Racial Indoctrination

Clement Astor, American Renaissance, December 26, 2014

How to fight it.

One of the most ominous phenomena in the last two decades has been the embrace by corporations and other organizations of anti-white zealotry masquerading as “diversity.” This is not just tucked into obscure mission statements that no one reads; it is part of mandatory programs of indoctrination for employees. What follows is my own experience of indoctrination in black grievance and bizarre socio-political theories that were once confined to the classrooms of radical universities.

In the 1990s I was working for a multi-billion dollar technology-based company. As far as I could tell, there was never any racial or ethnic animus that could even have suggested a need for classes in “race relations.” Training of this kind was mandatory for everyone in the company, and we got no advance information about the course except that it was about race relations.

The employees in my two-day class of 30 ranged in age from their twenties to their fifties. All were educated people in either administrative or technical fields. Most were white, with some blacks and other minorities.

We arrived in a training room with two rows of chairs facing each other. The instructor was a black man, accompanied by a drab-looking white woman who sat at a desk at the front of the room.

The setup reminded me of military boot camp, in which a drill instructor parades back and forth before the recruits to indoctrinate them in the ways of the military. That turned out to be a good analogy.

The instructor brusquely introduced himself, but only disclosed part of his background, and did not identify the white woman. The indoctrination started with seemingly innocuous questions to each participant about how we felt about relations with people of other groups. Everyone gave positive, even idealistic replies. The instructor attacked and picked apart virtually every answer. Some participants protested they were sincere in their replies but the instructor made them stand in front of the class and then asked them whether they would turn to someone of their own race if they needed help. The resistors conceded their prejudices and sat down.

The class then proceeded with the instructor becoming increasingly surly and confrontational, often raising his voice to make his points. He went through a litany of the effects of historic racial prejudices in American society, and likely still to be harbored by the participants.

The class was almost entirely about white “racism,” so the instructor picked on whites and it was mostly whites who replied. One young black employee, however–a nice guy–walked out of the room in disgust. The instructor then proclaimed, “They got to him!” “They” were not defined, but the implication was that the white establishment had tricked this young black man into believing that American society was not prejudiced. The instructor then ordered the drab white woman to bring the man back to class.

At the end of the first day of this treatment I was angry. The class was not a dialogue, but a diatribe.

Day two opened with the instructor now smiling and engaging. What a shock! He then vouchsafed one of many “revelations:” that his nasty treatment on the first day was to show us how it felt to “be a black person in American society.” Needless to say, I have never seen such loathsome treatment of blacks by whites. Instead, what we experienced was how blacks can treat other blacks, and other groups as well. I suspect that the young black recognized this for what it was and could not stomach it.

Our instructor had a grand theory. “What do you believe is the root cause white racism towards blacks?” he asked the class. There was no reply. “Because whites do not want their daughters marrying black men,” he shouted. He then excoriated whites for causing so much agony for blacks over the years just because they didn’t want their women engaging in miscegenation. He also complained of a Navy admiral who did not want this instructor on his base because “he did like the idea of a white woman kissing a black man.”

The instructor was apparently not worried about miscegenation of black women with white men because he never mentioned it. As an incentive to holdouts who didn’t want to hand over white women to blacks, he explained that blacks might eventually be genetically dissipated in America through miscegenation.

The instructor also claimed that the hostility and prejudice (in reality fear for their lives and businesses) of Asian shopkeepers toward blacks in Los Angeles were learned from whites. I thought this was nonsense and said so to the white woman during a break and she surprisingly agreed with me. She explained that this falsehood made a greater impact on the class, or words to that effect.

The woman also revealed some of her own thinking in one of her rare comments to the class. She said she had children, and that she had to be away from them a great deal of the time because of her work on the racial grievances circuit, but she could devote herself to this higher calling because if anything happened to her on the road “someone would take care of them.”

The instructor taught us about “Sun People” and “Ice People.” This theory originated with Dr. Leonard Jeffries of City University of New York, who claimed that whites are cruel and aggressive because they have lived in cold climates, while blacks and presumably other non-whites (perhaps excluding East Asians) are communal and loving. Smiling, with a glow on his face, the instructor said he was looking forward to the day when the Sun People would dominate the earth.

The culmination of the class was a “hands on” psycho-babble analysis of each of us. He held my hands, closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then said “you are hurting people.” I took this as a compliment coming from that bastard.

In the days after the class I was angry, and talked to a few of my classmates. They agreed that the instructor was over the top in some of his points. I do not know if anyone complained to management, but the next year’s race-relations class was given by a different, and mercifully banal firm.

Looking back on the class years later, when I was more educated about racial realities, several things struck me. First, if a white instructor had abused participants the way this one did, he would have been reported to management, and walked out by security. Whites have been conditioned to be neurotic about “white guilt,” and to drop their natural defenses against such aggression by blacks. The instructor often showed sadistic glee when berating white participants; he knew he could get away with it.

The brief moment of candor from the drab white woman confirmed that exaggeration and falsehoods are considered legitimate tools in the indoctrination process.

Of course, the racial grievances industry was created with the assistance of whites, and is supported by them though legislation and financial contributions. I doubt that any group of people in history has ever paid to be lectured about how evil they are. In our case, this included admonitions about encouraging white women to have sex with blacks–perhaps as the ultimate expiation for our sins.

So what should you do if you are faced with a mandatory race relations (grievances) program at work or at your univerrsity? Should you argue back, or just take the nonsense?

First of all, don’t do anything that could get you fired. You should not say anything against the overall goals of the program. Never say that “diversity” is a misplaced priority, or cast aspersions on any specific group. Something that could make a difference is whether instructors are company employees or outside contractors. If they are outsiders you probably have greater latitude.

You can cast enough doubt in the minds of the participants to undermine the course just by pointing out the flaws in the logic, facts, consistency, and fairness of this kind of instruction. Be cool, logical and persistent, and your instructor may become (more) irrational and lose composure. That will mean a loss of credibility. Refuse to be drawn into invasive, personal questions.

Report any abusive treatment to your human resources department, and if you can get a group to back you your appeal will be much more powerful. If the instructors are outside contractors they may never be invited back. If they are employees they may get poor performance ratings. At the very least you can perhaps influence your organization to drop the most offensive, anti-white parts of the indoctrination.

One of the most important things you can do is identify any participants in the class who may be sympathetic to your views and draw them out. You may have to break the ice, but after that, others will follow. People are conformists. Most are afraid to be the only one to go against the herd, but once you speak up, it will be much, much easier for others to do the same.

A minority of one may seem like a kook, but a minority of two is a faction. It will change the entire dynamic of dissent if you have even one ally. You can be sure you will have one if you already have an understanding with someone who is going to be in the session with you. Talk things over ahead of time if you can. Going in knowing you have allies will boost your own morale.

Too many whites hang their heads and let some white-hating swine insult them. When you fight back, you are fighting back for all white people. It’s about time.

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Clement Astor

Mr. Astor is a technology professional based in the Washington, DC, area.

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  • Luca

    “Diversity” has evolved into a cottage industry to put affirmative-action graduates to work making nice salaries. In any of the endless meetings I ever had to attend about “Supplier Diversity” never did anyone ever explain one tangible benefit from it. Because logically there is none. In my mind, it was another transfer of wealth scheme. Furthermore, the word “Minority Businesses ” seemed to apply overwhelmingly to blacks.

    Anyone pointing out the sham was of course, ostracized and labeled a bigot.

    In the end, to have such a continuing program of making life easier for blacks, it doesn’t help them at all. It teaches them to be dependent on the system to grant them special favors.

    • TL2014

      They would be dependent anyway. They are not, in most cases, suited to independently succeed in western civilization.

      • JohnEngelman

        The ability to independently succeed in western civilization requires at least two thousand years of evolution from a neolithic, tribal existance.

        • model1911

          That statement is brilliant. It would make a great bumper sticker,though a bit long for such an application.

        • Randall Ward

          Evolution is a false theory, that serves the communists needs to get rid of God. Read or watch of DVD; “Darwins Dilemma, The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record” and you will not believe “evolution” anymore. Most of the best scientists in the world do not believe evolution is responsible for the way life is on the planet, but they mostly don’t advertise the fact, because they would be punished by the evolution lobby, in the USA.

          • David Ashton

            There are problems with the whole macro-evolution process, but not with human “raciation” which stares the scientists in the face. There are also big problems with Eden, Ark and Babel.

        • TheAntidote

          It took a lot longer than 2,000 years. It took survival through an Ice Age.

  • exlib93

    I’ve had to attend one of these indoctrination classes at work, although the presenter did not act quite as hostile (I can’t believe miscegenation was even mentioned at a work place).
    Before I said something I would be made to regret, I simply took “sick” and left the conference room. I was rescheduled for a second session…this time I brought a note from a doctor to excuse me . As a result my employer could not force me to attend (I do not want to go into details), I availed myself of other crazy progressive laws to keep me from having to attend.
    However if I had to do this now, especially knowing my retirement was approaching soon, I would have, as tactfully as possible, put a hole in every one of his statements.
    Nobody should have this B.S. force fed to them, the participants are a captive audience, as they’re afraid of losing their livelihood. This has become a multi million dollar industry, which needs to be dismantled by people with common sense, and a cool head.

    • Sick of it

      This isn’t just junk, that black guy was preaching hatred of white people and white genocide (via miscegenation).

      • bilderbuster

        And he and his homies were going to have sex with their sisters and daughters and if they didn’t like it their racist butts could start clearing out their desks so a Black man could take their job.

  • white collar culture has been domesticated, evolved, molded, shaped, etc by those at the top of society.

    Just as mankind shaped cattle, sheep, horses etc, over the thousands of years in order to make livestock serve our purposes, so to have those at top used their money to shape our culture to serve their purposes.

    What are their purposes?
    Plutocrats and large corporations want more money, more profits, a higher national GDP.

    They get that through growth.

    GDP. Revenue. Profits.

    They get growth through getting more human livestock into the workplace and into the shopping malls.

    More livestock == more money.

    How to get more livestock? Get more nonwhites into america, into the workplace, into the neighborhoods, etc.

    Multiculturalism and mass immigration work hand in hand to increase corporate profits and revenues, to depress wages and increase revenues.

    Propaganda is how they shape the culture in order to manufacture consent for mass immigration and multiculturalism. They get into the educational curriculum, inducing white race guilt into young white minds.

    It’s the Long Game, and it pays off years, decades later.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      It’s about creating better cattle. The lower classes need to be dumber, weaker, more docile than the upper classes. As well, peasants typically had national identities which in modern times stands in the way of the global elite. So its easier for them to “melt away” national and regional barriers through a “post racial” or national reality.

      It also increases the distance between the dominant Jewish class and the next rung on the ladder. Having large amounts of smart and capable goyim seem to interfere with a Jewish supremacists view of how the world should be.

      Otherwise if you look at it strictly from an economic stance they could just breed more white people. These white people would be easier to police, among other things. From an economic prospective the anti-whiteism doesn’t make sense. But if we look at it from an oppression standard- they need people easier to enslave and exploit- the dumbing down makes a little more sense.

    • Sick of it

      I’ve tried to explain this to you before – Non-whites create the third world. Replace whites with third worlders and what we will have is the third world. Corporations will NOT profit from that long-term. Corporations are a means to an end, just like government policies. The end is, in fact, genocide and not just of white people. This is human selfishness taken to its ultimate extreme. Outlaw corporations and the unions will take up the slack even more. Outlaw both and those in power, who are NOT elected, will create another vehicle or, more likely, simply use government power to enforce their will.

      • you wrote: “Corporations will NOT profit from that long-term.”


        • Randall Ward

          Yes, Republicans use the corporations, and Democrats use the corporations and the blacks and browns. Both parties are worthless if you love freedom. The USG is the enemy of the citizens of each state. Do you need a master?

        • El Baga Doucha Libtard

          How are the corporations in sub-Saharan Africa doing?

          • bilderbuster

            The Jewish owned mining syndicates are always turning out profits and they never have problems with the unions either.

      • connorhus

        Sick of it – You are right but also not seeing things as the power hungry corporation and political leaders do. Sure inviting in the blacks and browns only ruins White civilization but once the White civilization is gone so are the White rules and once the rules are gone then corporations and governments can still make billions and billions. No more labor laws, no more Constitution, no more minimum wage. The third world is a very poor part of the globe but look at how many of the richest men and women come from those regions. It is easier for the rich to become richer in the third world than in the first world and further more easier for their families to keep it and become their own type of nobility.

        • Sick of it

          Not to bust up the egalitarian theme party, but, to be blunt (and perhaps rude) the other races are inferior to us. I thought others had realized this by now. Their low IQs make it impossible for them to simply walk in and take our places. Civilization will collapse within a matter of a few generations once they get rid of us. A tiny elite comprised of slightly above average intelligence people won’t be able to maintain their own civilization, let alone improve upon it. They are too stupid to understand this.

          Worthless paper is not money. Sometime soon people will finally understand this. But we have land. But we have resources. And not the brains to do anything with it. Congratulations!

          It is, of course, possible that those in power don’t mind living in a rather backward semi-civilized state without modern conveniences, but I’m fairly certain that their limited IQs prevent them from understanding the ultimate consequences of their actions.

          The more I dig into things, the more I am certain that even the illustrious ones have falsified their genealogies, which would account for their lower IQs.

          • connorhus

            I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. I completely agree with your prediction of infrastructure collapse and third worlders being unable to maintain the White civilization. What I am saying you don’t understand is that the power elite don’t care if you and I are right at all.

            It’s one of those better to rule in Hades than serve in Heaven kinda things. In a third world type environment these power elite would actually have even more power and wealth of whatever kind you want to conceive of. The envision a few middle manager level intelligence and masses of low IQ subjects whereas the traditional Western world was masses of middle and upper manager IQ’s constantly questioning the power elite.

            The power elite don’t like intelligent serfs.

          • Sick of it

            That just shows how pathetically inferior they really are then. My ancestors would have struck them down without mercy. Damned usurpers.

          • connorhus

            And that is the very reason they want to get rid of us so bad. Whites are not as easy to dominate and control. What they don’t realize is Whites are even less easily dominated and controlled when they are attacked by a common enemy or another race. Or maybe they do know that which is why they are trying to genocide us by race mixing and Multi-cult propaganda first.

    • Bo_Sears

      A gentle reminder that “multiculturalism” was the alleged state of affairs between the advent of “pluralism” and the installation of “multiracialism.” These are important distinctions and render an understanding of the whole process taking us to here & now, and then on to another stage.

      “Pluralism” was an ideological term to legitimate dividing the population into two sorts. “Multiculturalism” grew out of “Pluralism” and did have a happy face, namely the table we would all sit around and have conversations about race and this and that.

      But “multiculturalism” was murdered by “multiracialism” in the late Eighties which returns to “pluralism” by ideologically dividing us up into two sorts again, namely people of color and people of white this time.

      You can see it everywhere that “multiculturalism” is dead and has been succeeded by “multiracialism.” Yes, a huge part of “multiracialism” is to depress, degrade, and silence young and old diverse white Americans.

      A good example of the technique is to manufacture a “rape” on a campus, and promote it in Rolling Stone. But dozens of such hoaxes appear every year from “multiracialism.” Where is our white ADL?

  • JohnEngelman

    Our instructor had a grand theory. “What do you believe is the root cause white racism towards blacks?” he asked the class.

    – Clement Astor, American Renaissance, December 26, 2014

    In the worst kind of way I would want to raise my hand and say, “Black crime.”

    I would only do that if I was confident of keeping my job. Calvin Coolidge onec said, “I have never been hurt by anything I didn’t say.”

    • Oil Can Harry

      Silent Cal was wrong; you can be hurt emotionally if you have to bite your tongue and not say something you want to.
      Like not being able to tell off the black blowhard in the above story for fear of losing your job.

      • TL2014

        Yes, that kind of ongoing psychological violation can have long-term corrosive effects. Ask Soviet dissidents and their families, used to living in a lie and being unable to voice the truth eithe fear for their lives. At least in this country, it’s still just your livelihood and not typically your actual life at stake (as in, Holder cannot as of yet hace me arrested for saying how much I despise his core constituency).

        • JohnEngelman

          I do not despise Eric Himpton’s core constituency. I would like for it to be possible for whites to be able to publicly discuss racial differences in average intelligence, and rates of crime and illegitimacy without blaming those differences on white racism.

          • UncleSham

            Are you in favor of globalism, John? As far as I understand, you want the most intelligent people to be successful in our society, but you also want to redistribute the wealth to everyone. Do you see that this idea is unsustainable on a global level?

          • JohnEngelman

            Those are good questions.

            Believing as I do in the importance of genetics pushes me in both directions politically. On one hand I see little moral significance in the distribution of wealth and income.

            On the other, I think social welfare spending and social reform cannot solve social problems that are caused by personal inadequacies.

            My concern is for the working poor. That is to say, those with low wage jobs with few or no benefits, who obey the law. I am in favor of what benefits them economically. I am opposed to what harms them economically, like tax cuts for the rich.

          • UncleSham

            But which working poor? Are you more concerned with the working poor of America or the working poor of the world? The interests of these two groups are often opposed.

          • JohnEngelman

            The interests of America’s working poor are more frequently opposed to the interests of the rich of the world.

      • Anna Tree

        Yes Calvin Coolidge was wrong, or more precisely, not in context: his sentence could work in a homogeneous society, similarly to democracy, welfare and trust.
        I wish the hurt was only a bite on the tongue though: the problem with us keeping silent is that silence is agreement and so turns their crime of murdering us, in us committing suicide and infanticide.
        Although indeed, speaking up nowadays against mainstream dogmas is more and more harmful.

    • Jason Lewis

      Very good point about the job. How security and the threat of losing our livelyhoods keeps our people from speaking out.

  • david dorian

    Not one mention of the term ‘anti-white ‘in this article.

    Where is the basic training on Mantra thinking and a consistent message??? That is where to start….

    • Bob Dole

      Mr. Taylor doesn’t like the mantra people. “White Genocide” is too strong a term in his opinion.

      Amren has its moments, but Mr. Taylor’s leadership can best be described as “too little, too late”

  • Lin

    What a nightmare, this reminds me of my undergrad college orientation, where we had to view white women making out with blacks on a slideshow and hear endlessly about racism. I still feel ill thinking of this indoctrination making a lasting impact on young whites all over the country.

    • italian guy

      What the hell? that looks more like a torture method toward conquered people: here, look at your people mixing themselves out of existence, if you say something about it we will ruin your life… that’s crazy to say the least.

  • B.A_2014

    I have a qualification in cultural diversity. That isn’t a joke. Most people in the class didn’t buy into the bullish!t. We had to choose a foreign nation to study and if memory serves me right, everyone bar the Chinese kid picked a European country. I choose Italy, as I am part Italian and a massive Italophile. I do remember the teacher asking us to pick a country outside Europe but she was too much of a pushover and caved in eventually.

    • Robert Smith

      Australia anyone?

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        LOL. I like the way you think. New Zealand would be good, too.

    • B Baker

      I would have picked the DRC Congo, or Liberia so I could expose the class to the massive amounts of genocidal violence in the negro post colonial countries.

      When I was to attend the Naval War College I had to pick a specific area to study, and while all my colleagues were picking the Middle East to study I picked Post Colonial Sub Saharan African Civil Wars. Most thought I was crazy to study this back in 2005 but I sticked to my guns and ended up graduating with honors in that subject. Thankfully at that time the NWC did not have diversity obsessions.

      Those 2 years of studying were eye opening. Unfortunately I was injured on my next deployment to Iraq and was medically retired. Today the US is playing catch up (like always this past 50 years) and is focusing heavily on Apefrica.

      I took several dieversity classes in the Military and they were all just “negro woe is me, da WT bez keeping mez downz n sheet” sessions. near the end of my career I became a CWO-2 and as a Commissioned officer I started to get some ability to speak my mind. After 1 dieversity class I took my Men out to dinner and told them that dieversity is pure garbage and just go through the motions. Instead of being turned in, instead I was respected by the Hispanics, Whites, and Asians in my command.

      Thankfully I worked in intelligence so there were very few negros I ever had to deal with.

      • Randall Ward

        The longer a country was colonialized the better shape it is in today. Can you show me a country where that is not true? South Africa is the most advanced country in Africa today, is it not?

        • benvad

          There’s still a large white population manning the controls, otherwise it’d collapse within a year.

  • Truthseeker

    Stuff like this is why I’m happy to stay out of the corporate world. I abhor lies so much that my mouth would end up getting me fired.

  • sestamibi

    And then there’s mandatory sexual harassment sensitivity training . . .

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Where i work we take the same mandatory sexual harrassment “training” every year. We always have to take the same test, too. I copy down the answers to the test and kept them on a folder in my desk. Then the next year, instead of listening to the lecture, , i whip put my list of ans. for the test and memorize the order of the letters for the correct answers… A, D, C, B, B…. etc.

  • ricpic

    Perhaps this particular “sensitivity” session could have been nipped in the bud if the author had shared his anger with others in the class and together they had written a letter of complaint, listing the specific numerous abuses of the instructor, to company management.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    In the mid-90s our diversity training was more insidious. I worked in staff development for a welfare agency in the relatively conservative Inland Empire of California, and our trainer was a private contractor, an avuncular, black Bill Cosby type. He was smart enough to keep his anti-white animus out of sight, and in some ways he had the perfect racket – as a black in a predominantly white and Hispanic area, he inherited the “moral authority” of the civil rights movement, and most of the daily black dysfunction that constantly threatens to upend that authority was safely out of sight in Los Angeles. Virtually all of our dysfunction is/was Hispanic (thanks Bossman), so he could cast himself as a “mediator.”

    • pcmustgo

      Yes, I agree, PC peaked in the 90’s….

      • Spikeygrrl

        I must disagree. PC continues to spread; your perception that it is receding is testament to its success. Frog in boiling water, anyone? Seriously, I look back on the nineties and see PC spreading into more and more areas of our lives. I see the ’00s as drilling deeper into conquered social and intellectual territory, and the emerging ’10s as a steep ramp-up to fighting in the streets — Ferguson writ large. WHY NOT, when we have given them ZERO pushback since the late 60s-early 70s?

        • TCA

          Pushback! Pushback! More and better pushback!

  • IKUredux

    My natural inclination was to champion Blacks. They had been discriminated against for years. I abhorred that treatment. As I grew older and experienced life, I realized to my horror that the discrimination against Blacks was justified. Blacks have been occupants of this country for almost as long as there has been a country. And yet, they don’t fit in. They have never fit in. They never will fit in. Frankly, I think that what is termed ‘racism” is inbred, and natural. Despite having been around Blacks my entire life, I am always caught up by my reaction to them. It is visceral. I feel assaulted visually. I am struck by the image of an alien being. I am repulsed by their odor, behavior, and physical presence. I did not cultivate this feeling. In fact, I did everything I could think of to repress these feelings. I firmly believe that the negative reaction felt by the majority of Whites towards members of other races(in particularly Blacks), is innate, and impossible to quell. Which is why TPTB are so insistent on miscegenation, or, barring that: the GENOCIDE of the White race. It is obvious that we are the supreme race. We Whites have gone out of our way to educate the primitives. They now know enough to be dangerous, as they have White traitors to lead and advise them.

    We Whites are the only true minority on this planet. Please, let us gather together as a unified race to promote and defend our very existence.

    • TL2014

      That alien feeling is something I share, too. I wonder if anyone has written about that?

      • Bardon Kaldian

        Actually, William Faulkner did, but since it is in a novel, it can be interpreted away ….

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Which novel is this?

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Light in August; the long story “Bear”, too.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Ah; I’ve only read As I Lay Dying.

            Thanks much!

      • I’m sorry I cannot be more specific, but remember reading some newspaper report about a scientific finding that there is a part of the brain that has evolved to discern difference and to create a (thus natural) sense of unease around those of a different race to ourselves, no doubt as a survival mechanism against rivals and would-be threats to our lives.

        I guess that some people have it more than others, because whilst some of my fellow countrymen and women can spend their lives perfectly fine with other races, others, like myself, can only ever see them as racial foreigners who have no real place here.

        I have not always been a nationalist, but I have always felt this way. The same goes for supposedly “attractive” Black, Pakistani and Asian models or celebrities. I don’t find them the least bit attractive. In fact I am repulsed at the idea!

        It is not something I can help. I just do not find other races attractive, or even ‘mixed races’ that are mostly white than non-white. There is just a sense of unease, of there being something not quite right. I can’t explain it, but it is natural to me.

        Those who would have a problem with this are denying nature itself. As a nationalist I would never “race mix” upon principle alone – but it is not that difficult a principle to keep given that I don’t find other races the slightest bit attractive.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I definitely think the feeling described above is variable among people. I know it, but get it quite rarely myself.

          When I do, it throws me, and I’m never entirely certain what set it off – probably the people who are very intelligent, funny, and relatable in my eyes set it off the least. But I can get it with people who were acting perfectly polite, and are no less non-white in appearance than people I don’t get it with.

          It’s puzzling. They’ve done nothing “wrong,” yet I will suddenly be struck by the sense that they are an utterly alien being. It’s anxiety-provoking, and I want to get away from them. Since my job generally requires me to spend time with people, I outwardly will be very sociable with them, while constantly suppressing the feeling like a persistent itch.

          When I was younger, I was mostly only attracted to other whites, with the occasional exception (usually East Asian). But then I spent time in very liberal circles, where being primarily attracted to other whites gets you viciously berated until you “correct” the aberrant behaviour. Being shame-faced when I realized I didn’t meet the standard, I spent quite a bit of time studying the features of other peoples in order to learn to find them attractive as well. It seems to have worked reasonably well on me, as I now can find people of any racial group attractive, although I still prefer whites above all.

          Other people have been berated in the same way as I was, but never could change their own preferences an iota (and not for lack of trying).

          People from ANY racial group who genuinely believe in leftist ideology seem to experience this less than nationalists of any stripe…that’s been my observation. I believe that research bears out that people with the strongest sense of boundaries between the out-groups and their own identity are MUCH less likely to be liberal. Certainly I’ve seen black nationalists openly describe whites as weird, pale-looking aliens enough times, so it must be something every group can feel.

          Some people seem to have strange fetishes for people of other races…but given that they tend to emphasize racial differences heavily, I suspect they get the “alien” feeling, but twist it into something sexual.

        • davejon

          There’s a similar mechanism we evolved to find certain potential foodstuffs (faeces, putrid, decayed food etc) to be repugnant, usually by smell, so as to protect us from toxicity. Only our ancestors with this sense survived to reproduce and pass it on (Darwinian evolution).

    • pcmustgo

      I’m not repulsed by Blacks’ physical looks, just by their creepy pscyhopathic behavior. Which always catches me off guard… I always feel like such a fool for not seeing it coming.

      • Dr. X

        I find most, but not all, blacks physically unattractive. Aristotle argued that beauty was symmetry and proportion, and there are many, many blacks with disproportionately large features, such as lips, teeth, and noses, and among females, immense buttocks, and freakishly large and unattractive breasts.

        Add to this natural lack of beauty some of the freakish and garish garb worn by blacks and weird hairstyles… did you see the mother of Eric Garner on TV? Eeeeesh! She makes my point quite precisely…. not to mention the morbidly obese Garner himself.

      • IstvanIN

        Their appearance is far to primitive to be attractive, sort of like looking at an accident. The “attractive” blacks have a lot of White admixture and thus more refined, evolved features. The clothes they wear and their manner of speech is odd. Their entire countenance is different from ours. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but for the most part it is true.

      • LexiconD1

        As a woman, blacks not only are physically unattractive to me, but they smell wrong. I reject everything about them. Including their behaviors.


      ” I am repulsed by their odor, behavior, and physical presence”
      Truer words have never been spoken. God bless you sir.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      My point exactly. I’m just puzzled it is not a universal reaction.

      • Beowald

        I still remember the first time I ever saw a black person. Had to have been about age 5 or 6. I found them malodorous and hideous. Later, the integrationist brainwashing began, and it did suppress the visceral reaction for many years. Even now, though recent events have disrupted the brainwashing and allowed the natural disgust to return, I would still be delighted to put that aside if the people in question were culturally and morally worthy.

    • IstvanIN

      And yet, they don’t fit in. They have never fit in. They never will fit in. Succinct and absolutely correct.

    • Rodney S

      I know exactly what you mean. It’s a weird combination of dread, alienation and disbelief.

  • John Smith

    “Team work” in a diversity environment means white people do all the work, while minorities kick back and get most of the raises and promotions.

  • TL2014

    Very good, and very timely! Thank you for this excellent piece!

    Kudos to the young black employee who walked out. We need more like that.

    How close are we to finally boiling over? When is the Saxon going to start hating? One year, two years, a decade?

    • You are part of “we.” So am I. It starts with each one of us.

  • pcmustgo

    Diversity Training at my university was the FIRST TIME I experienced racial hostility from Blacks and was when I turned into a racial realist. The diversity training was very similar to what he described. Blacks (excuse me, Angry Black Women) yelling and screaming at whites for minor infractions, reading racist, I hate whitey poems, irrational, unable to cooperate or listen to the other side. White lady instructor letting the Blacks do whatever they want, etc. That was the starting point for me, that is what lead to amren, eventually.

    • LexiconD1

      Wait till you’re in the active work force, and paying exorbitant taxes, you’ll learn to despise them then.

  • LHathaway

    “undermine the course just by pointing out the flaws in the logic, facts, consistency, and fairness of this kind of instruction”.

    If you would feel the need to challenge them (and aren’t afraid for your job) I would suggest just asking a question or two, or just one, and nothing more.

    The ‘racism’ they always seem to want to root out is always White racism. There’s an unstated assumption that only whites can be (and are) racist. This is probably a kind of racism itself. I wouldn’t put it past the forces of tolerance to use the word ‘redneck’, a racial slur, in order to prove to everyone else how enlightened they were. It might not be an exaggeration to say these things were to one degree or another hatred of whites.

    It seems as if in the mid 1990’s this actual ‘training’ seemed to stop. I’d like to think they were getting too much resistance from employees so had to stop it. Perhaps they couldn’t find a way to do it in a race or gender neutral way (and that would defeat the whole point)?.

  • Dalliance

    Our instructor had a grand theory. “What do you believe is the root cause [of] white racism towards blacks?” he asked the class. There was no reply. “Because whites do not want their daughters marrying black men,” he shouted.

    I hadn’t thought I’d ever share the following, but the above makes it seem almost mandatory and perhaps, just possibly, more than sharing a joke: All of anti-racism boils down to somebody, somewhere pissed off that he can’t get into your sister’s [or daughter’s] pants. To which I will add: By what right under God, Man, or the Constitution should he be able to?

    • FinnShane

      “Because whites do not want their daughters marrying black men,” he shouted.

      Ha. That’s hilarious, as if marriage would even be in the cards. The most likely scenario is the white girl being impregnated and abandoned. The old “pump and dump”, a rhyme that is favored often when the Urban Poets describe the values of their “poor oppressed brethren”. How dare White people object to their daughters being treated this way, and having to help raise the half orc offspring?

  • Emblematic

    Yes, the response to claims about the benefits of diversity is simple:

    If diversity really does make things better, why does it have to be imposed?

    • anony

      There is no empirical evidence that “diversity” is our strength. On the contrary, it is a great weakness and there is empirical evidence to substantiate that assertion.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        This is what it was! My ‘quibble’ with you.

        ‘Diversity’ was shown to be a harnessable good by, of all people, Francis Galton. Many people’s guesses of a cow’s weight at a country fair can be thought of as correct guess + error (+/-). Unsquared, people’s errors were normally distributed and cancelled out in the aggregate, leaving the correct answer. (arithmetic mean of diversity=magical accuracy!)

        Modern Portfolio Theory utilizes this phenomenon, after a fashion. It is one of the few things they are not completely wrong on. They ain’t right, mind you, but they are not completely wrong. And mid-century management science practitioners expanded it to all decision making because they’re simple-minded.

        But if you think about it, diversity qua diversity is essential for classical free market economics- Throw everything up and let the market decide. I mean, the model t was ‘diverse’ when you consider Ford’s statement that if he gave people what they wanted, he’d have bred faster horses. It is also essential for our survival as a species- variation/sort/repeat. But Shaniqua being brown in and of itself brings nothing to the table. ‘Diversity’ in the workplace doesn’t even mean diversity, it is code for. . . .

        Yep, you and I agree, I am sure of it. Am I too excited?

        • anony

          Enjoyed your little stroll through history. And yes, we do agree that diversity in the workplace is code, and we’ve all broken that code.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Thank you for indulging my pedantry. Like I said, I have been working a lot lately and have acquired basal short attention span.
            I am, truly, usually much calmer. Happy New Year, anony! A rich 2015 to you and your family.

          • anony

            et a vous également.

    • Anna Tree

      And if diversity really does make things better, why then miscegenation: doesn’t miscegenation destroy diversity?

  • Garrett Brown

    Why didn’t the person writing this article ever speak up and object to the Negroe’s ridiculous accusations? Why didn’t you stand up for your people like he was?


    • Anna Tree

      I wasn’t in his shoes, but I think I would have at least, go out when the black guy went out.
      Whites are just too polite, too altruist, too projecting, too conformist: all these have limits, exaggeration of those traits is destructing and proving to be when the group does it, suicidal.
      Also how wonderful would it be to be the first to go out and be surprised that many follow? Not because of the lemming behavior but because unity and number are strength.

      • Garrett Brown

        People fear for their jobs? If we don’t speak up we will start losing our lives. Whites are cowards, this “movement” won’t do anything until we start fighting.

  • KenelmDigby

    When I was young, I remember a huge fuss being made about the so-called ‘brainwashing’ techniques used by the North Koreans, in particular when these techniques were used against American prisoners.
    Basically, the techniques used by the North Koreans – bullying, brow-beating, indoctrination, self-criticism, peer pressure, denunciation, denial, manipulation of group dynamics to ostracize the ‘enemy’ etc etc caused enormous disquiet at the time in that they violated the fundamental individual dignity of the prisoners forceably exposed to the bullying.

    How ironic is it that the selfsame methods are used in the modern PC USA, and are not only widely used by the ‘great and good’, they are praised and lauded by the ‘great and good’.

    • Veritas

      The same methods are used because it is basically the same philosophy-Stalinism, albeit with an explicitly racial and gender oriented bent. We spent decades trying to defeat the Soviet Union, and yet now have adopted much of their philosophy and methods. This has occurred because we allowed race obsessed Leftist radicals to take control our media, education system, and the Democratic Party. Using brainwashing, intimidation, and even violence (through manipulation of ghetto blacks to attack whites and police), the Leftists suppress dissent and force us to accept their anti-white Marxist dogma. It has been a revolution in the truest sense of the word, although it has taken almost 50 years to accomplish.

    • Uncle_Dan

      Not so ironic. The ‘great and good’ were not particularly anti-communist. One of their most beloved expressions was “by all means necessary.”

  • Pathfinder75

    “Our instructor had a grand theory.’What do you believe is the root cause white racism towards blacks?’ he asked the class.There was no reply.’Because whites do not want their daughters marrying black men’,he shouted.”

    I think those four brief sentences basically sum up the entire impetus behind the black instructor’s fanatical histrionics: He wants a White woman (or women) himself,but understands that most White people rightly object (privately,if not publicly) to such unacceptable relationships.

  • David Ashton

    Some of these sessions are childish rubbish and others are aggressive falsifications. They sometimes work, but the real scandal is their actual existence, supposed purpose and massive subsidy.

    May I give just one trivial example from British experience quite some time ago? The Teachers’ Center in the London Borough of Waltham Forest had a lecture on “Preparing for the Multilingual Society”. Obviously the lecturer hadn’t any real clue, since it was blindingly obvious that English must remain the universal lingua franca in England, and that the 150 or so “community languages” could not be treated equally, printed equally, or taught equally in classrooms. The real exercise was to embarrass the attendees for implicit race hatred. So he started by going round the room (hopefully trying to pick up some ideas in the process for future use) demanding to know what we teachers were doing ALREADY about multilingualism. A few humbly spluttered that they put “Welcome” on the classroom door and “whiteboard” (still actually black) in half-a-dozen languages – not good enough, of course.

    I said that “Since English, Welsh, Irish, Jamaican patois, Hindi and Urdu” all have an original common Indo-European origin, and I have no Arabs or Jews or other nationalities in my own classes, I point out that in this respect we are all brothers and sisters under the — tongue”, grinning pleasantly as I said this. Our lecturer was stunned by this unexpected response, not because of its sheer novelty but because had hadn’t the slightest historical knowledge of the subject on which he had been invited to speak. Semper eadem.

    • Anna Tree

      I fear it is indeed preparing you for the multilingual society: the National Languages Strategy they call it, detailing steps to break English people even more: you will have to push 1 for English, 2 for Hindi, 3 for Urdu and learn another language or not get hired, not only European languages should be taught but all kind and the media will help in the propaganda because “multilingualism eradicates racism” as “Being monolingual immediately indicates insensitivity, inflexibility and above all arrogance” etc
      http://ww2(dot)anglia(dot)ac(dot)uk/ruskin/en/home/microsites/RUITs/research___the_centre Maincontent(dot)0012(dot)file(dot)tmp/monolingual_britain(dot)pdf

      Their veiled threat is that if the British don’t want other languages, then those who speak other languages will get brownies while the British won’t: you get the situation with French in Canada but now it’s every languages except English, where gradually only minorities get government jobs. And eventually like with Spanish in the US, some languages are poised to take over as the only language in certain areas.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you for the observations and references, which I shall work into my book on the “Murder of England”. The OED has been attacked for its “Anglicity”!

      • David Ashton

        My previous reply has disappeared, and I shall not repeat it in case Disqus decide to pop it in somewhere.

        Of course, there is a case for learning French, German – and Latin – in school, for example, and I have no objection to individuals voluntarily studying the literature of the Arabs or Japanese, &c.

      • MikeofAges

        Learning another language will not help. In America, English-Spanish bilingual means, largely, a gentrified or upwardly mobile Hispanic female hired to do administrative or clerical office work. Being an other than Hispanic English speaker who also knows Spanish means nothing, because the issue is not simply having a employee who knows both languages. The point is, when Spanish is the language of preference for some large portion of the customer base, they want to see a Hispanic office staff or they will not do business with the company. Advertising for bilingual employees based on business necessity is only cover for what the business are actually doing, hiring only gentrified and upwardly mobile Hispanic girls and young women for their office staffs. Since the Hispanic customers walk and the white ones merely grouse, you know which way the market is going to go.

      • Anna Tree

        Heidi, we miss you! Come visit!

        • Du, Heidi!

          Hi Anna! Thanks for inviting me back. I’ll write comments again soon! I still read AmRen articles and comments every now and then, but didn’t feel like commenting. I had some heavy personal stuff going on which led to a lot of stress which eventually resulted in a hospitalisation (just breathing problems, don’t worry, not that serious) which finally resulted in my absence, because it was strongly recommended by the doctor I take some rest. Everything is OK now though. Don’t worry about me. I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! And I hope you had a good Christmas!

          • Anna Tree

            Oh Heidi, I am sorry to hear of your past troubles but I am happy you are feeling better and wish you a complete and speedy recovery and an amazing New Year 2015. Thank you for your wishes, I had a great Christmas and I am going to a party now.
            Take care sweetie. All the best to you and your family, tschüß!


            I don’t know if what happened to you is similar to what happened to me once but I will say genuinely that you, your husband and your family are the most important. The white race needs you happy and strong, only then, I think, you can safely improve things around you.

          • Du, Heidi!

            Anna, merci pour tes bons mots! La famille est en effet le plus important. Mon mari a été très gentil et serviable, et je ne aurait pas pu le faire sans lui. Il est toujours très attentionné. Notre fille est aussi très bien. Elle est toujours très calme et doux. Ce était bon d’entendre que tu avais un bon Noël, et je espère que la partie était agréable. La race blanche besoin de plus de gens comme toi. Tu es très précieux pour notre cause.

            Faisons 2015 une grande année!!!

            (My French is a bit rusty, sorry if I made some mistakes. It’s already quite a couple of years ago I had it as a subject in school.)

          • Anna Tree

            Ton Français est excellent! Sois fière! Et bien moins rouillé que mon Allemand! A vrai dire, mon Allemand est beaucoup plus vieux: c’est pas deux ans mais vingt ans depuis l’école pour moi hahaha!

            Oui, que 2015 soit le début de la fin de nos problèmes.
            Nächstes Jahr in weiß Deutschland!

    • WR_the_realist

      So various very different languages all have a common Indo-European origin. What of it? You still wind up with a nation of people who can’t understand each other. Hell, even Old English is a foreign language to modern English speakers.

      • David Ashton

        So what? I used this comment to disrupt unwelcome proceedings – and succeeded.

        Just for the record, I studied Old English/Anglo-Saxon and Chaucer’s Middle English at University, and take the view that English children should learn at least one modern European language, preferably French or German.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I would agree that essentially everyone should know more than one language. I am personally chagrined to have only ever learned English, so that’s something I want to correct.

          I have had issues deciding what to learn though, and have only ever learnt the basics in anything because I cannot decide: French because I lived in Montreal as a child and might pick it up faster? Polish or Dutch because of my background? Danish because I want to watch more of Hannibal‘s Mikkelson in movies he’s done back home?

          So I have to ask…why “preferably” French or German?

          • David Ashton

            A personal preference living across the Channel, our two large neighbors in Europe with an unquestionably interesting cultural heritage and influential history. But chacun a son gout. I wish I were more fluent in spoken French, had worked harder at Latin, learned German when I had the chance, and actually studied New Testament Greek because of my interest in Christian origins. I studied Anglo-Saxon at Oxford. Much better to start young. Chinese I found impossible, fascinating but the tones were a problem and my calligraphic abilities limited.

            But who cares about my individual problems? I leave that to Old John, LOL.

  • Michael North

    All this stuff reminds me of what the Red Guards did when Mao unleashed them on the Chinese people.

  • richard garyson

    I work for a large financial institution of which probably every American
    reader here has heard. While my company is big on promoting diversity, all of
    the actual programs to this end are optional, except perhaps for management.
    The big thing my company tries to shove down our throats is volunteerism and
    charity. I do not participate in that, because most volunteer work and
    charitable donations go to help poor blacks and other minorities, as they are
    usually the ones who need it most.

    What is required of every employee is to take a few annual, online tests, most
    of which takes about 10-30 minutes to complete and have easy multiple choice
    questions with one obviously correct answer and three obviously incorrect
    answers. The questions address the “different types of discrimination”
    – overt, disparate, etc. – and the acronyms and abbreviations of all the
    government offices that allegedly combat them. Some of these definitions of discrimination
    are so vague and nebulous, that the test even admits as much and indicates that
    our company adheres to the highest standard, in order to avoid any appearance
    of discrimination.

    An example might be: “Jane opened ten lines of credit: five for white
    customers and five for black customers. The interest rate for the white
    customers was one percent less than it was for the black customers, even though
    there were no significant differences in the credit/risk evaluations of the
    black customers from the white customers. Is this an example of discrimination,
    if so, which kind?”

    Another type of question: “Jamal [yes, they use these sorts of names to
    refer to blacks] typically waives overdraft fees for his black customers, in
    order to make up for historic grievances; however, he never waives overdraft
    fees for his white customers, even those with scenarios similar to his black
    customers. Is this an example of discrimination, if so, which kind?”

    This is annoying, but relatively innocuous and since it is taken in the privacy
    of one’s own cubicle, one is free to snicker, scowl, and shake one’s head in
    disgust and confusion. Afterwards, most of the employees will nod their heads
    in agreement about how stupid these tests are. It only takes an hour out of our
    year and we get paid for it.

    While my company promotes diversity, it is usually not focused on our
    differences in gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation, but rather our
    differences in perspectives and ideas and about how everyone can contribute
    something of value to the company. While it is still mushy headed and annoying,
    it is infinitely preferable to the horror story of the above commentary. That
    and I think my company is trying to make the best of the situation by focusing
    on diversity, but not the type that is divisive.

    My company is located in large metropolitan area and its workforce – at least
    where I work – does not represent the local demographics. The city is mostly
    white – about 70 percent – and about 17 percent black – but I would say that
    over 90 percent of my coworkers are white. This is due to several reasons: 1)
    Lots of employees come from the suburbs, and not just the local area. 2) It is
    a financial institution and most jobs require an IQ above the white average and
    so just not that many blacks are qualified. 3) It is a financial institution
    and so if any conviction for an offense related to fraud or dishonesty appears on
    your criminal record, then you cannot work for my employer. This is checked

    I have also noted that many of the black employees work in HR type
    positions, such as training and coaching, and not so much on the production
    side. For the most part, the few blacks that I work with have been there for a
    while and have genuinely proven themselves as valuable employees.

    a financial institution does not have as many safe havens for the inept: white
    or non-white. It is extremely challenging to bring in and keep a well-trained,
    intelligent, and honest staff, especially in such a challenging and stressful

    • realgone222

      We may work at the same company or perhaps even sit next to each other! I have the same experiences at my job, however the Black employees I would guesstimate are far fewer then 17%. There are very few blacks working in my office where actual skill and experience are required and the ones that are employed are definitely unqualified or have some glaring speech or professional demeanor issues. Quite a few south east asians however who aside from the accent are quite competent. Always amazes me we have a large minority population of Blacks but have to import Indians to do the work here.

      • richard garyson

        Well, blacks make up about 17% of the local population, but probably only about one to two percent of the skilled positions. Most of the Asians I see work in office-admin positions, which I suspect is due more to their introverted nature, rather than such positions being the peak of their abilities. I sort of graduated into my position, from one which required constant customer contact via phone and email. Success in that position required time management skills, intelligent communication, and the ability to relate to others. It is a position that is almost completely white and about 60% female.

  • E7 sharp 9

    Thought crimes are on the way and re-education gulags will spring up with creative benign names that mask their truly evil nature. Solzhenitsyn details these atrocities in sickening detail in his Gulag Archipelago. Even in here I am fearful to come out and name my oppressors. And they sure ain’t negroes.

    • Hy Alldredge

      It’s kind of ironic that the most famous use of the chord you name yourself after and diagram is in a song written and performed by a black guy.

      • Tom in MI

        For those who don’t read music, please enlighten.

        • Hy Alldredge

          It’s the first chord of the verses in Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. Rock guitarists even call it the Hendrix chord, or the Purple Haze chord.

          • Daniel McGrath

            His bass and drums were two British chaps though. It also required a long pilgrimage to the UK for Hendrix to be noticed at all.

          • Hy Alldredge

            Certainly true. His fan base, too, is and was overwhelmingly white. The number of black frontmen/guitarists in the rock world is very small, but there are a few good ones. There’s Hendrix, of course. Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzie was half African. The Bad Brains were all black.

            It never seems to cause a stir if a black musician succeeds in a predominantly white genre. The fans don’t seem to care. Good music is good music. Contrarily, if a white person makes inroads into a black genre like rap, funk, or blues, the fact that they’re white is always an issue, and they’re accused of “stealing” black music. Some traditionally black genres – jazz, funk, and blues – now have almost entirely white fans and performers. Somehow I don’t think that the same thing will happen with rap. At least I hope it doesn’t. White people can’t have degenerated that far.

          • MikeofAges

            Interesting that Elvis Presley was accused of stealing black musical idiom. But the fact that he adapted the work of white performers to his own style also is overlooked. Consider how he appropriated Frank Sinatra’s cover of “My Way”. Could it be that Elvis merely was derivative all the way around?

            Largely, he did what pop artists often do. They adapt non- mainstreamable idioms to the tastes of the mainstream. Not all, but many have. Sinatra was mainstream, of course. But Elvis still derived his cover of “My Way” from Sinatra. Sinatra, I think, intended “My Way” to be his signature song. But he lost it to Elvis.

            Elvis may not have intended his cover of “My Way” to be widely played. As far as I know, the released version of Elvis’s “My Way” came from a recorded live concert. It was not a usual part of his song list.

    • TCA

      If you name your oppressors here, it is probable your comment will be removed. E.g., following his recent article about the responsibility of the media for inflaming racial tension and inciting violence, I asked our host, “who runs the media, Jared?” The comment was removed.

      • E7 sharp 9

        I share your sentiments and I sympathize for your censoring. I have experienced much the same. I find it funny that the Ramzpaul blogger refers to them as “Finns”. I believe all the hand-wringing done about negroes in this comment section is succombing to the bait-and-switch tactic that the “Finns” use to divert us from our greatest threats. I cannot disagree that negroes and their penchant for criminality isn’t a recognizable danger to Whites, but compared to the perfidy done to us by the “Finns”, negroes are small potatoes.

      • E7 sharp 9

        I hope you saw my reply to you. It was deleted. LOL

  • JohnEngelman

    This nonsense is reminiscent of the self criticism sessions Chinese were forced to participate in by the Maoist dictatorship. The implication behind this is that race relations would be fine in the United States is only whites would get over our presumably irrational color prejudice.

    Over the years I have had to acquire some rational color prejudice. I have learned to become more vigilant when approached by young black men than when I am approached by young white men. I have learned to avoid walking through black neighborhoods after dark, if I can avoid doing so.

    If I had learned this rational anti black prejudice earlier in life I would have avoided being the victim of several violent crimes committed by young black men.

  • Bo_Sears

    “Diversity training” or “sensitivity training” is relatively without merit in today’s world. At the beginning of this type of orientation, it possessed a kind of power created by the conjunction of two ideas that had not occurred before. Examples of this include the WW II slogan, “Protect the American Way” and in the Sixties, “Participatory Democracy,” which had a certain intellectual attraction as a new way to look at old things.

    Intellectuals in particular are nutz for the thrill of connecting old dots in new ways, and sometimes I think the intellectual thrill of a new formulation is the entire substance of the ideology of the hard-left, anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Christian impulses. (It is a tool we can use too, as we grow in sophistication.)

    But it is also a deliberate fraud in most cases. Consider the take-over of the word “discrimination” to mean “racial discrimination.” Many of us are old enough to understand that the silent “racial” was meant to deceive the hearer or reader. However, the damage is done to the word “discrimination.”

    At Resisting Defamation we learned that “discrimination” lacks every meaning nowadays but “racial discrimination” (or for some other invidious category) when before it meant the ability and training to distinguish and describe relatively small variations in fabrics, colors, architecture, and almost any other thing in society. Thus was a word stolen and implanted into the anti-white narrative as a way to restrict our ability to communicate.

    The same is happening to “diversity” which was a valued term not so long ago. The thieves of our language have converted it to mean “racial diversity” while our white cultures meant ethnic diversity, education diversity, age diversity, and IQ diversity. (The latter is still valid for predicting success within the diverse white American peoples.)

    This offers an approach with the bullies and haters who preach these strange and turgid diversity and sensitivity classes…always raise the issue of white diversity…we are so diverse it is stunning. You don’t have to say “So we don’t need more diversity.”

    Unfortunately, most of us have already lost sight of what was a determining characteristic of life in America, namely the incredibly vibrant and enriching white diversity that we enjoyed. But don’t hesitate to raise that topic at these kinds of events. Respect and preserve your richly textured white diversity, and discuss it at every sensitivity and diversity event you are bullied into attending.

    • IstvanIN

      We are the only truly diverse race!

      • Bo_Sears

        Yes, it is both a reality and a tactic for disrupting the haters.

    • Uncle_Dan

      It is noteworthy that the only people in the world to have diverse eye and hair color are “white” people.

  • Ograf

    I actually do not feel this so called “White guilt” that is supposed to plague our people. The blacks were captured by other blacks and sold to Jewish slave traders for the most part. Lot of injustices went on in history. Not just slavery, not just holocaust. It appears to me that people need to quit whining about stuff that happened before they were born and worry about how they are going to make it in the future. In the 70’s the U.S. Army gave us race relations classes which did nothing but exacerbate the problem. Different races and cultures are always going to want to continue with their music, literature and customs. It isn’t going away because someone wants to control the world. Given to their own devices the races will segregate and that is it.

  • I don’t know what I would do if I had to be subjected to this nonsense at work. I am glad I work in a homogeneous small company.

    We have had non-English workers before, but they have not tended to last very long in this particular sector. It is just one of those traditional sectors where you don’t tend to get many blacks and Pakistanis even looking for jobs.

    Being a small company, I doubt they would ever do the whole diversity-training thing even if the workforce became “diverse” – ie, less white! – Yet if they did, I’d be tempted to try and make it impossible to be given. I’d be tempted to walk out if nothing else, even though these jobs do not grow on trees.

    I don’t know what would be worse, standing up to it and becoming jobless and thus diminishing our stature (and thus be more at the mercy of others) or sitting there having to keep my mouth shut!

    This may be a daft idea, but although the article gives out some ideas of what to do in this kind of situation, maybe it would be wise to have a course of our own, or perhaps a Jared Taylor style video segment that deals directly in accordance to some of the programmes that are given.

    Maybe course material can be sourced, or recorded covertly, so that we get a good idea of what is commonly used in these conferences – then make a simple and easy to remember ‘deconstruction’ of it that is specifically / fine tuned for this exact purpose.

    I am sure I would get pretty tongue-tied and hesitant to speak up if I was not equipped with specific and thoroughly thought out rebuttals that I’d be confident to thrust into the situation.

    There may only be a dozen key things to learn and “de-construct” which would bring the whole thing crashing down. If it can be done without having to rant and rave, all the better, because no matter what we feel, I am not sure how wise it is to make ourselves destitute for no real gain, as these conferences are not going to stop just because a few people walk out.

    What could make it stop is a persistent challenge to it from people with the know how and skills to make life hard work for the hustlers and pushers of this nonsense.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I don’t see the way out. Our culture is permeated by Western universalism (having roots in Christianity, but also in older, Stoic teachings). So, the entire paradigm has to be changed. Muslims, Chinese, blacks… simply don’t think the way we do (or are, even without indoctrination, inclined to think).

    I’ve been absent for some time & I’ll repost some older stuff ( part of it) just to illustrate a few crucial points. For the beginning, an old quote from Albert Schweitzer, I guess you’re all aware of (and yes, it’s authentic).

    “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
    they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
    status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    • anony

      That is a powerful quote and I’ve used it many times to drive home the point that blacks are unassimilable in White societies. They are incapable of “doing” White civilization.

      BTW, welcome back!

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        I’ve been called to task, by allies, for using this quote as no one I know has ever been able to find it in his books.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          It was excised in later editions. Just Google the quote & read “liberal” discussions on it. Since AR is so clumsy about posting linx, all I can say is: a) Schweitzer wrote it, b) Schweitzer Institute did not deny its authenticity, but “danced around” the question c) Google & read the discussion: schweitzer hero zero straight dope or, better, crimesofthetimes schweitzer controversial

      • Bardon Kaldian


    • TCA

      Citation for the Schweitzer quotation?
      It’s on the money whoever said it, but it’s propaganda value is much higher if it can be authenticated. I’m not good at Internet research, but couldn’t find authentication, only the suggestion that it is falsely attributed to Schweitzer.

      • Bardon Kaldian

        The closest I could come up with is: Google crimesofthetimes schweitzer controversial

  • Harry

    We live in the information age and the best weapon is the ability to get the entire “training” on video or at least have the “lecture” taped. If the “consultant” refuses to allow recording devices for (obvious reasons), get the objection witnessed and documented.
    Mr. Astor has excellent recall of his experience and I thank him for sharing it with us.

  • Harry

    In today’s work environment, the feelings of white people are irrelevant vs. any kind of remark from a non-white person.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    This will be too long & in some aspects maybe too “tasteless”. I didn’t give any link in order to avoid usual AR censorship (although the post may be deleted anyway- never mind).

    It’s a continuation on the topic of genuine mudsharks & those who find such stuff offensive better skip it.

    In my opinion, various types of behavior are not just propaganda & commercials-induced, but actually determined by specific configurations of neural networks and brain physiology: neuro-science and brain scanning have made great advancements in this area, and although they tend to be biologically reductionist, not few insights have emerged in the field (popular works include Steven Pinker’s “Blank Slate” & some others, which are worthy reads, although one must have in mind their limitations- or, better, materialist/scientistic generalizations. However, this does not diminish the value of their findings- only of their speculations).

    It is a delicate field of inquiry, and it seems that a small percentage of females (and males) are “naturally” attracted to “other” races and ethnicities. See (I’ll try to avoid censorship: Google neuropolitics org Who Are The Caucasians Attracted ) The percentage is from 0- 3%, virtually the same as is for homosexuals. Beverly S. and “White Maasai” examples in (Google thinking housewife women intoxicated black ) are typical of physical attraction that is almost obsessive-compulsive and I might intuit, from scarce data presented, very likely strongly correlated with some specific type of neural patterns in the brain, i.e. mostly “biological” (as biological as alcoholism, tendency for some type of cancers or psychological disorders as BPD). I would stress my positions with two remarks:

    a) very likely, even if we put aside commercials and media brainwashing, a small percentage of females (and a slightly higher percentage of males, especially as regards Hispanic and east Asian females), 1-2%, are genuinely attracted to blacks,

    b) but, this attraction goes hand in hand with some kind of psychological dysfunction (low self-esteem, fantasies of “savage” physical experience (which is, by the way, condescending to and fetishizing black men))..in short: a fetish.

    Some people have fetishes of different kind, from cross-dressing to various power-games, and the discussed topic is a racial fetish, affecting a small, but non-negligible minority.

    Popular myths are just that- myths: most obese white females don’t care about blacks; some physically very attractive white women are obsessed with them. It seems that numerous parameters have to be considered: biopsychological structures, financial status, media brainwashing, societal pressures,… If white families would be adamant about the
    issue & most young people could think outside of media box, a different picture would emerge. In my opinion, a conclusion in 3 points would be:

    1. there is a small percentage of white females, 1-3%, who are attracted to black males. This is smaller than the percentage of homosexuals among male population, and the “explanation” is similar- it’s something about brain & physiology we still don’t know exactly what’s going on- similar to fetishes (why are some people turned on by cross dressing or “erotic” obesity…)

    2. then comes the culture- sociological studies have shown that most sexual encounters of white women with black men had happened when women were drunk and in shady circumstances. Virtually all regret this, but, hey.. This applies to many encounters with white men, too. In sum- a promiscuous hookup “culture” is to blame.

    3. media promotion has done its job in glamorizing black entertainment culture, so if this aspect of social life were realistically depicted, white females consorting with blacks would drop by, say, 50%.

    On female sexuality and masculinity

    True, most women want their male partners to be dominant. It’s natural. But- popular “wisdom” tries to pin black men as “masculine”. It equates “masculine” with “muscular”. On average, blacks in the US are more muscular (less bodily fat on average) -at least in early phases of their lives- than whites, but sheer number of muscular whites is greater than muscular blacks. Moreover, it’s not realistic- to use popular images of “celebrities” (now middle aged men), ex-gubernator Schwarzenegger was certainly more muscular than Kevin Costner- but was he more “masculine” ? Or “attractive” ?
    Social reality is: blacks are not more masculine than whites; they are frequently denigrated by black women as “white man’s” slaves & pathetic toys; blacks (men) publicly concede that that white man “rules the world” (I’ve seen this innumerable times).

    Now on female sexuality.

    First rule – much of it, although not all, is in the mind (b.t.w, it explains the fact that whites are most sexually/erotically “creative”-blacks are, contrary to stereotypes, sexually rather conservative & unimaginative). Many white females (and males, including other races as Asians) do not think much of sex- they channel their energies into other directions. Blacks are, as a rule, more sexual beings than other races. It means that they spend much more time on this particular issue than other human sub-species. This does not mean they are adept either in techniques or mental/emotional aspect of it. Just, they are determined by their physiology. Other “sexual” races are also to be found in the tropics-Polynesians for instance. That said:

    * blacks do not have higher testosterone levels: Google testosterone black white estrogen

    * they are not more “equipped”- measurements have shown that: Google oversized length Nigerian institute

    * women do not care about male insecurities re this matter: a topix link, wouldn’t work

    So- is there anything in this myth about white females’ quasi-animalistic sexual attraction to blacks ?


    Because some white women want to be- sexual “researchers” have concluded- “ravished” in the bedroom. Conquered, treated like slaves etc.
    And the same women who have had sex with both whites and blacks, under controlled conditions, have reported they had been “ravished” by blacks and not by whites. Sex researches have been confused, since “objective” parameters have frequently shown that white partners had been more “enduring”, skillful etc. But, those females- who voluntarily participated in these “researches”- said they felt better with blacks.
    Then, experiments went the following way: white men were instructed to treat white females with disrespect, roughly and domineering. After that change- white women reported more sexual satisfaction with white men than with blacks.

    It is all in the mind.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I could post it as a reply, but I think it is better “visible” here.
    So- are some whites viscerally repulsed by blacks ? Yes or no ? Is this “natural” ? A “prejudice” ? Did anyone notice that before ?

    Words may be not too sensitive, but they reflect reality. This all is essentially about decadence & degeneracy. For instance- and this is not a concocted story: (Goggle kenyastockholm swedish woman escapes Germany baby). Miscegenation, with Bantus & some other races, is poisonous for whites, both males and females. Let not the numerical insignificance of such occurrences delude anyone- this is carcinogenic behavior for white Europeans, best suited for cancer & psychiatric wards.

    William Faulkner, along with Henry James and Herman Melville, among the greatest American novelists, knew that perfectly well. He couldn’t foresee social depravity of American society (it seems that burned victim Jessica Chambers (Google her) was not primarily a mudshark, but actually a prostituting drugs addict), but he knew from his subliminal contraries that tore him apart & later turned into prophetic visions about the abyss Dixie Flyer was roaring into.

    I recall when I read, a long time ago, in my teens, a superb Faulkner’s novel “Light in August”. A few parts I remember vividly, and one of the most powerful passages is this one: the central character, Joe Christmas, doesn’t know his racial heritage (a complex story). Essentially, Joe is confused about his identity; he’s a drifter and most people think he’s a White – he looks White & is, actually, a White racist of sorts. We- nor anyone else- don’t know whether Joe has any “Black blood” or not.

    In his search for identity, Joe tries- temporarily- to assimilate into Black community. And here is the passage: “He was in the north now, in Chicago and then Detroit. He lived with negroes, shunning white people. He ate with them, slept with them, belligerent, unpredictable, uncommunicative. He now lived as man and wife with a woman who resembled an ebony carving. At night he would lie in bed beside her, sleepless, beginning to breathe deep and hard. He would do it deliberately, feeling, even watching, his white chest arch deeper and deeper within his ribcage, trying to breathe into himself the dark odor, the dark and inscrutable thinking and being of negroes, with each suspiration trying to expel from himself the white blood and the white thinking and being. And all the while his nostrils at the odor which he was trying to make his own would whiten and tauten, his whole being writhe and strain with physical outrage and spiritual denial.”

    Faulkner knew that separation was necessary for a fulfilled life of both races & that projected colorblind Utopia could only result in Hell on earth. Races are not only biologically, but also “spiritually” or naturally separated in this, earthly world. Suicidal ideology of miscegenation is as diabolic as was Communism; a war against nature, indifferently leaving corpses of its gullible zombies & not thinking of the victims of such unions that may very well be relegated to life of frustration & confused or torturous self-consciousness.

    • Guest

      I am “viscerally attracted” to some and viscerally repulsed by others. Sometimes we should be happy that we are endowed with instinct.

    • KenelmDigby

      I don’t know.
      I live in a locale where there is a truly enormous amount of White female/black male race mixing going on. In fact, from observation, I would wager that any random White female of reproductive age is likelier than not to have a black father of her children than a White father.
      So, it’s a complex question with no easy ‘pat’ answers. My own suspicion is this, most White male commentators on the subject make the big mistake of projecting their own male mindset and male sexuality onto the minds of women. Well, females sexuality and female mating strategies – and what they ‘want, or ‘look for’ in partners simply cannot be compared to that of males. Issues other than ‘lust’ are dominant, and the word ‘dominant’ is a clue in itself. Partly it’s an issue of a fertile female having the inclination to find a man, any man, as a potential partner, though as we all know blacks are usually lousy ‘partners, an instinct that is very strong and subconsciously hidden, but which is always latent and ready to be drawn out – think of the studies of psychologists with ducklings and pairs of Wellington boots and other inanimate objects, and partly due to the natural ‘conman’ trickery and deceptive tendencies that come naturally to west African blacks. Instinctively, they know how to trick, con and manipulate women. They are the master verbal deceivers bar none, as can be seen by their interminable shakedowns of whitey. Add this to the natural high self esteem and belligerence of blacks, which many White women will interpret as ‘dominance’ and ‘confidence’ which are ‘virtues’ that the fertile White female brain prizes. As far as evolutionary psychology goes, women are apt to value qualities which here, mistakenly, they see as as supplying ‘security’ for them and their children, to such things as pure physical attraction – which is entirely a male way of looking at the world. Hence, White women, due to the overpowering force of deep instinct, related to reproduction, will look past what many here have termed as the ‘sheer alien, strange and shocking’ physical appearance of blacks and act according to what there mating instinct tells them.

      • Daniel McGrath

        Give us a clue on location. I think your observation is off. I can compare your observations of stochastic inference with published data. White women are fairly careful about avoiding reproduction with blacks.

      • paul marchand

        People should not have to pay for the welfare of others.

        If a black woman has a baby for a black man, they or their
        families or their people should pay.

        (if a white woman has a baby for a black
        man…………..”good luck with that” )

        • paul marchand

          And white men should not have to give black men jobs.
          And govt employment should be based on objective testing / merit.
          And white parents should not be forced either to send their child to a predom black school OR pay humongous tuition.

  • baythoven

    I have experienced a number of “diversity” or sexual harassment seminars in my time, but never one so inept as what’s related here. Really, if they have to go on, isn’t this the way you want them? — so hate-filled and outrageous that no one is going to buy into the message?
    The presentations that I can recall had at least a veneer of scholarship and goodwill. I think that approach is more insidious, as it might be somewhat persuasive among the non-thinkers and the designated victim groups.

  • DaveMed

    Very similar to the workshop we had to attend toward the beginning of med school.

    The session was led by a Black lesbian who started off by being nasty toward everyone who’d had the temerity to arrive on time (not early). After one particularly stupid remark at about the 15-minute mark, she paused, then launched into some absurd explanation of how she had been arbitrarily mistreating some of us just as “some” people (guess which!) are arbitrarily mistreated in society.

    The workshop was five agonizing hours long, and ended with some customary African circle of hand-holding and emotional cross-pleasuring, during which we recited African phrases like “Ashanti bu” (or something of the sort – I really don’t care).

    Looking back, I really wish that I had known then what I do now. I think that there are always ways of asking ostensibly curious questions that poke holes in the pro-“diversity” (i.e., anti-White) agenda.

    • paul marchand

      “ostensibly curious”……laughing at the non-confrontationality of it all !
      I like it !
      Confrontation is many times best, but there are exceptions.

  • libertarian1234

    Sensitivity training is basically for the same reasons slogans were created like “diversity is our strength.” It’s a method the elites think will chill out white people as they take their country away from them with unchecked immigration by third world hordes.

    The tax collectors need more revenue and the big money boys need more consumers to keep their idea of constant growth going in what amounts to nothing less than a Ponzi scheme. They inanely think this will assure that dissension and resentment are eliminated, and the chance for rioting and looting will be reduced, completely unaware their policies are just making things worse.

    I doubt that it’s a conspiracy however. They’re just a like-minded bunch who share what they believe are pearls of wisdom with each other about the best way to keep the blacks from rioting and the best way to reduce the number of societal dissidents. The corporate geeks who mandate that people in their offices can’t use the words wife or husband, because it might offend homosexuals and have to use the word “partner” instead are the worst of the lot, but none of them seem to mind if they offend the overwhelming majority of the white population in any of their policies. That’s not only strange, but it’s really dumb as well.

    They had sensitivity training in the military the troops called “watermelon school” that was a hateful, in-your-face attack by a black on each individual in the class so they could see how blacks felt due to discrimination, which had absolutely nothing to do with any kind of similarity to what somebody might feel as a result of discrimination, and the process created resentment and hatred among the whites, who were forced to take the class, where none existed before.

    Behind all of this probably is some radical left wing academic who has his head where the sun doesn’t shine, and hasn’t a clue as to how to create harmony within a multicultural population.

    I’m pretty sure it’s all going to eventually erupt into some serious fighting. And I think we’re seeing the beginning of it right now.

    • ghettovalley

      Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Why do we always reiterate things we already know ?

    “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary … The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea.… Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”–Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)

    • WR_the_realist

      The late Joseph Sobran was one of the greats. I miss him already.

  • paul marchand

    The surly POS “instructor” could talk down and browbeat the employee students because IF THEY SPOKE THE TRUTH THEY COULD BE FIRED AND THEIR EMPLOYERS COULD BE FINED BY THE EEOC AND THE DOJ.

  • paul marchand

    Had this POS asked me ” What do you believe is the root cause white racism towards blacks?” out of the classroom, where my employer nor I would be affected, I hope I would have told him the truth……….because whites and blacks are different.
    When he would have blown up, I hope I would not have been affected by “not wanting to insult him”, and would have mentioned the VASTLY disparate interracial rape rates (about a multiple of 1000x), the murder rate difference (about 15x), the HIV rates, etc. And the success rate. And asked “why does the $$ and the quotas and affirmative action always go to blacks from whites” to which he would have answered “slavery” “jim crow” and the like. I hopefully would have recalled that the average enslavement duration was only about 30 years, and that blacks have received about $15 trillion in means-tested-entitlements, which is about $25 million per slave. And, of course, slavery ended 150 years ago, and blacks STILL have not figured out how to ” make a dollar”.

  • Evette Coutier

    Any firm I consult with that plays this rubbish and I charge them twice the price and give them half the value. The fact is they are all out war against us and have no problem lying, cheating, and stealing from us. I own no honor or integrity to anyone who does not act with honor and integrity. I make it a habit of giving preferential treatment to genetic realists.

  • Randall Ward

    One of the reasons that whites are so successful is not the white brain, but the white culture. The white culture allows groups of whites to rise above the level of the individual white, by working together to accomplish a goal.
    I am 70 years old and have never worked for a company that would treat its employees the way the company in the article did. Part of the problem is that whites will not stand up and refuse to go along with this type of company behavior.
    The truth is that a large part of the black community is a blight on our country and will never change because they don’t have to change. Blacks should love whites, because with out whites being in the USA, the USA would be like Africa. Blacks that don’t want to “be like whites” are signing their own poverty warrant.

    • saxonsun

      But the white culture is a product of the white brain.

      • Randall Ward

        Ultimately, yes, the white culture is the product of the white brain, and God who gave us our brain. The only thing I would add is that the value of many white people together is greater than isolated white people. That is what I meant.

  • Mark Caplan

    The sensitivity training course depicted in the article has the opposite effect of confirming the worst racial stereotypes against blacks, that blacks are illogical, thin-skinned, carry a chip on their shoulders, and could explode with justifiable rage at any moment against their white oppressors.

  • Robert Smith

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. -Voltaire

    • Ringo Lennon

      Why that would mean blacks rule over me, a white man.

      • ghettovalley

        No, it means the tribe does, or rather, they think that they do. They rule over the blacks, however, and they are used as a weapon against us. Tribesmen are some of the most obnoxious, pushy, ill mannered people that I’ve ever had to be around. They seem to have an unwarranted sense of entitlement and self-importance. They don’t belong in America any more than the latinos or bantus do. They’ve done more damage to this country than anyone. This comment won’t be up for too long, but it’s good to see that some fellow posters here know what the true root of the problem is.

        • Ringo Lennon

          I hear you. Try yelling n••••• in a crowded theater. See how far freedom of speech gets you.

          • ghettovalley

            Not because of the blacks, though. Because of the easily offended white progressives with their ever so delicate sensibilities. Blacks don’t run anything except maybe crack houses.

  • Yves Vannes

    Having had to attend one of these idiot sessions in the early 90s is what had reawakened my attention and interest in the inability of blacks to integrate into our society. In the 70s I had mixed with blacks while playing sports in high school and college and found them barbaric and vulgar, but once I entered the work force I no longer had any interaction with blacks so they disappeared from my life. In the early 90s my company buckled under pressure and started diversity training. I was in the geosciences division of a large petroleum company and never dealt with blacks ( my entire division was 75% white 25 % asian and largely male.

    3 months after this diversity seminar my division hired two blacks from some black college. Everyone in my division has at least an MS in some area of the sciences. These guys had undergrad degrees in something called applied sciences. Well, all the sciences are `applied` so I am not quite sure what they knew. Everyone who gets hired has to be `schooled` into doing things our way. As many of you know school and industry are radically different: school can contemplate a problem until the stars burnout, industry needs to get the job done. To say these two knew less than nothing is to insult the term `Less Than Nothing`. The were dumb in every sense of that word and untrainable in even the simplest of tasks. We dragged them along for a few years – and they knew they were in way over their heads. The geoscience are not theoretical physics but you need to be reasonable intelligent.

    Eventually, they were RECRUITED by the EPA. These two clueless fools are now regulating an industry that had to hold their hand through the simplest of tasks. These two boneheads are riding the fumes of resentment when they perform their tasks – and there are probably hundreds more like them.

    Add to this experience (it has been repeated a dozen time now) watching your children get indoctrinated with endless PC hogwash and it becomes infuriating.

    20 years ago no one in my division had any opinion about blacks that I was aware of. Today, our diversity hires breed resentment and laughter. Everyone has an opinion and it is not the one the diversity commissars attempt to inculcate.

    Happy New Years to everyone here at amren.

    • nexus974

      “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed.”

      Your comment about being recruited by the EPA brought this to mind.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      When you played sports with the black people at school, did you smell their black odor and get repelled??

    • Douglas Quaid

      In order to get the job I currently have I needed to get certified, and have 1 year of experience doing it elsewhere. I just found out yesterday that there are several co-workers who aren’t certified and yet were hired anyway, you don’t have to guess what demographic fits that bill.

      The worst co-workers I have had to work with were always blacks, they were rude, tardiness was the rule rather than the exception, they take more breaks than anyone else, are usually inept and in need of help, and the moment there is a tinge of criticism of their behavior they immediately launch into their prepared race speech that they are just burning to give.

      It’s the same stuff every time, “I just feel like you people are against me, you don’t know how hard it is for me, my whole life I’ve had to put up with racism…blah blah blah” All I really want to know is why I haven’t missed a single day of work this year and you seem to be calling in once a week.

      The most annoying thing is that upper management inflicts these inept trouble makers on us for a year before they finally fire them. I would be out the door in a month if I pulled the kind of nonsense these people do.

  • Dwight

    He held my hands, closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then said “you are hurting people.”

    I take it this guy was a witchdoctor?

  • paul marchand

    Sort of peripheral, but here goes:
    * People should not have to pay for the welfare of others.
    If a black woman has a baby for a black man, they or their
    families or their people should pay.
    (if a white woman has a baby for a black
    man…………..”good luck with that” )

  • Scott Rosen

    You had me until “Of course, the racial grievances industry was created with the assistance of whites.”
    You can call them whatever you want, but they don’t call themselves white.

    • ghettovalley

      They’re about as white as Ackbar the terrorist. The whole middle eastern area in general could use a good thorough cleanup.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Today a relative of mine and I were walking on the road and we saw a black bum without his shirt and carrying a blanket. My relative felt sorry for him and we had some extra popcorn, which we did not want and wanted to give it to this black bum just because it still was the Christmas season. When we approached him, he did not say Thank you, but asked for more stuff. He then saw some Cheetos and some ruffles in a bag my relative was carrying and asked if he could have them. My relative gave them to him. He did not bother to say thank you and only said same to you when we said “Have a Nice day” He stunk like crazy, but that was not what repelled me, but his bossy attitude and that he was entitled for more and also that he did not bother to even be grateful that he was getting free stuff when none of the Obama voting white liberals around us bothered to give him some of their stuff.

    • ghettovalley

      In my old neighborhood the black bums were extremely pushy. They would literally hide near the city bus terminal and around the mall between two buildings or around a corner and basically ambush you, “Aye lemme hold fiddy cents mane!”. I sat on a bench and watched them one time. They wouldn’t ask other blacks, even the affirmative action blacks wearing suits. They seemed to prefer to target lone white women or young, small, or weak looking white guys. They would get five or six people to give them change and then they would walk directly to the corner store to buy beer. Then they would casually drink it right in public. Every day, all day long, the same guys would be out there doing this. I guess the thought never occurred to these guys that with a job they could buy all the beer they wanted.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        Well I guess why work when they can get free money by begging or threatening pure whites who will give hem money to buy beer.

  • jaye ellis

    I spent two years as a 7th and 8th grade public school teacher in Brooklyn. This was outstanding training in how to survive and actually thrive in the face of extreme, hostile Black verbal attacks. I’ve never lost a face to face verbal encounter since then.

    Here are some tips:

    Never show weakness
    Try to use humor
    Appeal to the crowd to turn on the attacker – people, including many Blacks will like to see the tables turned on some cocky, insulting black guy/teen.
    Sarcasm is a great weapon.

    In this case, I might suggest raising your hand, then going up in front of the class, in fig leaf (hands covering private parts, bowed head) then…

    Confess the terrible racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic sins of the American nation.

    Say something like:

    “Yes, America has been, racist, sexist – arguably the most terrible, racist, sexist, homophobic country in human history – we should learn to respect superior societies like SAUDI ARABIA where gay and lesbian rights, religious pluralism, women’s rights are at the highest…. except for maybe banning women from showing their faces in public, or having the right to drive cars…..

    Women’s rights are one thing, but letting women drive cars….

    Come on!

  • Daniel McGrath

    Well no you can legislate dysgenics. They have allowed the blacks to multiply. They have allowed them to abort though.

    • WR_the_realist

      Indeed. Raise taxes on the middle class, export their jobs. and they will realize they can’t afford more than one or two children. Meanwhile provide every possible benefit to the underclass who breed, including illegal immigrants. Voila — you have legislated evolution. Downward, evolution, but evolution nonetheless. Evolution doesn’t care whether an organism moves up or down, only that it’s kind persists.

      • benvad

        Future democrat voters. What kills me is the white Dems are eventually phased out by the coloreds. Short term gain ends in their termination.

    • El Baga Doucha Libtard

      That’s a good point — a very good point — but I will counter that with an optimistic note:

      liberalism is a self-correcting mechanism and the system will collapse soon enough. When it’s all said and done, in the grand scheme of things, the dysgenic policies will be a mere drop in the bucket, in terms of time. Indeed, it’s possible that miscegenation could actually be a good thing, because it essentially kicks the lower whites out of the race.

      We are in a race against time (but everyone on this site knows that already).

      • adplatt126

        I think the Marxists believe that if they can continue to infuse the American economy with Asian intellect, to offset the intelligence decline of ordinary citizens, they can keep the economy and the system afloat for some time. They’ve been moderately successful thus far. One of the problems is that they’ll still need to pay for an ever-expanding underclass. It will be a very bottom heavy society overall, and eventually, in all likelihood, that weighty bottom will sink the ship.

        • El Baga Doucha Libtard

          If that is their game, then they must be aware that there are racial differences in intelligence. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing (they might come around, yet they are doing this completely on purpose).

          Supposing that it the Marxists are doing what you say, then I still think that their policies will be self-correcting. I am an eternal optimist, so my view of the future might be just a little jaded, but I am of the belief that the Obama administration has been good for our cause, as it has caused a racial reawakening among whites. I just hope that it isn’t too little, too late.

      • joanofamerica

        ummmmm, poor whites are the only ones making babies of any use to you guys or haven’t you figured it out yet, where your army lies? poor whites (working poor) I could go on and on here but figure out how this country became what it was and they were’nt all southern rich plantation owners.

        • El Baga Doucha Libtard

          Your sentence structure leaves a lot to be desired and I can’t figure out what you’re trying to say, but it sounds like you might be trying to condescend me.

          I honestly can’t follow what you’re trying to say.

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Disagree, Rich or Poor they are still whites and why should they suffer because of an elitist agenda?

        • El Baga Doucha Libtard

          I’m not talking about money — I’m talking about character, intelligence, and things of that nature. I said nothing about money.

    • benvad

      That’s why planned parenthood is a Must. Encourage Norplant for welfare blacks to reduce their population.

  • ImTellinYa

    I’ve had to go through two of these Chinese Communist Self Criticism sessions. Before the first one I decided that I would maintain my deeply-held principle of not discussing politics, religion or social issues at work. I maintained this stance stubbornly and completely.

    Every single time I was asked to say or do anything in that hideous kangaroo trial I simply said that, “I can’t respond/do that because it would mean discussing my personal opinion about politics, religion or social issues; a thing I never ever do.”

    Of course I was accused of being a racist or being in denial or “not participating” and once I got “we are not at work.”

    On being accused of being a racist, I simply told them that they could hold whatever opinion they liked of me; that they could just make it up and believe it, but with no input from myself.

    On being told that I was not participating I would tell them that I was, in fact, participating in the most positive way possible and that I would not go against my principles.

    On being informed that we were “not at work” I pointed out that I was being paid to be there, my supervisor had told me it was mandatory and that I was surrounded by co-workers.

    When called upon to role play, I would get up in front of the group and simply refuse to be other than a very bland, literal version of myself.

    Of course the “facilitators” and many of my colleagues battered me with waves of open hostility and/or derisive laughter, so this was no happy picnic by the river. But I just sat there and didn’t respond at all.

    And of course, I got in a little trouble, but I didn’t get fired. A very few White people came up to me later and said that I had done a thing that they admired, but so what.

    The only thing that will stop the Leftist social pathology is open, blunt, loud rebellion of the most extreme kind. Leftist Whites and their lively vibrant foot soldiers deserve to feel ALL of the hate that they deserve from us. Hate is the appropriate emotion for Leftist tyrants, cowards and traitors.

    • MBlanc46

      Open rebellion is certainly the optimum, but your passive approach appears to have driven them up the wall. Well done.

  • eldoradocreekskipper

    The white anti-white racists need to go to Liberia with their clients.

    • eldoradocreekskipper

      No other country in the world has ever committed such massive aggression against us with impunity.

  • eldoradocreekskipper

    P.S. For so-called capitalists, the corporatists do an excellent impression of Communist scum.

  • thomasdosborneii

    Those rioting blacks in Ferguson beating with hammers the white man wearing the anti-cop t-shirt that said “Stop Killing Blacks” seems to have really told the story.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Went through something similar in the 80’s. Most of us were in our 40’s and this wasn’t our first rodeo. There were 2 gals presenting, they were both recent college grads, that’s probably why they were hired…they worked cheap. Anyway, by day 2 one of them was in tears and the other was so frustrated she had trouble keeping her anger in check. Never had another program like that for our organization. What we knew then, and is true today, is that programs like these are built on a weak foundation and, approached the right way, will collapse on themselves.

    • 4321realist

      All my life I’ve never ceased to be amazed how thoroughly someone can be so easily conditioned to accept tenets that are obvious nonsense, like PC adherents and the many cult and sect members who have been mentally conditioned via a process very similar to PC indoctrination.

      Some of them become so fanatical and rabid they kill themselves.

      The radicals on the left can point to the right and offer examples of conditioning toward a particular point of view, but in those cases there’s a credible basis for the belief system promoted, as in the conditioning of patriotism in a population. It goes right along with the instinct for survival, because it is closely related to it.

      But PC is a cult that must first reverse natural instincts and tendencies in a person before they can be replaced by unnatural PC dogma.

      The two ladies you mentioned above remind me of the ones I’ve talked to who are now the norm at universities.

      I debated a group online via a university web site a while back. Their views were so screwy and obviously conditioned anybody on this forum could prove them wrong consistently. One girl in particular said that she was signing off and was going to quit communicating with me, because I was “beginning to make sense to her,” and she has been warned to watch out for conservative types like me.

      Like cult propaganda and mental conditioning PC, these types have to have experts to work on them in order to reverse the harm that has been done to them. Their views are locked in and very hard to change.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Having been a radical lefty not so long ago, I agree with you 100%. At one point, I was convinced that all white people should volunteer to kill themselves. I came very close to an attempt several times, but the ONE thing that stopped me, every time, was pain at the thought of my mother’s devastation. Either she would find my body, or she would be forced to identify it. I couldn’t do that to her.

        You do not become so willing to swallow the Kool-Aid like that without a program of brainwashing.

        I still sometimes hear a “voice” in my head (not like a hallucination, more like an idea insistently repeating itself) that all white people should die. I don’t consciously believe that any longer, so it is creepy – like if you pulled the plug on a record player, and it still somehow kept playing. No one can convince me that it’s NOT a sign of being brainwashed when you have years of indoctrination that keep trying to re-assert themselves through conscious resistance.

        I do think a lot of us need professional help to escape; but the political climate is such that we’re not going to get it.

        • 4321realist

          Really interesting. Thanks for sharing that experience.

          Thank god you came out of it before you were seriously harmed or dead.

          Good for you for having the strength, intellect and awareness to see the light.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Thank you; although I have to say I don’t feel strong, intelligent or aware. I feel like a dupe. To put it mildly.

            But at least you can’t fool me twice.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          You should seek professional help.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I’m not opposed to the idea; but I suspect nearly anyone I would see would try to cure my newfound “racism.”

  • Randall Ward

    No you can’t legislate evolution because evolution is a false theory, that serves the communists needs to get rid of God. Read or watch of DVD; “Darwins Dilemma, The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record” and you will not believe “evolution” anymore. Most of the best scientists in the world do not believe evolution is responsible for the way life is on the planet, but they mostly don’t advertise the fact, because they would be punished by the evolution lobby, in the USA.

    • El Baga Doucha Libtard

      Oh goodness.

      I can’t imagine that God made blacks less intelligent because he doesn’t like them (or he doesn’t like us, since we have to take care of them).

      My thought on religion is this: there might be a god, but I know that there’s no Jesus. That said, I have nothing against religion, but the anti-evolution stuff is bad for society (it belongs right there with anti-racism).

      • Randall Ward

        Intellegent Design is not based on religion, but on real science. Buy the CD and watch it, see what you think then. A wise man always is willing to examine new things. I was an atheist for years before becoming a Catholic. I changed my mind by studying the science concerning our universe and the life in it.

      • adplatt126

        Whether anti-evolution propaganda is or has been good or bad for society is basically irrelevant. The anti-evolution crap is just flat out false. Obviously false mind you. There is literally infinite evidence against it. Geneticists can prove our relation, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to other primates. Even the most eminent and respected intelligent design theorists acknowledge evolution as an undeniable truth, a virtual scientific fact. Denying evolution is literally the modern day equivalent of denying heliocentrism.

    • adplatt126

      What? LOL. Good god.

  • Randall Ward

    Large corporations, expecially ones connected to the USG are the same as the USG, only writ smaller in scale. They forshadow what the USG wants for all of us.

  • Lord Sandwich

    It’s all about having the white women, isn’t it? Watch the end of “Birth of a Nation”. Nothing about black men has changed since 1915.

  • Ernest

    “do you folks on this forum dismiss all blacks as inferior?”

    Putting aside real racial differences for a moment. I don’t know anyone who thinks all whites are ‘good’ or all blacks are ‘bad’ but If you can show how to address racial pathologies, anti-white attacks and black racial BS without ‘grouping’ please expound. While you extol individualism whites are confronted and attacked both literally and figuratively as a group on a daily basis. I suppose you think we should just lay prone and not fight back or try to fight with both hands behind our backs.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    >> do you folks on this forum dismiss all blacks as inferior?

    Nope. There is always the proverbial “talented tenth.” (In reality, I won’t say I know what the percentage actually is). I have met some very intelligent blacks (including some smarter than me). And there are always the examples of people like Sowell and deGrasse Tyson who can rise to the very top.

    And after saying that, probably not much else I have to say is going to be particularly palatable to you. But it needs to be said.

    The problem is how much of a minority those blacks are within overall the black community. The accepted liberal narrative is that blacks and whites (and Hispanics, and As…well, actually, I bet you could find a lot of liberals who hypocritically consider Asians to be superior, but that’s another story) have the same innate potential but blacks are held back socially. The race realist narrative is that blacks are innately less capable. (Even if that is true, I would personally argue that does not make a human life intrinsically “inferior,” but it does mean that society realistically must be structured to reflect the differences, or suffer the consequences.)

    Personally, I have not made up my mind that the latter idea is entirely correct. I do know though, that there IS an average racial IQ gap of a full standard deviation between whites and blacks. It’s VERY well-established, and has strong predictive value for life outcomes. Why it exists, I don’t want to get into; but even if the difference is environmental, a) IQ is pretty stable by age 10, and b) we have found no way TO change it in a group of people through environmental means in decades and decades of trying. That means that even if we find a way to improve IQ for blacks TODAY, we still have to wait for the last several generations of blacks to die out before the issue is truly “fixed.”

    In the meantime…? …….? What do we do?

    So here’s the issue with your comment about treating blacks as “individuals.” No one is currently doing that. If they were, here are among the things we would accept as ugly reality:

    – that SOME blacks will be very successful and have jobs requiring relatively higher levels of cognitive ability, but that MOST are not capable of more than simpler jobs in the trades
    – that black incarceration rates will naturally be higher (lower IQ people have poorer judgement and impulse control, which leads to getting into trouble more often)
    – that blacks will get into more altercations with the PO-lice
    – that black children will need to be disciplined more
    – and on and on….

    Do you see those things being accepted right now? Or do we have, instead, a system that is straining to:

    – close the “achievement gap” between black and white children in any way possible, including simply giving black kids an automatic pass (links are moderated here, but google “no zero orange schools”), and pushing black students into higher levels (including post-secondary) that they have not academically qualified for
    – much fuss over blacks being “profiled” or “targeted” and the “school-to-prison pipeline”
    – the new measures coming down the pike that will prevent teachers from discipling black and Hispanic children as needed because they cannot be punished more often than white or Asian children

    Do you think these things are going to work? Or do you think this actually undercuts how various institutions function? We may as well be trying to legislate grass growing, but that’s the level of public insanity we’re at. We are starting from the PREMISE that blacks and whites MUST be the same, and trying to bend and twist reality to fit that story, at any cost.

    And there IS a cost. The “disparate impact” here is on whites and Asians – the only people who have the capability on average to keep everything running smoothly. This will not end well.

    Actually, it’s already a disaster, like a slow-mo car crash in a movie. My generation and younger were all raised on the idea that we are equally capable and that We Can Do Anything We Want Someday. Leaving racial differences aside – even in a perfect world, this isn’t true! People will never all be exactly the same, or equally capable, and telling an ENTIRE GENERATION this merely breeds nasty resentment and entitlement.

    And here’s the fallout already: not much higher black achievement (the dream!) but steadily rising black-on-white violence and rape (even as the white-on-black rates drop). The nightmare.

    …To us, anyway. Maybe it makes you happy. But this is how white Americans have been repaid since the 60s for trying ever-harder to make amends.

    So if you REALLY believe in treating people like individuals, I suppose you oppose legislation that does the opposite, and encourages the above trends? Haha. I’m betting not. But tell me I’m wrong.

    If you are teaching a little black boy with an IQ of 160, then by all means…tell him he can be an astronaut some day, I say. Let his little light shine.

    But if you are teaching a little black boy with an IQ of 85, do not tell him that. It is not fair to HIM. It is not fair to the larger community he exists within, who (along with him) will rage with resentment when he is only ever capable of “slave work” (i.e. honest and necessary but low-skill work). And it is not fair to the whites and Asians who are more likely to work for NASA someday.

    Keep it real.

  • Simonetta

    Well, physically my skin could be called as white but it’s really sort of pinkish ’cause it’s translucent and light goes through it, reflects off the blood, and gives it a light tan-ish, orange-ish, pink-ish, whatever that is generally called white but isn’t actually ‘white’.

    But in corporate compulsory diversity training sessions like the one described, I’m BLACK!
    This is always surprising to the diversity seminar leader, who can always be counted on to smirk and laugh and say, “excuse me? but did you just say that YOU were black”?

    “Why, yes”, I reply, “When I was a student in New Orleans, there was a racial registry day. Anyone who was 1/16th Afro-American was considered racially black. So I went to the courthouse and signed a paper saying that my great-great grandfather back in Germany was a black African. So I’m 1/16th black and therefore I’m black. Unfortunately all the paperwork and documentation got destroyed in the Allied bombing of World War II. But my family has always known about ‘the African’. I signed the paper and became legally black. I got hired by this company through an affirmative-action program and went to school extensively on black scholarship programs. I’m proud to be black.”

    You gotta say it like you really believe it! There is no silence in the darkest cave on Earth like the silence that follows in the room after that little speech!

    After establishing that you are black, then and only then can you start to talk about what is wrong with all the other Negros (be sure to use that term) that is holding our race back. Don’t forget to discuss the bell curve of intelligence and the proper rehabilitation of eugenic science as a means of improving our glorious black race.

    And most importantly, never give any indication in your vocal tone that this is a put-on or a joke. Act as if you truly believe it. If you do believe it, everyone else will too.

    The diversity sessions will be over and will not be back. If you’re not fired, then your company has in you all the diversity that it can handle.

    • MBlanc46

      Well done.

    • The Dude

      “… my skin could be called as white but it’s really sort of pinkish ’cause it’s translucent and light goes through it, reflects off the blood, and gives it a light tan-ish, orange-ish, pink-ish …”

      You should mate with John Boehner and start a new (orange) race.

    • Anna Tree

      Wow, that’s genius. And hilarious!

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Atta girl …..

  • MBlanc46

    “But it seems. to me that most of you here are willfully ignoring those blacks who’ve managed to thrive in white civilization like myself.”

    Apparently you’ve not read much here. References to the “Talented Tenth” are common. But as the elites refuse to allow open discussion of the average black IQ, that is a major topic of discussion here.

  • Ernest

    I get your point but you obviously don’t get mine.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    So I get the impression from this comment that you agree (or are forced to agree) with much of what is posted here; but you are still stung by the extremely anti-black comments, and feel the need to say something to assuage your hurt feelings.

    Don’t do that. It’s pointless.

    There are roughly two groups of people here: the ones that HATE black people, and the ones that don’t.

    You can never do anything about the first group. They’ll think you’re an “ape” no matter what you say. If you say you’re a teacher, they’ll assume you’re bad at it. You cannot prove to those people that “good” blacks exist and that you are one because they do not care.

    On the other hand, the second group most likely already treats individual black people AS individuals where appropriate – meaning, in one-on-one situations. Not in discussions of views on race relations. You lecturing is a bit condescending, like the second group are a bunch of small children who need to be taught how to play nice and share the Tonka truck. Please just don’t do that.

    I’m not sure if you read here much or if you just dropped in. If it is the former, I would just suggest not reading the comments if they are getting to you personally.

  • dd121

    Thanks for your comment. It encapsulates my views on negroes and race relations.

  • kinja95

    I am so happy and strengthened to finally see fellow whites starting to push back and stand up for our race. The time has come to reclaim our place in society.

    • See The Future

      We are long……….long overdue.

  • Jon

    Asian’s for the most part do not trust blacks at all and if blacks try to get jobs in there country a large % of them will be turned down. This indoctrination will end up ruining the company just as it has in the military. Blacks in America for the most part want handouts and how is hiring a few blacks in a company really diverse when they are just filling a quota. This brainwashing is why we buy everything from China and businesses go over seas to make more money. The prof who taught about sun and ice people love to exclude that blacks in Africa are still violent and tribal as well as cannibalistic but what can we expect from a brainwashing institute. Truth is most cultures was to preserve their own diversity without someone telling them they need to change. The mixing is the main reason behind it all because for a long time the majority of white families did not want their daughters being hit on by black males and the brainwashing is all centered on giving white women to black men.

    • See The Future

      It ought to be against the law.

  • XRU486

    Christian attendees of this meeting would have had a clear and confident rebuttal to this kind of dogma. Historically whites were told by other whites they were sinful people, but it was by Christian pastors who gave them assurance that their sins were forgiven through faith in Christ. Minorities who believe that they are somehow less of a sinner than the whites are actually hurting themselves because they are failing in their own self awareness.

  • XRU486

    Christian attendees of this meeting would have had a clear and confident rebuttal to this kind of dogma. Historically whites were told by other whites they were sinful people, but it was by Christian pastors who gave them assurance that their sins were forgiven through faith in Christ. Minorities who believe that they are somehow less of a sinner than the whites are actually hurting themselves because they are failing in their own self awareness.

  • Sean

    Though I think the concept of “Trauma based mind control” is a bit too forward of a term, and one I hear used by the nuttiest of the fringes, I do agree with the assessment in a racial sense. Throughout public schooling we were taught the narrative of “bad whitey” then by the time high school came around, they say, “wait there’s a way out of feeling bad about your race, just check your privilege and race mix!”

    It is frustrating but more white folks are starting to get fed up. The grievance industry is reaching critical mass.

  • When I participated in our company’s mandatory “diversity and harassment training,” the instructor (a white woman) asked if any of us wanted to share our first experiences with diversity. I rose up and told everybody about the brutal treatment I received at the hands of blacks in ghetto schools as a child. I told them how I had a knife to my throat, had rocks thrown at me, and how I was attacked by a mob – all for not being black. I concluded by stating: “That was MY first experience with diversity!” Nobody had anything to say to me, except silence.