Posted on May 29, 2020

Michael Moore Is Right, Whites Shouldn’t Police Blacks

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 29, 2020

Twitter, the company that won’t let us have an account, gives Michael Moore a blue check mark, even when he praises burning down a police station. Remember this when he accuses us of inciting violence. However, I agree with Mr. Moore: Whites should not police blacks.

Of course, the idea that “decent kind ppl” must be “ppl of color” is nonsense. We white people have been doing our best for our melanin-enhanced brethren for a long time now, complete with official racial privileges, government programs, and the occasional embarrassing “show of contrition.” The more we give, the more they hate. And they should. It’s embarrassing for everyone. It’s time for a change.

Thomas Jefferson said it was “certain” that blacks and whites could not live under the same government because “nature, habit, [and] opinion [have] drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” Last night showed he was right. Something that would be a minor problem in a racially homogenous city is a cataclysm under multiculturalism. There was mayhem in other cities because of George Floyd, but especially in Minneapolis.

Mayor Jacob Frey said Floyd would “be alive if he were white.” There’s no evidence for this. “White privilege” didn’t save Daniel Shaver. A police officer shot him to death while he begged for his life. However, whites didn’t riot. Cities didn’t burn.

Mayor Frey should remember Justine Damond, an unarmed white woman shot to death by a Somali police officer, Mohamed Noor, in 2017. A jury convicted him of third-degree murder, and in 2019, the city made a $20 million settlement. Jacob Frey was mayor. He said the payment would allow “our city to move forward.” Maybe he meant it would allow the city to forget.

Police seized George Floyd after a store owner called the police when Floyd tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill. Floyd had a record, and previous arrests for theft and armed robbery. Police have released footage that they claim exonerates one of the four fired police officers who detained Floyd. It may even be true that Floyd and Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on his neck, knew each other because they worked at the same club as bouncers.

Derek Chauvin is hardly a “white supremacist.” His wife is a Hmong refugee. Another officer in the incident is Tou Thao, who is clearly not white. The two other former officers were Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng. At least one of them does not appear to be white, judging from the video. None of this seems to matter.

What do the protestors want? Do they want all four officers fired? They’ve been fired. Do they want a federal investigation? They got one. Do they want a progressive running the city? A Jewish Democratic-Former-Labor party member is mayor. Do they want a black police chief? They’ve got one: Medaria Arradondo.

What they seem to want, other than the excitement of looting and arson, is revenge against police. Mayor Frey told the police to pull back. The precinct headquarters, which probably held evidence for upcoming trials, was destroyed. The crowd celebrated. So did some verified accounts on Twitter.

This surrender is a stark contrast to the iron fist used by police against the Unite the Right demonstration in 2017. The Charlottesville Police Department deliberately broke up a legal assembly. Police used tear-gas to drive activists into the ranks of their militant foes. “Let them fight,” said black police chief Al Thomas, “it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

We saw a corporate version of anarcho-tyranny last night too. While countless tweets celebrated a burning police station, Twitter censored a tweet from the President of the United States warning that “WHEN THE LOOTING STARTS THE SHOOTING STARTS.” It shows that Twitter is not afraid of the president’s feckless executive order about social media.

The protesters don’t want “justice” for Floyd. They have deep, incurable racial resentments. This is what happens when a group with low levels of inhibition, self-control, and intelligence is told for decades that “racism” accounts for their failures, and that they built America.

When people tell you who they are and what they want, believe them.

We already know it’s impossible for whites not to be racist or to shed their “white privilege,” no matter what we do. No policy will appease these rioters. Convicting all four officers of murder won’t do it. Prohibiting white women (“Karens”) from calling the police on blacks won’t do it. “Reparations” would just lead to more demands. Many good-hearted whites voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because they thought he would build a post-racial America. Instead, “racism” is defined in ever-broader terms. We’ve let those with cultural power transform our national epic into a bitter myth about white supremacy and oppression.

Not surprisingly, some people feel justified in attacking everything we have built.

What are we to do? Mr. Moore and the man with the mullet have unwittingly provided the answer. Give them what they want. Stop letting whites police blacks. Call it a victory for them. Black criminals shouldn’t be our problem.

If history is any guide, Minneapolis is going to become a lot more dangerous. The black “community” does not care about high rates of black-on-black violence the way it does about occasional acts of police brutality. In Baltimore in 2015, after the Freddie Gray case, blacks rioted and the police relaxed enforcement. The already high crime rate soared to record highs. Baltimore now has a murder rate higher than some Central American countries. There may be the occasional anti-violence rally in a black neighborhood, but the “community” can’t save itself.

The crime rates in St. Louis and Chicago also rose after police pulled back because of the Michael Brown and Laquan McDonald shootings. We will probably see “The Ferguson Effect” in Minneapolis very soon. Police will stop enforcing the law against blacks, and few blacks will report crimes or serve as witnesses.

At this point, it’s hard to defend Derek Chauvin. However, police are constantly dealing with aggressive, violent blacks. They must always worry that blacks — who shoot each other at the slightest provocation — will shoot them. Inevitably, a few bad incidents will go “viral,” especially when journalists are looking for them. The media then promote sensational stories before the facts are known.

This is a game we can’t afford to play anymore. Many blacks claim whites are oppressing them, even as we do our best to help them. There’s no point in building affordable housing if rioters are going to burn it down. Our mistake was to try. We should leave blacks alone. If they built America and could create Wakanda, let them prove it in their own neighborhoods.

White officers should stop patrolling black neighborhoods. They should ignore black-on-black crime. If the “community” wants to operate without police, let them. If blacks want police, give them black officers.

Last night showed the futility of integration. This country can’t function if we are always one racial incident away from riots. Whites and blacks need to separate as much as possible, for the good of both.

Whites can no longer tolerate this albatross. We could be conquering the frontiers of space, medicine, culture, and technology. Instead, we have squandered our time, effort, and money in six-decade long exercise in glorified babysitting. Last night, the children threw a tantrum. Every parent knows that if you tolerate tantrums, you get more of them. My patience is exhausted, and yours should be, too.

Our failed experiment in integration is condescending towards blacks and ruinous for whites. Let’s give them what they want, even if all they do is turn it into a pile of ashes. Let them go their own way, free of our “oppression.” And let us have a place for ourselves, free from them.