Posted on May 2, 2020

Anti-White Hate of the Week: May Day Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 2, 2020

Self-awareness needed here.

Julia Ioffe

She’s right, so pick up a copy of White Identity today!

Remember, The Great Replacement is a myth.

Stacey Abrams

In which a reporter snitches on light.

Davey Alba

In which some white kids post a video of themselves dancing so there are immediately threats.

Benjamin Dixon

Greenwald and Dixon

Aaron Robertson

Witches are fighting about racism.


Remember, simply a white family existing is “dark.” Once again, tweet unavailable (after 44K thousand likes), but the internet is forever.

really dark

extreme anti-white Twitter hate

For more on this, read Paul Kersey.

Finally, because whites aren’t real, we don’t come from anywhere.

I don’t think white people have ancestors

We don’t even have ancestors.

We don’t even have ancestors.

You have no right to an identity.