got high test scores. Some teachers, most notably at schools that had been touted and feted as models, corrected their students’ test papers before handing them in. According to a PBS Frontline documentary, there is strong evidence that Miss Rhee knew about the cheating and looked the other way.

“A Scab Temp Agency”

It’s race, though, not charter schools or the “privatization” of public school systems, that really drives the antagonism toward TfA. Without race it would probably pass muster as just another “progressive” boondoggle.

The repeated complaint is that it displaces veteran public school teachers–most of them black and “inner-city”–with young, white, middle-class, inexperienced short-termers who are looking to put an interesting notch on their résumés. Something called the Black Agenda Report calls TfA a “Scab Temp Agency.” (Or, as a prospective TfA corps member told her recruiter in New Orleans, “Honestly, this seems really racist to me.”)

Such accusations have lurked in the background, but they came to the fore most resoundingly in the aftermath of the September 2012 Chicago teachers’ strike. In late 2012 and early 2013, the Chicago Board of Education voted to shut down 49 public schools and replace them with charter schools. It fired 2,000 teachers and other employees of the school district and voted to bring in an additional 325 TfA recruits for a total of 600 TfA teachers, mainly at charter schools.

It was about this time that ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers started denouncing TfA as a “fraud,” and dismissing its two-year-hitch teachers as “educational tourists.”

Where the money goes

TfA does not send its teachers to just any school district that wants them. The Chicago school system paid $1.6 million for those 600 amateur teachers, and that doesn’t even cover their salaries, training or operational overhead. That money went straight to TfA as a finder’s fee of about $3,000 per head. Some locales pay TfA a lot more, as much as $10,000 each to get teachers.

Now, given that TfA runs through $300 million a year, you might suppose that a good deal of this is going to pay their “corps” teacher salaries, but you would be wrong. The teachers are paid by the local school districts, out of the local tax revenues, just like the other teachers in the district. (“As a corps member, you will be a full-time, salaried employee of your school district,” says the TfA site. “Your salary and benefits will be the same as other beginning teachers in that district.”)

So where does all that TfA money go? Most ($251 million) of it goes for salaries, officer compensation, overhead expenses, “Travel,” “Fundraising,” and “Other,” according to the 2013 Form 990 filing. These are murky categories with little detail. What we do know are the salaries of the top officers, and these are very generous for a non-profit. Founder/CEO Wendy Kopp made $447,528 in 2013, while the company’s fourteen other corporate officers earned an average of $240,000 each.

A slightly clearer picture of the expense breakdown appeared in the Washington Post blog in 2013, courtesy of a TfA alumnus named Matt Barnum. Mr. Barnum described the main items in the TfA budget as:

  • Corps member development–39 percent
  • Recruitment and selecting corps members–18 percent
  • Institute training–17 percent
  • Management and general expenses–9 percent
  • Alumni support–8 percent

“Institute training” here means the four or five weeks of teacher training given to new corps members (not particularly useful, in Mr. Barnum’s opinion).

“Corps member development” is a broader, slushier category, and seems to encompass the online support for TfA members, as well as conferences, lobbying, and grants to individuals and organizations. TfA discloses lobbying expenses of a bit over a half-million dollars for 2013, for pressing state legislators and Congressmen to fund appropriations for TfA.

One of the organization’s most important lobbying successes is to have persuaded Congress to jigger the No Child Left Behind Act in favor of its recruits. NCLB requires that all the new teachers schools hire be “highly qualified,” and TfA pushed through a special exemption for “corps members” so they can be called “highly qualified” even though they have no teaching credentials and never taught a day in their lives.

But when you add up all of TfA’s slushy expenses ($300,000,000 in 2013) and divide by the number of teachers it recruited and trained for a few weeks (6,000 in 2013) it means that $50,000 per head has been swallowed up before these greenhorns even set foot in a classroom.

“We’re not a teaching organization”

Like the Peace Corps, TfA pushes the idea that its recruits are idealists who will save the world. The cynical view of the Peace Corps was always that it gives young whites a chance to live overseas, maybe learn a foreign language, and put off growing up for a few years–and that an English major from Bryn Mawr couldn’t actually do much for Paraguay or Burundi.

TfA corps members may or may not do their students much good, but it could be a better deal than the Peace Corps. With the experience and connections you get through TfA, you are supposed to get into the law school or B-school of your choice. That’s the recruiters’ sales pitch, anyway. “Or maybe you’d like to walk right into a fast-track job at Goldman Sachs–lots of Corps members do it!” TfA promoters talk about Goldman Sachs a lot. You won’t get that from the Peace Corps.

Arguably, Teach for America was never really about teaching anyway. Its professed concern with poor, under-educated minorities may have been a convenient pretext for giving founder Wendy Kopp and her friends a well-paid platform to influence policy and to help middle-class whites fluff up their CVs. “We’re a leadership development organization, not a teaching organization,” Miss Kopp famously said of TfA in a much-quoted 2011 radio interview.

TfA’s future may lie mainly in “corps member development,” which appears to cover TfA’s support for its subsidiary foundation, Leadership for Educational Equity. LEE has been around at least since 2008, and offers “advocacy and policy” seminars that train TfA members in public relations and lobbying. A couple of the anti-TfA websites, publicschoolshakedown.org and cloakinginequity.com, speculate that LEE is in fact the future-model TfA. They predict that Teach for America could soon “morph” into Leadership for Educational Equity, now that the activities of its “teaching” charity have come under such heavy attack. But if TfA/LEE does indeed reposition itself as a “leadership development” outfit, focused mainly on lobbying and public relations, what will it be lobbying for?

The important question for race realists is whether TfA’s travails mark a turning point in what it takes to be “progressive.” It may no longer be enough to show colored faces and talk about inclusiveness and hope and commitment and pushing the multicultural agenda. No more slapping on an Obama sticker to show you’re down with the lefties and the boys in the hood.

It may be that from now on, folks who want real street-cred will need more than the right slogans. They may have to commit to the whole program: race replacement, culture distortion, and national suicide.

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Jane Weir
Jane Weir is a former journalist and current (unpublished) novelist now living in New York City. She has been published in Punch, The Spectator, Food & Wine, and San Diego Home-Garden Lifestyles.
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  • 1. Can’t Teach for America gets money from the Bully Gates Foundation? Well then I bet CTFA supports Commune Core.

    2. I think the main political energy against CTFA is coming from the NEA and AFT.

    3. Obama’s blackness and ability to read from a teleprompter charismatically has papered over a lot of the internecine fights that the left would be having with each other but for that. However, by next year, when the next Democrat nominee is chosen, almost likely not a black person, and likely HRC, all those squabbles are going to break open and break into the open. Maybe even to the level of fists flying at the Democrat convention. One of the big papered-over fights is the teachers unions versus the Waiting for Supermaners slash CTFAers.

    4. What will LEE be lobbying and PRing for? Easy answer: CTFA’s business model.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Everytime I read of or think about “Teach for America” I always preface it in my mind with a “can’t” thanks to you.

      I agree that Obama’s absence will spell trouble for the coalition, because what will it rally around now? But education never gets much play at the convention, as long as evil white tax-cutting Republicans are blamed everyone will get along. Unless the economy nose-dives or a new war is invented for reds and blues to rally around, the biggest issues are going to be identity-based. And blacks don’t want to give up their spot on the podium to aging white guys who wear dresses and make-up.

      • Maybe the lesbians and the trannies will go twelve rounds with each other.

        • Kenner

          That’s a lot of testosterone right there!

    • Oil Can Harry

      When will education “reformers” realize that every time you link teacher pay with student grades you get massive test fraud?

      Leaving aside the issue of whether it would be fair if teachers with moronic, violent, black thug students were paid LESS than teachers working in safe, white schools.

      • propagandaoftruth

        The rates of PTSD amongst teachers are impressive. Crushed by the ideology that brainwashes them to brainwash the future.

        Unsustainable. Double bindy as hell..

    • TheAntidote

      They need another magic negro to hold their coalition together. Obongo came out of left field; it can happen again. Perhaps Devil Patrick or Holder or even Moochelle.

  • TruthBeTold

    The two-year agreement seems geared to prevent ‘black burnout’.

    The large amounts of money in administrative costs raises a red flag.

    Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this program. Is it designed to purge public schools of bad teachers and their unions on the pretext of helping disadvantaged kids?

    As long as it’s largely privately funded I don’t have a problem with them ‘trying to make a difference’.

    • Germanic Depressive

      I do. It perpetuates the myth that they can be made equal to us, and it puts young white teachers at risk.

      • TheHBD

        Well…the other side of the coin is that two years dealing with black children might awaken the race-realist in these otherwise hardened Lefties. I believe that there have been some articles here on Amren that detailed similar experiences.

        • Germanic Depressive

          Good point. Very good point.

          I retract my objection.

    • It’s privately AND publicly funded. Furthermore, there is a serious problem when private and public monies are going to this private self-promoting scam rather than to an all-American enterprise.

  • WR_the_realist

    Oh dear, Jared Taylor’s best covert program for converting starry eyed white progressives into bitter race realists is under attack. And hey, getting a job at Goldman Sachs (the smartest, greediest SOBs on Wall Street) is just fair compensation for the experience, as well as an excellent entry into the corridors of power within the Democratic Party.

  • Zimriel

    Public school unionised teachers versus idealistic social climbers. Public school administrators against vanguard-of-the-proletariat charter schools.

    I think there should be a “popcorn warning” label on posts like this. Some of us are trying to lose weight.

  • Cannot Tell

    I have a friend who participated in Teach For America. They recruited heavily at my college. My friend is your typical sociology major who believes that all the failures of blacks are the fault of whites. I hope that teaching unintelligent, lower income blacks has changed her mind.

    • Harry

      ..if she doesn’t get raped and have her throat cut first.

    • ‘My friend is your typical sociology major who believes that all the failures of blacks are the fault of whites.’
      — Cannot Tell

      There are even Chinese nationalists who believe this. I obviously don’t, but it’s sad to observe that high-IQ peoples tend to lack a sense of reality these days.

      • If we were really that Niccolo Machiavelli-, or Caesar Borgia-style ruthless, none of them would want to remain here. Let’s see: “i’m so terribly oppressed that I can’t manage in life, so I want to be around my vicious oppressors instead of leaving.” That dog doesn’t hunt. The border with Mexico is long and porous, so they’d be headed south if they wanted to leave. We can’t keep Mexicans out, so how could we possibly keep blacks in?

        When I taught university undergrads in laboratory chemistry, I tried to instill in my students the concept of a quick “reality check”. If one’s explanation of a phenomenon won’t pass muster in other respects, it must be wrong, and therefore fails the reality check, so one must keep thinking. Blacks’ excuses about how horrible whites are fail this sort of reality check, precisely because they are not leaving.

        Does their “racism” excuse pass muster at all? If one chooses to believe that “racism” can do anything, then one believes in magic.

        I quit smoking cigars last Thursday. I’m really craving another, but in two more days I won’t anymore. I completely inhaled, which is doubtless most unhealthy. Most other human misery is similarly self-inflicted. Blacks lack the introspection required to understand that they are the architects of their own difficulties. By repeatedly doing this, they’re saying that they’re not in control of themselves, either individually or collectively, but that nobody else should govern them either.

        • Reynardine

          Have you tried nasal snuff to ease yourself off cigars? I had a cigar-a-day problem and I used that myself as a crutch. Poschl makes an excellent Gawith apricot snuff… gaah, now you got me in the mood for snuff.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Chinese maiden if you would like to e-mail me or write me on face book I would like to talk with you.

        It does seem like the world is turned upside down. In the East I would say the Japanese are probably the most advanced group, followed by the han chinese. Yet there is a one birth policy for high I.Q. hans and the lower performing minorities can breed like crazy.

        In the West whites are the high I.Q. species. Maybe they don’t have a direct birth quota but they are attacked and marginalized and have a shrinking population. It’s the same story.

        You see also in countries like Indonesia or Africa where multiple races exist the Han chinese will be the most successful. A similar pattern that happens with whites wherever they go. I guess these people just seem to be more successful everywhere they go in every point in history simply because of some magickal “racism”. But with free falling I.Q.s and lower performing groups out breeding (and being subsidized by state) we’ll all soon be back in the stone ages anyway. Only Jews will survive (maybe). At least they have Israel and well organized ethnic communities.

        I’m happy to find any sensible person i can to cooperate with.

        • pcmustgo

          HEY, GUYS—– DID YOU NOTICE HOW QUICKLY THIS WHITE MAN PICKED UP THIS ASIAN MAIDEN CHICK? Unbelievable, an Asian woman walks unto our board and already phone #’s and emails are being exchanged… Unbelievable, White women are bashed non-stop for dating interracially, but just like where I live in NYC, it’s all about White Men/Asian Women couples EVERYWHERE….

          • pcmustgo

            And guess what, the only “sensible person” he can find to “cooperate” with in this sick, sad, crazy , upside down world is… SURPRISE- an Asian woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I will work with anyone who is competent and shares goals. My main interest is looking at people who may want to work together for financial reasons or to work together to advance similar political goals. I am always on this board asking white people to contact me. I prefer to date white women but if there are no high I.Q. whites around and there was a highly civilized Asian I wouldn’t be against it. The reason is I put intelligence and competency as first priorities and I rarely find people to associate with who display those traits- from any race. Usually when I meet someone with similar personality/intelligence it is a Jewish or Asian person (including people who agree with my race realist world views).

            Not focused on picking up dates here though. I just look to people who want to get together and work on real projects as a team.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I will work with anyone who is competent and shares goals. My main interest is looking at people who may want to work together for financial reasons or to work together to advance similar political goals. I am always on this board asking white people to contact me. I prefer to date white women and consider white women more attractive than any other race. But if there are no high I.Q. whites around I would possibly date an Asian out of desperation. The reason is I put intelligence and competency as first priorities and I rarely find people to associate with who display those traits- from any race. I do seem to meet more Jews and Asians with similar personality/beliefs/intelligence though. But I do have some Jewish ancestry.

            Not focused on picking up dates here though. I just look to people who want to get together and work on real projects as a team.

            To be honest though I have a greater focus on competence and high I.Q. more than race- along with ideology. I think low I.Q.s, policies that harm the intelligent, white hating leftists etc. are the biggest threat to the world.

          • pcmustgo

            Ok, MANY of us on this board have experienced quite a bit of racial bullying from East Asians too… many of them have gotten into playing the race card, “people of color” talk, white-bashing, etc… Just because many East Asian women LOVE our white men doesn’t mean they love white European people as a whole. Just keep that in mind…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I’m sure there are a lot of anti-white asians. The Asians I have known are more pro-white than most white people. And it is a similar situation with the Han chinese. They are discriminated against and minorities given a free ride in China. Minority populations exploding etc. They are also intelligent and successful people. I have an easier time meeting intelligent and well adjusted Jews and Asians than I do whites. Whenever you have an intelligent white person they are usually a millionaire holed away in some gated community somewhere and don’t associate with normal people.

          • pcmustgo

            I am half Jewish… but I identify as white. And I am much more “white” than some Asian immigrant type. I am 95% European… 5% Middle Eastern… if DNA studies on Jews are correct.

          • pcmustgo

            I suffer anti-white racism. Your little Asian girlfriend doesn’t. Asians are not blamed for slavery, killing native americans, colonialization, or for “holding back”/oppressing Blacks and Latinos.

          • pcmustgo

            Many half white, half asian children do indeed wind up marrying back into the white gene pool. That being said, MOST I knew identified as Asian only, never shut up about Asian-American this and that, were completely incapable of understanding or empathizing with the anti-white bullying we had to deal with or understanding on an intrinsic level the conflict and issues between Blacks and Whites- I mean, hey, they are not white and they *usually don’t look white, so why should they care? I highly doubt any of them are “offended” by all this “white-bashing” cultural stuff, be it in academia, media, cultural events, etc. In NYC is sort of just spills out everywhere, this stuff. Many Asian women I hung out with seemed creepy- resentful with a cold anger.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I would like to have a folk- a tribal community similar to Jews. Race doesn’t mean a whole lot due to variation and genetic drift. A person can be born with three heads and be a psychopathic killer and be racially the same as me. There are certain shared traits that go beyond ancestry that are important- similar world view, similar intelligence, similar appearances etc. Most whites I deal with don’t fit that description. They are low I.Q. criminals that don’t share my world view. What this Asian girl has wrote about is working together for common goals. Due to how extremely rare it is to find a person who is competent and shares a similar outlook or similar goals it is always worth looking into.

            I always had good experiences with Asian people. A lot of Asian women go for white guys. It is usually a desire to assimilate or else to have the “best of” both groups in offspring. Whites are more attractive, well some of them at least. The men are more manly. Asians tend to do better in school and that sort of thing. I know of one guy who is a pretty average lower class white guy. He married a Korean girl in the army. His kids are all straight A students, college bound and have a bright future. Their pure bred white cousins not doing so well. So it can have its advantages.

            For me personally I deal with such a huge rate of incompetence I’ll take an I.Q. point wherever I can get it in terms of friends, associates etc.

            About Asians not looking white, some upper class northern chinese whites are virtually indistinguishable from whites. You have to look twice to see that they are asian. They have white skin and caucasion type features. There’s some overlap because there are also some asian looking white people. There are different types of Asians.

            I would always give first priority to those that are most like me, but better to win half a loaf than no loaf at all. I just see whites to be so incompetent and in a sorry state they will probably be extinct in the future, barring some hitler type of rebellion. Jews on the other hand they seem to pretty much do everything I would do and seem competent. I would even join Jewish organizations, synagogues etc. except they are so racist and obsessed with ancestry and hostile towards people who don’t identify as Jewish. they have some liberal type of Jewish groups that are basically like Christian churches but with Jews, but those groups totally lack all the things that are good about a Jewish community (the standards, the emphasis on education and accomplishment etc. is all thrown out the window in favor of we accept everybody, come as you are, never strive to do better).

            I would love to work with someone who can claim Jewishness as well as there are all sorts of programs and benefits to being Jewish. I probably could just lie and fake everything and maybe get accepted as Jewish, but why would I do that? If they can’t accept something reasonable. I’m not a fake person.

            For the youth there is the free trip to Israel which I was invited to a long time ago because I guess someone assumed i was Jewish. As soon as I asked about ancestry requirements I guess I was out of the game. But there is also a common practice of helping others own a business through interest free loans. This is what any competent group should do (such as a white racialist group) but competence is lacking. However it would be possible to get help from Jewish charities if you can be considered a Jew.

            By contrast I have had real estate deals where the bank can’t lose, I can’t lose etc. and the bank will not even give me a small loan. As a goy it’s like you have to fit the mold of being stupid and ineffective, as that is what everybody expects of you. Identify as Jewish and everybody expects you to be competent- both Jew and non-Jew alike. That’s what I don’t get about these online WNs. They are the only ones that seem to view the redneck as some supreme race or a German or whatever. Even Hitler said German people were dumb.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            At any rate I look for an absurdly minimal level of competence, but can’t find it anywhere. Someone with only a few functioning brain cells should be able to become a millionaire in this environment. But you need a competent system or network.

            I try something as simple as going to college and they are committing all kinds of Federal crimes, fraud etc. I try to get the Department of Justice or board to do something, I can’t get the DOJ to do their job. I mean it’s massive incompetence. My own family most of them are retards. Pretty much everyone I meet on the street- retarded.

            But if you have just basic resources and minimal intelligence it is easy to make a lot of money. With that money you can work on political goals or folk building. Even the race realists and WNs they can’t seem to put together the first steps to accomplishing very basic goals.

            Just to put it crudely you can start a family restaurant or even buy an arbys and make a pretty large yearly income from it. It’s not rocket science. Even someone with a college degree and an ability to keep costs low can save a significant amount of money and pour it into side projects. Most people are really wasteful though and it costs them twice as much money to produce the same quality of life.

            For the most part the only people I meet who seem to understand these really simple and basic concepts tend to be Jews and East Asians. I’d love for the hillbillys and rednecks around me to be able to work with me on a simple level but they just don’t have the intellectual capacity.

            And even when dealing with successful Germans or whatever, occasionally, very rarely you find a smart one, but usually the wealthy and successful ones just went to college, did their homework and got a job somewhere with their degree. They aren’t real bright about acting on their own, although they can do a complex or technical job when told how to do it and supervised.

            Or maybe some redneck had enough gumption to actually buy a five and dime (although rare) and sat back and cashed the checks.

            But I’m looking at very simple strategies to accomplish basic goals, for my own personal quality of life, but also to build up an ethnic group capable of looking after it’s own interests. Finding competent people to join me is very difficult.

          • pcmustgo

            Also, I didn’t join amren to meet “smart white people”. Or competent people. I meet smart white people alllllll the time. The men at least. I am here because of the ANTI-WHITE bullying, hostility, racism and nastiness I have to “deal” with and put up with sooooooo much in NYC. I was a white minority- with plenty of Asian friends, btw, none of whom were very bright… mediocre if anything, none of whom every did a god damn thing for me, none of whom I had the “deep” connection I have with my white friends. It doesn’t matter if Asians are “smarter” than whites or can, on average, draw better than us. Or play violins in that typical conformist way. As an artist type and a musician, I CAN’T THINK OF ONE “ASIAN-AMERICAN” I SHOULD GIVE A DAMN ABOUT in terms of “cultural contributions”. Asian-American cultural contributions = their tasty food + “hot” women. That’s it.

          • pcmustgo

            Ditto film, theater, literature, etc.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            The other funny thing is when I try to talk to people intelligently or help them out, they start callng me a Jew and get aggressive. This isn’t even dealing with white nationalists but just white people I meet around the neighborhood or wherever. One guy tried to get a knife and stab me saying I look like a Jew when I started talking about real estate investments. He said I sounded like Larry some other Jew he knew and that I looked like him too. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t real. But that is another thing that seems common with the Aryan crowd is anti-semitism. I mean if you have a high I.Q. you “aren’t one of us” type of thing.

          • pcmustgo


          • pcmustgo

            Where do you live where there’s all these DUMB white people? Out in the country? I live in NYC and do TONS of online dating and knew all kinds in life. Whites clearly have more intelligent profiles than other groups. Major cities attract bright whites. They do tend to be liberal and that sucks. STOP LYING with your BS about Northern Chinese looking “white”… Eurasian maybe… Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Every race is primarily dumb. A large part of it is class. If I was born into a rich family and lived in the best neighborhoods and attended private schools, went to good colleges, got a high level job rubbing shoulders with the elite etc. it would be a different story. However I’m poor, I’m trying to survive among the relatively average and below average people and institutions. Although I think on this level the situation is a little better among Jews and Asians.

            I understand the bullying against whites. Whites are humiliated, bullied, discriminated against, insulted etc. on a daily basis. I doubt this happens because they are superior . The top of the food chain would be Jews in my opinion. Although it seems like lower class whites in a lot of European countries seem a lot smarter and more normal as well. I guess I wouldn’t have as much of a problem in some nations.

            I am currently in Cincinnati. I couldn’t afford to live in New York unless I knew people who could hook me up with a decent job or got some kind of rent control apartment. I have been to other parts of the country as well. The average American graduates high school reading at an eighth grade level and doing math at a sixth grade level. That statistics pretty much confirm my own experiences.

            Likewise I contact college educated government agents in Washington D.C. who seem incompetent in doing their job. Whether they just don’t care about their job or other people, or are too stupid to do it right, the end result is the same incompetency. These tend to be white Aryans. The same whites who take orders from the ADL and lick the boots of the first Jew who walks into the room. Not that it matters much, but I just wish they had enough sense in their own head to just do their job properly and show some concern for their own well being and that of their people.

            Online dating tends to be the bottom of the barrel. I meet fairly attractive only slightly screwed up people in real life. When I go online 99% of the women are ugly, obese, low I.Q. etc. and also behave with all sorts of strange mental disorders like social anxiety etc. Although maybe in a better area there are some more decent ones to choose from.

            I guess whites are geniuses if you want to compare them to blacks or mexicans. I just prefer people similar to myself. People who can read a book and comprehend it or do basic math.

            Also, when I went to college, for example, when I took college algebra the teacher could not solve the equations she was teaching us. Although it was an Indian teacher. There seems to be a huge level of incompetence that really negatively affects society and my own quality of life. A couple weeks ago a bridge collapsed on the highway and nearly killed a trucker. it seems like the majority of these people are not capable of doing relatively simple things correctly.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I have to lower my expectations to the point where I look for people who can do a very simple job correctly. People who can not commit crimes or otherwise sabotage an otherwise healthy relationship and a person who can sit down and discuss very basic and simple goals and realistically work towards them. I have been on white nationalist boards for a long time and could not do it.

            The one white people I had interested I actually met with one guy and showed him bargain homes in florida when they bottomed out. I explained to him in fine detail the reasons for buying a $100,000 house for $25,000. He lied to me, didn’t show up when he said he would etc. then would insult me saying I was trying to use him. At any rate just two years later the same $25k houses were selling for $150k. It didn’t matter because he could have rented them for a nice profit. That’s about $60k in profit a year. I work and work and work at some retard burger flipping job and make like $10k a year. This guy could have easily gotten the loan by taking a mortgage on his current home too.

            I try to sit down and talk to people about stuff and they just interrupt me and say highly irrational things or else have ADD and can’t pay attention. I give them a book to read and they can’t or won’t read it. If they try they can’t comprehend the basis thesis of the book. They seem too dumb for college, even though college is relatively easy mentally. And worse yet they don’t seem to realize their own inability.

            My standards are extremely basic and if any of these white geniuses want to contact me and work together I’m more than happy to do so.

          • pcmustgo

            Try okcupid… plus, all the smarties abandon cities like Cincinnati and go to the major cities… you’re in an entirely different situation than whites in NYC or LA… or Portland, or Seattle….

          • Raymond Kidwell

            The average median income of Indian Hill (upper class Cincinnati neighborhood) is about $200,000 a year. Up around the college it’s mostly good looking blond girls and some asians. Would be a dream area for a lot of Amren people. The problem is you also have the other extrme- endless swaths of ghetto. So people are pretty closed off. If you aren’t part of the elite you are stuck with really dumb people. I would go pretty much anywhere but here if I had resources but I don’t have a lot of options. I drove a truck across the United States a few years ago. Frankly just about every American city I drove through looked like a post apocalyptic wasteland full of black people. The most beautiful cities to drive through by far were in Florida though- Orlando and Jacksonville. But I have lived in Florida and know the reality- if you aren’t rich, once again you live in a crime infested ghetto.

            That’s why most of your average middle class white people flee the cities and live out in the woods somewhere. Half of them building bunkered down shelters and waiting for the apocalypse to happen. It’s a natural reaction to living in the city for a couple months without a million dollar bank account to protect you from the regular folk. Some Asian friends I had told me the same story. They said black people just walk into Asian stores and shoot and kill them and rob everything.

            But yes a lot of people move out of the rust belt. The worst cities are Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. They are all part of the same region. But Chicago and Cincinnati actually still have some good jobs if you can manage to find them or in the right industry. However, I would recommend a bullet proof vest and an uzi if one is driving through any of those cities.

          • Even Hitler said German people were dumb.

            He was aristocratic in his views, and this is typical for his time. He didn’t hate German people. He just acknowledged that geniuses are rare.

          • evilsandmich

            Those Asians aren’t young enough or haven’t made the mistake of attending an American university. The one’s I meet have swallowed PC group-think hook, line, and sinker (though unlike white people they usually seem open to a point of view outside of that since they don’t have some near religious affiliation with PC thinking like whites).

          • Raymond Kidwell

            For some reason the only Asian people I have gotten to know tend to be much more wealthy and educated than most of the white people I know. The only issue I saw was with someone making a huge income and me trying to say “the world is messed up, everyone is stupid” I get the reply “the world has just become more competitive”. People who are doing really well in life tend to think the system is fine and everything is wonderful. I don’t really concern myself too much about everyone else. Too many people in this world. I just look to meet people who can work together with me and who have something in common with myself. I have had good experiences with Asians for the most part.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            It doesn’t appear to me that SHE is looking for a man here. I mean how lame does one have to be ? Heck, try asianbabesdotcom or something.

        • I follow this commenter on Disqus, and I get the impression she is really pro-White. Now you made a couple of comments in this thread that are questionable at best, if I wouldn’t simply call them anti-White. I know it’s quite hard to get contact with this commenter, because she doesn’t really seem to reply personally to commenters unless they have won her trust. I get the impression she is really cautious, and she should be as a woman or girl. If you are looking for a girlfriend, I don’t think she’s it because I have read various times in her comments that she doesn’t support race-mixing. Reality is that races like to keep to themselves. Now, I’m only sharing my impression of her, and I might be wrong, but since she isn’t replying, I guess she’s having her reservations. I am really good at noticing patterns, and my impressions are usually accurate. Judging from her comments, I think she’s really smart and talented. I would never follow anyone on Disqus unless I’m really interested in their comments, and if I get the impression that anyone is a shill, I won’t hesitate to unfollow them. I have nothing against East Asians, but I don’t lower my guard. That’s all I can say.

      • Rhialto

        I agree with the them. The Liberals and Feminists who have forced Diversity, bad schooling, and massive immigration on the U.S., are the main cause of Black social and economic malfuncioning.

        • Genetics are the main causes of black dysfunction. Even if one tries to blame black culture, people produce cultures commensurate with their innate abilities.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Yes but there is some truth that if you look at most of the rap music and such out today, behind it is a Jew. They encourage the most vile and trashy music. It wasn’t as ridiculous at first when it was real blacks making (it was ridiculous but now it is to a further extreme). The elites have had their hand in manufacturing black ghetto culture. As well in the 1950s most blacks were married. After the great welfare reforms manufactured by our elite we have all the single parent families. Definitely non-blacks have played a role in manufacturing cultural dysfunction. Whites aren’t immune to it either. The culture industry churns out mostly trash meant to weaken us as a people and appeal to our baser instincts.

          • The Jews I knew were limited in number. One was a pretty good US army AH-64 helicopter pilot. Another was an arch-conservative investment banker, married to a gentile man. The third was my old gun show partner. Richard was scrupulously honest, a retired US army Lt. Colonel, and his wife worked for the CIA. His main hobby wasn’t firearms; he collected antique cameras. Those aren’t bad folks.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I’m talking about the music industry. Most producers and record company owners are Jewish. They like to ghettofy black music even more than it already is and then encourage white prostitute type stars for the masses (madonna, miley cyrus etc.). When blacks say the white man has torn apart black families or encourage black crime etc. there is some truth to this.

          • pcmustgo

            This stuff SELLS… SEX sells? Why does it sell? Who does it sell to? Lower class, poor taste, mediocre to low IQ Whites, Latinos and Blacks.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Sex is interesting but some of us more turned on by baboons shaking their red ass than others. I don’t see anything attractive in mainstream music. Lady gaga? One of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. Rich Jews that have looks like that get face lifts. Miley Cyrus? She looked ok with normal clothes and hair but kind of resembles an std infested crack head on a street corner. The amazing j-lo? Not all of us are into huge baboon butts and empty blank low I.Q. stares. But yes I’m sure the average American is really turned on by this.

          • pcmustgo

            I’m not defending any of it… Music was better in general back in the 60’s… 90’s was OK. too. I ONLY listen to older music. I don’t watch ANY TV shows, and almost exclusively listen to older music . I have an aging Baby Boomer’s taste in music.

          • pcmustgo

            That is true… Hollywood is very Jewish and Jews were always involved in Entertainment- but it was because of discrimination and them being shut out of other industries.

          • pcmustgo

            hmmmmmm, Jews were always involved in promoting Black music, even when Black music was more wholesome- Blues, Rock, etc. Jews were involved in the entertainment industry back in Chicago , etc, back in the 50s’ even… probably earlier too… There’s clearly a market for all this trashy Black music, all this rap crap… young white teens, but Blacks too.

          • Rhialto

            Genetics are the cause of Black mental capacity, but Black social dysfunction is caused by the current American leaders. Before 1940, sane Whites ran America, and Blacks were productive citizens, and fairly law abiding. Why? Because Blacks had little choice: Their other choices were poverty or incarceration, and even other Blacks would have no sympathy for their plight.


        The only good anti-white is a dead one.

      • I commented on that article you wrote recently but it’s now three days later and the comment still says Pending. I can only assume that it contained too much truth and the mods over there do not know what to do with it.

      • evilsandmich

        East Asians are the ultimate example of the phenomenon of “blacks are great, the three I’ve seen in my whole life were really nice!”. More than a few whites suffer from this too, though not a whole nation’s worth.

      • Teofilo Cruz

        Which would tend to make one question the definition of “intellegence” as pertains to IQ tests.

  • Harry

    So the school districts mentioned above now just go through new batches of Peace Corps volunteers (and really, that’s all they are) every two years? Maybe that’s the way to go instead of having the union backed, tenured stiffs who are just marking time until retirement.

  • RileyDeWiley

    The fight over TFA is nothing more than the teacher’s unions fighting to protect their position. As it stands, if you want to be a teacher, you have to be a lifer. You have to get a degree in Education (whatever that means), you have to join the union, you have to be in it for the long haul.

    TFA teachers are recruited along another channel that bypasses the union-dominated Education departments. They undercut the unions, which is why the unions hate them.

    • Georgia Boy

      Also about blacks wanting dem gubbemint jobs. They’re OK with young white liberals posting pics of themselves holding up their twitter hashtag signs and thinking they’re on the right team, but now they’re in the way. Integration is mostly a white liberal concern, blacks mostly just want a bigger slice of the pie and are often territorial.

      Education Realist was good on this subject, IIRC he compared white versus black passing rates for grads seeking teaching licenses, and pointed out that the push to “Increase teacher standards, only the best for our children!” really meant that teaching was being turned into a white female ghetto occupation.

    • Tarczan

      I am gearing up for a struggle against the local teachers union. Their contract expires in June. The unions rig it so that they sign a contract and then the taxpayers are faced with a choice the following year of either drastic cuts or higher taxes. I hope to point this out in the upcoming months. It’s just one of the tactics from the national union that is implemented locally.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        We need good middle class jobs. The rich have gotten enough. Their wealth has grown while worker wages have fallen. We shouldn’t be attacking what few good jobs are left, even if a lot of degenerates take advantage of it. If a teacher is really that bad go after the individual personally rather than fighting against teachers in general.

        I understand the teachers union can be bad. It’s not so bad in right to work states where you have an option not to join the union. This makes them more lean, dues go down, absurd pay goes down.

        All this union busting is part of the problem. People like the Waltons make billions of dollars but don’t want to give someone a quarter raise so they can pay their rent. Then the republicans go on TV and sell rednecks on their own destruction with all this pro-millionaire crap.

      • JP Rushton

        I’m just going to echo what Raymond said.

        The fight against teacher’s unions and the rise of the charter school are just more attacks on the middle class. Being a teacher was a great job for a middling IQ white and now that is being destroyed.

        Everyone yells out “STEM” for college forgetting that the average STEM grad (in a real science, not something like biology) has an average IQ of 130. What are all of the 100-125 IQ people supposed to do? Their jobs are being either outsourced, insourced or taken away like with the teacher’s unions.

        • Tarczan

          The union causes the salaries of teachers to be much higher than they would be if there were a free market. That is what I am fighting. Nothing else. A public sector union forces taxpayers to support salaries much higher than they would be if there were a true free market.

          • JP Rushton

            That’s fine. I used to be completely free market, but all that will do is make us all poor as long as companies are allowed to outsource/insource/automate all they want.

            We need good middle class jobs that pay well for middle of the road IQ people and a teacher is one of them.

          • Tarczan

            So the people who don’t belong to a public sector union are forced to subsidize the salaries of the protected few teachers? In my town, the teachers receive 50% more salary than the people they serve, for eight months of work. In addition their benefit packages are twice as lucrative as the public at large. When there was a strike, 2/3 of the positions were filled within two weeks for 1/3 the cost, and inspite of goon tactics by the union. And qualified people. People with Masters degrees, law degrees, etc.

            What about the middle class that pays these artificially high wages? The people struggling to pay their mortgages? The single parents killing themselves to give their kids a safe school? No compassion for that middle class eh?

    • You are partly correct. But the big, meaningful fight against TfA isn’t from the crazy Chicago Teachers Union and its variants, but from campus-level activists and progressivist journalists. Harvard and Vanderbilt activists can tell TfA to take a hike, Stop Recruiting Here. And they can bad-mouth TfA across the country so that school boards don’t fund it and students don’t respond to its siren-call. This is what’s been happening, and it’s killing the soft-liberal interest in TfA.

  • Truthseeker

    It may be that from now on, folks who want real street-cred will need
    more than the right slogans. They may have to commit to the whole
    program: race replacement, culture distortion, and national suicide.

    Bring it on. It’d be a great way to separate the well-meaning but misguided from the genuine race traitors. Maybe we could build an actual coalition of those committed to the preservation of our people and shed the weight of those who sincerely want our race to commit suicide. A force of real White people, unashamed of their heritage and acting in the interests of their race would be unstoppable.

    • Rhialto

      It’s true that the Liberal coalition has its internal conflicts and fracture points. This article and the article on clit clipping (FGM) present examples of this. But the fact is that the leaders of Liberalism have done a great job in maintaining a high level of cooperation within this Liberal coalition.

      On the other hand, the conflicts among those who oppose Liberalism are much much greater: Immigration, economics, homosexualization, taxation, welfare, etc. These differences prevent effective coordination against Liberalism. In fact, many pro-immigrant groups happily work with the Liberals to promote more immigration, e.g. Christian organizations that hate abortion and homosexuality, but love massive immigration.

      • John Jackson

        Well that’s because many on the right are really leftists. The NeoCons were (are) all liberals who jumped shipped when Nixon won a landslide.

        Also many on the right are just giving lip service to further their own ends yet at the end of the day they don’t care one bit about principles, they just do what’s best for them.

        • Carney3

          Neocons didn’t jump ship because Nixon won. They did so because they were “mugged by reality” (to use Irving Kristol’s phrase) with regard to blacks, the Soviet Union, and libertinism.

          • John Jackson

            Well, if Irving Kristol said it, it must be true. Carney, look at the damage NeoCons have done to Conservatism, Capitalism, Christianity, and white male society in general, then tell me Irving Kristol is right and I’m wrong.

  • LHathaway

    “It’s race, though, not charter schools or the “privatization” of public school systems, that really drives the antagonism toward TfA”.

    It is the privatization and the new alternative schools that leftists don’t want. But that doesn’t mean This Too is not about race, and ultimately toeing the correct racial line. I remember George Will doing an editorial about schools. He ended it by saying, ‘Any school building need not be monolith from which escape is impossible’.

  • I wish at least one politician (Besides David Duke) would get up honestly in front of the American People and just admit the truth: All the evidence shows that racial equality is a myth and we are just wasting our time and resources trying to make a more backward race equal to more advanced races, you can’t make a silk purse….

    • meanqueen

      “teach a pig to sing . . . “

    • Weisheit77

      That would be the equivalent of denying God in Europe in 1600 or denying the Roman emperor in the first century. It’s ain’t gonna happen.

      This is an entrenched faith.

      • Good point. Every age has its dogmas.

  • There’s another thing. Grab the popcorn, because the Teachers’ Unions vs the Waiting for Supermaners fight is probably going to be entertaining and go on for quite awhile. Because it’s going to be like watching the Keystone Cops vs The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Mindless leftist sloganeering and political correctness means that neither side is going to be able to wipe out the other, and if either side had anything on the ball, they would easily wipe out the other.

    The Teachers’ Unions’ side keep chasing their tails with all this “corporate” talk, somehow peddling the notion that CTFA is some political weapon that mysterious “corporations” are using to take over public education.

    • If corporations took over public education, they would likely compete with each other to provide a useful product at a fair price. Engineering calculators worked out pretty well that way. Don’t like Hewlett-Packard? Get a Sharp or a Texas Instruments model. How ’bout cars? Don’t like GM? Buy a Ford, Toyota, Chrysler or whatever.

      The last thing in the whole world the teachers’ unions want is a useful product at a fair price, complete with freedom of choice. They want an expensive, bloated bureaucracy with institutionalized incompetence and enforced payment via property taxes.

      • Charles Martel

        Excellent point. Contrast universities with (lower) public education. The consumer (student) chooses the school rather than be assigned to one based on his address. Teachers are mobile and the good ones are hired away by competing schools.

        To use your term, the “reality check” is that kids from around the world come to the U.S. to attend college. Would anyone move from India or China to attend P.S. 47??

      • Weisheit77

        Well said. I’ve often said I would privatize education or make education a luxury (which it is in a lot of ways; an actual advanced education, I mean). I often follow it up with American students couldn’t get any more ignorant, but we could save a lot of money. Imagine what it would do to property taxes.

        The American education system seems designed to create drop outs and unemployable people in debt with bachelor’s degrees.

  • Sick of it

    The smartest kids in the world got that way due to genetics.

    • E7 sharp 9

      Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Sure, I think we all agree (on this blog) that European Americans are significantly more intelligent than African Americans, but my point is the travesty of American education that is failing to develop higher level, critical thinking in ANY students.

      By the way according to the book, The Smartest Kids in the World are Finns (and no, LOL, not Ramzpaul’s “Finns”).

      • Hy Alldredge

        They’re failing because of the massive amount of resources spent trying to develop critical thinking skills in a population that is absolutely incapable of critical thinking. If we focused our resources on educating kids who can actually accomplish something, as most Finns can, then we’d actually get somewhere. Our entire educational system is predicated on the belief that you can, indeed, polish a turd.

        • E7 sharp 9

          I think ending social promotion would accomplish your notion of educating the kids that are capable of grasping the material. You wouldn’t even have to broach the “Sacred Cow” of race. Promotion based solely upon merit would weed out those who just cannot cut the subject matter.

          • Hy Alldredge

            That won’t happen until state and federal governments stop tying funding to test scores and graduation rates, eliminate laws that require state takeovers of failing schools, and also stop teacher performance ratings from being tied to students’ grades and test scores. Given that education has been steadily moving farther in this direction with every passing year, I don’t see that as happening. Plus that, any time you have anything based solely on merit, some idiot cries “disparate impact.”

          • E7 sharp 9

            Charter schools seem to be able to follow a merit driven reward system. At least the charter schools that are driven for excellence like the BASIS Schools that started in Tucson, AZ. If a student couldn’t challenge the rigor of the material or act within behavioral guidelines, they were asked to leave. They got national recognition with no racial blowback.

          • Hy Alldredge

            That’s good to hear. Gives me some hope. Here in NYC our über prog mayor tried to stop making admissions to the elite high schools purely test-based because racism. Fortunately our horribly corrupt but much more sensible governor shot that down.

          • WR_the_realist

            You live in de Blasio town? You have my sincere sympathies. Yes, you have a great musical and cultural scene, but the politics!

          • Hy Alldredge

            Yeah the politics suck but if you hang out with the right people you can pretty much avoid politics, except for taxes but they’re set by the state anyway. In day-to-day life the cultural and music scene outweighs it. I don’t have children so that helps too. If I did I’d be gone in a heartbeat.

            There are also more closet race realists in NYC than you might imagine because here everybody is mixed to a greater extent than in other cities. It was living here that turned me into one. There are also lots of not so closet race realists, but they’re mostly non-white.

          • Charles Martel

            Except that a large percentage of those not promoted will be black and Hispanic. That is why you are now hearing all of these arguments based on the notion of “disparate impact,”. It is beginning in regards to incarceration rates but will soon move to the classroom.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Everything works fine until you get “disparate impact.”

        • Randall Ward

          You are exactly right; critical thinking can not be taught anyway and the people need more plumbers and electricans, not critical thinkers. People can do their critical thinking after work, at home, like I do.

          • WR_the_realist

            Actually, a good plumber or electrician needs a certain degree of critical thinking. It’s not quantum mechanics, but If I have a choice of a smart electrician or a dumb one, I’ll take the smart one. Even if he charges more. The work is more likely to be done properly.

        • Margaret Falkenberg

          This is why many of us are no longer in the Ed Biz. This has been screamingly obvious for at least 20 years.

          BTW, Finns aren’t the “smartest kids in the world,” just lucky enough to have a solidly positive genetic load that is supported by a social system that interacts positively with that.

          This is what our grandparents fought for in the Winter War–keeping Bolshevism (a Jewish political philosophy based on mob rule overseen by a small cadre of experts) out of our society and honoring who we are as an unusual, clannish, stubborn, egalitarian, no-frills people, so delightfully protected by winter.

          • JP Rushton

            The Finn test scores are also going down because of the high rate of immigration to their country. Soon the left will need a new country to point at and try to emulate.

        • Jason Lewis

          Education begins at the supper table.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          The spooks can’t even read or write or do simple arithmetic: Why would anyone want to teach them to do “critical thinking,” any more than one would try to teach Latin to an ape…?

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I looked at data on average national I.Q.s and South Korea had the highest by a small margin. With Western Europe you have a lot of minorities who drop the average though.

      • Jason Lewis

        Finns and other Northern Europeans.

    • WR_the_realist

      Genes are important but they can’t do much if a person doesn’t apply himself. There are lots of smart slackers who have done little with their lives and will make no positive impact on civilization.

      • Sick of it

        They have far more potential than average or above average people who think hard work makes them the smartest person in the room. Such people cannot comprehend even the possibilities which flow through the mind of a genius. Their brain is too simple.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Yes, and they are found frequently in Ivy League Faculty Lounges…

  • ghettovalley

    Teachers are not to blame for black students with poor test scores and grades. They can change these test scores just about as well as they could change their kinky hair, or height, or eye color. That is because the root cause of this is almost completely genetic. Sure, the anti-intellectual nature of black culture in America doesn’t help, the fact that learning and getting an education are seen as negative and acting white doesn’t help much either. You could drag a black into a classroom full of bright white and Asian students, with amazing and brilliant teachers, and you could throw a million dollars per year at them, but you can’t change their low IQ and their inability to learn. It’s unfair to expect the teachers to do so. It’s unfair to ask a child with an IQ of 80 to compete with more bright students. And it’s unfair to the bright students and destroys their own learning experience to stick a bunch of disruptive, violent, borderline retarded black students in a class with them and expecting them all to move at the same pace academically. Progressives should leave their whacky politics out of the classroom.

    • meanqueen

      It’s unfair and counterproductive to ask any child of any race to compete with classmates who have an IQ 30 – 40 points higher than theirs. Blacks as a group have more strikes against them, in terms of both nature and nurture, but everything you said could be applied to other races as well. A low IQ person who is not criminally inclined and who wants to learn could develop skills and knowledge enough to become happy and contributing citizens. They just can’t follow an academic track, and to try to funnel all these low IQ people into college is liberal narcissism at its worst, and could be seen as mental abuse against those they purport to help.

      • ghettovalley

        I’m not suggesting that low IQ children have no right to learn. I just don’t think that It’s fair to stick them in a class with more intelligent children and expect everyone to move at the same pace. It’s unfair to both groups of students. I think that we’re on the same page here

        • meanqueen

          Yes, absolutely, I was agreeing with you, not contradicting. I was only adding in that this problem also affects low IQ white kids.

  • Here’s your follow-up question, Mr. Darrow:

    “You built the country but can’t overcome a little bit of oppression on the part of people who just happen to be living in the country you built?”

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Teach for America, like No Child Left Behind, like Head Start, and like countless other government and private initiatives derives from the “achievement gap,” perhaps most succinctly defined by Educational Trust in 2002:

    “By the time [minority students] reach grade 12, if they do so at all, minority students are about four years behind other young people. Indeed, 17 year-old African American and Latino students have skills in English, mathematics and science similar to those of 13-year-old white students.” (Education Trust, “Closing the Achievement Gap,” National Governors Association Clearinghouse, 2002, 9th paragraph)

    The “gap” never seems to close to any degree, which is a source of endless employment opportunities for the young, the naive and hustlers of modern liberalism.

    • Carney3

      Imagine if our society were consumed by massive efforts to close the height gap between men and women. Extra protein enrichment for girls, including in utero, stretching exercises, constant media focus on tall women and short men, endless turmoil as fads are followed by reforms followed by acronymed schemes, careers and lives being ruined by violating the taboo against mentioning the genetic reason for the gap.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        A thought that never crossed my mind, Carney3, but, sadly, all too apt.

    • Latravius Goldsteinberg

      The average 17 year-old black has an IQ equivalent to that of the average 12 year-old white kid.

      • meanqueen

        Mmmm, no. You’re exaggerating black IQ. The average 17 year old black is not as intelligent as my precocious 5 year old.

        • Latravius Goldsteinberg

          It sure does seem like it.

          I based the statement from the mental age formula.

          IQ = mental age ÷ chronological age × 100

          And the accepted average African IQ of 70
          12/17×100 = 70.5

          Though I accept the formula designed for whites may not be perfectly applicable to sub Saharans with their irrational, emotional, and violent tendencies.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    In my younger days I wanted to do this. Never got the opportunity. Now I am glad I did not. Not worth wasting my live teaching non whites and helping them, because they will only just sink further into the jungle. Also after reading this article, I am glad because I would not want to work for liberals.

  • DaveMed

    This is a terifically-detailed piece.

  • Let’s see: I could could trouble myself fighting against a force or forces that want me miserable, or I could leave and do something else with my life. Working in the microelectronics industry got me a blood pressure of 175/105 at age 30. It’s now about 85/45, too low to donate blood. Of course I don’t work in the microelectronics industry anymore. I did very good work, I earned some nice money, and got a lot of patents awarded. I’m very happy I’m not doing that now; I’d rather stay home and make interesting things (I really do need to get a 3-D printer). Do I want to “fight” the microelectronics industry? What would be the bloody purpose?

    My wife got some cloth and plastic butterfly ornaments from one of her friends, so I downloaded some nice photos from Wikipedia and painted one this morning. That was a morning of my life I didn’t think about the unrealistic promises and project deadlines of the dim, dark days of the 1990’s. I attached the finished butterfly to a magnet with “Gorilla Glue”, and now it is doing duty on the refrigerator. If I can spend a morning at home doing something like that, there’s no point to my harboring a grudge. I’ll paint another one tomorrow.

    It was warm and sunny this weekend. On days like these, 20 years ago, I would have gone shooting, but am not allowed that anymore. I cowboyed-up and got over that.

    There are plenty of things on can do without pretending to be involved in some sort of epic struggle.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      They have a 3D printer at the downtown library that people can use

  • notyranny

    I honestly think those moderate white idiots fooled by Obama have maybe had enough negro shoved down their throat. Fool me three times shame on me?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Many people have developed “Negro Fatigue”: I’ve had it since the 1960s…

      • notyranny

        I like that term!

  • pcmustgo

    Well, I know many who did TFA and also NYC’s Teaching Fellows Program, which is similar (basically aimed at professionals of all ages who want to switch careers and teach in the inner city, you teach and get your free education masters at night in a CUNY school). ALL of them hated it/regretted it/dropped out within 2 years, some sooner. All of them resented being dropped in THE WORST schools in THE WORST neighborhoods… all of them thought it was a failed program for many reasons. A few admitted “black kids just don’t want to learn”.

  • pcmustgo

    I meet way too many conservatives who think race is no big deal, who are only fiscal conservatives and who think Blacks are just fine because their Black friends are all Black Conservatives… not realizing MOST blacks are not successful/upper middle class Black Conservatives.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Unless I’m mistaking this with another group, I think the problem is they promote untrained teachers. They tell people you can become a teacher after a few weeks of training. Not just temporarily but you can do it permanently if you want. Unless that was another non-profit program- I think it was the same outfit but no mention of it on the website or in the article. If you have a college degree and even some people without degrees- they’ll make you a teacher after sitting through a couple lectures. This was churning out ineffective teachers and p—ing people off who went to college and had a degree in teaching.

    Technically I think you just need to pass a test and have a college degree to teach a given subject. But at a good school they require you to have a teaching degree in your subject. So in a middle class school if you want to teach High School English you should have a degree in teaching English and pass the bar for high school English. But if you want to teach in a ghetto school you can have a degree in anything and just pass the bar exam. This is because nobody wants to work in the ghetto schools and they don’t pay well. But this organization was flooding the country with all of its bogus “graduates”.

    • Charles Martel

      If you are going to teach in a ghetto school, better be able to pass the martial arts test as well. You’re gonna need it!!

      • Raymond Kidwell

        A cross between UFC, the Marines and teaching. Only the pay is lower than any of those. Sign me up! It’s still better than working at McDonalds.

  • Epiminondas

    Nice to see George Bush show up in yet another PR shot for progressive policies. His supporters were always stupid enough to call whatever he did “conservative”. I call it “idiocy”.

    • WR_the_realist

      No lefty could hate George W. Bush as much as real conservatives hate George W. Bush. But watch the Republican Party shoot itself in the foot by making Jeb Bush their next presidential candidate.

  • John Smith

    Most times, I’m actually glad all these liberal charities are actually employment and enrichment scams for a few selected elites. If they actually changed much in pursuit of their goals, they would be dangerous indeed.

  • dukem1

    Or, ” The Graves of Academe” by Richard (?) Mitchell. Well written, funny, and just so depressingly prescient.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Something about Ben Carson doesn’t add up. Supposedly he is one of the greatest surgeons in medical history. But, if true, why does he have so much time on his hands? Great surgeons seldom retire so young; and if they do they usually teach and train residents to be great surgeons. I wonder if any med mal complaints have been made against him

    • Charles Martel

      If he were white you never would have heard of him. Carson is apparently the Tea Party’s effort to show their critics that they are not racists.

      He is less qualified than Obama to be president

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I agree. I never understood how anyone could support a guy for President, who NEVER held public office…

    • rebelcelt

      Obviously, you do not watch Greys Anatomy! Some of the best surgeons at that great hospital are black. I estimate around 30 to 35 % are black. Get your facts straight!

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Never watched it, and thanks for the warning. (I’ll bet the producers and directors of that show find themselves a nice, white surgeon — probably a proctologist — when they need something removed…)

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Teaching is one of those jobs that everybody thinks they can do, with or without a college degree. Having to deal with the children who are unruly animals is dispiriting at best and a complete waste of time. Diplomas should just be given to them because they truly don’t want to learn anyway.

    • Charles Martel

      On the recommendation of a poster on this site (sorry, cannot recall who!) I watched a PBS Frontline report called “Dropout Nation.” Well worth watching. Even PBS’ overly liberal bias couldn’t paper over the observation you make.

    • Tarczan

      There is no question not everyone can teach and that it requires special skills, but you don’t necessarily hire those people when these is union control.

  • Randall Ward

    I kept reading the article, searching for something meaningful, still haven’t found anything. I did read about a lot of terrible teachers being fired and the far left hating the tfa organization; what is so bad about that? The article was a lot of fluff and not much in the way of real research about tfa. Maybe the author would fit in with the tfa bunch?

    • silviosilver

      It never really delved into the alleged phenomenon of a split in leftist ranks between, say, ‘careerists’ and true believers.

  • WR_the_realist

    I mostly read non-fiction but I’ll have to keep an eye out for Jane Weir’s as yet unpublished novel.

  • shmo123

    Absolutely. The average black man or woman in America wouldn’t last three days in a typical African village.

    • Charles Martel

      Or a large African city for that matter

  • Reynardine

    On the other hand, the gap between me and Billy Gates is huge, but I life a very decent life.

  • rebelcelt

    I asked a Nigerian immigrant just two weeks ago “how do you like America” ? His reply “I love it, love it Man , Love it”. Mind you he works long hours as a cashier at a convenience store, in a shi**y neighborhood in Memphis.
    He talked about how lazy American blacks were and why would the Government support welfare queens, etc. But, He came from a true hellhole and loved America….American Blacks know they have it good.

  • dd121

    You just can’t sugar-coat the fact that blacks can’t be civilized or educated.

  • Rizzo419

    Teaching for 2 years in an underprivileged neighborhood must generate a higher rate of race realism for that group. No other profession is in a better position to observe black handicaps than that of a teacher. I suppose a lot of them redirect blame to the home or peer pressure, but that exposure to reality must count for something even if it’s only a few people.

    This program takes money from leftist corporations and uses it to advance middle-class whites, while certainly raising the level of racial awareness within that group. They’re also driving a wedge into the progressive left.

    I don’t know enough about tfa to support them, but it doesn’t seem like their results are hurting whites, and may even help the neighborhood anomaly. Veteran black teachers are replaced with fresh white recruits for a temporary 2-year tour, and that fluffs up their resumes? It appears as if they are using the enemy’s own tactics against them, infiltrating, dividing, undermining, and redirecting corporate “diversity” funds to the right people.

  • pcmustgo

    “Becky” is a slur Blacks use for white people…

  • puffdaddy

    Bravo Jane for having the cajones to publish something on the AR website – while also hoping to get a novel published by what I assume would be a mainstream publisher. This was a great article, and good luck to you and your publishing career. I hope the editors at S&S or Random House don’t google your publications.

  • Jon

    Gotta uplift the non whites even thought their family does not care if they can not read or write or if they are even taught right from wrong. So many of the city schools that are full of non whites have the lowest learning rate but expect everyone to do the work for them. U can not teach anything to someone who dose not care or want to learn whether its moral and ethics or reading and writing. I feel sorry for these teachers.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Those found in America’s Corporate Boardrooms are OBLIVIOUS to what goes on in the public schools. They are easily and readily “blackmailed” into throwing money at things like education “reform,” without even the faintest insight into WHAT actually needs reforming and what approach is best to achieve it.

    The vast sums they throw at things like “education reform” usually make the latter far less realizable, and often strengthen the most powerful enemies of true reform…

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If I had to bet my own money, I would bet the majority of people who self-designate as Tea Party” prefer Ted Cruz over Carson.

    The only guy I’ve seen touting Carson is John Phillip Sousa IV, who is not only trading on his famous relative’s name, but has never been involved in ANY issue dear to conservatives in his lifetime, so far as I am aware…

  • Weisheit77

    Please put at least one line’s space between paragraphs. It makes large pieces of text much easier to read.