Posted on December 7, 2016

Hispanics Stick Together; Whites Attack Their Own

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, December 7, 2016

Recently that unofficial annex of the Democratic Party, the Center for American Progress (CAP), held an event called: “The Real Story Behind the Latino Electorate in 2016.” Attending CAP events is often illuminating, so I made time for this one. As is often the case with these events, the speakers were representatives from important leftist groups that most American Renaissance readers are not, but ought to be, familiar with.

●     Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions — one of the more aggressive and well-funded Hispanic advocacy groups.

●     Estuardo Rodriguez of the Raben Group, a prominent DC-based consultant group regularly involved in pro-immigration and anti-gun crusades.

●     Emmy Ruiz. Ms. Ruiz changes employers often, but her name always comes up whenever Democrats want to boost Hispanic turnout. In 2012 she helped Barack Obama win Nevada, and in 2016 she helped Hillary Clinton win Colorado.

●     Ruy Teixeira of CAP itself. Mr. Teixeira, along with Jorge Ramos, is one of the most prominent prophets of the permanent Democratic majority they expect as white America dies off.

●     Angela Kelley also of CAP. Ms. Kelley, like Mr. Teixeira, is one of CAP’s regular Hispanic talking heads. And, like Mr. Teixeira, she is very light skinned.

The point of the gathering was simple. Every speaker insisted that although exit polls showed that Donald Trump won 29 percent of the Hispanic vote, as opposed to Mitt Romney’s 27 percent in 2012, they were all wrong. The speakers agreed that the real figure for Hispanics who went for Mr. Trump was around 18 percent. Their reasoning was complicated, and I don’t have the background or specialized knowledge to critique it. Perhaps Edwin S. Rubenstein will look into the question.

What is worth noting, however, is the immense difference between how Hispanic and white elites treat voters of their own race. These five Hispanics all have high-paying jobs at think tanks, consulting groups, and presidential campaigns. Almost all of them live in Washington. Many have appeared on national television, have connections with elected officials, and have been published in such places as the New York Times. There is an enormous and palpable class difference between them and the average Hispanic laborer. However, these Hispanic elites are defending their Hispanic comrades further down the ladder. They are saying as loud as they can: “The numbers are wrong. Our people did not fall for that racist Donald Trump. Hispanics are good, ethical people who know what is good for them and for the country.” That was the entire point of this panel.

Contrast that with the elites we have. They hold similar positions of power and influence, but since the election, they have condemned whites — especially white women — who voted for Mr. Trump. Everyone knows white men are evil, so of course they’d vote for Mr. Trump. But women of all races are supposed to fall outside that circle of privilege defined by straight, white, Christian, men. It then followed that even white women should have voted against Mr. Trump. Instead, exit polls showed that 52 percent voted for Mr. Trump. Elite white women went berserk.

●     Samantha Bee, the nationally acclaimed comedian and TV personality claimed that white women “ruined America.”

●     L.V. Anderson wrote an essay for Slate called, “White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump.”

●     Laurie Penny, a prolific writer, wrote that the election, “was about white resentment, which is now among the greatest threats to global security.”

There were many similar articles. Any reader who spends time on social media has certainly seen dozens of instances of liberal elites condemning white women. Furthermore, there is no white woman among the elite who is contesting the 52 percent figure, which comes from the same exit polls that put Hispanic support at 29 percent. None is claiming, “The polls got it wrong. That many of us could not possibly have voted for that demon.” The polls only need to be off a few percentage points to make it possible to argue that a majority of white women did not support the fiend, but no one is suggesting this. Meanwhile, Hispanic elites are claiming, without blinking, that the polls are off by more than 10 points.

Hispanics are sticking together, making sure that as a racial group, all of them are considered “good,” and not Trump voters. White women, on the other hand, are not sticking together. White elite women are all too eager to condemn their own group, and to prostrate themselves for their collective sins. The Hispanics at this panel did not even mention the Hispanics who did vote for Mr. Trump; white elites never mention the “good” white women who voted for Hillary.

Hispanics defend their own. They know that only as a unified group can they displace whites in the coming decades. They defend ordinary Hispanics. White elites are completely different. Vilifying their white sisters is a point of pride for them, and shows how virtuous and enlightened they are. More than ever, America’s liberal elite is defined by its combined force of non-white power grabbing and white groveling. White advocates must now push Mr. Trump’s appeal to whites to its next step, and convince yet more white women that he is on their side. Nobody else is.