Posted on September 4, 2017

Satirizing YouTube Censorship

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 5, 2017

On August 26, Youtube began its new policy of semi-censorship: It makes “offensive” videos impossible to search, never suggests them to viewers, and disables comments. The only way you can get to them is by direct link from somewhere else. One of my videos on race and intelligence was one of the first to go into quarantine. Normally I embed videos I reference, but because of the quarantine, the video no longer works when embedded.

Now, a clever fellow who goes by the name Finnish nationalist has edited it to make it acceptable to Youtube. It is now a short but wonderful exercise in “anti-racism.” Note the subtle changes in the background to make the decor multi-culti. This one can be embedded:

In the meantime, Youtube continues to quarantine hundreds of videos that are strictly factualThis video by Black Pigeon is a sobering look at the “sexual emergencies” that more than a million Muslim “refugees” have brought with them to Europe.

And here is another carefully researched video on race differences that lays out the best available scientific evidence. Like my video, it concludes that Asians have higher average IQs than whites — and probably for genetic reasons — but that didn’t save it. It was just too factual for the people who want to control what you think.