Posted on November 28, 2018

How to Talk to Your Family About Race

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 28, 2018

Racial consciousness is natural and healthy. That is why opponents of white identity must never rest. Any unsupervised gathering can be “problematic,” since people might say common sense things about race. The mainstream media therefore tries to make sure readers are never free from egalitarian myths even for a moment. A good example was the top story promoted by Twitter on Thanksgiving Day: “How to Talk to Your Family About Racism on Thanksgiving.”

Black author Rachel Elizabeth Cargle “writes and lectures on things that exist at the intersection of race and womanhood,” and her article provides “some language” to help us “navigate” Thanksgiving Day or any other opportunity to be virtuous. She invokes the Communist Angela Davis to tell us that it is not enough not to be racist; you must be anti-racist or “you are part of the problem.”

This article, and Twitter’s massive promotion of it, are deeply offensive. Miss Cargle and her ilk use manipulative language for one purpose: to squeeze whites. And though she claims to speak as a woman she does not hesitate to turn on white women.

[Editor’s Note: See “Is ‘Racism’ Killing Black People? for the truth on maternal mortality.]

This racket will go on only as long as whites allow it. Despite all the wailing about “white privilege,” it is white weakness that allows Miss Cargle and those like her to have flourishing white-baiting careers in a supposedly “white supremacist country.” Her arguments collapse under the slightest pressure.

The holiday itself

The first bit of holiday cheer Miss Cargle wants us to recite is that Christopher Columbus was a monster: “We cannot simply ignore the fact that the success of this ‘great’ country has been on the backs of native, black, and brown people.” What this has to do with Thanksgiving is not explained.

More importantly, Miss Cargle is saying Europeans should never have come to the New World, and it would have been better if America were never established. Anything “great” about America is nothing compared to racist exploitation, and Miss Cargle even puts “great” in scare quotes. Her honesty is refreshing. It supports the view that American patriotism is essentially white. If Miss Cargle or others really think America is an evil country built on genocide, calling them “Americans” should offend them.

Miss Cargle’s contention that American success was built on the “backs” of non-whites is silly. It suggests whites depend on non-whites, whereas the opposite is true. Whatever wealth was gained from exploiting “native, black, and brown cultures” is nothing compared to the wealth lost to multiracialism. This loss includes war, welfare payments, the wealth abandoned in ruined cites from Selma to Detroit, and the cost to whites who must flee crime, squalor, and corruption.

Ultimately, American success arose from the capabilities of the people who created the nation. That was the Anglo-Protestant core and kindred Europeans who later assimilated. Miss Cargle’s argument might be plausible if she could produce a single “native, black, or brown” country that is a success. It would help her case if the non-white masses weren’t clamoring to leave their proud, independent Third World ethnostates to live under “white supremacist” rule in Europe and North America.

Taking a knee

Miss Cargle tells readers to recite this: “As a black man with a platform, [Colin Kaepernick] is using his freedom of speech to stand up for the black men. . . who are being killed by the people who have sworn to protect them. If kneeling in a call for justice is more disgusting to you than the lives unfairly gunned down, then it’s apparent that for you (and the NFL) this is more about silencing a black man than valuing humanity.”

A recent laboratory project from Washington State University found that even police officers with “racial bias” are more likely to shoot unarmed white suspects than blacks. The unjustified police shootings of Justine Damond and Daniel Shaver, both white, did not become media crusades like the case of Michael Brown. Brown arguably launched the Black Lives Matter movement, yet even Barack Obama’s Department of Justice cleared Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting. To claim that blacks are being gunned down by police out of racial bias isn’t true. Blacks are simply more useful for anti-police, anti-white media campaigns.

More importantly, the per capita crime rate of blacks is far higher than that of any other group. Blacks are far more likely to be the aggressor in interracial crimes than the victim. If America is to be assigning collective guilt, blacks should apologize to whites. Insulting the flag is bad enough; the real question is why whites tolerate such high levels of black crime in America’s once great cities.

But I’m not racist

A third argument by Miss Cargle is that whites should not be allowed to say, “But I’m not racist.” “White people have always had the upper hand over people of color,” she adds. “The only way we can work towards this true ‘colorless’ equality that we’re dreaming of is to actively do the work to dismantle the oppressive systems our forefathers built — not simply dismiss the realities of black people.”

First, white people have not “always” had the upper hand. Certainly, the Eastern Europeans under Ottoman occupation or beleaguered white farmers in Zimbabwe do not have the upper hand. Nor did the more than one million Europeans captured and enslaved by Barbary Muslims between 1530 and 1780. White suffering doesn’t matter.

Secondly, “colorless equality” is impossible. Most whites supported the Civil Rights Movement because they believed abolishing state discrimination would lead to equality. Yet inequality has persisted, while ever more elaborate and unfalsifiable charges of “discrimination” and “privilege” have been invented to explain it. The only way to achieve racial equality is through a totalitarian system, because in a free market blacks on average will be at the bottom. Shouldn’t we at least be allowed to consider the possibility that economic inequality is caused by biological inequality?

Miss Cargle’s blames “oppressive systems” for inequality. If the “oppressive systems” of the West were dismantled, Miss Cargle would probably leave, just as non-whites left their own countries after colonialism ended. Migration patterns suggest that the only thing non-whites hate more than white people is being forced to live among their own people. This is why “black nationalism” always degenerates into begging for handouts from whites.

White privilege

Miss Cargle defends the concept of “white privilege.” She writes that “generation after generation oppresses people who are black and benefits people who are white at all levels of society” and that there is “societal preference towards white skin.” Of course, Miss Cargle enjoys affirmative action and one of the most powerful companies in the world, Twitter, is pushing her work. (American Renaissance can’t even have an account.) The most famous and influential people in this country all deny the legitimacy of white identity; they would be punished if they spoke up for whites. Many white people even fake being non-white to shed this supposed “privilege” no one wants.

If “white privilege” exists in any form, it comes from whites living in countries built by and for whites. In that sense there is “Jewish privilege” in Israel and “Chinese privilege” in China. Clearly, whites alone must not have the privilege of living in homelands. Why not?

Again, if “white privilege” is so powerful, why are non-whites so eager to live among us, and so eager to invite more of their co-racialists to live under “white supremacy?” Why are they so desperate to follow whites who flee the costs of diversity?

Being labeled “divisive”

Miss Cargle’s attack on those who don’t want to talk about race is especially weak: “It makes no sense how you seem to be more offended by the conversation of race than you are about the actual life-affecting racism this country is still dealing with.” Since white racism is apparently killing people like her, avoiding talk about white guilt is cruelty. This is an example of shifting goalposts. American whites largely abandoned racial consciousness during the 1960s and adopted “colorblindness” as an ideal. The caricature version of Martin Luther King, Jr. as an American hero who supported “character” over “content” is the symbol of this new ideology, an ideology that still dominates American conservatism. Whites are now to believe that colorblindness is racist.

For Miss Cargle, just about everything, including “feminism,” Megyn Kelly, and calling 911 is now “white supremacist.” Each new complaint justifies more donations on her Patreon account and tickets for her “anti-racism workshops.” Is there any end to this process of racial confrontation? If there were, Miss Cargle would be out of a job. If Miss Cargle wants a real conversation about race, we’re ready.

Just choose love

Miss Cargle condemns whites who tell non-whites to focus on “love” instead of “the idea that white people must be held accountable.” She adds that telling “oppressed” people to “‘love’ their way out of the systematic racism in this country is not only irrational, but a part of the problem.”

First of all, who ever told non-whites to “love their way out of the problem”? In any case, since “systematic racism” isn’t to blame for inequality, encouraging non-whites to cultivate moral indignation until there is equality is a recipe for permanent conflict.

“Ignoring the issues of race is something you are able to do from your place of privilege,” Miss Cargle writes. She will certainly do her best to make sure we do not escape her campaign to convince us that “white people must be held accountable.” Of course, if non-whites follow Miss Cargle’s advice and nurture revolutionary fury, the only course of action for whites will be to seek separation.

All lives matter

Finally, Miss Cargle condemns those who say “all lives matter.” She accuses whites of wanting to be “centered,” by expecting even white people to be included in the conversation: “If you, a white person who nearly at all times experiences majority representation, feel something negative about being ‘left out’ or not fairly included, imagine how minority and marginalized groups feel all the time when their needs aren’t considered in the major decisions, conversations, and actions taken in this country.”

Does Miss Cargle really believe that the United States invariably ignores the interests of minorities? But let us assume that it does. She paints a grim picture of life as a minority — not even because of “oppression” by the majority, but simply because minorities are not at the “center” of policy. This is an acknowledgement that diversity is not a strength: Some people are left out simply because of differences in numbers. It’s also an acknowledgement of the importance of racial identity; being left out hurts.

If this is true, there are important consequences for whites. We are becoming a minority in which people like Miss Cargle reject “colorblindness” and appeals to universalism. Whites should therefore treasure their own identity and pursue their own sovereignty. Again, the logical conclusion is white nationalism.

If blacks like Miss Cargle really believe that whites systematically oppress them, that they are uniquely productive, that to say “all lives matter” is oppression, and that white privilege is constantly choking them, they should be demanding a chance to go their own way. They should certainly encourage “racists” like us to live apart from them.


Miss Cargle evidently believes (or at least pretends to believe) she is speaking truth to power. She is instead speaking power to truth. She’s providing formulaic incantations, amplified by one of the world’s most powerful social networking companies, designed to spread myths echoed by practically every media platform, academic institution, and non-governmental organization. Her arguments read like lines of code to be fed to robots.

Rather than breaking down the power structure, the power structure is using this article against small groups that might be able to resist indoctrination: families gathering for a holiday.

Most Americans mouth pieties about “diversity” while quietly seeking majority white neighborhoods. Hypocrisy is only part of how elites prevent whites from organizing in defense of their interests. Miss Cargle is not a revolutionary; not even original. She is just another media mascot, a servant of power, another tired propagandist for the ruling class. Her article proves the bankruptcy of her arguments. All that is needed is for whites to rise up against their programming.