Posted on March 19, 2021

Yes, Whites Did Build This Country

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 19, 2021

The Pioneer Woman statue and base

The Pioneer Woman statue and base in Ponca City, Oklahoma. (Credit Image: Billy D. Wagner via Wikipedia)

For most people, “white nationalist,” like “racist,” is just a slur without any real meaning. But it does have a meaning. “White nationalism” is government concern for white interests. Ultimately, it would mean building a nation for whites.

The reason we have different nations is because peoples are different and have different interests. Peoples share a common culture, language, and ethnic background, even though identities can be fluid, imagined, or even created. Zionism, for example, was a deliberate political project that included the ambitious step of revitalizing Hebrew. However, any nationalist effort must build on something real; it cannot be a social construct.

A nation requires a shared race. I suspect it doesn’t even occur to Japanese, Koreans, or Africans that white residents might feel excluded from their national identities. The problems white Americans face are the same ones faced by white Englishmen, Germans, or Australians. “American” no longer means anything; I have more in common with a nationalist European than with an American such as Ilhan Omar.

For a country to be “white nationalist,” it must be defined by race. Leftists often claim this is true of America. It is not. If America were defined by white identity, we wouldn’t have these problems.

The main goal of a white nationalist state would be to protect its white citizens and establish conditions by which they flourish, but many questions about white nationalism do not have good answers.

  • How do we build a white nation?
  • Are racially conscious whites around the world a nation? Are we becoming one?
  • Should we support an Occidental Empire, a Western equivalent of the Chinese civilization-state?
  • Should whites try to renew existing nation-states, or create smaller ones?
  • Must a country be 100 percent white, or do we need only a white supermajority? Israel is explicitly a national state for Jews, but non-Jews can have political rights.

The Founders thought the United States was a white nation. They had a racial consciousness, even a specifically Anglo-American consciousness. Thomas Jefferson was especially proud of his Anglo-Saxon identity. He proposed the name of Cherronesus for a new state to be formed in the Mississippi valley. This was to honor the Cimbric Chersonesus of Jutland, from which his distant Saxon ancestors had crossed to Britain. He saw the United States as part of the Westward expansion of his people.

ThomasJefferson by ThomasSully

Thomas Jefferson (Portrait by Thomas Sully)

The nation’s first naturalization law limited citizenship to “free white persons,” even though blacks had served in the Continental Army. Some blacks voted even before the Civil War. Still, America’s leaders assumed this was a white country and would remain so. Unfortunately, they didn’t spell it out. America was founded on “implicit” whiteness. That wasn’t enough.

The late Samuel Huntington argued in Who Are We? that there have been four stages of American identity. The first, from 1607–1775, was ethnic (Anglo-Protestant), racial, cultural, and political. “Americans” were simply Britons in North America. The American Revolution severed the US from the Crown but retained other elements of American identity. After the near breakup of the Civil War, American identity returned to a shared sense of WASP ethnicity, white racial consciousness, and a shared culture. Huntington argues that the “WASP” core culture had broken down by 1940.

By 1965, racial identity was gone, and by 1990, a shared culture was gone. Now, all that holds “Americans” together is the formality of citizenship. We’re a group of people with a shared passport.

Components of American Identity

Table from page 39 of Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We?

Still, whatever “America” is today, it was founded by a specific people. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants set the culture, built the institutions, and defined the country. This doesn’t mean that America was ever 100 percent WASP. However, John Jay expressed a profound truth when he wrote:

Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manner and customs.

Minorities, white and non-white, could live here, just not in great numbers. They also didn’t define or create the country. American Indians were not “Native Americans” because America didn’t exist until whites established it. America would be far different had some other people — or race — colonized the East Coast.

The Pioneer Atop the Oregon State Capitol Building

The Oregon Pioneer sculpture that sits atop Oregon State Capitol building in Salem. (Credit Image: Andrew Nealon via Wikimedia)

I feel foolish even writing this because it is so obvious. Ordinary people understand why an ancient civilization spoke a certain language or used certain symbols. A state is created by a particular people, who embody a culture. To point out that this universal law applies to the United States makes you a “white nationalist.”

Consider Nick Fuentes and the America First meeting held alongside CPAC this year. Speakers included Jon Miller and Michelle Malkin, a black man and an Asian woman. Former congressman Steve King and current Congressman Paul Gosar also spoke.

Nick Fuentes said this:

If America ceases to retain that English cultural framework [that it was founded on] and the influence of European civilization, if it loses its white demographic core and if it loses its faith in Jesus Christ, then this is not America anymore. . . This country wouldn’t exist without white people.

The Hill said Nick Fuentes expressed “white nationalist” views. “GOP congressman headlines conference where organizers push white nationalist rhetoric,” said ABC News, putting “white demographic core” in scare quotes in the first paragraph. The Orlando Sentinel criticized the hotel for hosting a conference in which “organizers spouted white nationalist rhetoric.” The only example of this “rhetoric” was the Fuentes quote. Salon casually called Mr. Fuentes a “white nationalist agitator” and Paul Gosar the “GOP’s leading ambassador to white supremacy.”

Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes speaks to his followers in Washington D.C. on November 14, 2020 (Credit Image: © Zach D Roberts/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Of course, what Nick Fuentes said was indisputable. If you remove any non-white group from American history, the country still exists. It would probably be better. If America continues its present course and whites become a minority, “America” becomes a name on a map.

The media made no attempt to explain why Nick Fuentes was wrong. That’s because he was right. They just wanted to call America First “racist” and scare Americans away from it.

Many conservatives say we shouldn’t talk about race. That strategy has failed for half a century. And now, everything white is racist. That’s the central pillar of Critical Race Theory.

The last year has shown that no American icon, whether George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, is safe from deconstruction. Nothing that is white is worthy. Those in power insult us, discriminate against us, and will replace us through mass migration.

Attacks on Lincoln

June 25, 2020, Washington, D.C. : Park police stand guard as The National Park Service, in response to threats to topple Emancipation Memorial, fence it off to the public and provide security to deter any damage. The statue depicts Abraham Lincoln standing over a kneeling black slave. (Credit Image: © Panoramic via ZUMA Press)

The United States government is not America. The nation is the people, especially the whites who built and sustain the country. This is obvious, but to say so is taboo. We defend our people, not abstract principles or hollow symbols like some buildings in the federal capital.

I applaud media hysteria over Mr. Fuentes’s acknowledgement of our white identity. I hope at least some conservatives learn from Mr. Fuentes that if you ignore media outrage, you strip journalists of power. The frenzy over an obvious truth shows that egalitarians have no ideas, only emotions. Their house of cards may collapse sooner than we think.